A Few More Months Till My Dad’s Big Trip!

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I love my parents more than anything in the world, and do what I can to travel with them. Last year I took my mom to Bali in Cathay Pacific first class for her “round” birthday, and took my dad to Europe in Lufthansa first class as a pre-birthday trip. I had a blast on both trips.

My dad’s big birthday trip in a few months

This year it’s my dad’s “round” birthday, and I want to make it extra special, as I did with my mom’s trip last year. The great news is that my dad doesn’t know how to use the internet, so I can ask you guys for feedback throughout the planning process without him being filled in.

I started planning my dad’s birthday trip last December, around 11 months before his birthday. You guys provided some amazing feedback, which I really appreciate. In January I shared an update regarding the trip once everything was finalized and ticketed, which I called the “A380 trip around the world.” The itinerary looked as follows:


We’d be spending a few nights in Dubai, one night in Singapore, a couple of nights in Melbourne, and a few nights in Sydney.

The challenges with planning far in advance

Planning far in advance is generally awesome, since it means you have a lot of time to figure out the details. Beyond that, if you use the right strategy and know where to look, award availability is usually best far in advance.

Unfortunately there’s one downside, which is that airlines often haven’t yet finalized their schedules. In our case, a schedule change occurred on the Singapore to Melbourne flight, causing the flight to be operated by a 777-300ER rather than an A380. Of course that’s still awesome, but I was really excited to have my dad fly Suites Class on the A380. After all, he’s a guy zhats vary vary empressed by zha ayzhreeaity.

Singapore Airlines 777-300ER first class

What’s going to make this trip report awesome

What I’m personally most excited about with this trip is that my dad insisted I not tell him where we’re going. When we get to the check-in counter he wants to know our next destination but nothing else. So it’s going to be a total surprise trip for him, and he’ll be guest blogging “live” during the trip (and by guest blogging I mean he’ll be hand writing the trip report and then I’ll type it up, as he did last time).


I’ll see if I can even do a few videos with him.

Should I change one part of the trip?

Here’s where I’d appreciate your thoughts.

As it stands, we have the following itinerary between our stopover in Dubai and our final destination in Sydney:

Emirates 354 Dubai to Singapore departing 3:15AM arriving 2:40PM
Spend one night in Singapore
Singapore 227 Singapore to Melbourne departing 9:15PM arriving 7:45AM (+1 day)
Spend two nights in Melbourne
Qantas 438 Melbourne to Sydney departing 2:00PM arriving 3:25PM

Emirates A380 first class

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Singapore Airlines just announced A380 flights between Singapore and Auckland, and has tons of Suites Class award space. The flight is almost three hours longer than to Melbourne, so can actually be enjoyed a bit more. And I do love New Zealand. I ticketed that as well, since ultimately Singapore’s KrisFlyer program has low redeposit fees, so I figured I might as well lock it in.

If we went with that itinerary, we’d be looking at the following:

Emirates 354 Dubai to Singapore departing 3:15AM arriving 2:40PM
Connect same day instead of spending the night
Singapore 285 Singapore to Auckland departing 8:50PM arriving 11:45AM (+1 day)

We’d be cutting out the night in Singapore, but instead of two days in Melbourne we’d have three days in New Zealand. I intentionally haven’t included the Auckland to Sydney leg in the above itinerary, since the timing would depend on which flight we take. What I was thinking about doing was booking Emirates’ Auckland to Sydney A380 flight in first class as well, in order to be completely ridiculous and really give him A380s around the world.


The only thing is that it has been a long time since I’ve been to New Zealand, and I didn’t really love Auckland during my only visit. I’m not sure if I was just cranky, if it was the weather, or if it’s legitimately not a cool city.

Auckland, New Zealand

But I do love Queenstown. Except that’s another two hour flight each way on a one cabin aircraft with inconvenient flight times, which doesn’t seem ideal with just three days on the ground.

Queenstown, New Zealand

I realize this is as first world as “problems” get, but I really want to make this trip as amazing for my dad as possible.

What would you do?

  • Stick to the current plan of Melbourne. 777-300ER first class is still a really nice product, the Park Hyatt in Melbourne is nice, and Melbourne is a cool city, so it’ll be fun regardless.
  • Stick to the A380 flight to Auckland, and spend three days in Auckland. Maybe I’m nuts and don’t remember it correctly, and it’s actually a beautiful city? It’s not worth doing too much more travel within New Zealand with just three days on the ground.
  • Stick to the A380 flight to Auckland, and then book separate flights to Queenstown. We’ll only have two days on the ground in Queenstown and we’ll have two slightly crazy travel days, but it’s well worth it for a place as gorgeous as Queenstown.
  • Something else altogether.

Would be incredibly grateful to hear what you guys would do!

  1. You said that your dad does not know the itinerary for the trip, but you put the itinerary in your post so don’t you think he might read that and it won’t be as much of a surprise?

  2. Stick to the A380 flight to Auckland, and then book separate flights to Queenstown – your Dad will have such wonderful memories for years to come.

    I’d take MEL over AKL if Queenstown is too much of a stretch.

  3. You are such a great son, I am so excited for your trip Ben!
    I would stick to plan 2 and give Auckland another chance! 🙂

  4. I would take the connecting flight to Queenstown as it is one of the most beautiful places in the world and would be the only part of the trip not in a big city? Then hopefully there would be a non-stop flight from ZQN to SYD? While you are in Queenstown you could splurge an incredible helicopter experience to Milford which would end up being a highlight of the trip. I just planned a trip to NZ and had to get past the initial shock of several extra flights in coach, but it is a small price to pay for such an amazing destination…

  5. If your Dad likes cities better, stick with Auckland…but he he likes mountains/outdoors more, Queenstown is the way to go.

  6. Why not fly through Auckland to Melbourne, (AKL-MEL on the ANZ 77W) so you can go to Melbourne, and fly on the SQ a380. Don’t know about the ANZ AKL-MEL 77W J availability, though, you might have to rough it out in coach. 😛

  7. Stick with Auckland. Still one of the highlights of our honeymoon. But better yet, go out to Rotorua. (Imagine if you built a city on top of Yellowstone…. the glow worm caves are worth it)

  8. I would switch to the A380 flight to Auckland, and then book separate flights to Queenstown and if you cannot do that stick with the same flight to Melbourne.

  9. Go to New Zealand, but rent a car and get out of Auckland. Drive to Hawkes Bay and go to Black Barn and the other vineyards there. You can stop in Rotorua along the way. The drive is beautiful… and the wine is even better. Email me if you want more information.

  10. I’ve never been to New Zealand, but why not explore the North Island a bit? I’ve known people who’ve enjoyed the Rotorua area.

  11. You don’t want to over do it I would just go to Auckland because otherwise it will just be too much travel and won’t be as enjoyable

  12. Agreed that driving around North Island can be fun and is the perfect type of thing for a 3-day trip. Auckland is also not so bad … it’s small, and not really what most people think of when they imagine a New Zealand trip, but it has some cool little corners. I did an awesome America’s Cup-style sailing excursion on the harbo(u)r there and had some great food.

    But obviously you HAVE to do all-A380s, and you have to include the SQ Suites.

  13. I’m voting for Queenstown if your dad is physically capable of handling the crazy travel days. (We don’t want a re-peat of the swollen ankle/feet incident.)

  14. @ Lantean — I suppose I could, but also not really hot on spending a week in Sydney. I think three or so days is perfect.

  15. Stick with the original plan, Ben! Melbourne is an awesome city, and you seem to be right in your assessment of Auckland– no one goes to NZ for its cities, they go for the countryside. I say you’re taking your dad on a TON of amazing products, so rather than check a SQ A380 off the list as opposed to a 777, better to spend time in an enjoyable, laid back city [that is, Melbourne] with gorgeous coastline, fantastic neighborhoods, terrific restaurants, and a great cafe culture?

    Queenstown might be cool, but you just don’t have enough time. You’d not be able to give it justice. And parents can’t quite handle the breakneck speed we can.

    While getting there is, of course, more than half the fun on this blog, if you’re taking your dad on a celebration trip, the destination should be a huge consideration.

  16. First off- you’re an awesome son and this sounds like the most amazing birthday ever!
    Secondly- your dad is adorable. Handwriting trip reports! So cute!
    Third- My sister lives in NZ and travels the country a lot. She hates Auckland too and she honestly couldn’t nail down why. I think she felt like it was a little too “American”, lol. She loves Queenstown. South-South Island is remarkable…literally 😉 South Island NZ is a once-in-a-lifetime destination. I highly recommend Queenstown if you have the time to do a little exploring, but it sounds like your quick turnaround wouldn’t do that area much justice.

    Maybe your “something else” could be Wellington? I loved that city, but it’s not THAT much more special than any other city aside from amazing views and beautiful landscapes. There’s nice places to eat, and there’s beautiful natural sites within driving distance of the city center.

  17. You should do Melbourne, it is one of my favorite cities, and New Zealand cannot compare. Have fun, sounds like a great trip!

  18. I think you should do SQ suites to AKL. That’s a real treat AND meets the RTW all in an A380 which is amazing! I think you can get out of Auckland for a couple days. NZ countryside is unbelievably gorgeous and there are many beautiful places a few hours away – Rotorua, Bay of Islands, wine country. Don’t bother flying to Queenstown because it’s just too much flying. Your dad’s going to get tired.

  19. I didn´t like Auckland that much too. But after two long straight flights, adding another one would be too much. Why don´t you rent a car and explore the North Island (let your father drive on the left, as you are not that good on wheels)? Rotorua is smelly and not that cool, but I loved Wellington (don´t know exactly why) and there are nice scenic drives and nice beaches to go. As it will be almost summer, rent a convertible and enjoy the countryside, the weather and the scenery.

  20. Ben, you are right, these are all first world problems to have – but to this audience it doesnt dilute their significance. I am biased because I am a Melbournian and I think you and your old man would have a blast spending 3-days here.

    We have some amazing restaurants, and I would go local as possible. Whenever I used to have people from out of town, I would take them to the Yarra Valley (1hr drive from town) where we have some amazing wineries who are punching well above their weight. Check out a restaurant called Elenores – which is a part of the Chateau Yering Estate. You can also stay there as it as an amazing guesthouse.

    The AFL season will have just finished but Melbournians love their sport and we have an impressive sporting precinct with the Tennis Centre, Soccer stadium and MCG all within spitting distance. The racing (as in horses) will have just started.

    We have a mad coffee culture, there are cafes on virtually every street corner now and it would be remiss of you not to take your Dad to a good old fashioned pub for lunch or dinner. We have huge Chinese, Vietnamese, Greek and Turkish populations so if those foods excite you and your Dad, you can eat like a king.

    If you’re up for renting a car, you could do all this exploring yourself. Uber is also alive and well in Melbourne. Also consider driving up to a quaint little town called Daylesford (1.20 from town). Great places to stay and eat and its famous for its mineral springs and hot baths.

    As you know, Melbourne is a big city. Unless you are a local, the concierges of the world will push you towards the touristy things. Resist. Your Dad sounds like an adventurer. Here’s what I would say

    “Dad, we have 2 options. We can do all the plain, vanilla touristy crap – like visit the casino, the national gallery and eat at what they think are good restaurants”

    “Or we can go off the beaten track and get out amongst the locals, eat and drink like romans and will be forced to buy new pants before we get back home” What option would you like?

  21. Ben, really enjoy your writings, as an OLD fart, your fathers age ,I offer the following…

    Singapore , the NIGHT ZOO , a tram ride through the Zoo in the cool of the night,bring a flashlight, easy RT taxi ride

    Sydney, take the all day RT tour visit to the Blue Mountains, we bused up, stopped at Feather Dale Wildlife Park ( was amazing) then continued to mountainous,took a gondola and then a tram, was amazing, the bus stopped somewhere on the route back and put us on ferry, about a 30 minute ride but took us past the former Olympics site and saw a great side of Sydney we would have never seen and was a very relaxing way to end the day.

    For a special memorable DINNER make a reservation at AQUA at pre dusk, located across the water, right under the bridge, next to the amusement park(ignore), overlooks the city as well as a 20 lane training swimming pool, place was elegant but affordable, no coat or tie needed, about 75. a head w one drink , ask for an outdoor seat. also if you want some down time send your Dad on the opera house tour, it was very interesting if he has interest in Design, architecture or building
    The big Sydney Zoo was not so great and too much hill walking for those over 60
    Bondi Beach, has an express public bus from downtown and lots of inexpensive water cafes for lunch

  22. Sounds great; I just came back recently from the Park Hyatt Sydney, Marriott Sydney, and Grand Hyatt Melbourne with the Diamond trial. Fabulous properties all!

  23. Auckland seems to have come on a lot in the past few years – it now has lots of groovy restaurants/cafes/bars and its harbor really is at least as good as Sydney’s. Plus the weather is better than Melbourne.

  24. I personally love Auckland, and wouldn’t hesitate spending a few days there again.

    A reminder about Australia – you will both need a visa, so ensure you have all of your dads passport information available. This is so easily forgotten, but is so easy to get as long as you aren’t there when you realize it.

  25. Just spent some time in Auckland last month, it can be plenty of fun. Take the ferry to Davenport and explore the bay one day, next day take the island ferry. Third day explore the Maori museums or see the Technology museum’s awesome aviation hangar which has some really rare aircraft. You can also go gambling at SkyCity or rent a car and drive a long the coast.

  26. I vote New Zealand but venture outside of AKL, anywhere in the countryside. I think your dad would enjoy quietly sitting in his luxurious seat simply enjoying ze a380 ambiance then you can balance the idleness with NZ outdoor activities.

  27. Australia AND New Zealand AND all A380s sounds amazing! This may be an ignorant/inaccurate statement, but surely there’s someplace on the north island within train/driving distance that’s amazing??? Of course, you can’t go wrong with Melbourne or Queenstown, either. Sounds like you only have great choices! 🙂

  28. I live in Auckland and have to say that I agree with your assessment of it. It’s not somewhere you want to be spending three nights on a “big once-in-a-lifetime” trip. Take your dad to Queenstown. The “2 and a half hours one cabin aircraft” sounds bad but Air NZ flies its new A320s on the route, you’ll get access to Space+ seating at the front of the cabin as a *G and there’ll be spectacular views of the Alps as you fly down. IMO ZQN > MEL and no city has a hotel so nice that it’s worth skipping a better city (if you can count ZQN as a “city”!) in order to stay there.

  29. Do the A380 flight to Auckland! I love Queenstown too, but with only three days, Auckland and the surrounding area is amazing. I went with my parents in Feb this year and my mom and dad both loved it.

    Waiheke Island is a quick ferry ride away and is covered in gorgeous wineries. was a great day trip.

    Russell is 3.5 hours north of Auckland, but is another amazing spot. We ended our trip here with a few days on the beach and wandering through this quiet town.

    Whatever you end up doing, it will definitely be an amazing time. Good luck!

  30. Ben, I read your blog everyday and I love it! If I can make a suggestion I would love to read an article about how you obtain so many points & miles to take the amount of award flights that you do. I know there are other bloggers on Boarding Area that focus on this more but you seem to be by far the most frequent award traveler of all bloggers and I rarely, if ever, read about HOW you get your miles. Not sure how you MS when you travel so much! Thanks and keep up the great work.

  31. I’d stick with the flight to NZ but I would avoid staying in Auckland beyond 1 night as it’s just a smaller crappier version of Sydney. I’d instead drive up north to northland or head SW to the coromandel coast. Both are couple hours by car.

  32. I say go to Auckland on the A380 and check it out. I’d rent a car and drive through Rotorua, Mata Mata (visit the Lord of the Rings set), and then go to Lake Taupo (and stay at the Hilton Lake Taupo)! Lake Taupo is only 2-3 hours away so you guys can even make that your NZ lodging for your entire stay.

  33. Oh and not sure when you’ll be in NZ but if you’re there before October 15th, consider flying the new Air New Zealand 787-9 from AKL to SYD.

  34. Hi,

    Did you decide if you are going to do a night at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai or not? I stayed there before and loved it. Even though it is very expensive, it was worth every penny.

  35. I love Queenstown and Melbourne both, and Singapore is interesting too.

    If you were traveling with a young person, I’d go with adding Queenstown. However, it’s your dad, and those make for some grueling travel days. The overnight and time in Singapore will be appreciated, and your dad will enjoy Melbourne and Sydney. Sure, a long A380 flight in Suites is interesting, but by that point all you want to do is get off the plane and walk around. You won’t be jet-lag recovered in Queenstown either – at least, I’m betting your dad definitely won’t be.

    I’d keep Queenstown in reserve for a time when you can spend a week or so on the South Island, rent a car, and enjoy the whole place.

    A visit to Auckland is interesting, but not really worth it.

  36. Aqua, yes or closer to your hotel Sailor Thai, catch a ferry to Watson’s Bay for lunch. 787-9 as mentioned but Emirates has an A380 MEl-AKL and they might even do something out if Christchurch? No way is a non stop to Queenstown 2 hours! The new Qantas First lounge is it really better than LH first, you can now enter the longer anytime on your day of travel, book treatments as soon as you can and don’t eat anything before you get their! They guy who does the catering has a few restaurant s near your hotel in Sydney with his signature Rockpool just a 5 minute walk.

  37. I would fly to Auckland, rent a car and drive to Mata Mata to check out the Lord of the Rings set, and then check out some springs in Rotorua and then finish off on the beach in the Coromandel peninsula. Perfect for a 3 day trip…

    If you stick to Melbourne, it would just be cities. A countryside roadtrip might just be a good balance. I wouldn’t go to Queenstown, as it would just be rushed.

  38. PS they got rid of the Monorail in Sydney so even prettier. I now call Melbourne home when I am in Oz and it’s not for the water or weather Sydney beats that hands down. If it’s good food regardless of budget, yeah it’s more European in looks and the culture is not bad! Take dad to the German Club it’s like great schnitzel and many many beers. The gym at the Grand Hyatt has to be one of Melbourne’s best and the best in the Hyatt chain since both properties are a 5-10 minute walk apart they may let you use it as a “resdiudent if the hotel” this gives you access to the best areas in the public section of the gym has floor to ceiling mirrors except there one way hotel guests have additional facilities on the other side. Foodies close to you would be Cloud in Flinders lane, walking, Doc’s in Fitzroy 5 main taxi both would be contemporary examples of food in Melbourne but for different reasons. Remember when you fly NZ-OZ you gain time!

  39. Keep what you have. Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be. Your dad will love it either way,

  40. I’d go to NZ. If you don’t want to hop another flight to Queensland, Rotorua/Taupo area is great, as others have mentioned. As is bay of islands, a relatively short drive north.

    Take your dad fly fishing! I’m headed back to NZ to do just that in the spring. Lots of luxe fishing lodges like Huka Lodge if you’re looking to splurge. A friend of mine is the GM at Tongariro Lodge if you’d like a connection.

  41. All I can say is I spend 24 hours in Auckland last December on an around the world trip lasting only 2 weeks and had the best 24 hours of the entire trip there. We stayed in Auckland and took a ferry ride to Waiheke Island for about 6 hours and it was incredible. I had to make the same decision as to how many days and whether or not to try to fly to another city because everyone bashes Auckland. I’m glad I stuck around Auckland and I’m sure you can find plenty amazing things to do in and around Auckland. I can’t wait to go back and check see some of the rest of New Zealand.

  42. I went to Auckland last April and it was very nice and there are tons to do — I found it more appealing as compared to Melbourne. There are tons of Museums, parks, nature hikes, and you can take a car and drive around and see the beautiful history.

  43. @lucky, why are you only making the trip about the flights? You should really spend at least 2 nights in one place to wine and dine and etc… I am Canadian and based in Singapore and I know you come through here quite a bit, there are some AWESOME places to eat, eating in Singapore is to experience the local culture. I bet there are places you have never even heard of that would be great for a short stop and how best to utilise your time etc.. do email me if you need some tips. 🙂

  44. This is so exciting Ben!

    I’m partial to Singapore so I say still do an overnight there and book the Marina Bay Sands to let your dad experience the awesome pool!

    Then do Melbourne b/c it is cooler than Auckland. You could drive the Great Ocean Road and go to Philips Island to sit on the beach and watch the penguins swim ashore at dusk!

  45. So sorry – you’ve probably already posted this, but how were you able to put this reward travel together. Is it one reward per segment? Or more likely, perhaps you purchased an around the world ticket for you and your Dad? The link above detailing how you got so many miles is great, but using the miles efficiently is a much more difficult problem for many of us.

    I would love to do something similar next year with my wife, but I’ll be staying in each city for at least a few days, if the ticket permits me! Thanks so much for these ideas.

  46. Ben,
    First off, you have to get your Dad in SQ Suites Class. It doesn’t matter if the flight’s to Pyong Yang or to Tehran. Whether you stay in Aukland or go on to Queensland is secondary, and depends on your Dad’s stamina and preferences. …

  47. I would either switch to Sydney or stick with Auckland. If you stick with Auckland, instead of staying in Auckland, which I agree is boring, go to Waiheke Island in Auckland Harbour. It’s about 60 mins from Auckland in total, and there are some cool B&Bs as well as great restaurants attached to wineries. I can recommend The Boatshed on Waiheke.

  48. Looking at your schedule I suggest Queenstown over Melbourne. Not because it is better but ideally you need longer time to enjoy Melbourne as enjoyed by the locals. Queenstown is one of those place where you can visit just once yet the memories stay for a long time.

    I suggest you fly AKL-ZQN and then ZQN-SYD (3 hours flight) but there’s no A380 serving this route unfortunately. If doing the Milford sound tour maybe maximise your time further by taking the air option instead of bus which takes an entire day.

    Stayed at Park Hyatt Melbourne twice in the past few months. Room is well maintained but showing its age. Langham does better breakfast and the $100 F&B credit can be used at Melba (known for gourmet buffet – an oxymoron, I know – and afternoon tea)

  49. I should point out that the $100 F&B credit comes from Amex FHR. Also, for what it’s worth, I’m going to Auckland exploring the north island including day trip to Waiheke island next week. More than happy to let you know my thoughts when I return.

  50. I went to Auckland and Sydney in December 2012, and really enjoyed the North Island of New Zealand. We took a Viator tour to the Glow Worm Caves, Rotorua and Hobbiton. It was a long day but so scenic and fun! We also did a half day cruise to one of the small islands on a winery tour, which was well worth it also.

  51. Queenstown is likely to be cold and dark this time of year. Melbourne and Auckland will be warmer and more pleasant.

    Hit Queenstown in the spring, summer, or fall. It seems unlikely that Queenstown will live up to your expectations and memories in the middle of the dreary winter. Having just been there in April, I’d do it again 1000 times out of 1000, but not in the winter (since snow sports aren’t really your thing). Plus, isn’t there a pretty good chance that the road to Milford Sound, which would no doubt be a highlight for your dad, will be closed due to snow?

  52. Let your Dad decide without telling him….

    List the options. Assign them a number.

    How many options there are- then that’s your number range.

    For the sake of this discussion, say there are 5 options.

    Ask your Dad to pick a number 1 thru 5.

    Whatever number he picks, go with that option.

    It’s random, fun, and spontaneous yet pre-planned at the same time. You can fill him in about the decision making process while on your trip together.

    Seriously, I think you are stressing about this too much. It’s you and your Dad, a father-son bonding moment that doesn’t have to be anything more than what it is- just having a great time with him!

  53. @ Jay — In this case we are spending multiple nights in three cities. Singapore was just a transit stop since we didn’t have time to do another night there. I love Singapore, so don’t need to sell me on it. 😀

  54. Having recently adopted Melbourne as my home i woukd, say dont skip it. Theres so much to do here, my only complaint is two,days doens’t reallu do it justice. For starters you are going to have to double up meals to get a full appreciation of how amazing and diverse food is here. Eating breakfast in the hotel is verboten.

  55. Your parents are fortunate to have such a wonderful son!!! The memories you’re creating are priceless.

  56. Your dad seems up for anything so I’d go with what he would most enjoy seeing – I love Australia/NZ – I was in Melbourne/Sydney/Hobart last November as well as Queenstown/South Island a few years ago.

    All are great options. But for me, would your dad enjoy a full day exploring the Great Ocean Road, learning the history, seeing the Twelve Apostles (do the helicopter tour there – great perspective, I had a semi-private tour (just 3 ppl) with Garry of Longhorn Younique Tours my review on my blog) and then a day in the Yarra Valley exploring the fantastic wineries – these were highlights for me on my first MEL visit as well as a Street Art Tour and the restaurants. So nature, wine, food, art – slow travel then Melbourne

    With Queenstown and the limited time there (I spent 10 days on South Island only and it wasn’t enough!), have fun with the go karts on the mountain (brings out the kid in everyone) and fly to Milford – the flight is fantastic over the mountains, I actually enjoyed the flight back from Milford to Queenstown than the actual cruise in Milford (I had previously cruised Doubtful Sound which I liked a bit more as it was one boat, not the masses at Milford). So if busy adventure, then Queenstown.

    Either way, you can’t go wrong – it sounds fabulous! Can’t wait to read your dad’s notes!

  57. Stick to the current plan of Melbourne. I think your dad would like to spend 1 night in Singapore.

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