Emirates’ New First Class On US Routes — And You Can Redeem Miles!

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Emirates’ new first class is the best first class product in the world, as far as I’m concerned.

The basics of Emirates’ new first class

The bad news is that Emirates only has a total of nine 777-300ERs featuring their new first class, and they don’t have any immediate plans to reconfigure existing planes (either 777s or A380s) with these seats. So actually flying on one of these planes can be a real challenge.

Not only that, but the airline is primarily using these planes for European routes, which are only 5-7 hours long, and I’d say those aren’t actually long enough to enjoy this incredible product.

I’ve written in the past about the general challenges of redeeming miles for Emirates’ new first class. Emirates blocks first class awards for their new first class up until about two days before departure, at which point they sometimes make some seats available.

Emirates now (unofficially) offering new first class to US

At the moment there’s a spectacular opportunity to fly Emirates’ new first class — not just because there’s award availability, but because it’s the longest route ever to feature Emirates’ new first class.

At the moment Emirates is flying their newly configured 777-300ER between Houston and Dubai every other day. This is a 15 hour flight, so is an incredible opportunity to experience this cabin.

For example, there’s first class award availability on the flight today from Houston to Dubai.

There’s also first class award availability on the flight on Tuesday, which once again features the new first class.

You can tell it’s the new first class based on the seatmap — there are only six first class seats, rather than the usual eight.

I would have hoped this trend would continue, though unfortunately as of May 22, 2019, the route is operated by an A380 rather than a 777-300ER, so it seems like there are only two more flights that could feature the new first class on the Houston route.

But it looks like this trend might continue on US routes. For example, Thursday’s Dallas to Dubai route also shows the new first class, so the 777-300ER may fly to Dallas every other day as of then, rather than to Houston.

There’s no award availability on that Dallas flight yet, though I imagine there will be a couple of days out.

I’m not sure if this trend will continue long-term, or more than likely this is just temporary until early June, when Emirates starts operating these newly configured planes on some more routes, including to the Maldives.

Bottom line

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this is permanent, but at the moment Emirates is offering their new first class on select flights to Houston, and will then offer it on select flights to Dallas. I doubt this will last, but this is a great opportunity while it does.

If anyone has some Alaska miles (or Japan Airlines or Emirates miles) to spare and has some free time this week, you’d make my day if you booked this flight and reported back. Suffice to say I’m super jealous.

(Tip of the hat to @nedc203)

  1. I took this exact DXB-IAH flight that featured EK’s new F product a few weeks ago.
    It was phenomenal.
    15 hours inside the new first class suite was still not enough though. 🙂

  2. Ben – whatever happened to James – the Australian who lives in London – who was recruited last year to write for this blog, he seems to not have posted an article for a long time ?
    The same goes for Nick – our in house “Delta Apologist” – where’s he at – is he still writing for the blog ?

  3. I have a ticket on EK first from Dallas on June 22nd. I doubt I’d get the new suite but I sure do hope so!!!

  4. I’m flying from Houston on EK on Tuesday but in Economy. I heard that their “refreshed” economy is a downgrade from their old product and it doesn’t have power ports (only usb) and no remote control. These are small details but I loved that about their Economy class.

  5. Flew DXB-IAH this week on 5/15. We did not have the new First. Our seats were changed to the new First about 2 weeks pre flight so I was hopeful. Then at check-in there were back to the older but still fantastic First. Love EK First!

  6. @ray: James is not listed as a contributor on the TPG site. I doubt he has joined any site after OMAAT. But his stint at OMAAT was perhaps the best thing that happened to it. His articles were a true breath of fresh air.

    Especially this week, there were too many miles articles compared to general ones.

  7. “James” is now working over at TPG. You can read his latest content over there.
    Remember that his name is really Ben S.

  8. My wife and daughter just flew from Cebu to Dubai and then Dubai to Chicago. I put them in Business class hoping she could experience the bar on the A380 unfortunately the plane was the 777 ER and she did not get the bar experience. The food was good as was the service but not as good as what I experienced coming back from Narita -LAX in JAL First.

  9. I travel first class on Emirates there basket is getting worse , their cosmetic bag is inferior with very little stuff too, not much choice of food ,one sweet potato
    for whole airline no Godiva chocolate , Qatar I Hope starts from Sanfrancisco
    I will be the first one to switch and not travel again on Emirates, every facility is less even movies less too their business class has better food choices and lounge too
    The lounge should be for first class even the first class bathrooms are not cleaned regularly , they take passengers for granted if everybody stopped flying
    Emirates they will straighten out why are you not posting my comments this is not duplicate , first time Inwrote
    Emirates they will straighten out, poor service in Dubai too, they say Qatar’s Doha airport is best , Qatar please start from Sanfrancisco

  10. I appreciate this heads up on an opportunity for a unique experience.

    However, regarding to OMAAT’s suggestion that we fly one one of these long first class routes this week if we happen to have the free time this week, I cannot help but think of my young family members who are facing lives made much more difficult due to the climate emergency my generation is handing them. How would I explain a long recreational flight like this to them?

  11. @travellight Thanks for your pretentious, useless comment. Why don’t YOU figure out how to make their fragile little minds comprehend it, if you so will, and leave others on a travel blog alone. To be honest, I doubt your young family members actually care, and would think to themselves that you’re losing your marbles if you tried to explain it. Most of us could care less, and a good portion of readers probably don’t buy this climate change hysteria in general. You must be “great” at parties. You sound like the kind of person who kills everyone else’s buzz.

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