Use your miles for Singapore Suites!

A couple of weeks ago, Singapore started allowing redemptions into their “Suites” class on the Airbus 380. Real generous of them, right? Check out their redemption levels:

London -> Singapore

Round trip: 2,000,000 miles
One way: 1,000,000 miles

Round trip upgrade from paid J (A380 only) -> R: 1,200,000 miles
One way upgrade from paid J (A380 only) -> R: 600,000 miles


Singapore -> Sydney

Round trip: 1,100,000 miles
One way: 550,000 miles

Round trip upgrade from paid J (A380 only) -> R: 650,000 miles
One way upgrade from paid J (A380 only) -> R: 325,000 miles.

If you’re like me and want to fly from London to Sydney (via Singapore), it’s a mere 3,100,000 miles in Suites Class.

Hurry up and make your booking. Supplies are limited. šŸ˜‰

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  1. You can read a handful of people on the related thread taking this ‘insult’ quite personally. Kinda like what happened when LH named Lady Bee.

  2. So if you conservatively value miles at a penny each, that final trip you want is a $31k round trip. In their defense, what would London to Sydney (via Singapore) in Suites Class journey cost you if you ponied up actual dollars?

  3. Interesting. Just last night I was on Singapore’s website and the KrisFlyer redemption page states to contact member services to book a suite on the A380. Since they don’t list the amount of miles needed to book this award I was wondering how many miles were required and now I know, so thanks!

  4. It will depend on specific dates, but it looks like a R/T in March (LHR-SIN-SYD, Suites class) will run about $21K USD.

  5. An especially bad deal considering Thai has suites in first class on their 777-300s that they leased from Jet Airways. And good award availability between Bangkok and Narita, plus the legendary Thai ground services in BKK. Even United does not consistently block using a Star Alliance Award. But I use this route as a connection between North America and Bangkok and only 120k using Aeroplan, plus 2 stopovers.

  6. SQ’s arrogance never ceases to amaze me. I was recently on a San Francisco-Seoul service and they neglected to load my vegetarian meal (paid C-class) onto the flight; ground staff at SIN couldn’t have cared less when I met with the Station Manager at the SilverKris Lounge. They eventually sent me a SGD$150 voucher via email for anything in their KrisFlyer catalogue, which I interpreted to be a slap in the face all things considered. (I had nothing to eat for ten hours.)

    My brother’s hedge fund is relocating from Manhattan to Singapore by the end of the year due to Obama’s tax increases, and as you can imagine from the fact that I read this blog, I make all the long-haul reservations for my family. Is there now even the slightest chance that I’ll be booking a flight with SQ in the future? Nope.

    Such a pity too, since the service in the air is by far the best out there.

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