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I’ve flown Singapore Airlines a countless number of times before, including many times in their Suites and first class. I’ve flown their old A380 Suites, and I’ve flown their new A380 Suites. I’ve also flown their old 777 first class.

However, in the past few years the airline has introduced a refreshed 777 first class cabin with just four seats, and this was my first time flying this configuration.

Singapore Airlines 238
Melbourne (MEL) – Singapore (SIN)
Saturday, December 15
Depart: 10:35AM
Arrive: 3:15PM
Duration: 7hr40min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 1F (First Class)

Ah, Singapore Airlines! On a good day it’s something very special in the air, and you can usually tell within a minute of boarding what your experience is going to be like. Well, it was going to be a really, really good day, thanks to first class flight attendants Jennifer and Benedict.

On a good day Singapore Airlines service is unparalleled, and Jennifer and Benedict were superstars. At the door I presented my boarding pass, was immediately addressed by name, and escorted to my seat.

Singapore Airlines’ 777 first class cabin consists of just four seats, in a 1-2-1 configuration. The seats as such aren’t cutting edge, but the cabin sure does feel intimate and private.

Singapore Airlines did a really sleek job with the finishes as well — I love the pattern on the bulkhead, the dark leather, and the stitching.

Singapore Airlines 777 first class cabin

For those traveling together there are two seats in the center, which are ideal, since you can enjoy the experience with a friend or loved one.

Singapore Airlines 777 first class seats

Singapore Airlines 777 first class seats

Since I was traveling alone I selected seat 1F, the window seat on the right side of the cabin.

Singapore Airlines first class seat 777

The Singapore Airlines first class seat is really wide, to the point that you can’t practically use both armrests at the same time.

Singapore Airlines first class seat 777

Then the front side of the seat has an ottoman, storage compartment, and large entertainment screen.

Singapore Airlines first class seat 777

The seat had a huge ottoman that becomes part of the bed when the seat is placed into bed mode.

Singapore Airlines first class ottoman

Just to the left of the seat is an enclosed storage compartment, which has two racks.

Singapore Airlines first class seat storage

I really like the tray table design. The tray table slides out from the front console. This is great because it means you can easily get up during the meal service by just sliding the tray forward.

Singapore Airlines first class tray table

As far as other seat features go, at the front right of the seat are the power ports, including 110v and USB.

Singapore Airlines first class power ports

Then to the side of the seat are more controls, including a button to turn off the entertainment, and to control the lighting and seat positions.

Singapore Airlines first class seating controls

On the left side of the seat was the entertainment controller, which had a cord so that you could pull it and hold it in your hands.

Singapore Airlines first class entertainment controls

To the right of the seat was a small compartment where you could place something like a phone or glasses.

Singapore Airlines first class seat storage

Given that I was flying right before Christmas, the cabin had decorations, which is always a cute touch on Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines Christmas decorations

This definitely isn’t a cutting edge first class seat, though how intimate the cabin is really adds to the feel. I’d note that while there aren’t any doors or anything, sitting in the window seat I felt like I had nearly full privacy, given that the seats are just slightly offset, with the center seats being further forward.

Singapore Airlines first class privacy

One other interesting thing to note. Between doors one and two on the 777-300ER, Singapore Airlines has four first class seats (one row) and 12 business class seats (three rows). Meanwhile Singapore’s previous configuration (which had the same type of seats) had eight first class seats (two rows) and eight business class seats (two rows).

So it’s interesting that the airline didn’t actually increase the seat count while reducing the number of first class seats. They must have had really bad yields in first class.

Singapore Airlines business class cabin 777

Anyway, back to the onboard service. Within a moment of settling in, Jennifer came by my seat to introduce herself, familiarize me with the seat, inform me of the flight time, and offer me a beverage. I requested a glass of champagne, and specifically the Krug 2004, which Singapore Airlines is currently offering. YUM.

Singapore Airlines first class Krug 2004

A moment later I was offered a warm towel.

Singapore Airlines first class warm towel

Over the next few minutes the first class cabin filled up. In the two center seats was an older Australian couple traveling to Penang, and in the other window was a Singaporean guy.

As far as other amenities go, waiting at my seat upon boarding were headphones from Bang & Olufsen, which were excellent.

Singapore Airlines first class headphones

Also at my seat were the lovely amenities Singapore Airlines has in first class. This included sturdy slippers, socks, and eyeshades.

Singapore Airlines first class amenities

Then there was an amenity kit with products from Lalique, though I can’t help but find it a bit quirky. Rather than having traditional amenities, Singapore Airlines instead has a few things you can take home, like a candle and soap. Meanwhile the more traditional amenities (like dental and shaving kits) are available in the lavatory.

Singapore Airlines first class amenity kit

I was also presented with Lalique pajamas.

Singapore Airlines first class pajamas

Then there was the menu, presented in a beautiful leather binder.

Singapore Airlines first class menu

Just 10 minutes after boarding the captain made his welcome aboard announcement, informing us of our flight time of 7hr5min, and our generally smooth ride. At 10:20AM the door closed, and a minute later we pushed back. At that point the safety video was screened.

I’d note that while other airlines will take away your glasses the second the door closed, I was offered a refill as we were pushing back.

At 10:30AM we began our taxi to the runway.

Air New Zealand A321 Melbourne Airport

Emirates A380 Melbourne Airport

Taxiing Melbourne Airport

We had a quick taxi, and by 10:35AM were cleared for takeoff. There was a bit of chop on the initial climb out, but within five minutes the ride got smooth and the seatbelt sign was turned off.

View after takeoff from Melbourne

View after takeoff from Melbourne

As soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off I checked out the lavatories at the front of the cabin, of which there were two. They were quite spacious, and always meticulously clean. After every use the crew would go in there and clean them up.

Singapore Airlines first class lavatory

Singapore Airlines first class lavatory

Behind the row of seats in first class there’s a walkway so you can easily get between the two aisles.

Singapore Airlines first class walkway

10 minutes after takeoff I was served my first glass of Krug by Benedict, along with some nuts. I love how Singapore Airlines consistently serves drinks so quickly after takeoff. On some airlines it’s 45+ minutes until you get your first drink, which seems unnecessary.

Singapore Airlines first class champagne and nuts

I also asked for a blanket, and moments later Jennifer returned with it. On other airlines they’d just hand you the wrapped bag. Jennifer took the blanket out of the bag, fluffed it up, and then placed it over me, even going so far as to tuck it under my feet for comfort. This is a level of service you only get on Singapore Airlines.

With a glass of champagne in hand, I browsed Singapore Airlines’ entertainment system, KrisWorld. After Emirates’ ICE system, I consider KrisWorld to be one of the world’s best entertainment systems, so I have nothing but good things to say there.

Singapore Airlines entertainment system

Singapore Airlines entertainment system

Singapore Airlines’ 777s have wifi, and first class passengers even get 100MB of free data. Unfortunately this particular plane had the OnAir wifi system, which is outrageously slow.

What’s odd is that the 777s I’ve flown in the past have had the faster Panasonic wifi, so I’m not sure what percent of Singapore 777s have OnAir, but it makes a huge difference.

To take advantage of the 100MB of free wifi you just have to enter your name and seat number.

Singapore Airlines wifi

As a point of comparison, the pricing is ordinarily 6.99USD for 15MB of data, 12.99USD for 30MB of data, and 19.99USD for 50MB of data. That’s really steep.

Singapore Airlines wifi

Singapore Airlines wifi

As Jennifer kept my drink topped off she asked when I wanted to have lunch. I asked to eat about a bit over an hour after takeoff, and surely enough, right at that point the meal service began. At this point we were flying Northwest over Australia.

Singapore Airlines entertainment system

Singapore Airlines entertainment system

The menu read as follows:

The wine list read as follows:

The rest of the drink list read as follows:

75 minutes after takeoff my table was set for lunch, and I was offered a selection of bread. I selected some breadsticks and garlic bread. There’s something to be said for the incredible care and precision with which Singapore Airlines crews perform the service, and that’s also evident when you see how they set tables.

Singapore Airlines first class lunch — table setting

Showtime! First up was Singapore Airlines’ excellent malossol caviar with condiments.

Singapore Airlines first class lunch — caviar

Yum, and what beautiful presentation as well!

Singapore Airlines first class lunch — caviar

Next up I ordered the roasted pumpkin soup with gnochetti pasta and pesto sauce. The soup was incredibly flavorful, and the perfect temperature.

Singapore Airlines first class lunch — soup

Next up was the lobster thermidor, which I had ordered from Singapore Airlines’ “book the cook” menu, where you can pre-order from a bigger selection.

Singapore Airlines first class lunch — lobster

Lastly for dessert I had the warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

Singapore Airlines first class lunch — dessert

The whole meal was absolute perfection. That’s true of the food quality, the drinks, and especially the service. Jennifer and Benedict were so attentive without being overbearing, and also incredibly charming.

By the time the meal was done we had about 4hr30min remaining to Singapore. I asked to have my bed made, which Jennifer promptly took care of.

Singapore Airlines first class bed

Singapore Airlines first class bed

She placed a bottle of water next to the bed, and a teddy bear on the pillow. How cute is that?!

Singapore Airlines teddy bear

Singapore Airlines is also one of the few airlines in the world where they provide a “tuck in” service in first class. I got in bed, and Jennifer placed the blanket over me and even tucked it around me. Awkward or awesome? I say awkwardly awesome!

The Singapore Airlines first class bed is formed by “flipping over” the seatback. This means that you can’t really just slightly recline your seat, but it’s basically all or nothing. While Singapore Airlines’ bedding is good, the seat itself is way too hard for my liking. I wish they had a more substantial mattress pad, since to me the bed feels a bit like sleeping on the floor.

Since this was a daytime flight I only got a bit over an hour of sleep. I woke up with about three hours remaining until Singapore.

Airshow enroute to Singapore

Airshow enroute to Singapore

When I woke up I went to the bathroom, and returned to find my bed refreshed, and a new bottle of water placed next to my seat. Again, perfect service.

Constantly refreshed bed

I decided to watch a couple of TV shows, and then about 60 minutes before landing Benedict asked if I wanted anything to eat before landing.

The menu read as follows:

I decided to order the pho bo. This was excellent, though it’s not like I was hungry after such a big meal just a few hours earlier.

Singapore Airlines first class pre-landing meal

Nonetheless I figured I owed it to you guys. I also ordered a cheese plate, just for the picture, if nothing else. 😉

Singapore Airlines first class cheese plate

Lastly, I ordered a coffee, since I still had a long day ahead of me.

Singapore Airlines first class coffee

30 minutes before landing the captain announced we’d soon be descending, and should be landing at around 2:45PM, well ahead of schedule. About 20 minutes before landing the seatbelt sign was turned on, and the crew prepared the cabin for landing.

As usual, the views on approach to Singapore were interesting.

During the descent, both Jennifer and Benedict came around to thank me for flying with Singapore Airlines. One interesting thing to note — the cabin manager on this flight was one of the most removed managers I’ve had on Singapore Airlines, as he didn’t greet any of the first class passengers. I was happy to see service was great in spite of how hands-off he was.

View approaching Singapore

View approaching Singapore

View approaching Singapore

At 2:45PM we touched down on runway 2L at Changi Airport. Look at that beautiful Singapore 787-10!

Landing at Changi Airport

From there it was just a short five minute taxi to our arrival gate.

Taxiing at Changi Airport

Once off the plane I headed towards The Private Room for my layover, which is where we’ll pick up in the next installment.

Singapore 777 first class bottom line

I like how Singapore Airlines’ 777s have just four first class seats (assuming you can snag an award in one — I don’t love how it means less award availability), which creates an intimate atmosphere and attentive service. However, I don’t love the seats as such, and in particular how hard they are.

Everything else about Singapore Airlines is exceptional, though — the food, the drinks, and the service. When you get a good Singapore Airlines crew then there’s no airline in the world that can compete, in my opinion.

They might not have the most modern hard product, but my gosh does this airline get the first class soft product right.

If you’ve flown Singapore Airlines first class recently, what was your experience like?

  1. Thanks for your timely review.

    I’m flying Singapore first in June between LA and Singapore (stops in Tokyo). Will those flights have the same Lalique amenity kit?


  2. A candle in the amenity bag? I imagine just a matter of time before some idiot lights it at their seat looking for a bit of aromatherapy and ambience in flight.

  3. Ben,
    You have spoken very highly of Garuda F in the past and their detailed service and attentiveness. Between Singapore and Garuda, which would you pick considering both the hard and soft products?

  4. I have had the privilege to fly SQ F twice in the last year, both times on the LAX-ICN-SIN route. I could not agree more about the amazing service that was offered on both flights. The bed is a little hard, however if you indulge a bit in the fine alcohol selection you should have no problem catching some good sleep. I’ll be back on this flight in a few months, via NRT, and I really look forward to experience.

  5. > Next up was the lobster thermidor
    It would’ve been nice if you would’ve compared it to the AA lobster roll

  6. Good report. Flew Singapore’s EWR-SIN rt last month in PE. Had one of the single seats in back. Great flight & service. Have to give Singapore’s biz class a try one of these days.

  7. Flew on the “new” SQ 777-300ER First with 8 seats a few years ago. I was surprised by the bed – was quite hard and (being over 6′) I had to sleep at an awkward angle. I even remarked to the flight attendant that the hard product in business did not even look all that different. For an airline with a nearly flawless soft product and such an amazing Suites product (old and new), it’s odd that they would not invest more in beds. I would take a CX bed or even JL bed over a SQ bed in F any day on the 77W.

  8. @ a — Two reasons. First of all, because I want to review as much of the experience as possible, and that includes the bed. Second of all, because I had woken up at midnight, so was tired at that point in the day.

  9. I have never been given an amenity kit in singapores first or business class even after asking for one. 6 flights, 0 amenity kits

  10. I flew SIN-LHR in a 4 seat F cabin on just before Christmas. I completely agree about the bed. Far too hard. The area under my knees also had a hard lump. It was very uncomfortable. Personally I would aviod the 777 F product in future.

  11. Good review of of good service however you are absolutely accurate in your assessment that so much depends these days on the crew. At SIA it was not ever thus and service was consistently excellent.

    I don’t know what has gone wrong but from the level of consistent excellence in First and Business a lot if indifferent mediocrity has crept in. I’ve had a number of recent sectors that have been definitely lacklustre and not worth the premium SIA charge so much so that future spend is under review because others on the route I travel most are offering much better for less – route is LHR-SYD and QR, CX and NH are leading with MH, OZ and EY offering something at least as good as SQ for significantly less money.

  12. @Phil Duncan: Never flown SQ F but I can concur that I’ve had decidedly mediocre service on SQ Business on a few occasions. One Tokyo-Singapore flight, I was in the back of the business class section that was completely full. Hot towel came cold, flight attendant’s not able to keep up with demand. If you’re going to have a large business class section taking up half the plane you’d better be able to staff it to ensure standards are kept! I believe a similar complaint has been noted about the business class section of the EWR-SIN flight… it’s so large that the service feels less personalised and attentive because the number of flight attendants can’t keep up.

  13. What is the purpose of the HDMI port? Can you link your own device to the plane’s IFE system and use the IFE screen to watch your own content?

  14. It looks like they left you with the women’s amenity kit? Or at least the bag is the women’s one. The men’s is a small, all-black bag.

  15. Sounds like the manager knew how top notch Jennifer and Benedict were, so was elsewhere on call only. Wish they were all like those two.

  16. Wait, the meal didn’t start till 75mins in and finished 3 hours into the flight? Talk about glacial timing…

    Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but the service on the flight is just too much for me.

  17. Looks like you have also had a bad experience on SQ though you hardly hear anything bad about them. Would be great to point to the trip report with this unusual experience. Flew SQ on their A380 out of Sydney in 2015 after almost 15 years and they were and are as good as they have always been.

    “Ah, Singapore Airlines! On a good day it’s something very special in the air, and you can usually tell within a minute of boarding what your experience is going to be like.”

  18. What is a better product this or SQ new A380 F as I am flying Singapore first soon and don’t know which plane I should select

  19. Am travelling in late May Sydney to Paris via Singapore in F ,just wondering if they would have updated their A380 to the new First Class seats?

  20. Oh and there are J amenity kits for some flights. I got a small one on a 6 hour redeye flight last year DEL-SIN.

  21. Is the only difference between SQ F and J, just the bigger seat?
    If it weren’t for the ground experience and soft product, I don’t think I’d ever pay for SQ F

  22. “..Ah, Singapore Airlines! On a good day it’s something very special in the air, and you can usually tell within a minute of boarding what your experience is going to be like..”

    Ben.. Nailed it!

    If only they could be more consistent.

  23. So you’re telling us you order the cheese for taking a picture and didn’t eat it? That’s so fucked up and stupid. It takes a lot of effort and ressources to produce and transport, not to forget the situation for the cows and workers. All this for a picture and the trash. Great.
    Also exchanging a probably partly full bottle of water is just stupid.

  24. I had the good fortune of being able to fly both Singapore Suites and Emirates First Class recently—both for the first time. While Emirates was a fun flight that I won’t soon forget, the quality of service on Singapore simply blew Emirates out of the water. The attention to detail shown by the Singapore crew was truly outstanding.

  25. @Justin I’ve always found the service to be better and more personalised in SQ J on the A350 and 777, compared to the A380 with its large J cabin. Wouldn’t be surprised if the A350 ULR had the same problem.

  26. 1st <3 Brodie & Boco comments

    And yes thanks for the timely review. Coming up in May, my RTW19 2.0 includes new Suites Class SYD-SIN. Then in the 777 to HND, so enjoyed your review. The Suites flight is daytime, so I’ll take a nap to try all the services. The SIN-HND is over night, but I don’t need to rest since the flights are my thrill. I’ll just sit and enjoy the Ambience 😉

  27. @Kornelius you should get informed first before criticising. all food not consumed on an aircraft gets tossed to the trash anyway, might as well order everything, eat a little bit and get the content for the blog instead of just not touching it and letting it get thrown away.

  28. I was lucky enough to get the J amenity kits on my rt flight to TPE in end Dec 18 and early Jan 19, different colour and contents.

  29. Many comments on the hard bed, worth noting that this is an asian airline, and generally most asian prefer harder bed. Guess this is why they decided to go for it. Albeit mattress topping should be provided in F to solve this!

  30. @lucky Given the generally excellent standard also in J, which would you choose in future?

    Also, I’ve been given amenity kits in J, even on Regional sectors. In fact, on one between Singapore and Canberra I received two different ones. It’s not consistent though, and you’d think they’d provide pyjama’s on overnight flights, but that never happens.

    I’m told the harder beds are an Asian preference (?).

  31. Good review, thanks

    I’ve been on SQ Business Class many times (mostly on the great A380) and , like you, order “Book the Cook” and on at least one leg, opt for the Lobster Thermidor…yum

    I haven’t paid the extra for First Class yet, but certainly on the 777 in your report, it doesn’t look much different from the Business Class product – no caviar nor Krug, but otherwise looks much the same. I will one day go for Suites and experience the Private Room

  32. My wife and I were fortunate enough to fly LAX-NRT-SIN on SIAs 777-300 first class in February. It was the most memorable flying experience we have had to date and we’ve had a few. While the bed was a tad soft….. If you’re sleepy enough it does the job. Book the Cook was a great option as well. Fantastic flight.

  33. I avoid SQ like plague and I will tell you why: Fasten your seat belts!
    I was booked in seat 1A, a First Class 747 on 23rd March of 2009 from LAX-NRT. Because of the crash of Fedex Express 80 due to wind shear up with an altitude of 600 Meters (2000 feet), the runway was closed and my flight out of LAX on SQ was cancelled. I was going to attend an important party in Singapore and was on my way to Hong Kong to go on an Atlantis gay cruise.
    However, the SQ people could not get their act together to reroute me, or to book me on a different flight and I was not given any other option, but to fly 2 days later. No apology, no nothing, not a single Kris flyer mile and not even a $10 coffee voucher. I had a conversation with the airport manager at LAX, at the time, a Chinese Singaporean and spoke to her assistant to an Indian woman and they were both simply rude. I asked them why they could not rebook me on UA to SFO and then HKG and they just said, oh well….

    The seat 2A was broken on this flight, No Amenity kit available, out of my size for the Pajama, (I am 5-10, 177, go figure)…
    Again, no coupon, no voucher, not a single airline mile…
    Fast forward on a different trip to HKG onward to JNB, my Apple Macbook pro went missing/lost/stolen, the gates were changed so many times, was left on a tray and then allegedly shipped to HKG, again, not a refund, not an apology and not a single Kris Flyer mile…

    On a different flight, booked with award miles out of IST, went through hell and back to book the flight in Business, last minute the aircraft was switched to an older 777 recliner with purple seats, that SQ typically use to use in India market, I was in seat 11A, what a nightmare. When I came on board, I was scolded and rebuked angrily by the older Indian cabin Manager, about my camera and to avoid taking pictures. How do all these bloggers record SQ and take pictures is unbeknownst to me…

    This IST-SIN flight was cancelled and SQ wanted me to fly a day earlier, I had told them that I was in Istanbul for a special Valentines day party and that is why I flew from JNB to attend this event. I had to contact their sales office in LAX and SFO and after many emails and phone calls, I was told that I had to find the award space on my own. Now, needless to say, that it is impossible to find SQ business class or First Class spaces 6 months ahead of time, how can I find a last minute award space on SQ and I am not sure how lucky does it. My assumption is that lucky is given endless free miles and space from the airlines and credit card companies and I do not believe the fact that lucky flies on his own and collects these miles and I do not believe that Shlapping, the moderator of this site, actually finds mileage space, it is actually impossible and funds these flights. Where does he get the money from for all these flights and what is the incentive?

    Again, after this incident, I did not get a single mile or a $5 dollar coupon from SQ. On other occasions, I had rude Flight Attendants on Silk Air, flying to HKT that would not even let me have a full can of coke, or playing cards, they made sure I opened the can on the aircraft and did not walk out with it.
    I booked a flight on 23rd May of 2016 for my 50th birthday to Thailand with my ex. SQ lost our bags, never found 2 of them, the other was damaged and things were stolen out of it and it showed up 5 days later in Phuket at the M Gallery by Sofitel. We never got our miles for these flights either and I have written to SQ several times, my ex’s miles are about to expire and same with mine. If I did not have all those missing miles at least I could have booked a one way somewhere. Never got a refund and compensation for my bags which is illegal what SQ did against the Geneva Convention rules, but SQ people do not care unless I take them to court. Again, after so many emails I was not given a penny by SQ and when I wrote about the bad behavior of the Silk Air to Phuket and the Tiger Air staff to Maldives, I was given the standard reply. I was nearly beat up by a drunk Australian male scary looking tattooed passenger, and the crew did absolutely nothing.
    On another occasion, I flew UA and deposited the miles to Krisflyer and I was only given %25 percent after calling and verifying that in that particular class of service (H) I would be given %100 of the miles. Again, the Singaporeans with SQ do not know how to go out of their comfort zones and fix issues, they all have a rule book and they are all afraid of losing their jobs, they call me, MR on the phone and they are polite but they get nothing done and it is very frustrating.
    I have had my miles on SQ expired twice now, it is a 3 year program. I have lost luggage, flights cancelled and on the flight from NRT to SIN, my camera was damaged because water from the aircraft spilled all over my very expensive camera which stopped working and I could not use it at all, and I was planning to film and take pictures of my Etihad First Class Suite after Singapore and Maldives, out of Abu Dhabi to London, when I used my AA miles and thanks to SQ, I did not have a camera to use and again, the Chinese Singaporean manager on the NRT-SIN flight, just allegedly wrote a report, but I did not hear anything back from SQ. Again, not a refund, not a mile, and not a penny.

    Singapore Airlines, have nice Flight Attendants 70 percent of the time, although very robotic and they can not hold a 3 minute conversation. On my recent LAX-NRT flight, I was in Y class and that is a different story. I tried to strike up a conversation with a senior one in the Red Kebaya, and it was as I was pulling teeth. She said, you want anything else Mister? That means go back to your seat… she was really rude… just like UA/DL and AA counter parts…

    I will never fly SQ again and if an attorney reads this please contact me and tell me how to prepare and take SQ to court in USA to get refunds for my lost bags, all these issues. SQ is a very irresponsible airline, just like Turkish where they called me “IBNE” means Faggot in Turkish at IST airport and TK would not do anything about it. TK, SQ and Alitalia customer services department do not exist. In the other hand, the US carriers do actually get back to you when there are problems, unlike TK, SQ and Alitalia, the nastiest and rudest airlines on this planet…

    If you have advise how to take these airlines to court, please contact me…
    Thank you,
    [email protected]

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