Update On Singapore Suites Class Award Availability Out Of The US

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Singapore Airlines Suites Class is one of the most aspirational first class products out there. It remains one of only two airlines with double bed in first class (the other is China Eastern on their new 777s).


For the past several years it has been possible to redeem Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles for travel in Suites Class, which is one of my favorite uses of points out there. However, there’s no denying that over time Suites Class award availability has become considerably worse.

In particular, for the past six months or so there has been virtually no Suites Class award availability in advance. Within a month or so of departure we’ve seen some space, but outside of that we haven’t seen much space at all. The good news is that Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer lets you waitlist awards, and they do clear with some regularity.


Anyway, there is some good news on the KrisFlyer Suites Class front, for those of us based in the US. Singapore Airlines does seem to once again be making a good amount of Suites Class award space available to/from the US in advance.

As a reminder, Singapore’s two routes out of the US operated by the A380 are Los Angeles to Singapore (via Tokyo Narita) and New York to Singapore (via Frankfurt). You can book that journey the entire way through, or just the “fifth freedom” sectors to Japan and Germany.

Looking far in advance, I see a good amount of Suites Class award availability between Los Angeles and Tokyo or Los Angeles and Singapore.


Many days there’s even availability for two people at the saver level (most would probably argue that Suites Class is more fun with company!).


There does seem to be a weird glitch whereby Singapore is making “Saver” space available but not “Standard” space. That doesn’t really make much sense.

On the New York to Singapore route I’m also seeing a fair amount of Suites Class award space at the saver level, though only for one passenger per flight.


As a reminder, KrisFlyer redemption rates out of the US are as follows:

RouteBusiness Class (One-Way)First Class (One-Way)Aircraft
San Francisco to Hong Kong63,750 miles + $68.90 70,125 miles + $68.90Boeing 777-300ER
San Francisco to Hong Kong to Singapore68,000 miles + $253.3091,375 miles + $263.30Boeing 777-300ER
San Francisco to Seoul65,875 miles + $193.3074,375 miles + $203.30Boeing 777-300ER
San Francisco to Seoul to Singapore68,000 miles + $253.3091,375 miles + $263.30Boeing 777-300ER
Los Angeles to Tokyo65,875 miles + $183.6074,375 miles + $183.60Airbus A380
Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore68,000 miles + $266.5291,375 miles + $276.52Airbus A380
New York to Frankfurt48,875 miles + $193.3057,375 miles + $203.30Airbus A380
New York to Frankfurt to Singapore72,250 miles + $276.7093,500 miles + $286.70Airbus A380
Houston to Moscow48,875 miles + $201.7057,375 miles + $211.70Boeing 777-300ER
Houston to Moscow to Singapore72,250 miles + $261.7093,500 miles + $271.70Boeing 777-300ER

The great thing about KrisFlyer miles is that they’re among the easiest points currency to accrue, given that they’re transfer partners with all four major transferable points currencies including American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou, and Starwood Preferred Guest.

Earn KrisFlyer miles through:


Also keep in mind there are some “tricks” to redeeming KrisFlyer miles, including the following:

Bottom line

Ultimately Suites Class award availability isn’t wide open, though it’s much better than it was for several months. If you want to maximize your chances of scoring a Singapore Airlines Suites Class award ticket, you’ll want to do one of the following:

  • Book as far in advance as possible, ideally when the schedule opens (which is ~355 days out for Singapore KrisFlyer)
  • Book close to departure, typically starting about a month out
  • Waitlist an award ticket for as many dates as possible

Have you had luck redeeming KrisFlyer miles for Singapore Suites lately?

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  1. They actually have a decent rate JFK to SYD in the A380 via FRA and SIN. 116k. A really solid way of getting to SYD with good award availability.

  2. Hi Lucky – I’ve heard that ANA raised their points pricing. How does ANA compare with Singapore Air’s pricing from LAX to Narita in first class when you also include taxes/fees? Which would you choose, and is JAL now a better option with these same points cards?

  3. I booked LAX-NRT-SIN-SYD in First for 119,000 miles. I paid an additional $100 for a 5 day stopover in Singapore. Availability was quite good, and I was able to book our preferred dates.

  4. Hi Ben, another really useful post – thanks! Would you say that award flights from Asia to the U.S. Are easier than awards out of the U.S to Asia? I’m considering trying to book 2 suite awards either Seoul to San Fran or Tokyo to LA and flying JAL from JFK To Tokyo first. Obviously I’d like to maximize my chances for SiA suites so would be great to know what you would suggest. Thanks!

  5. @ Cynthia — I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference in availability depending on the direction you’re traveling in. So I’d maybe decide based on the experience and schedule.

  6. @ Sarah — If you’re looking to redeem on Singapore then your only option is to go through KrisFlyer, since they don’t make their first & business class award space available to partner airlines. Singapore KrisFlyer has great award rates between Los Angeles and Tokyo Narita, so if there’s availability they’re a great option.

  7. @ Stargold UA — All depends on the date or route, but generally speaking Singapore is actually more generous with releasing first/suites class availability than business class availability.

  8. How do I book Singapore Business or Cathy Pacific business for flight from ORD to Hong kong and than Hong kong to Kathmandu? I know there is not much good option for flight to KTM. Which aircraft is better?
    I flew to ORD from Narita on United on coach and it was horrible! very old plane and zero legroom and horrible everything.

    we will stay in Hong kong for 5 days.


  9. Hi Ben

    1) on the Singapore airlines site I can only find flight schedule up to the end of March 2016, do you have to call in to ask about flights 355 days ago?

    2) so I booked LAX-NRT-SIN with a long stopover for an extra $100 in NRT. If I wanted to extend this further, do I simply just need to find award availability on the NRT-SIN portion and pay the change fee?

  10. I’ve been keeping an eye on availability for 2 in suites LAX-NRT for a while and I looks pretty good. Getting ready to book a trip at the end of May. But I just noticed recently that I can’t see out 355 days anymore. Looks like max for the LAX-NRT route is 3/26/16. Do you know what is going on?

  11. @Tom – While I can’t answer for SQ, booking CX J class is easy. You can use American or Alaska miles. I just booked using Alaska out of ORD for 50k each way in business. CX flies 777’s out of ORD.

  12. Right now I’m flying Etihad first class LAX-AUH for 90K AA miles to dead head so I can then jump on the mistake BA First fare. Is there a way to fly LAX-AUH on SINGAPORE in F to AUH or DXB for the same miles – as I have a lot of Chase points right now.

  13. Your Singapore Suites posts always make it sound so damn tempting. I was actually just now starting to look into seeing if I could book ORD-LAX-NRT just to fly Suites and cancel my direct ANA flight when I realized I was being crazy. I wish the Singapore A380 was more convenient to me. But going through JFK or LAX is often going to add segments. One day, perhaps. One day.

  14. For flight to Hong kong from ORD, What miles is better to use? Alaska or AA miles? What I hate about AA miles is that they don’t show many partner awards on their website and it sucks to call to ask.

    I am looking for 3 coach or biz class seats.Does Alaska miles allow stop over?

    Can I do ORD-Hong kong – KTM? 5 days stay in Hong Kong.

  15. @Tom-

    Look for awards from ORD-HKG and then HKG-KTM for availability on CX on through British Airways’ award booking site. That’s the best bet for finding it. I don’t know about Alaska, but AA would not allow you to spend 5 days in HKG.

  16. @W – it is not the same as only half the cabin divider in the First Apartment comes down.

  17. @ W — They don’t. Rows three and four are sort of connected near the head, but they’re separated otherwise.

  18. @ Tom — The problem is that Dragonair operates the flight from HKG to KTM, and you can’t redeem Alaska miles on Dragonair. So your best bet would be American miles, though they don’t allow stopovers.

  19. @ danny — Something weird is going on lately whereby they’re not showing space available further than that for now. Yes, in theory that should work.

  20. For all those who booked One way saver awards with a paid stopover, I need some advice. I’m looking to book an MNL-SIN-NRT-LAX award in either J or F with stopovers in SIN and NRT.

    1) are you booking these trips on the website first (to get the 15% points discount) and then calling a SQ rep to adjust the segments to allow for stopovers? Or are you doing your bookings completely over the phone and requesting for the 15% discount? If the latter, how does the discussion usually go when asking? Are they pretty lenient with the request?

    2) since stopovers are not usually done on one way savers, would it be pushing my luck to ask to pay for two (or more) stopovers? Should I be content with one stopover (and paying for a separate revenue ticket MNL-SIN on Philippine Air). I would really love to fly SQ in J/F from MNL to SIN but I also don’t want to irk the phone reps by asking for too much.

    Trying to book as the tail end of a 28-day, 8 city honeymoon (hopefully all (or most) on points!). I can’t thank this community enough for helping me find ways to make an impossible dream honeymoon possible!

  21. To add: my motivation in adding the MNL-SIN is that it doesn’t require any additional points for the award, and it actually reduces fuel surcharges by $245 per ticket ($315->$70) So buying a $100 stopover saves me from buying a revenue ticket ($70-80) and $245 in fuel cost. So I’d be saving $200+ per ticket! Weird how routing rules work.

  22. @ Norman —

    1) I’d suggest doing it completely over the phone. Should have no problem requesting the 15% online booking discount.
    2) Yes, should be able to do multiple stopovers for $100 each.

  23. @ Terry, I’m having the same problem. Trying to book NRT-LAX in April 2016 and nothing is coming up. It says no flights. Has me a bit worried.

  24. @ Jay — They just seem to not display space for the first couple of weeks it opens up at the moment. Nothing to worry about, in my opinion.

  25. @Jay

    Looks like you can see 355 days out now on LAX-NRT, but it’s only wait list at the saver level for most of the dates that didn’t show past 3/26/16.

  26. Lucky, if I have the option of choosing between F in SFO-HKG and LAX-NRT, which one would you recommend in terms of flight experience?

  27. Hey Ben,
    I just wait listed my wife and I on the JFK-FRA route for early March 2016 in Suites Class, which of course ties up the miles. Do you think it’s smart to just leave that in place and hope the Suites open up? Or, if I wanted to book business class and then hope the Suites open up, would I need those additional miles to actually book the business seats while leaving my 229.5K at large and available for the Suites? I hope this question makes sense…

  28. @ Larry — You can go ahead and still book business class. If the waitlist clears you should be able to “convert” the ticket.

  29. Hi Lucky,

    Please kindly give me an advise on this.
    I just booked one way SQ F JFK-FRA-SIN-BKK (no stop over, the FRA layover is about 11 hours and SIN layover is 2 hours) all for 93.5K miles, but the total taxes 635 SGD or about $472 USD. Do you think this is the right amount from SQ?

    Ticket fare:


    Airline Fuel and Insurance Surcharge:


    Airline Fuel and Insurance Surcharge:


    Passenger Service and Security Charge:


    Passenger Security Service Charge:


    Transportation Tax (Domestic/International):


    September 11th Security Fee:


    Airport Security Charge (Domestic/International):


    Passenger Service Charge – Intl.:


    Ticket amount:


  30. @Lucky

    Is there an easier way to search for Suite award availability rather than one day at a time? Currently doesn’t give you the option to view a full month at a time on Singapore Air website and just shows one day at a time.

  31. I have waitlist question that may seem obvious but……… Will I have a better chance of booking a waitlisted standard fare than a saver fare? Would you recommend doing this to increase the chances of getting the award? I’m going to ticket 2 in business and waitlist for JFK-FRA 355 days out. Thanks.

  32. More data – Waitlisted Tokyo to LAX for 2 suiteclass award tickets on Aug 20th for a Sept 16th dep. Point cost (one way) 148k for both tickets + $200-$300 in fees. Cleared about a week or so after. I don’t have any status with Singapore Airlines. Opened up my Kris Flyer account about a year ago but never used it and then transferred 150k points from AMEX for this mid August.

  33. Hi Lucky,
    If I spent 92,000 miles to waitlist for LAX-SIN in Suite, will it cost another 92,000 to waitlist for SFO-SIN? So am I going to need to bank 184,000 miles into KrisFlyer miles? I just want to maximize my possibility of travel. Thanks so much for so much information on this blog. I have spent almost an entire day reading so many of the posts on this blog and learning so much about air travel, airlines, points, and Singapore Airline’s Suites!

  34. Hello Lucky,

    1) When booking LAX-NRT first class for 1, its 87,500 miles. However, for the exact date/time, booking for 2 is 215,000. How come booking for 2 is so much more expensive(in units of miles)?

    2) Do you recommend that my husband books his own ticket via his own KrisFlyer account, and same for me? This way we only spend total of 175,000 miles, booked via separate accounts.

    Let me know what you think, Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Thank you,

  35. Very useful blog. Thank you. I am trying to redeem 3 award tix for either business or first suites for SQ to JFK return tix for 2 adult and 1 child. I do see 2 award saver tix released every now and then but not 3! Can I book 2 and my partner book the other one simultaneously? Alternatively I was thinking of just booking 2 and add on the child tix via phone call to SQ with cash but unsure if the saver tickets will be available. I considered open Jaw tix too but the problematic flight seem to be the Frankfurt – NYC. Thank you!


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