Ted’s suicide plans

Cranky has a great post today outlining United’s plan for Ted reconfigurations. It seems like Ted’s death won’t be quite as drawn out and painful as I anticipated.

Apparently they’ll start reconfiguring in March of next year, and will be done by the end of 2009. For some reason I think that schedule is a bit optimistic, much like the original plan for the international fleet reconfigurations.

United seems to want to get rid of every aspect of Ted, including changing the flight numbers for Ted flights, starting early next year. It also looks like my wonderful TPA agents won’t be wearing those spiffy blue and orange uniforms anymore, but will be going for the more classy United look.

Finally we also get some specifics regarding the reconfiguration. The new Tedbuses will have an extra row of Economy Plus, so the 32S would presumably have six more seats than the standard A320. This is thanks to the lack of ovens and a full galley, so those extra seats might come at the expense of proper first class service. Considering that the ovens are currently in the rear on Ted, I guess we’ll either see F meals being dragged through the whole cabin, ovens somehow being installed up front, or maybe even no proper F service.

As happy as I am to see Ted go, I have a feeling mid-2009 will see a lot of uncertainty and aircraft swaps, with regular A320’s, Ted A320’s, and the reconfigured A320’s. At least there are 12 first class seats, so if there’s a swap out for a “regular” A320, we won’t see any F passengers downgraded.

There are some more details which can be found on Cranky’s blog.

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  1. I am really looking forward to this, but I have gotten used to TED when flying IAD-LAS-IAD. I liked the lemonade on TED as well as some the the foolish IFE films as well as the best line ever: TED WANTS YOU TO BE SAFE!!!

    The good thing is I will be able to fly F to LAS which will be a treat when I have been flying Y for the past 5 years. Also it will be good to have the fresh food in Y (when I dont get UG) as well as the full cans of soda.

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