New Air Canada Aeroplan & Air Dolomiti Partnership

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Air Canada Aeroplan has done an incredible job adding airline partners outside the Star Alliance in recent months, as the program has added EtihadAzul, Vistara, Air Serbia, and Virgin Australia.

Aeroplan has now announced yet another new partner, which is the program’s 40th airline partner — Air Dolomiti has become an Air Canada Aeroplan partner as of today (March 30, 2021).

This follows the new Aeroplan program having been launched in late 2020, with no carrier imposed surcharges and stopovers allowed for just 5,000 extra miles one-way.

Air Canada & Air Dolomiti partnership details

A new loyalty program partnership has been launched between Air Canada and Air Dolomiti, offering Aeroplan members mileage earning and redemption opportunities.

This partnership can be a bit confusing since it was already possible to redeem Aeroplan miles on select Air Dolomiti flights when they were marketed by Lufthansa, so let’s get into the details — first I’ll talk a bit about Air Dolomiti as such, and then I’ll look at the opportunities to earn & redeem miles.

What is Air Dolomiti?

Air Dolomiti is a regional Italian airline that’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa. The airline operates a fleet of 15 Embraer 195 aircraft, featuring 120 seats each. Air Dolomiti operates quite a few flights from Frankfurt and Munich to all kinds of cities in Italy.

For example, if you book a Lufthansa itinerary from the US to many points in Italy, you may find that your connecting flight is on Air Dolomiti.

The airline is a Star Alliance affiliate airline, so the airline has partnerships with individual Star Alliance members. For example, United MileagePlus has a partnership with Air Dolomiti, allowing members to earn and redeem miles. Well, now Air Canada Aeroplan is being added to the mix as well.

This partnership will be useful for Air Canada passengers traveling to Italy

Redeem Air Canada Aeroplan miles on Air Dolomiti

It is now possible to redeem Air Canada Aeroplan miles on all Air Dolomiti flights. A few things to note:

  • Air Dolomiti awards follow Aeroplan’s standard partner award pricing chart
  • Aeroplan members are able to book Air Dolomiti flights online at, or via the call center
  • Air Dolomiti flights can be combined with flights operated by Air Canada and other international airline partners
  • While there will be no carrier imposed surcharges, the standard 39 CAD partner booking fee will apply

In terms of award pricing, here’s the Aeroplan award chart for travel within the Atlantic region:

Then here’s the Aeroplan award chart for travel between North America and the Atlantic region:

Air Canada Aeroplan is transfer partners with Amex Membership Rewards and Capital One, so if you have transferrable points this is a great program to book through. Furthermore, as of late 2021 Aeroplan will become a transfer partner of Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Redeem Aeroplan miles for Air Dolomiti flights

Earn Air Canada Aeroplan miles on Air Dolomiti

With this new partnership, Aeroplan members can earn miles on all Air Dolomiti flights. Miles are earned based on the distance flown:

  • Members can earn Aeroplan miles on all scheduled flights operated by Air Dolomiti
  • Members can earn Status Qualifying Miles (SQMs), Status Qualifying Segments (SQSs), and Status Qualifying Dollars (SQDs), on all flights ticketed by Air Canada

Here’s the mileage earning chart:

Bottom line

Air Canada and Air Dolomiti have a new frequent flyer partnership. This allows Aeroplan members to earn and redeem miles for travel on all Air Dolomiti flights, whether they’re exclusively traveling within Europe, or connecting off a long haul flight on another airline. Many may particularly appreciate the ability to book an itinerary that involves a stopover for just 5,000 extra miles.

This is a great addition for Air Canada flyers and Aeroplan members. While Air Dolomiti has been a Star Alliance affiliate, it didn’t have much cooperation with Air Canada up until now.

Are you excited about the new Air Canada & Air Dolomiti partnership?

  1. Again, I’m curious. I asked a question here about what I guess ended up being a typo in the story above, as it has now been corrected. It appears my question/comment was deleted? Is that how the comment section is going to be run? Perfectly fine if so, just seems like a moderator is deciding what should be here and what shouldn’t.

  2. It would be great if they would partner up similarly with Edelweiss – lots of unique and interesting leisure routes!

  3. @ hotintx — Indeed it was a typo, so I fixed the typo and deleted the comment so as not to cause confusion among other readers who may seen the comment (given the accidental Australia reference). I figured the intent was to give me a heads up to fix it, so my apologies if that wasn’t the case.

  4. @ Ben – no worries at all. Just didn’t know what was going on.
    @ Steve – I could care less if my comment was/is deleted. Was simply seeing if that was the case. If the comments are going to be moderated and removed I’m perfectly fine with that (especially in this case). I was simply asking if it was SOP for the board. However, your comment did bring a lot to it. Maybe it should be deleted as well?

  5. @hotintx

    The comments are moderated to follow the science and combat white supremacy and systemic racism, which exist all around us like the air we breathe (see “miasma theory”), especially in premium cabins.

  6. I’ve found the service on Air Dolomiti to be much more pleasant than on Lufthansa. It’s a shame they don’t fly more routes.

  7. Air Dolomiti is interesting – very Italian despite the Lufthansa ownership. I’m guessing it’s perhaps remained a separate entity to keep the Italian government happy? I had the chance to fly their business class from Frankfurt to Florence a few years back. Incredible experience – fantastic Italian antipasti salad, fresh bread, multiple wine options, good coffee and dessert on such a short flight. I can’t imagine how much money they lose, however – I’ve never seen so many working FAs on a such a short flight. And amenity kits on short intra-EU flight?

  8. Am I missing/misreading something here: “While there will be no carrier imposed surcharges, the standard 39 CAD partner booking fee will apply” – but then your screenshot shows +114CAD on every option…?

  9. @ Peter — Those are actual airport taxes and fees, which are unfortunately often quite high in Europe.

  10. Air Dolimiti even hands out Business Class Amenity Kits on 2h flights. Not sure if this is still the case.

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