Singapore for the Weekend: Japan Airlines First Class Lounge Tokyo Narita

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After landing in terminal 1 I needed to make my way over to terminal 2, which is where JAL flies out of. First I had to clear transit security, for which there’s not usually a long queue, though this morning it was close to 30 minutes. The good news is that I got a signal for the airport’s free wifi, so was at least able to start to get caught up on my iPhone.

The only odd part was that the guy behind me in line asked if he could use my iPhone to check his email. I’m sorry, I try to be helpful when I can, but that’s just taking it one step too far, in my opinion.

Once through security I took the tunnel to the far end of the terminal, where I hopped on a bus to terminal 2. The bus only runs every 30 minutes so I lucked out in terms of the timing since I only had to wait about 10 minutes.

Bus transfer point

Once in terminal 2 I headed over to the JAL transit desk to get my boarding passes.

Usually printing boarding passes takes a minute, though in this instance the agent had a confused look on her face, communicated with the other agent in Japanese, and then made a phone call. In my experience the Japanese service culture is typically such that they won’t tell you there might be a problem unless they are positive there is, so I took the first step and asked if there was a problem with my ticket. In a very unconvincing way she responded with “nooo.”

I stood there for another 10 minutes or so, at which point she finally managed to print my boarding passes. Whew.

I headed over to the Japan Airlines first class lounge, which I also visited several years ago, so you can read my previous review here. That review is much more detailed, as I had a lot more time to enjoy the lounge then.

Neither ANA nor JAL have any spectacular lounges, in my opinion, though this one is about as good as they get. The thing to keep in mind is that OneWorld Emerald members get access to the lounge even if they’re not traveling in first class, so they tend to get pretty crowded. Still, I was most interested in catching up on email for an hour while waiting for my connecting flight, so a stable internet connection was all I could ask for.

JAL lounge entrance

JAL lounge entrance

787 model by entrance

JAL first class lounge

JAL first class lounge

The lounge does have a decent buffet, a bit better than what ANA offers, though I can’t say I paid much attention to it aside from snapping a few pictures.






At 10:45AM I left for the gate, which was only a few minutes away, for a 10:50AM boarding time.

  1. So did you let him check his email on your phone or not?
    I agree that asking too much…

  2. that looks really big for an F lounge. I spent a few minutes in the ANA F lounge a couple of years ago and it was pretty tiny.

  3. I agree. For me pens are the other thing. All my pens are fancy (fountain or expensive ballpoint) and the damage can be important to their value. 🙁

  4. @ elsie — Hah, it was so outrageous to me that I decided to come up with another excuse.

    @ RakSiam — Given that all OneWorld Emerald members get access it’s not only a bigger lounge, but a lot more crowded than any ANA lounge I’ve seen.

  5. Lucky: How is JL F award inventory like using AA miles? It seems you booked this segment on fairly short notice.

  6. @ Mike S. — It’s typically VERY tough to come by. I occasionally see space from LAX to NRT, but the other routes have even less space. Typically the only way to find space is to book last minute, and even then it’s no guarantee.

    @ David — Absolutely!

  7. The curry rice in the JAL First Class lounge is always nice. The lounge also has a masseur on duty, but I like the massage chair in the lounge better.

  8. @ TheBeerHunter — Hah, it was breakfast time and I wasn’t hungry, though I’ll give it a try next time!

  9. Ben if I’m arriving to nrt on jal f but connecting onward in business on cx can I still use the jal first lounge?

  10. Ben – My wife is doing the same transit as this Singapore Air to NRT then changing to JAL. If she has checked luggage do you need to pick it up at the transfer point or will they be able to check it through?

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