Singapore Airlines Suites Class Awards: Two Seats On Some Flights To US

“Cuddling” on flights to/from the US just got easier!

Perhaps one of the most aspirational airline products in the world is Singapore Airlines’ Suites Class, which is available exclusively on their A380 aircraft. I’ve flown Singapore Airlines Suites Class from San Francisco to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Singapore, and it is indeed a pretty unique product. As of now it’s the only product on a commercial airline with a “double bed” in the sky.

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class double bed

But for the longest time this product wasn’t available with miles at the saver level. Instead, Singapore only made Suites Class available at the highest award level, meaning you’d pay over a million KrisFlyer miles for travel between the US and Asia. Then in late 2012 they changed that policy and began releasing Suites Class award availability at the saver level, initially only to Australia and Europe.

Then within a couple of weeks they began releasing Suites Class availability to the US as well, though at most one seat per flight.

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class

Anyway, it looks like Singapore has recently changed their policy on releasing saver level award space to the US. Reader Nick notes that Singapore Airlines is now releasing two saver level Suites Class award seats on some flights to the US. Ironically this is at a time where Singapore is also the stingiest I’ve seen when it comes to releasing Suites Class award space to/from the US since introducing the option.

For what it’s worth, Singapore seems to be releasing two saver award seats per flight mostly on their Los Angeles service (via Tokyo Narita), which is flight SQ11/12.


Also keep in mind that premium cabin longhaul redemptions on Singapore are typically only available directly through Singapore’s own KrisFlyer program. So you won’t be able to redeem partner miles for this.

In terms of the cost of such an award, Singapore KrisFlyer charges 91,375 KrisFlyer miles plus just under $500SGD (~$400USD) in taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges, for a one-way redemption between Singapore and Los Angeles.


Bottom line

As subtle as this change may seem, this is really exciting. Suites Class is no doubt more fun if traveling with a significant other, and that just became much easier out of the US. Now if only being in a functional relationship were as easy as finding Singapore Suites award space!

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  1. I noticed this a month or so ago when I was searching for award flights ex-LAX (haha ex-lax). I guess its still persisting.

  2. Literally just booked LAX-NRT this morning for 12/23 when I saw space open up that wasn’t there last month. Very awesome and gets me to Japan just in time for Christmas.

  3. i guess one airline that is beginning to realize that shuffling air between continents is not profitable… when will qantas get it?

  4. Ben, as someone having a lot of Aeroplan miles, I am interested in premium SQ seats released to A* partners, especially because Aeroplan does not charge YQ on SQ. Up until recently long-haul SQ in business and first was not available to Aeroplan, not to mention the suites. The rationale was the new long-haul product was only available to SQ own members, and only the old product was available to A*. However, the old product is long gone, and the new product is already getting old, but still not released to A*. Has anything changed? Do you think this is about to change? Is it possible, or will it be possible soon, to use Aeroplan miles for SQ long-haul business or first class? Suites?

  5. @ echino — I don’t think that was quite the rationale. Singapore has had a policy as long as I can remember of only releasing a subset of their award availability to partner airlines, so it’s not something that started with the new cabins. Unfortunately my guess is that this policy won’t change anytime soon. Hope I’m wrong, though!

  6. “Suites Class is no doubt more fun if traveling with a significant other, and that just became much easier out of the US”

    Ohhh then you must have had fun traveling in the double bed together with yr boyfriend šŸ™‚ Next mission miles high club on Etihad Residence eh?

  7. @ John — I’m not Dan, but with the 15% online booking discount, an LAX-NRT Suites Class redemption costs 74,375 KrisFlyer miles plus $172.80 in taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges.

  8. @Carlo. Just because you use a smiley doesn’t make you funny. Mind your own business.

  9. @Ismael. Actually I didn’t want to be funny – just told the truth. Yet if u wanna be the happy guy at the receiving end then sure go ahead and enjoy EY Residence šŸ˜‰

  10. @Lucky
    What are the details on the 15% online booking discount? Is that for any redemption? or for specific flights..and is it ongoing?

    Considering booking some flights out to Singapore end of December if available!

  11. @ Jonathan — It’s for any redemption made online for travel on Singapore metal. It’s an ongoing offering.

  12. I set out a year ago to accumulate enough miles for my Honey and I to this first class experience. Well, now I got the miles I need to do some planning. Wa concerned tjere would not be 2 seats together, glad to hear space is opening up.

  13. Great find, too bad I can’t use it. So much devaluation that I’m booked with pre-devalued trips (SkyTeam LA-Europe Nonstop; Hilton in Moorea; and Asiana via Mileage Plus).

    Thanks for the find though!

  14. Please, Ben, please delete comments by Carlo. He’s childish & churlish & unwelcome here.

  15. Lucky – SIA’s 1st class seat (picture above) looks stiff and seems like there is no room to recline much, if at all. What was your experience?

    P.S. I tried their biz class cabin a couple of years ago, hated it. Seat too stiff, could hardly recline much and when in sleeping position, can’t lie down straight due to space constraint at the feet.

  16. @ Frank — You’re correct, it doesn’t recline far and you have to “flip it over” to put it in the bed position.

  17. Just booked 2 suites SIN-FRA-JFK to come back home after the New Year …. thanks a ton Ben!

  18. @ Lucky – as I mentioned in my question over on ANA post, my mom may be able to come with me to Tokyo. For the return to the US, already have JL F booked via AA myself and have NH award for mom on hold with Lifemiles (flights leave within 30 minutes of each other). Just so happens that there are two suites on SQ NRT-LAX flight for our return date – if I wanted to book them with knowledge that my mom’s participation is not 100% confirmed, am I better off booking this as two different transactions? Never booked KF for multiple people so not aware of the rules.

  19. @ Ivan Y — Yep, if possible you’ll definitely want to book them as two separate records. That’ll make it much easier in the event that you need to cancel.

  20. @ Lucky – thanks! What would you think be easier to handle for someone older: a shorter evening departure NRT-LAX (19:15-13:30) or a longer morning flight NRT-ORD (11:10-08:55)? In both cases we’d have a short layover and a nonstop back to IAH (would buy with cash).

  21. @ Ivan Y — In first class I’d say they’d both be awesome. Tokyo to Chicago allows for more rest, though I do think Singapore Suites is tough to beat…

  22. @ Lucky – given dreadful availability, haven’t found 2nd F seat coming back so mom’s in NH J while I’m in JL F on parallel flights (30 min apart). If I can get two seats on the same plane it’d be way more special, so will try to grab SQ seats šŸ˜€ Any recommendations on a mom-worthy hotel? Can get Westin using SPG or Grand Hyatt using Hyatt but so many other high-end hotels, kind of hard to pick *sigh*

  23. @Lucky – I can’t seem to get the KrisFlyer site to price a MLE-SIN-(NRT)-LAX itinerary in Suites; it keeps falling back to business (since here is no F on MLE-SIN). Is it possible to book this online, or do you have to forgo the online savings, in which case one might as well just book MLE-SIN separately?

  24. FYI there are also 2 SIN-JFK Savers available as of recently for January (it definitely wasn’t there a month ago.) Some of it has disappeared, but there’s still some left! I booked HKG-SIN-JFK for 104,125 KF – now that’s one heck of a deal. Funny how it’s the same cost even just for HKG-FRA, so it’s like FRA-JFK is free!

  25. @ Lucky – managed to pick up 2 seats and reserve the last remaining pair of middle suites, so thank you for the heads-up! A little concerned about PH’s location – or did you find it easy enough to take a taxi/subway tourist destinations?

  26. @ Ivan Y — Happy to hear you grabbed two Suites Class seats. Park Hyatt location isn’t perfect for sightseeing, though I think the hotel is so good that it’s worth being a bit out of the way. It’s easy to get around from there, still.

  27. @ Lucky – A few weeks ago managed to snag a Best Rate Guarantee rate of ~$325/nt for GHT (flex so can cancel). Rates have held steady so far: GHT is asking for ~$520/nt (Hyatt Daily Rate) and PHT ~430/nt (prepaid).

    Will keep checking rates but now just trying to figure out when to begin Diamond trial — would be nice to have these nights counted towards trial but probably can’t wait until August if I want to use DSU. What do you think?

  28. @ Ivan Y — Ultimately it’s a tradeoff. I’d probably wait until a few months out and then start the trial and apply the Diamond Suite Upgrade.

  29. Snagged 2 first/suites for beginning of Feb. SIN-NRT leg is in first, no suites, then the NRT-LAX leg is in Suites. Plus got the two seats together in the middle. The Lobster Thermidor ordered from the advance menu is always a hit, and I can’t wait to check out The Private Room in the F lounge! Now if I can just find out the best hotel for an award stay in SIN the 2 days before the flight…any thoughts?

  30. Hi Lucky, with UR now transferable to KF, we can redeem suite class straight on KF site, correct? thanks

  31. About to transfer UR points to KF to go from JFK-FRA but wondering if there is any way to add a stopover anywhere in Europe or open jaw from any other city (CDG, LHR, BCN). As far as I can tell, I can only go fromJFK -FRA and back to JFK, as RT.
    Since the online booking only allows SQ flights for 15% discount, how can I book online with a stop in any other city in Europe?

  32. @ Ali — You can’t. The 15% discount only applies to reservations entirely on Singapore, so unless you want to book a partner award, you can’t do a stopover. You’re probably best off booking intra-Europe travel separately.

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