Singapore Airlines’ A380 Restaurant: Pricing Revealed

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A couple of days ago Singapore Airlines announced a series of experiences that will likely make a lot of avgeeks very happy. Unfortunately with Singapore’s borders more or less closed, most of us won’t have access to these experiences.

The airline has now revealed pricing and shared more details for these experiences, so I wanted to update the post to reflect this.

“Discover Your Singapore Airlines” experiences

Airlines around the world are looking for creative ways to generate revenue and engage with customers, from launching airplane-themed restaurants, to selling gin directly to consumers, to selling bar carts, to operating flights to nowhere.

There was recently talk of Singapore Airlines potentially launching flights to nowhere, though the airline decided against it, both for environmental and economic reasons. Instead the airline has launched the “Discover Your Singapore Airlines” program, which will offer three unique experiences.

Here are the details of each of these experiences:

Restaurant A380 @Changi

This is without a doubt the coolest of the three initiatives. Singapore Airlines will allow people to dine inside an Airbus A380 that’s parked on the ground at Changi Airport.

Those who take part in this experience can choose from special menus for each cabin class. Options include international cuisine, as well as dishes from the special Peranakan menu that has been designed by Singaporean chef Shermay Lee. Each “passenger” will receive two complimentary alcoholic drinks, plus unlimited non-alcoholic drinks for free.

All diners will receive KrisShop discounts, a limited edition goodie bag, and additional gifts if they turn up in traditional heritage wear. On top of that, special slots will be available for a pre-lunch tour of the A380.

As far as the details of this go:

  • Reservations will start on October 12, 2020
  • The experience will be available on October 24 & 25, 2020
  • Pricing ranges from 50 SGD for a reservation in economy class, to 600 SGD for a reservation in Suites
  • You can also redeem KrisFlyer miles, but you’re getting only 0.8 cents (in SGD) per mile, which I wouldn’t consider to be a good redemption
  • Details about exactly what will be on the menu, as well as how the menu will differ between cabins, remains to be seen

Inside Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines’ next experience is the most reasonably priced option, and it’s also ideal for anyone who wants to get a behind-the-scenes look at airline operations. This will provide a tour of the training facilities used by Singapore Airlines.

Visitors will get an overview of Singapore Airlines’ 70+ year history, get an opportunity to interact with pilots and cabin crew, and find out more about the training they undergo.

Adults will be able to operate a full flight simulator, sample some premium in-flight wine labels, and attend a grooming workshop. Furthermore, some of the most popular meals served onboard Singapore Airlines will be on sale.

Children will be able to enjoy craft activities such as balloon sculpting, and make their own batik roses. They’ll even have the option to dress up and role play as cabin crew, and take home their own SIA sarong kebaya uniform.

As far as the details of this go:

  • Reservations will start on November 1, 2020
  • The experience will be available on November 21 & 22, and November 28 & 29, 2020
  • Tickets will cost 30 SGD for adults and 15 SGD for children (3-12 years old)
  • You can also redeem KrisFlyer miles, at the rate of 3,750 KrisFlyer miles and 1,875 KrisFlyer miles, respectively

In addition to the standard entry price, special experiences come at a cost:

  • A flight simulator session costs 535 SGD, and there can be up to three participants
  • A junior cabin crew experience costs 94.16 SGD
  • A wine appreciation event costs 40.66 SGD
  • A grooming workshop costs 94.16 SGD

[email protected]

The last experience is for those who want a taste of Singapore Airlines without leaving home. While we’ve seen a few airlines sell meals you can enjoy at home, Singapore Airlines is taking a different approach.

With this option, people can choose from 10 menus, featuring first and business class meals, which will come complete with wine or champagne. All non-vegetarian options will come with Singapore Airlines’ signature satay. On top of that, limited edition dining ware and amenities are also available, depending on the package chosen.

A business class dining experiences starts at 288 SGD, and includes the following:

A Business Class meal for two based on your choice of menu comprising our signature satay canape, appetiser, main course and dessert. Main course options include international cuisine favourites such as Hanakoireki and roasted lamb loin. Customers may also select either a bottle of French wine or brut champagne. In addition, receive a pair of Business Class amenity kits. Add-ons available include tableware and more amenities.

A first class dining experience starts at 488 SGD, and includes the following:

A First Class meal for two based on your choice of menu comprising our signature satay canape, Oscietra caviar, appetiser, main course and dessert. Main course options include international cuisine favourites such as poached lobster and Kyo-Kaiseki. Customers may also select either a bottle of Burgundy red or white wine. In addition, receive a pair of First Class amenity kits. Add-ons available to upgrade the wine or to include tableware and more amenities.

These packages will be available starting October 5, 2020.

I’m intrigued by this for a few reasons:

  • To my knowledge, these are the most expensive at-home dining options we’ve ever seen an airline sell, and the above are only starting prices
  • You can purchase a 22-piece Singapore Airlines dining set as part of the experience
  • You can add a 2008 bottle of Dom Perignon to your order
  • There will be a “cabin crew concierge,” who can make menu recommendations to elevate your dining experience
  • You can “book-the-chef,” whereby a chef will come to your home to reheat, plate, and service the meal (will they do a safety demonstration first, though?!)
  • Alternatively, there will be a digital guide to prepare your meal yourself, including videos of Singapore Airlines cabins and music, so you can enjoy that while eating your meal

This is the most elevated at home dining concept I’ve seen from any airline. Most airlines selling meals to eat at home are selling cheap economy meals that you can stick in the microwave. Selling premium meals with the option to purchase a full dining set, as well as a bottle of Dom Perignon, is super cool. I’ll be curious to see how much the add-ons cost.

Bottom line

Singapore Airlines deserves huge credit for its creative way of engaging customers and getting some revenue during these tough times. While some airlines have offered flights to nowhere, I like Singapore Airlines’ concept a lot more — let people dine on the A380 without even leaving the ground. It’s more environmentally friendly, and also more economical.

As you can see, there’s something for most budgets here, from a 30 SGD tour of Singapore Airlines’ facilities, to a 600 SGD meal onboard a Singapore Airlines aircraft.

I wondered what the pricing would be like, so now we have the details on that. I’m still curious:

  • What exactly will be on the menu when dining on the A380, and how it will differ between cabins
  • How much Singapore Airlines will charge for add-ons for dining at home

I feel like demand for dining on the A380 may be huge, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the airline add more dates for that.

What do you make of these Singapore Airlines packages? Which would you book?

  1. @ Joe Chivas — “Book the Cook” is when you can pre-order your meal before your Singapore Airlines flight. “Book the Chef” is when a chef shows up at your house to reheat your food.

  2. Fantastic idea! These planes already have HEPA filters so I’d feel safer eating inside a plane than inside a restaurant with poor air ventilation.

  3. @ Joey
    Your comparison to an indoors restaurant might be valid.
    Yes, aircraft have HEPA filters. nevertheless, a study has essentially proven that contagion happens, the study focused on a Vietnam Airlines flight ex London. The study was during a period when masks were not required, but then again, an eating experience will not involve masks for most of the time.

  4. @ Joey and Donato – Singapore has almost completely (if not completely) eliminated Covid from their borders, so people can largely live normal lives there (and that’s why Singapore is largely closed to outsiders). Therefore, HEPA filters don’t have the importance (at least when the plane is grounded) that they would if say United decided to operate a 777-300ER at SFO as a restaurant.

  5. I wonder how they will board. My guess is near a hanger and by stairs, not at the gate. If they do it at the gate, it’s possible to not have a security screen but customers would still have to pass through passport check.

  6. Considering how great the food is in Singapore, I would find this to be a wasted meal when I could be out at a hawker centre trying something new!

  7. I fail to see the excitement here. I eat on planes because I have to be on the plane to go somewhere. I don’t have a particular desire to cram myself into a metal tube for a meal during a pandemic. Let alone in Singapore which is one of the world’s great food cities.

  8. For [email protected], the price is S$288 (about US$210) for Business Class meals and S$448 (around US$330) for First Class meals. Expectedly high for the high standards of Singapore Airlines.

  9. The price is all over the SG expat forums and some local dining FB groups. It will be interesting to see what happens

  10. You might have missed the bit about A380 simulator pricing – additional 500SGD + tax for 30 mins (up to 3 people allowed).

    All of the experiences are priced as add ons to the 30 SGD entrance fee

  11. @Lucky
    I think you mean getting 0.008 SGD per mile, not 0.8 SGD per mile (which would’ve been excellent value).

  12. Some clever tactics to gain extra revenue here. I disagree with eating on an A380 being the ‘coolest of the inovations’ however. Most people in Singapore will have flown and eaten airplane food (tiny island and high average income makes this highly likely). There may be some excitement among people who have never flown business or first class however.

    To me the coolest innovation is definitely the ‘Inside Singapore Airlines’ experience. Very cool to go behind the scenes and experience the various activities they have on offer. Could actually be a fun family day out and I am sure the kids would enjoy playing dress up while the adults chug wine/play on the flight simulator. Would much prefer to do that rather than sit the family in business seats far away from each other side by side to eat (what, is in comparison to local food in Singapore) crap food.

    Family of 4 in C cabin having a meal = S$1200. For S$100 less you could have a family of 4 do the SQ tour, 3 of them play on the flight simulator (sorry mum), both parents smash some wine and both kids do the flight attendant and grooming classes.

  13. Singapore shows how to tackle Covid-19.

    Lockdown. Enforced. Go to a friend’s house to study and get fined. They told everyone to wear a surgical mask, not this flimsy cloth masks stuff that we do in the US.

    As a result, now there low Covid-19 rates in Singapore and people can leave their home with confidence. All it takes is about 3-4 weeks of lockdown.

  14. Singapore ‘book the cook’ business class food was SOO bad. Compare the steak with shoe leather (I think) and the lobster totally inedible. The food in the Singapore lounge also disappointing.

  15. Just sharing on some background of these Singapore Airlines A380 Restaurant Flights.

    Now, all 26 crew on these A380 V3 (with updated interiors) aircraft are purely doing this on a voluntary basis. The 26 crew are not getting a dime from this assignment, despite the media hype and all the publicity from it.

    A ballpark cost of a typical 3hr service inflight will be $1050 as per crew’s hourly rates based on their respective ranks, albeit this service is conducted on ground.

    However, crew will still have to constantly ensure safety of all Pax, irregardless if the aircraft pushes back or not. (Ensuring seat belts are NOT fastened, emergency exits are not obstructed etc in case of emergency evacuation.)

    Am not against voluntary efforts but at a time like this, believe the airline should make good and provide their crew the much deserved per hour rate (in addition to crew basic pay). Like the rest of us, crew themselves too have liabilities and commitments to meet.

    Senior Leadership, who are led by the CEO of the Year (2016) should do this right. In any case, selling slightly under two Suite seats (S$642 per Suite) will already cover off the cost of crew during their duty hours, on ground.

    So just a note to all you pax out there to be nice and appreciate them for what they do, to make your desires fulfilled.

  16. Update: October 14th, 2020: crew are expected to be on duty from 10am to 11pm – for both lunch and dinner sessions. Hence a 13 hour duty period, but without earning their keeps at per hour rates of between S$10 to S$20 depending on rank.

  17. I was waitlisted when I went into the website to book and apparently all seats were fully booked. But surprise! Received a call from SIA on 21st Oct morning asking if I would like to proceed with my booking. I was waitlisted for economy initially but I asked the agent if there is any available seats for premium economy. Was told they will call me back and as it turns out I scored the premium economy seats.
    Some might argue why waste money on meals you can get on the ground for lesser. My own personal take it is the whole experience the moment you leave your house and getting into the cab, checking in and finally able to sit in the airplane.

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