Cool: Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur’s Airplane-Themed Dining Experience

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The Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur has an awesome new dining experience for avgeeks. The hotel recently introduced The Grand Getaway, which is described as follows:

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur is about to reimagine the culinary industry by blending fine dining, special effects and visual ambiance together to create an extraordinary one of a kind dining journey that will lavishly transport you around the world.

Taking fine dining to new heights has never had a more literal meaning. Travel the globe with us in search of the finest foods, the best wines and the most exquisite, over-the-top culinary experiences all in one night incorporated with a 360° high-definition visual surrounding and unparalleled sound systems—you will wonder if you are still on the ground!

It is high time to let your senses take flight with The Grand Getaway.

At 7PM nightly, The Grand Getaway is offering an airplane-themed dinner. You’ll get to enjoy a five course meal in airplane seats, while (virtually) traveling around the world.

Servers are dressed up in flight attendant uniforms, as you’d expect, and there are even trolleys.

There are a couple of menus to choose from, which have themed dishes from around the world. You can either dine from the premium economy menu:

Or you can dine from the first & business class menu:

The food actually looks pretty good…

…though I’m not sure these open flames create a realistic inflight experience. 😉

So, how expensive are tickets to this experience?

  • The premium economy experience costs 385 MYR (~96 USD) without alcohol, or 485 MYR (~121 USD) with alcohol
  • The business class experience costs 550 MYR (~137 USD) without alcohol, or 650 MYR (~162 USD) with alcohol; this also includes one hour access to the “Go Grand Premium Lounge” for “pre-boarding cocktails” (this is ordinarily the Grand Club)
  • The first class suite experience includes the business class dinner for two, a night in a Grand Suite at the hotel with breakfast, and chauffeur service to & from your home; this costs 2,388 MYR (~594 USD)

Bottom line

The Grand Getaway is an awesome new travel-themed dinner experience being offered at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. While we’ve seen quite a few of these concepts introduced due to current travel restrictions, personally I hope these stick around.

Then again, perhaps I’m in the minority, because even five years down the road I’d love to get off a long haul flight and then go straight to an airplane-themed dinner. Is it just me? 😉

(Tip of the hat to JRL)

  1. Seems rather silly and awkward to me. Sitting in rows of three and staring at some kind of media installation…

  2. Better suited to people who don’t travel often. I love air travel and dining on airline meals in flight. Simulating the experience in a hotel ballroom seems uncomfortably quirky.

  3. Seems awful. Would have been (in my mind) much better to have national cuisine days for people who miss travel. I can’t imagine anyone enjoying sitting upright in a dark room watching some slideshow presentation over dinner.

  4. I like the hotel a lot but I’m a little dubious about this. For starters, the 3 across seating doesn’t really strike me as much fun. Many parties are either 2 or 4 people so I’m not sure how that works out. As to the food looking good in the advertisements, that doesn’t always match up with real life. Finally, I’d rather pay more for the Pan Am Experience in Los Angeles since it seems more complete. Maybe doing something with a specific airline might make it more intriguing.

  5. This would probably be more suited to a domestic audience. I’m not sure many people from farther away who had to fly hours in an airplane seat to arrive into KL would find it so enticing. After all, it is KL and the dining options in the city are vast, fantastic and much less expensive. That being said, good for them for trying something different 🙂

  6. ROFL Tortuga & YULtide

    California Clam Chowder probably more like tofu, kale, sun-dried tomatoes & almond milk

  7. Not as good as the one in a Japanese office building that really gives you the feeling of being on a plane.

  8. Heh, on my first visit to Shanghai in 2011, I surprised my hosts by dragging them out to the hinterlands of the city to see the Departure 10 Ultra Lounge, a bar in the style and shape of an airplane fuselage: . I had read about this place online; though my hosts were residents of the city, it was news to them.

    Alas the D10 Lounge appears to have crash-landed sometime in 2012. This experience in Kuala Lumpur looks relatively unsatisfying to lovers of aviation simulacra: the space is obviously just a repurposed hotel conference room. The Departure 10 Ultra Lounge took it to the next level, with interior walls curved just like an airplane. And the DJ occupied the pilot’s chair, naturally,

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