Go Glamping At Singapore Changi Airport

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“Mommy/daddy, can we go glamping at the airport?” That’s probably not a question that has been asked too often, but then again, Singapore is also a different place in many ways…

Singaporeans are anxious to travel

Coronavirus has been under control in Singapore more than in most other places, and as part of that, the country has kept its borders largely closed. So we’ve seen some cool initiatives to give people the feeling of travel without actually going anywhere.

For example, we’ve seen Singapore Airlines open up an A380 as a restaurant for a weekend, we’ve seen Singapore Airlines cater premium cabin meals at home, and we’ve seen Singapore Airlines cabin crew open a restaurant (not in any way affiliated with the airline).

Singapore Airlines’ A380 restaurant at Changi

While there was supposed to be a travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong, that ended up “popping” just a day before it was due to launch, because of an increase in cases in Hong Kong.

Well, there’s another concept that launched recently, but that I somehow missed, and it can’t help but make me smile.

Go glamping at The Jewel at Changi Airport

Most airports aren’t a destination in and of themselves, but Singapore Changi is different, as the airport has a movie theater, butterfly garden, and of course The Jewel, which is the incredible entertainment and retail complex that’s open to the public.

The Jewel at Singapore Changi Airport

Anyway, through January 3, 2021, you can go glamping at The Jewel. You can either go glamping overnight, or you can plan a glamping picnic during the day. This all happens either in the Shiseido Forest Valley or in Cloud9.

Go glamping at The Jewel

Overnight camping costs 320-360 SGD (~$240-270 USD), and tents can accommodate three to four adults. Bookings include perks like free parking, access to the Canopy Park, bedding, and a shower slot at The Jewel’s Yotel.

Go glamping overnight at The Jewel

A glamping picnic costs 150-200SGD (~110-150USD) for a three hour time slot, and that’s for up to five people. It doesn’t include a picnic, though, so any food and drinks would need to be brought, or could be purchased separately.

Have a glamping picnic at The Jewel

Here’s a video of what you can expect the experience to be like:

Bottom line

For the holidays you can go glamping at The Jewel at Changi Airport, either overnight, or you can just book a three hour time slot for a picnic. It goes without saying that Changi is unlike other airports, because it’s not often an airport would be a destination for those not traveling, let alone a destination for a glamping experience.

Some might say “well it’s really a mall.” To that I’d ask whether glamping in a mall is any less unusual? 😉

Are any Singaporean readers taking advantage of this Changi glamping opportunity?

(Tip of the hat to Christopher)

  1. Oh the other thing happening at the moment are cruises to nowhere. One of my expat friends is doing it over NYE. Looks like fun. Cost includes mandatory testing.

  2. Each to their own…personally I could think of multitudes of more appealing ways to spend SGD 300 versus being cramped in a fancy tent and showering in an over-rated budget hotel!
    Frankly, such trite initiatives make me wonder how equipped the management at SIA and Changi are to manage the current business challenges.

  3. @ Aman and @ Robert …..you probably know that over Christmas and New year , many Singaporean families go away for 7 to 10 days to our South East Asia countries beach resorts . This year it is not possible and I think that this is an excellent idea to get kids to enjoy something different . My nephew who lives in a 3 story village house in Hong Kong takes his 7 year old camping on their flat roof. She loves it . It is all about giving kids a staycation .

  4. So many new ideas how else to use an airport.. Not that changi didn’t have some unique points like their pool. Maybe next they’ll close the runways some days and setup up drag races

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