EVA Air Operating Hello Kitty Flight To Nowhere

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I’m undecided as to whether this is the coolest idea ever, or just plain strange. Now that I think about it, those two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive, so maybe both?

EVA Air’s Hello Kitty Father’s Day flight

This week EVA Air has started selling tickets for a special Father’s Day flight, which will operate on August 8, 2020. There’s a lot that makes this flight unique.

For one, the special flight will operate from Taipei Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Taoyuan Airport. That’s right, it will fly, but it will end up exactly where it started, given the restrictions on international travel at the moment.

During the roughly 2hr45min flight, the plane will fly towards Japan, cruising at just 20,000 to 25,000 feet. The plane will fly over Taiwan’s eastern coastline, passing Guishan Island, the east coast of Hua, then heading south to Eluanbi and Xiaoliuqiu, before returning north.

The flight will operate with the flight number BR5288, which apparently sounds similar to “BR I love Dad” in Chinese… hah. It will depart at 10:30 AM, and will return by 1:15 PM.

Tickets on this flight cost 5,288TWD (~180USD) for economy, and 6,288TWD (~215USD) for business class. That sure is a reasonable premium for business class.

Another thing that will make this flight special is that it will be operated by one of EVA Air’s special Hello Kitty Airbus A330-300s. Onboard, meal service will include a selection of seafood chirashi-sushi rice designed by Michelin three-star chef Motoke Nakamura, as well as beef sambal noodles.

Furthermore, passengers will receive amenity kits and EVA Air and Sanrio gifts, and will have the opportunity to purchase Hello Kitty duty-free items at a discount.

The typical EVA Air Hello Kitty service items

There have been “fake” flights in Taiwan prior to this

This isn’t even the first unusual aviation experience we’ve seen offered in Taiwan during the pandemic.

Earlier this month, Taipei Songshan Airport offered passengers a “simulated” flying experience, whereby they could check-in, clear security, and board an aircraft. However, the plane didn’t actually go anywhere, but rather just sat on the tarmac.

Thousands of people applied to take part in this, so this was a very sought after experience.

Bottom line

For Father’s Day, EVA Air will be operating a special sightseeing flight of sorts on a Hello Kitty Airbus A330. With international travel being a challenge right now, this is a cool way to be able to fly without actually going anywhere.

I’m still undecided as to whether this is totally awesome or kind of strange…

What do you make of this EVA Air Hello Kitty flight?

(Tip of the hat to Robert L)

  1. Since I hear bookings are coming fast for this one, for many it must be both. For me too.. I think. 😉

  2. Let’s say if one has the extra cash, time to spend, would this fly earn 500 or 1000 PQP’s with UA?

  3. Is it bizarre that I would totally take this flight? Will they be serving Krug or Veuve Cliquot Grande Dame?

  4. 8 is a lucky number, which explains the date (8/8), the flight number 5288 (it’s probably only the 52 that sounds like something else) and the fares (5288 and 6288).

    Is the market for this adults whose senior parents have never flown and don’t have a passport? Or is it young parents who want to make it a special day for their kids?

  5. Czech Airlines also operate Prague to Prague flights these days (but without the Hello Kitty stuff :)). Cost is 55 euros for ~40 minutes flight. It’s essentially a sightseeing flight and the whole flight is at the bottom of controlled air space (800 meters above ground). Equipment is a bit less exciting – an ATR-72.

  6. Least they know how to keep AvGeeks happy.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    And before someone complains about the environment, we’ve pretty much shut down the world airline traffic for months already. A 3 hr flight is inconsequential.

  7. @Ross

    No. 5 sounds like “I”, 2 sounds like “Love” and 88 sounds like “Dad”, it has nothing to do with 8 being a lucky number. The phrase is 我愛爸爸.

    This is for people who want to fly but can’t/don’t want to due to COVID.

  8. A great way to needlessly pollute the environment and catch COVID all at the same time, brilliant!

  9. It’s so cool obviously. And It makes everyone happy not just aviation geek. Tickets were sold out in a minute. That doesn’t mean they aren’t fully aware of the pandemic. But I think they are doing a great job. It’s kinda another world during this pandemic

  10. Taiwan has had COVID-19 well under control, the economy is open, and people want to travel. Domestic flights are full and being upgauged.

    This flight makes a lot of business sense. There is pent up demand for air travel, this aircraft has nowhere to go, so why not a sightseeing flight around the island!? Pilots get their recency, engines get run, the company gets good publicity, a win-win!

  11. To those who criticize EVA for spreading COVID, please do your research first on how Taiwan has managed this pandemic and then you can comment.

    In any case, this is a great idea, pilots maintain their proficiency, staff gets paid, folks get out and enjoy great Taiwanese hospitality, what is there not to like!

  12. I would go in this flight without a doubt !
    Why not business class only for pleasure and end up sleeping at home ?

  13. This really makes a lot of sense, especially if EVA Air intends to market flights to Miyako, Ishigaki, Shimojishima, Nagasaki, you know, the Ryukyu islands stretch. The waters are really nice this time of year.

    They can even make nationalistic and fly over Diaoyutai in soldarity of Greater China.

    I wish SIngapore Airlines would do the same, but it’s been really chilly here in Singapore (low 20s, feels like below that thanks to humidity) and this weather just doesn’t seem to be letting up. So I can see why they aren’t into it.

  14. The biggest benefit for passengers is they can buy duty free items in the airport airside! The money they save can possibly cover the ticket cost. That is why the tickets sold out in mins.

  15. Super smart idea. Hopefully other airlines based in countries that have Covid under control will follow suit. Kudos for thinking outside the box.

  16. I call it cool. Anytime someone can enjoy flight it is cool. Still an amazing experience.

    As long as the risk of contracting or spreading Covid is zero I say enjoy!!

  17. While it does sound strange, I think in some odd way it works very well. Consider all of the related employees, certificates, and services that are involved and operating as a result of having a flight. Pilots who need a certain number of flights to maintain their certificates, grounds crews for keeping their jobs, and even the duty free selling stuff. Some duty free shops have now resulted to selling direct to consumer because of so few flights and loss of sales. As others also said, then from a customer prospective you still get points and it gives something to do. The route is clearly designed so you can see the views.

  18. “They can even make nationalistic and fly over Diaoyutai in soldarity of Greater China.”
    @Dominic Yeo —

    You wish EVA Air from TAIWAN to be “in solidarity of Greater China”? What is “Greater China”?

  19. @StrictlyFacts
    Obviously, in supporting the rebellious provinces of West Taiwan coming back into the fold of the ROC.

  20. “the east coast of Hua” should probably be “the east coast of Hualien”? Hualien is a county in eastern Taiwan.

  21. Just FYI:
    Taiwan: Population 24M. As of today, 7/31, 467 cases and 7 deaths. No community case since 4/12.
    I feel much safer taking this flight than going to Safeway or Costco in US.

  22. “Obviously, in supporting the rebellious provinces of West Taiwan coming back into the fold of the ROC.”
    @Dusty —

    Yes! Great point! All them renegade provinces need to return and get spanked! 😛

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