I Can’t Even With This Singapore Airlines Complaint

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What are reasonable expectations to have when flying during the coronavirus pandemic? A reader points me to a complaint posted on Singapore Airlines’ Facebook page, expressing frustration over a flight he describes as “daylight robbery.”

It does raise the question of what expectations customers should reasonably have when traveling during the coronavirus pandemic.

What happened on this Singapore Airlines flight?

While you can go to Singapore Airlines’ Facebook page to read the whole complaint, let me summarize the traveler’s concerns. This involves a passenger’s experience on June 20, 2020, flying SQ324 from Singapore to Amsterdam.

The traveler is a Solitaire PPS Club member (Singapore Airlines’ top tier status) who was in business class, a ticket he claims he paid $7,000 for (presumably SGD, which is ~5,030USD).

What made this travel experience so terrible?

First there was no champagne in business class:

no champagne aboard business cabin. How then is my cabin different from economy? you have one red wine, one white wine, tiger beer onboard for business flights.

Then in order to minimize contact between the crew and passengers, there was no drink service before the meal:

no drink service before the meal. i understand that sq is trying to reduce contact between cabin staff and passengers. then why charge regular prices? i understand sq wants to do a one tray service. so reduce your prices for business class. why can’t there be a graciousness in the new normal? your cabin staff did not even offer an extra drink. i had to ask for it. i dont think this is worth a regular business flight price.

The passenger didn’t like being treated “like a potential infectious customer” by staff:

i did not appreciate that on principle i was treated like a potential infectious customer by your staff. if cabin staff are so afraid to serve, sq should not start their flights until there is a vaccine.

There was no offer for coffee or tea:

no offer of coffee or tea after the one tray service. how can you charge me $7000 for my seat?

He’s really harping on about this additional drink service and champagne:

a business class flight should at least have a drink service (and here the champagne is very important to make a difference between economy and business cabin), and a post dinner drink. The breakfast was the same. i wouldn’t go into more details.

Did we mention he doesn’t like champagne being cut?

i have other concerns about the lounge – no first class for solitaire pps. this is tolerable but no champagne again in the business lounge. this is ridiculous.

But he only wants to focus on the really important points, and not quibble at all:

I dont want to quibble about the inflight entertainment being from march. or no towel service etc. i understand that the airlines is only restarting. but this does not excuse any of the above points that i have elucidated.

And then there’s the worst part of this incident. You won’t believe what happened. He didn’t get his special PPS Solitaire Club goodbye from the chief steward:

worst of all, no special goodbye by the chief steward for loyal customers. whats happened to basic manners on a business flight.

Champagne in Singapore Airlines business class

Should the ticket have cost 30% less?

The traveler obviously wasn’t happy, so he proposes two solutions:

  • If staff are going to treat passengers “like a potential infectious customer” then they shouldn’t start flights until there’s a vaccine
  • The ticket should have cost 30% less

He makes the point about the ticket price repeatedly:

Singapore Airlines should be ashamed of itself for charging so much for a flight that was worth very little. Just like all restaurants which were forced to do take out service at a discount during phase 1, SQ should be charging 30% less for its business flights. Why?

Maybe it’s different in Singapore, but I haven’t seen any restaurant in my area that has lowered prices while reopening. If anything, we’ve seen some restaurants add coronavirus surcharges.

And then he makes that point again:

then why charge regular prices?

And again:

so reduce your prices for business class.

And again:

you mean that business ticket prices do not justify an additional drink?

And again:

i dont think this is worth a regular business flight price.

And again:

how can you charge me $7000 for my seat?

And again:

singapore airlines should really charge equitably for what it is providing during this time and not be so greedy for money.

And again:

i will definitely not pay for another business class flight until we are told this will be different during the new normal.

And again:

Finally i think that given all this, singapore airlines should deduct 30% of its regular business prices.

And again:

and how dare you charge the same prices for this present quality of service?

Hopefully you guys get the point. My gosh, at this point I feel like I need a glass of champagne…

Apparently the bed isn’t worth anything… it’s all about champagne!

My take on this situation

Singapore Airlines frequent flyers are known for having extremely high expectations of the airline. While the airline does set a very high bar, I would hope they’d give the airline a bit of leeway during the pandemic. But clearly some people aren’t.

I have two overall thoughts. First of all, personally I give airlines a lot of leeway right now when it comes to the soft product:

  • The global airline industry is losing billions of dollars right now
  • People aren’t taking flights for fun, they’re taking flights because they want to get somewhere (whether essential or not)
  • While it’s true that some elements of what we’re seeing may be cost cutting, frankly I can’t really blame airlines, since it’s not like they’re losing bundles of money right now

What I really can’t wrap my head around is the suggestion that Singapore Airlines should be lowering prices by 30%:

  • Airline pricing has long been based on supply and demand, rather than the cost of providing air transportation
  • Since the passenger is assigning a very specific value to what should be discounted, is he suggesting some champagne and a goodbye from the crew is worth 2,100SGD?
  • Was the passenger flying from Singapore to Amsterdam because he wanted to go to Amsterdam (in which case this seems like the most convenient option), or was he doing it just for the fun of flying?
  • Would the passenger have found it worthwhile to connect somewhere and fly another airline in order to get a glass of champagne? If not, it sounds like he would have still chosen Singapore Airlines…
  • Singapore Airlines made it clear that alcohol offerings would be adjusted across all cabins, so it’s not like they promised something they didn’t deliver on

Singapore Airlines deserves some slack, in my opinion

Bottom line

I know Singapore Airlines sets the bar high for inflight service, but I think it’s only fair to cut all airlines some slack during the current pandemic. Some service changes are for safety, while others may very well be for cost cutting, under the guise of safety.

But the truth is that at this moment I don’t particularly care. Traveling by air right now is about getting from Point A to Point B safely. If you fly in a premium cabin it should be because you want more space and want to be able to rest, and not because of any expectations of the soft product.

I flew American Airlines a few weeks back for the first time in months, and ironically it’s the most I’ve ever enjoyed flying American despite the lack of service. Everyone was so professional, and there was a real sense of “we’re all in this together” among employees and most passengers.

What do you make of this guy’s complaint?

  1. I think this is a fair complaint. Most hotels and many airlines have dramatically reduced the service and amenities without lowering the price. Moreover, many of these hotels and airlines have been opaque about that exactly they are providing for the price now. For example, some airlines still tout the meals and drinks they used to provide. Some hotels still promote turndown service and butlers/bellmen even though these services were discontinued. IHG just told all Holiday Inn properties that the new standard is two pillows per bed because apparently the old standard of four pillows increased the risk of spreading coronavirus. That is just absurd. The reality is a great deal of airlines and hotels are using coronavirus as an excuse to cut costs — cuts that will be with us for a long, long time.

  2. Give the guy a $200 credit to buy himself a 750ml bottle of Dom, or two magnums of Veuve Cliquot. My guess is he goes for the VC. And showers in it.

  3. “Was the passenger flying from Singapore to Amsterdam because he wanted to go to Amsterdam (in which case this seems like the most convenient option), or was he doing it just for the fun of flying?” Apparently, neither, it sounds like he was there for the champagne!

  4. The complainant comes off as a whiny little so and so, but they’re not wrong. I can totally understand why things like meal and drink services have been reduced during the current pandemic, but if so, then airlines need to reduce ticket prices accordingly. They shouldn’t be charging full price for services that are not being delivered. Just reduce the prices somewhat and disclose the lesser service levels, that’s all.

  5. I can’t tell how many of your trip reviews harp on the same points, from alcohol to meals to customer interactions.

    You can’t be bothered to fly in economy even domestically so obviously you have a certain “need” for a better experience.

    If he is paying that much for the seat then he should expect more…COVID or not. You giving airlines more leeway doesn’t really matter since you’ve taken yourself out of such flights until next year.

  6. He paid for a much larger seat and got it. Everyone must be fully aware travel is no longer as it was.

    He claims because of here was no champagne it was the same as economy

    A stupid argument since he got a much larger seat, Miles and other benefits

    Passengers are stressed and they forget the impact on the airline staff.

    Just an excuse in an attempt to get compensation

  7. One point lucky you did not mentioned which the poster pointed out was the team socializing in the galley which does contradict social distancing and does have merit to the current situation and deserves questioning.

    Other points he noted to me is really a freedom of choice as SIA did mention about the alcohol policy and meal service and other social distancing measure and he should have known.

    Again socializing in the galley contradicts the policy and all reasons for the measures in place

  8. Typical of a PPS member… they expect the world to grovel at their feet just because of their status. Furthermore, as an “experienced” frequent traveller and privy to personalised communications from SQ he should have known well beforehand about the amended service offerings and what was available and not. Hearts out to the crew who had to endure his nonsense for the duration of the flight. And he wonders why he wasn’t kowtowed to at the end of the flight…. What a KAREN!!!!

  9. His complaints have some validity. If you can serve red/white wine, then you can also serve champagne. Don’t use COVID as an excuse to cut back costs while charging the same. Has nothing to do with “safety” or minimizing contact with passengers.

    And Ben, your analogy about restaurants not lowering prices is totally off base. The airlines are not providing the same product and services while the restaurants that are open during COVID are still serving the same food and drinks, so of course they’re charging the same.

  10. … whine whine whine. As many airlines are trying to survive by cutting many inflight offerings, routes, staff, etc… some out there still feel a sense of entitlement… yet, if the airline goes bankrupt or ceases operations, these are the same idiots that will whine about what will happen to their silly miles… you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  11. His complaint is perfectly legitimate. If an airline does not want to offer its full premium product, it should not charge the same premium price.

  12. Champagne splits are readily available and so are 187 ml bottles. I think JAL was serving 187 ml bottles of French Champagne in PE for Tokyo-SIN flights before Covid-19. From a business perspective, the airlines should keep customers who are paying ca. $5k/ticket happy.

  13. @ Luis — I think the champagne complaint is legitimate, but that’s about it. The restaurant analogy was his, not mine:
    “Just like all restaurants which were forced to do take out service at a discount during phase 1, SQ should be charging 30% less for its business flights.”

  14. @ Alian — The galley is where crews are supposed to be when they’re not in the cabin. There’s not really anywhere for them to go?

  15. @ Pete — Slight difference between commenting on service during good times, vs. during a global pandemic that brought aviation to a standstill. Sorry you can’t recognize that, I guess?

  16. Airlines can’t justify those prices anymore for horse crap service. Take the pandemic and use it as justification to run with as many service reductions and cost saving measures as possible.

  17. Perhaps he did mention the champagne too many times: I still do agree that his complaints are appropriate. He payed for business class, he should have gotten Business Class service. Why should restaurants offer discount prices for the the same meals after COVID that they were offering before COVID?? Makes no sense. But SQ did offer champagne before COVID and they are not offering it anymore: reason to rethink their service in premium cabins.

    Aaaaand yes: that guy pays the salary of the SQ staff, they know he is the most loyal customer, they know what type of frequent flyer he is. He definitely deserves a “good bye and thank your for choosing us, Sir” from the crew. He deserves it.

    He might sound ridiculous in the way he complained, but I totally agree with him. I treat all my patients like Kings (Könige) here in Germany, before and after COVID. No difference. They pay my salary, they deserve to be treated like Kings. 🙂

  18. He’s kind of right here – we shouldn’t be charged for the same amount of money if they cut off the services. Our money isn’t charity for airlines’ bleeding money. We complain in different styles, this was his style – oh well, suck it up, Singapore Airlines!

  19. If they can serve wines they can serve champagne. Bubbles dont spread corona. The complaint is verbose just like Bens elaboration but none the less legit.

  20. Although he comes across as a very superficial person to me, he has got a valid point and the right to complain: When you travel in SQ you expect exceptional service and superior amenities than its rivals. If it says on the SQ website that they offer “fine champagne, a selection of red and white wines selected by our three world-acclaimed wine consultants” then that’s exactly what one would expect to get. Full stop. If for some reason SQ decide not to offer that, they should update the info on their business class product, otherwise they are false advertising.

    That being said, for most dates SQ charges less than KL on that route, so unless he’s willing to add a stop at the cost of an extra three hour journey and what that incurs to save some money, there’s not much more he can do than complain.

    Unfortunately at the end of the day any individual’s demand that prices should be lowered are negligible. The market will decide wether prices should be lowered or raised and given the increased trend of social distancing, I’d be inclined to say that the latter is more likely.

  21. The complaint as written is not justified, of course.
    And airlines deserve some slack with what they have been through.
    With that…
    We have gone through many, many years of often unjustified restrictions (not being allowed to take photos or go to the bathroom) “because of 9-11”.
    Is “you can only choose between coke and water, no Sprite because of the virus” coming?

  22. I have flown twice during lockdown with Air Canada on business class between London and Toronto. I flew because I needed to not because I wanted to. However I have to agree that the degree of service cuts have been outrageous. Air Canada offers water only and a wrapped tray of something inedible. I fully understand the need to limit contact and touch points etc. However there is no reason not to offer a mini bottle of champagne or even a can of coke – there is no extra risk versus a bottle of water. Many airlines such as the middle eastern operators have minimised the service without actually minimising the quality of whats offered. The reality is that the travellers like myself who must travel and travel regularly are very important to the survival of airlines. The London to Toronto is a well served route normally and the soft product as well hard product must be competitive. Air Canada are clearly trying to save a few dollars and nothing more than that and it does leave a sour taste. Once British Airways and Westjet resume flights I will choose to fly with the airline that offers me the best all round product.

  23. I think it was a legit complain. Look, I get that airlines are facing many issues but so are all people. You buy a business class ticket so you have expectations with that purchase. If I buy a business class ticket on United for example I have zero expectations of anything good so I should not complain. Now, when I make the same purchase on Singapore Airlines that is different. Thus, ay a minimum SIN should have informed him that champagne and other items would not be offered so he would know that before spending the money.

    Similar situations will happen more and more going forward. I have a friend of mine that have kids in a private school. The full tuition covers all sports, full lunch, snacks during the day, etc…. So the discussion during the weekend was about reopening schools or keeping students having school from home using videos. He said he will talk to the school about paying a lower tuition if his kids won’t be practicing any sports or eating at the school at all.

  24. I can see his point but honestly he could have flown another airline that is offering something closer to full J service if that’s what he was after, no one forced him to fly SQ when they clearly stated that services in lounges and in the air would be different. For all we know prices may go up after the reintroduction of full J service (which is what I expect). Most airlines didn’t take out fuel surcharges when the price of oil dropped and they have been doing this with ancillary services like chauffeur drives etc. and people still choose to fly those carriers while others choose to take their business elsewhere. Personally, when I book J, it’s for the space and being able to sleep well; the champs is nice and all but is not going be a deal breaker. But again, I’m making a choice.

  25. I totally agree with the guy.

    Took a flight in end of March in LH First, which was booked a long time ago. LH said they still offered a “five star in the sky meal” and according to their customer service all was operating normal.

    The meal existed of a vegetarian dish including plastic forks, no three course dinner, non-existing champagne service, no breakfast etc etc. Furthermore the First Class lounges closed down 2 days before departure.. so is it fair to say I had a First Class experience ?

    It all ended in a ripped bag with Hon tags standing waiting at the arrival airport. LH is not taking any responsibility or offering any compensation for any part. Do I feel sorry for them as a company?

    Not a bit .. Maybe their enployees, but as a company they are pretty much pissing on their customers now.

    LH is, pandemic or not, crossed out from my books now

  26. He’s a whiny twit. But the airlines could do a better job explaining why the prices haven’t gone down. I think there are legit reasons (increased costs related to covid), but they need to help people understand just how much it’s all costing.

    And yeah… bitching about no champagne during this crisis… what is wrong with you?

  27. This is a perfectly valid complaint even though the wording is a bit whiny.

    Most airlines will issue some opaque statement like “service and offerings have been adjusted” which are basically meaningless. I think the analogy of robbery is correct – I was on a KLM transatlantic flight in Business which cost the normal $4000 or so round trip. Didn’t get any food or drink on board or in the lounge. I sent the receipt for a meal at the airport to KLM and they refused to cover the $20.

    There is NO reason why prices should remain the same in spite of massive service reductions.
    Judging by the other comments it looks like most people don’t share the view expressed in this post

  28. Here’s the issue. We endured years of in-flight service cutbacks following 9/11 and 2008 that were dubiously justified, at best. Things were finally getting better and then this stupid virus hits. My patience – and I think those of others – for service cutbacks has long been exhausted. And, worst of all, these cuts are rounding areas with no real impact on the airlines’ bottom lines. Airlines right now have too many aircraft and too many employees for current market conditions. That is where they need to focus. Soft product is simply not a large cost in the grand scheme of things.

  29. Yes, his complaint is whiny, but to be honest, I’ve seen reviews you’ve written where you bemoan flight attendants for “not being genuine enough” in their service delivery despite being perfectly professional, emphasize how much champagne you order and get finicky about details in everything from cabin crew attitude to laying out meal trays and bedding preparation. @Mitch Cumstein’s comment above is quite on the nose: I can’t even with YOU.

    In short, Ben: this customer’s complaint comes off to me a cousin of your content. They’re more related than you think or may like to believe.

  30. Hes totally right to complain. Lower prices or offer full service., Airlines and hotels are robbing us right now.

  31. @Lucky the galley maybe where they might suppose to be but they must set a good example and must practice good hygiene and social distancing and chatting in a galley where food and other passenger amenities are tjis potentially spreads virus so yeah I disagree with your quick excuse for the team.

    The team needs to set a good example for passengers. If the FA is disregarding good hygiene practices whether it is in regulation or policy or just common sense then it’s a slippery road downhill. It’s like wearing a mask. It’s not about the law it’s about helping everyone and protecting all and respecting the efforts that have been done and not overwhelming the healthcare systems.

    So ya I do have concerns on the galley issue and do think the airline needs to address and not something we should ignore

  32. It’s all so grating and tiresome that many of the airlines’ (and hotels’) supposed coronavirus safety measures seem so blatantly self-serving. I’d love to hear the public health rationale for serving wine but not champagne.

  33. Well…the passenger does come across as petty but I do see his point and I would be mad too if I spent that much money and did not get the service I was expecting. As readers of this blog (and others) we all seem to forget that 99% of people are not tuned in to what flying is like these days, so when people show up at the airport with a vague idea that things have changed, they are woefully unprepared for the new reality. I do believe a lot of these cuts are being disguised as “COVID- related”, though, and there is absolutely no reason to keep prices high and not deliver the food/beverages/service expected. And it’s not like you can stop off at the stores to pick up snacks and drinks before boarding in Singapore since security is at the gates!

  34. @polarbear
    “The complaint as written is not justified, of course.
    And airlines deserve some slack with what they have been through.
    With that…
    We have gone through many, many years of often unjustified restrictions (not being allowed to take photos or go to the bathroom) “because of 9-11”.
    Is “you can only choose between coke and water, no Sprite because of the virus” coming?”

    Yes, that is already here. Flying on Alaska JFK-SEA, was told only water available in economy. Okay, fine. But then flying SEA-EWR a couple of days later, cans of Coke and water available, but nothing else. Asked FA, said not available due to COVID. Load of BS, yet they are still charging exorbitant rates for the flights.

  35. Glad to see most comments echo mine.

    The basic content of the complaint was legitimate (same price for reduced service), the delivery of it, unfortunately, obscured its legitimacy.

  36. It sounds from what you share that this chap has a fair point given the ticket price.

  37. I agree with you Ben that pricing is based on demand / offer dynamics. The pandemic certainly changed the scenario and airlines are free to do what they deem appropriate to maintain safety and also try to cut costs as much as possible given the economic struggle they’re going through. As a passenger though, I think it is fair to draw ones conclusions from this situation.

    First, I understand and accept that given the situation traveling should be a necessity, not a leisure activity. Second, because premium class service has been impacted in a significant way, I will simply evaluate very carefully whether it’s still worth to purchase it or not. For e.g. domestic first class in the U.S. will probably not be of my interest anymore. If I can get an empty middle seat (e.g. by choosing an emptier flight or a given airline) I won’t be paying more to receive minimal additional benefit. When booking long-haul, I’ll probably consider business class only to ensure more social distancing e.g. Q-suites or other more private seats. I certainly will not pay more to fly on an airline whose business class seats are not separated and that has also cut its premium service.

    My point is: whatever airlines will decide I will adjust as a consequence. It won’t be worth anymore to fly business class? Then I won’t. Will air travel be more of a risk than anything fun in the near future? I will simply fly less. In the long run airlines will see for themselves if their strategies will pay off or not.

    Let me also conclude that while I don’t appreciate the tone of the passenger’s complaint, I also do wish airlines (and service companies in general) would stop trying to sell cost reduction measures as something else, call it “giving choice to the customer” (before COVID) or “we care about your health” (now). I would much prefer if in some of these “meal boxes” they’d put a note saying: “This is a difficult time for us, we have to ensure safety and also face an incredibly challenging situation, we apologize for the reduction in service”. It’d be more honest and frankly, less irritating. Let me be even more explicit, will cutting service help American Airlines survive and keep more people employed? . We can all bare 5 hours without drink refills or snacks, can’t we? Then, they can even avoid serving that bag they gave you.

    However, I think we have seen sufficient examples in the economy of the last decade of where all this cost-cutting efficiency really goes to … after all let us also remember catering companies employees need a paycheck too and they are suffering as much as airlines.

  38. While several points come across whiny, I see some validities in his point.
    Sure, you still get bigger seats, better food, etc for premium class vs. eco – but I would’ve been disappointed too if I pay the same price for less package.

  39. His expectations and the airline’s are misaligned because they value much different things. For the airline, the costs didn’t really go down that much. The plane still depreciates the same amount. The fuel costs are basically the same if he flies or not. They have, cut at most, one flight attendant. The food cost is probably less than $60 even if they did cater Champagne. The airline can’t lower the price because the things this guy thought were important weren’t truly cost drivers. His 30 square feet of floor space still cost the airline more than 30 square feet in economy, so they expect to get more money from that.

  40. Ben, i don’t agree with you. Airlines are using this pseudo-pandemic as excuse to make reduction. If a glass of champagne, service and premium food are not even 30 percent of price , why is the business class ticket 3-4 times more expensive. Sorry, not for space. I hope people would switch to airlines that provide real business class or fly lower class and this will impact airlines even more. Fortunately more people see that covid is Simple bullshit

  41. Research (sponsored by the airlines) has shown that champagne helps spread the coronavirus. Expensive champagne spreads it more effectively, because of the smaller bubbles.

    Joking aside, I am always bemused by the obsessive posters on (say) FT discussing whether the airline serves some champagne or liquor. If you really want to drink it, you could just buy it.

  42. Obviously on the one hand, it is a bit ridiculous to complain about the lack of champagne while people are dying of a pandemic disease. On the other hand, he spent US $5k for a ticket and the airline couldn’t even throw in a little mini sparkling wine? Look, obviously anyone flying during the current environment is going to get attention, and I really want to hate on this guy for his arrogant approach. However, airlines don’t do any favors by pretending that cost-cutting measures are “for your safety.” This tagline has become the new “based on passenger feedback.” At the end of the day, our Singaporean friend has discovered what we Americans have long since known: you pay for a seat. Anything else is icing on the cake.

  43. I mean they guy is obviously a douche but I do agree with the heart of his argument. If you’re just going to provide basic service it should be charged slightly over a premium economy fare.

    I’m more confused why people think it’s OK to basically gut your service, which if we’re honest COVID is a scapegoat, and charge the same amount. If you can walk around the cabin once, you can walk around a few times if garbed appropriately.

    Ben I think you would feel differently had you actually paid 7k for a ticket instead of using points and miles. I mean I get it, I do too, but I also understand this guys point.

  44. Sounds like a cheap alcoholic to me. Probably will lose his status for complaining, strike that, bitching so publicly.

  45. I’m in agreement with Ben here although I sympathize with the passenger.

    At the end of the day, the airfare is a result of supply and demand. Let’s be real. The biggest cost of a business class is the seat not the service. The service was always there for the airlines to mollify the exorbitant cost. I bet push come to shove, most business class people would still ride the business class without its service even if the cost stayed the same. Hell, even if SQ raised the price to break even or eke out a profit in the Covid 19 environment without the commensurate business service, people who can afford it will still ride it. This kind of price increase is not unthinkable if they believe they can maximize revenue due to lack of demand. In the end, it’s the seat that matters the most.

    What’s important is this vibrant, free flow of of conversation. The passenger can complain, and SQ could change or not. Then, the passenger can decide to change to a different carrier if he believes he can get better value. If not, he’ll stay with SQ. SQ could change if they believe they can lose more customers than those “Champagne” costs. If they believe they won’t, they don’t have to.

    Again, I sympathize with the passenger in that carriers will not hesitate nickel and diming you for even the smallest service or item, but they will not bring the cost down when they decrease their service offerings. But, in the end, it’s all supply and demand and competition. Vote with your money and voice your complaints. SQ could listen to it or not. If they don’t listen, go to another carrier.

  46. You can tell that the readers here aren’t actually astute fliers, cause nobody has pointed out that a one-way non-stop from SIN to AMS is $5k SGD, same as on KLM. So did the flier buy a round-trip or just pay too much?
    Secondly, airlines are still losing money on international routes. They aren’t making money. And given you don’t see any business-class sales they aren’t willing to forego the premium charged for business.
    As for the person who commented the crew isn’t social-distancing? They can’t. But they can distance from the customers, who have no requirements to board a flight (as in negative covid19 test), unlike the crew who gets tested. Plus how can you distance from other crew members?

  47. Well, this is what comes of being an airline that markets itself on a certain level of service.
    I don’t for a moment believe that airlines need to reduce their service level for safety during covid. I think they’re using Covid as an excuse to lower their level of service to save money.

    I also don’t think that his complaint is all that unreasonable. A few years back I flew from Sydney to Singapore in Business. I had preordered the book the cook meal weeks before hand. They decided to give it to another passenger.

    Then to apologise for giving my meal to another passenger, they gave me a voucher to use on board for shopping. I thought, well, I have always wanted one of the miniature planes, “oh we don’t have any of those in stock”. So basically, the only thing left to buy with this voucher from garbage makeup. Being a man, I have no need to lipstick or eye shadow or any of the other garbage they sell in KrisWorld.

    My point is, SQ has been going down hill for quite some time. In fact, it was this very experience that convinced me I should stop flying Business altogether and only ever fly First. Hoping that the insanely high price would guarantee me a level of service.

    So, no. I’m with the complainant here. They either need to stop touting their usual service on their website and readjust peoples expectations, or they need to improve their service up to a level they are promising on their website.

    As for some people on here who think the customer sounds like an “entitled whiny brat”, of course they’re entitled. They paid for their damn ticket. That entitles them to a level of service promised by the airline on the website. That’s the very definition of “entitled”.

  48. This knee jerk reaction by airlines that doesn’t change anything for safety, like leaving the middle seat open but the guy behind me is 24 inches from me, is the same B.S. that hotels are pulling. I went to book a hotel in Vegas and all are still charging a resort fee!…really? the covid facts about the hotel you click on on their web page let you know all the amenities that come with that fee are no longer available except wifi due to the outbreak. Should we still pay it because we feel sorry for them? Maybe if they change it to ” give us a break fee instead “. Are we supposed to pay even more money now ( covid surcharge ) putting our life at risk even though we are trying to help out the industry? Not the time to be charging full price for anything.

    You wait, people that are complaining about this guy, including Ben, will be the ones 2 years from now complaining about lack of service and amenities that degrade their experience which have been accepted by these companies as the ” new norm “. Can’t wait to see how long Ben’s cut them some slack will endure if this becomes the future of travel, we shouldn’t see any articles about service or experience complaints.

  49. Also, I’ll add, restaurants in Australia were forced to change to takeaway and delivery only. Those that could keep their same menu going, kept their prices roughly the same. However, many chose to run reduced menus. They reduced the prices accordingly as they weren’t serving the same quality or quantity of food as they did before.

    So your restaurant analogy doesn’t really work.

  50. If an airline is branding itself as a premium airline it should deliver premium service. SQ failed here. The complaint is valid though it comes across as whiny.

    I’m a 20+ year SQ solitaire member. I flew QR last week from SIN to YUL. The experience (hard and soft product) was exceptional. There are choices for people. If champagne and food are very important travelers should do their homework. QR is a much better option currently than SQ.

  51. Not a bit surprised – have no idea why the bloggers always hyping & pushing SQ products!

    Flew in business in January (SQ 975 & SQ 038) and I can honestly tell you that SIA is on par with the lousy Etihad! I can attest that Japan, Asiana, and even China Airline offer much better service and amenities. Nothing special and in fact very bad amenities and service, not to mention exuberant redemption rates!

  52. His ticket was probably purchased by his employer, he finds no value in Business Class during a pandemic and he feels diss’ed by the crew for not acknowledging his special status. This whiny little man needs to stay home until the airlines can once again meet his high expectations.

    Meanwhile, my remaining three flights to Europe this year were cancelled over the weekend by AA. I’d be happy sitting in the cargo hold of a FedEx flight to the EU at this point, never mind the champagne and niceties.

  53. This guy is absolutely right. He paid for his seat and good service. He only got the seat. Shameful, really shameful. And your comment about “getting from place to place”? No. I am actually going on actual holiday to Asia next week. This week I am flying to Italy. I am flying business class and want to enjoy myself.

  54. Totally hear the complaint. Vary fair. This general hysteria related to covid-19 is starting to become ridiculous. (Heavy) cost cutting can be fair if, and only if, prices get reduced. Full stop.

  55. While i would not put it past some carriers to reduce service under a false COVID cover, i am more than happy to give SQ the benefit of the doubt. They are a class act and am sure their crews are doing their best under difficult circumstances.

  56. Most americans are afraid of your their shame culture, try go to singapore. Their country revolves around shame culture. Stomp here stomp there. That’s why people are usually don’t half ass on their job due to fear of getting stomped.
    That’s why government officials are held to high standards despite no freedom of speech.
    They take feedback seriously just like every toilet in changi has feedback and even on immigration counter. Even china had it on immigration and newer toilets in the airport but in the US people in power felt like they can be criticized but provides no platform for it.

  57. I used to go out of my way to earn AA exPlat because of the upgrades, lounges, meals and spend thousands doing so. Unfortunately I see his point partially.

    This is the new state of Business Class flying. It will not be something fun for quite some time. In fact if I was flying Miami-Vegas today I would buy an economy ticket + an extra seat as there really is very little difference as you have shown in your trip review.

    I also think that this is the new normal until a vaccine is available. I think that the new model should be LCC flying and buying up the necessary space around you. And just sit in your seat like a bus until the flight lands.

    Sam Chui’s new video about flying today is unfortunately spot on

  58. If you know the situation before flying then you know what you are getting for your money and if you don’t like it, don’t buy the ticket or ask for a refund prior to flying.

    I’m speaking from personal experience. Until you are in a virus situation where people are getting quite sick from it or dying, I think too many are being cavalier about it. I haven’t been able to get tested until today (nearly 10 days after possible exposure) but my girlfriend’s family has tested positive and one older family member is likely to die from it. So far the others are dealing with moderate symptoms but the virus can take a variety of twists and turns.

    The senior person was going to be discharged from the hospital but was having some issues walking (she has had issues for a while) so they kept her. A few days later we get a call saying she may only have 1-2 days left. Maybe it is the virus, maybe it is the old age but the virus makes saying goodbye difficult. And each individual, regardless of age tends to have widely differing effects from the virus from nothing to weeks of misery to death.

  59. The passenger must work as a bean counter. If I see members of the crew wearing gloves, face masks, and face shields, that justifies however much money wasn’t spent on extra drink or champagne. I would imagine the same for those working behind the scenes (e.g. ground catering staff).

    “How then is my cabin different from economy?” Yeah, that question would be more justified for airlines with European business class, less so when you can have a flatbed in one cabin and regular seats in another.

    There’s a whole a** pandemic going on and this passenger’s utmost concern is for champagne? The horror! Wait until they hear that US airlines are ALREADY lobbying against consumer protections just a few months after they took taxpayer money to survive.

    What a joker

  60. The bizarre need to be “personally thanked” and groveled to is such a bizarre, bourgeois concept that anyone who truly feels that way is emotionally stunted and trapped in another century.

    Paying extra for business/first class means the airline is selling you their most comfortable means of traveling from point A to point B. Needing to also be treated like you’re King Medallion Status is laughably pathetic.

  61. I’ll say goodbye (and good riddance) to him all day for 2,100 SGD.

    Jokes aside, Cathay and EVA crew have both personally told me SIN is one of their most undesirable routes, in no small part due to the passengers.

    While champagne has been cut, PPE and extra cleaning costs money, so I’d say there are extra costs, not just cuts. Besides, when has ticket price been based on what you get (as opposed to supply and demand)?

    His point about restaurants are correct though. Many restaurants offer discounts for take-out, take-out being the keyword. I have not seen a single restaurant charge more for take-out than regular dine-in price.

  62. For all of those who chimed in, including Ben : You are all not PPS club members and would never get it.

    Singapore Airlines is not United, Delta or American ( and never will be ) . I hope it never will be….

    Fly enough to earn PPS status ( which requires you to fly paid business and first class on Singapore Airlines only) and you will get it.

    Take your usual north american considerations out the door please…

  63. I’m quite surprised at the number of comments here that support his complaints. I agree to a degree.

    While I certainly do not fly business/first for the drinks and food, I can understand where the passenger is coming from. I flew a 3 hour domestic segment on Alaska Airlines in First. I don’t drink alcohol. For a period of a few weeks, Alaska decided that they would give F passengers water or a can of beer. That’s it. As if somehow a diet coke or some other canned drink proved to be more infectious than a bottle of water or can of beer. It was absurd. Had I known ahead of time, I would have brought my own drinks.

    I wasn’t happy about it, but it pretty much stopped there. I agree with the sentiments that airlines are (rightfully) looking to cut costs. That’s fine. However, what’s not fine is painting it as some sort of infection control measure. Be honest. Be transparent. Be up front about the changes. Then the customer can make a fully informed decision on whether premium fares represent a good value instead of boarding and experiencing what amounts to a bait and switch on the service level.

  64. 1) Airlines should be very open about reductions in service so consumers are informed when they make a decision to purchase a fare

    2) I do not expect a reduction in service to equal lower fares. Fare pricing is complicated and I suppose a simple explanation would be that it is based on how much would people be willing to pay for that route on that day. Otherwise you could argue that it’s unfair that direct J flights HKG-LHR are nearly double that of HKG-MAD.

    To be honest, I would expect the fares to go up if anything. With limited flights, people wanting to go as direct as possible (to minimise potential exposure to the virus) and most people currently flying because they really have to, that should mean the airline can charge much more than normal!

  65. I agree with the flyer. If he is receiving premium economy service, there should be a discount to the price. People don’t pay for business class simply for a larger seat, they want to feel special and be pampered. If Singapore couldn’t deliver the expected level of service, it should have been very clear upfront to avoid this situation.

  66. “…Airlines are hurting…”. That can’t be the excuse EVERY time. Tell me a business that isn’t hurting? To say airlines as if they’ve been singled out and no one else except them are dealing with the pandemic is crap.

    I’m not saying this customer expectations are right or wrong, his perception is his reality. But I’m not okay with airlines getting a pass “just because”.

    I’m a firm believer in pulling a product from the menu rather than watering it down.

    If his ticket was purchased before the pandemic then tell him what you have to offer and give him a REFUND WITHOUT HASSLE if doesn’t want it. NOT a credit voucher.

    If he purchased this ticket after then outbreak and the airline had already announced said changes then his complaint is DOA.

  67. I fully agree with this complaint. We (customers) should not accept all these service reductions only “because of COVID-19”. Especially from SQ we all should expect a great service

  68. I will admit this is my pet peeve but SQ can be very difficult, dishonest and play dirty.
    I had to rebook an award flight due to a blizzard. I had previously flown SQ days after a blizzard and they had a 4 hour delay even with equipment there early. Their Krisflyer team told me i could rely on them and they would do the rebooking. They correctly cancelled my booking and then let the miles lapse as the miles were old. They could have rescheduled without returning and stealing my miles.
    It should be noted that every complaint set off a series of devious tricks including phoning me at 3 AM every night. I gave up because of their devious activity.

  69. I work in the pricing department of a Fortune 200 company and pricing is more art than science. While I can see the argument he is making regarding the price being lower for a lower level of service compared to pre-COVID, the question is more complicated.

    1. Unless he bought his ticket before the publication of new service standards during this time, then he knew going in what he was going to get. He really has no leg to stand on if he purchased the ticket, at the referenced, knowing that service would be degraded.
    2. Regardless of timing, if you agree that the ticket should be priced lower, what is the reference price? We all know that prices for airline tickets are all over the place and depend on a variety of factors, the soft product being only one of those. And once you define what the reference ticket price is, how do you break down that down across the various components that you receive with that ticket, i.e., lounge access, lounge service & amentiies, hard product/larger seat, soft product on board (food and drink)?

    For me, when I fly internationally in business class, it is rare compared to many on this blog, and when I do it is on points & miles. But the one time I did purchase a ticket (the great deals with BA with the AARP discount a few years ago), I was mainly seeking the more comfortable seat that would afford me to get some sleep before I hit the ground in Europe first thing in the morning. Relatively speaking, the soft product to me was secondary, though I do enjoy those perks.

    If I had to travel internationally right now, I would hate to miss out on the perks of premium cabins, but the space would be far more important to me so I would not necessarily demand a huge price reduction due to lower food standards. Because I do not have to travel right now and my trips are leisure where I seek to all the benefits I do not often get to enjoy, I would not take a European trip and use a lot of miles and miss out on that experience.

    Oh, and that extreme focus on champagne…I wondered if he had a drinking problem!

  70. so lucky, do you agree with airlines charging such a high price simply because people traveling now do it because they absolutely need to? Many airlines charge crazy prices these days on certain routes because the demand is not very elastic right now. Repatriation flights are the same, and i have seen people paying over 2000USD for flights that would usually cost far less. This is very similar to insulin situation: people have no choice when it comes to insulin, so the demand for insulin is very inelastic, as such insulin prices are highly regulated to stay low.

  71. How was the food.. I agree too much $$$ for the flight and little service?? I just paid double to sit in the main cabin on DL but needed to get somewhere…No service for 4.5 hours except the warm bottled water and cheez-its no upgrades because of the 50% rule and the blocking of 1 C and D for the FA’s space.

  72. Did he sound whiny? Well, yeah.
    Was he right? I’d say absolutely.

    The airlines that are eliminating niceties like champagne in First/Business and serving up cheap-o cold food rather than a three-course hot meal are saving money … and they should be passing those savings on to their customers. Basically, the customer is paying for goods and services that they aren’t receiving. Pretty cheesy on the part of the airlines who are using the coronavirus as an excuse to cut back on what they promise to deliver.

  73. Eskimo, are you dumb? Singapore is literally the opposite of free HK. Singapore is a single party state with no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press and no freedom of public assembly. Hongkies probably need to learn a thing or two from singapore. No democracy yet have better schooling, public housing, MRT, airport and airlines than hong kong. Don’t believe me? Look at this blog post review in this website.

  74. Agree with Luis richard FNT. And ben, you’re not seriously trying to compare AA with SQ? And what difference if the man is on a joy flight, on business or going to see the tulips in Amsterdam. Your entitled to what you pay for, end of story. This was not a flight from LAX to SFO.

  75. Normally these privileged, whiney types drive me nuts. Boohoo he didn’t get his champagne. But I think his complaints are valid, however he needs to work on his technique. They can’t charge full price without full price service, so their fees should be adjusted accordingly.

  76. Yes, the customer comes off as whiny and entitled but I still think his complaint has merit. What really disturbs me about all of this is that once the pandemic is over, the airlines will stick with this more abbreviated service and there will be many cuts to what was once First or Business class. Just wait….

  77. I agree in part with both of these positions. Recently we were in a moderate IHG hotel for a couple nights near the Arches National Park in Utah. There was no housekeeping for that stay, which is the soft product. However, the fact that this WAS NOT disclosed at check in was the most annoying fact regarding this stay. Furthermore, upon checking, other hotels in the same vicinity were providing housekeeping.
    In Singapore Airlines case I believe it is incumbent on the airline to clearly define what service standards are lesser than they were before the pandemic, and then consumers can make their choice. This is particularly true for premium offerings – either airlines or hotels.
    I do feel that oftentimes service suppliers of all types are hiding behind what is happening behind COVID19 as an excuse to not be operationally effective.

  78. Not surprised at all, the customer is100 % right and I don‘t understand your point here except for yourself being jealous

    He paid for a service and didn‘t get it, I‘m not an MD but I didn‘t see any studies that you could get sara-cov2 from alcohol or champagne, same thing for priority boarding, luggage or overhead bins

    Other example, construction companies are loosing productivity due to sanitary restrictions, so would you except if they decide by themselves to reduce the surface of your new home by 10%?

    Pure jealousy, for me I’ll switch to other blogs if this is the new standard here

  79. Perfectly legitimate. This guy is paying 5-7 x more for his seat than those in economy. He should get better service and should have higher expectations. The airlines are using COVID 19 to decrease there service and amenities in the name of safety which it is not. And to the whiners who are saying the airlines are losing money, they certainly aren’t on this type of fare!

  80. My 2 cents. I agree with a former comment the customer seems whiny but also, the customer has a point here.
    I’d be pretty disappointed if I paid cash or redeemed for business class and had an experience like this. Yes airlines need leeway but give a mouse a cookie, they’re going to want milk. It’s going to turn permanent cost cutting before you know it.
    We feel very strongly about this. We don’t feel like traveling until it’s safe and socially acceptable. We also don’t feel like traveling until service levels are back to normal.
    On service, it seem like you can still safely serve drinks and food on a plane with those HEPA filters in a certain manner that would make people feel comfortable. Closed beverages, covered food until delivered,
    Airlines are taking this way too far cutting service in some respect. Otherwise, maybe we’ll start to see blended food sipped through a straw on some flights…somewhat similar to what they do in a hospital after certain operations.
    They’ll learn as they try to fill their flights with leisure passengers and probably to a lesser extent business travelers. People will vote with their wallet. They’ll go with the airline that gives them the service value that justifies a $2K+ J ticket or whatever it is.
    Certainly $5K, yea you need to serve champaign and have options – (WTH like that extra red wine option might bring COVID onto the plan so keep those bottles in the closet?), you need to have proactive service, you should even have turndown I believe. It should be pretty darned near normal for $5K+ in J.
    I personally would not pay or redeem miles for something like business class, certainly not aspirational first class, until airlines return to some form of elevated service standard that doesn’t make me feel awkward for flying. So there’s the solution, don’t go until everyone’s comfortable. If you have to go, save the money, buy economy and wear your face shield. If it’s not your money, like if a company’s paying…think of it as a sort of mileage run. And my goodness if your company will pay for J, you can’t complain that much.

  81. People flying Business and First are paying a pretty penny for UPGRADED seating, meals, drinks, service and usually lounge access. If the carrier is not providing those things, then the prices should be adjusted accordingly. IMHO.

  82. So I am PPS. One year away from Solitaire PPS. Solitaire can only be obtained by having PPS for 5 years – you can’t buy your way to it. Personally, I prefer to fly business for the wider seat etc and am not is fussed about the food and wine, but I do understand that for some it is very important.

    I would like to point out that SQ send emails constantly re the reduction in service, so why he is surprised I do not understand. If he purchased the ticket before COVID-19 and was not happy with the reduction on service, then he could have cancelled his ticket and obtained a cash refund (which does take a long time but is guaranteed) or a credit voucher which comes with bonus $$$ (to incentivise you). Alternatively if he purchased his ticket recently then he would be fully aware of the decrease in service.

    As for champagne, I don’t get why they don’t have champagne but as for the wine, from memory in business it is only ever 2 red and 2 white.

  83. @deane: I previously have the same (automatic) thought, but then again, there are a lot of people out there who feel “entitled”. This pandemic surely brings the best and the worst out of them. The airline has communicated about the “new normal” of service until the situation is safe, so they’ve done their part. Our part is to have an understanding mind and heart. If we don’t want to pay that much for so little service that cannot differentiate between business and economy class, then take economy class. I’m sure during this time social distancing will have no issue since the plane won’t be full and the passenger can get a whole empty row to sleep.

  84. Anyone flying right now who are unaware of drastic cuts in service need to check themselves.
    And if you don’t like said airline’s seat price, guess what that’s whats great about a free market, you choose someone else. If you don’t like AA, you go find someone else. Whats the point of telling AA their tired old planes should charge a lower price ticket.

    And yes the time it took you to go from your house to that comfy seat you might have contracted covid. Hence you should expect 100% to be treated like you are diseased. If I was the FA, I would chuck hot towels at you from 20 feet…ditto for your meals. Hope you got good eye hand coordination. All I can say to this princess is GURL, check yo self?!?!?

  85. So whiny and entitled, as other commenters mentioned, befitting of many passengers with that status on SQ. In my own experience flying J on SQ, the service, seats and Catering are great, but the other passengers can be a bunch of DYKWIA types. Unless you’re flying first, the champagne isn’t even that exciting, seriously, you could probably buy 100 or more bottles of that champagne for the fare difference between Y and J. They don’t do full pours, so each bottle probably yields eight or more servings, and the average passenger probably doesn’t have more than two, so if you get a glass and three refills, you’re probably in for just about half a bottle or roughly 25 to 30 dollars. So yeah, a 3000 word rant is whiny and misplaced. I do like the extra touches and catering in premium classes, but I understand those have been cut across the board for most Airlines, which is why I’ve been flying economy these last few months. Shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone that in this pandemic environment, businesses are cutting back. I will say that if I was more concerned about social distancing and having personal space, I would pay the premium to fly J just so I don’t have to sit so close to everyone else, that’s probably the biggest perk of flying up front right now.

  86. “I Can’t Even With This”

    WTF is this supposed to mean? Is this actually what was intended, or just bad proofreading/random word salad? Or is this something that people really use as an expression? If so, what does it mean?

  87. His complaint is reasonable. You pay for business class, you deserve business class service. If they’re going to cut the service aspect and simply charge for a bigger seat, the price should be lowered accordingly.

    ~ The Honorable Reginald

  88. I flew about 70,000 miles on Singapore airlines long haul and ultra long haul January – March this year before COVID put the rest of my trips on hold. All my flights were in PE. Absolutely delightful service in PE – head and shoulders above service in business class on many of the European and North American airlines I’ve flown. Would definitely go out of my way to fly SIA again.

  89. @PM1

    It sounds like PE service is what this passenger received except he was charged for J. Not a good thing at all.

    ~ The Honorable Reginald

  90. He sounds entitled, and he is. But readers should understand SQ is a top notch airline. A Solitaire PPS member has spent a tremendous amount in SQ premium cabins and been promised exceptional service. He’s not received that service promise. A personalised greeting and apology for diminished service would have gone a long way – and frankly just give the man his damned champagne, mail it to him if need be.

    PS. In my younger days I was PPS for a number of years and the unstated benefits are a mile long – including all-but-certain redemption tickets, riding in the crew bus if you ask politely, and on a lighter note, marrying one of their crew!

  91. “Singapore Airlines frequent flyers are known for having EXTREMELY HIGH LEVELS OF ENTITLEMENT with the airline”

    There, fixed it for you. It’s typical Sporean passenger behavior anyway. They and their national airline. Pretty much pot calling the kettle black when they say SIA/SQ is “greedy for money”. LOL

  92. Definitely Legit complaint
    If SQ not going to provide the business class products, please sold it as PE

  93. This flight sounds amazing compared to my 2 air canada trans Atlantic flights In the last week in signature class. No drinks not even pop coffee juice. Just water. No pillows for some reason . After take off you are handed a green plastic box which is your meal for the flight. Best described as a cold prison meal of pre packaged 7/11 style food. On one flight I was the only passenger in business on a 789 and was still reprimanded for adjusting my mask in the empty cabin. Flight attendants best described as morgue bait. Why would AC in these times staff planes with 60 year olds in a high risk group rather then 20 somethings that are not in danger? Must be union seniority rules. Still charging full price.

  94. It sounds like many commenters are with the customer here. And I guess this is ultimately what happens when you screw your customers for a long time: loyalty is destroyed.

    Slightly off topic, but for example, if I knew that when AA got out of this Covid mess, things were going to get better, I would “cut them some slack.” But they screwed people during the best of years, and now they just happen have the excuse they need to continue the downward flush.

    In my opinion, Singapore isn’t all that, but I knew that from researching. I haven’t flown them in premium before because they only save their crappiest rustbuckets for the LAX -> NRT route. A first class suite that has no privacy? I’m not dropping $7k one way on that. I’d rather spend $3k more for ANA or JAL.

  95. The framing of this passenger’s complaints makes it appear as though he’s very whiny, but the reality is that he has a point; if you’re not getting the full experience, why pay the full price?

    I’m sure one can make the argument that airlines have been hit hard, and so forth, but they are businesses, and need to operate as such when times are plentiful, and when times are hard. Of course, no one could have seen something like this coming, but balance profit with some breathing room.

  96. I love all the comments saying hotels and airlines are robbing us as if supply and demand don’t exist. If this person doesn’t feel they got $7000 in value from the flight, the remedies are to choose a class that better represents the money-value proposition he wants or the person can choose not to fly. If enough people feel the same, demand will shift and the prices will drop or the value proposition will improve to shift the curve back.

  97. You can’t be bothered to mention when an article has just been updated and it’s not a new one.
    You really shouldn’t be complaining about any aspect of service when you can’t even do one small thing to let your readers (ostensibly customers) that an article has only been updated

  98. I just stayed at one of Red Lion’s value brands (just trying to sound posh considering Mr. Champagne) to support local tourism and they gave me three pillows for my bed! I can’t believe it’s one more pillow than the prestigious Holiday Inn brand!!!

    Also, I have a friend who lives in Singapore and can’t even visit her parents back in Canada without her visa ripped up so i think Mr. Champagne is lucky just to leave Singapore on a trip.

  99. The problem is that the airlines have not properly informed their passengers of what they should expect with the onboard service. I suspect that they really don’t want to though. At the moment, it is really just about the seat, not the service and for some, that is fine, for others, not so much.

  100. Sounds like a spoilt brat..
    Kind of like the person who ALWAYS has to mention here that he/she/it always flies business/first and pays for it out of pocket..

  101. Um, you should complain. You know why? Someone at SQ is going to loo at how much money they are saving doing this and will drag this out for years beyond necessary after the pandemic is over.

  102. I have to agree with almost everything the original complaint by customer. The only thing I do not quite agree is the Goodbye at the end of the flight. That’s too trivial.
    Everything else should be served. Tea coffee, champagne, the whole lot, IF you are going to charge the same full price. If you cannot deliver, the offer a substantial discount.

  103. Agree 100% with the guy you have chosen to judge and ridicule. You should get what you pay for. I pay for the experience, and that’s what I want, no dicking around. Oh my god, you have to put another glass in your dishwasher tray, if I want a second champagne. Maybe my 7K will cover for that.

  104. @Lucky, when I read this headline, I had to immediately read the article. And when I read it, I felt slightly hopeful you’d seen a glance of yourself in the mirror. In the end however, I figured you had done your due diligence and made sure the man in your article wasn’t a regular follower.

    Oh, but what I wouldn’t have given (or rather, donated) to see your face as you read these comments and realized just how many here fully take his side, combined with those that just sympathize with him or “see his point”. I’m not sure what you’d be more shocked by: the numbers that would disagree with this particular post, or just how many elite, self-centered, “well heeled” and “well traveled” people you could fit into the echo chamber you created.

  105. @ Ben – Airlines are struggling, facing bankruptcy. and being forced to furlough staff and need passengers now more than ever. This person was a paying passenger or so they claim. If they paid full price for a ticket expecting quality service despite the pandemic precautions, they have a right to complain and be taken seriously by the airline. After all it’s these paying passengers that are keeping airlines going and indirectly preventing further lay offs. No one expects full service in the premium cabins and if everyone is only paying for extra space and a better seat, the cost of forgoing the soft product should not be charged.

    Also @Ben it’s ironic how much you’ve mocked this person for complaining so much. You should really read your old reviews (especially AA First) because you complain just as much if not more, just more eloquently. And even if these are different circumstances because of the pandemic, i can’t help but see similarities between your old reviews which are nit picky and this passenger.

  106. I’ve been in Singapore throughout Circuit Breaker (our COVID lockdown) and most restaurants did give 20-30% off of takeaway where the food was the same quality because table service was not available. Now that we are in Phase 2 (groups of 5 people), restaurants have reopened and discounts have disappeared.

    I’d say this is a typical case of voting with your wallet – as others have pointed out, most have the option to fly others and airlines are dealing with fixed costs (although many companies in Singapore do have exclusive contracts with SQ). Someone who is Solitaire PPS is equivalent to Global Services/HON Circle ($50k on their metal only), so I can understand why they expect a higher level of service . The complaint is winey, but I’m sympathetic since there is precedent in SG to give discounts for less service from major companies.

  107. You comment “people aren’t taking flights for fun”
    But you just took some flights for “fun”. After all a vacation is fun, as much as you may write it off as a business expense as you blogged about it

  108. Totally legitimate complaint. Especially the champagne, lol! Pricing is supply and demand but that includes quality of the product which SQ has greatly reduced without a reduction in price. And honestly, all these cut backs in the service industry are non-sensical. How is alcohol service onboard detrimental to public health yet thousands flooded thru Wal-mart during the height of shut down with few masks. It’s all so absurd.

  109. The end of the day the passenger have right to complaint. If SQ can serve wine than SQ can serve champagne too. Airlines are all ways quick to cost cutting but never lower the price. Bravo to that passenger for complaining in the SQ Facebook.

  110. Interesting the wide variety of points on this one.
    I have to say that to some extent I agree with the airline and to some extent I agree with the passenger.
    It’s a basic idea in the industry that if the seat or room is vacant then it will lose the possible revenue.
    While he should have expected reduced service due to the virus, many airlines and hotels are using it as a way to offer reduced services and it is not posted as to what is offered. Further, it’s inconsistent between locations, flights, or brands. (e.g. not all St Regis hotels do it as this way, etc).
    Even the recent review posts have to do with variations of what was offered.
    While many businesses have suffered so has many individuals. Since when did the airlines or other businesses consider this?

  111. for those who are highly ignorant of something called common sense, airlines don’t slash ticket prices just because everyone gets less when they fly with the airline, there’s something called fees, aircrafts aren’t cheap to operate, especially ones that were just out of storage or have yet to be used as often. even if it’s during a pandemic and shit doesn’t go the way you expect, you can’t just be some self-entitled idiot to walk on a flight and expect discounted pricing.

  112. As many here, I side with the complainant. If he had known in advance what he gets at SQ, he might have taken the decision to fly with Qatar instead and save a few thousand bucks.
    If an airline charges top dollar it needs to deliver a top experience, Covid or not.

  113. “i did not appreciate that on principle i was treated like a potential infectious customer by your staff. if cabin staff are so afraid to serve, sq should not start their flights until there is a vaccine.”

    News flash: you ARE a potential infectious customer. Everybody on the world is.

    I would certainly not want to fly in an airlines that does not treat their passenger as “potential infectious”

  114. Even if the complaint is quite tearful, I can fully understand it. Of course, the pandemic is a threat, but we all – around the world – have to learn to deal with it. It takes of course time. But at the same time it is really amazing how some airlines and hotels cancel all types of service – always under the pretext of Corona. If this is to be the new world of travel, the industry will have a very, very difficult time for a very very long time.

    I don’t understand why it should no longer be possible to get a fresh coffee or something to eat in a hotel – and a glass of champagne in SIA Business should also be possible. And many other things too. A respectful and appropriate handling of the pandemic situation can very well enable warm hospitality and service – and thus help to reduce the fear of travel in the future. Saving all services and contacts under the pretext of fear is definitely not the solution. I never would have thought that I would call Lufthansa a pioneer in terms of good service, but I find its handling of the current challenges appropriate and excellent at the same time. The same goes for some smaller, independent hotels, while the big chains turn to the opposite extreme. For example, at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport, where a large sign indicated that staff are prohibited from making any personal contact with the guest. Really??

  115. Seems you’re in the minority, Ben, judging by the general consensus I see reflected in the comments. Obviously part of the cost of a premium cabin ticket in the pre-Covid world went to pay for better food, quality wines, Champagne, etc. And with it, an expectation of better, more personalized service. So if they’re going to withhold those things, then they should reduce the price. Sure, he may have banged on and on about it, but the gist of the complaint seems entirely legitimate and justified. I cannot quite see any medical or public health reason that Champagne could not be (safely) offered.

  116. That frequent flyer is absolutely right and I totally agree with him. Why paying regular fares when Covid is used as an excuse to cut cost? And yes, not serving freshly brewed (thus hot) coffee defies logic. I said this weeks ago: we passengers are treated like threats and not as guests. More frequent fliers need to raise their voices. It’s us who generate most of the revenue.

  117. The problem is that the airlines, referring to safety due to Covid-19 closes lounges, do not serve wine etc but, at the same time, have no issues filling the middle seat on the connecting plane.

    Then, all talks about “we’re all in this together” etc etc becomes a mockery.

  118. That’s rich coming from someone who himself constantly goes after airlines for service issues and beverages. How many posts do you have again about the Lufthansa Firstclass Terminal in Frankfurt??

    Fact is SIA didn’t lower their prices one bit yet have cut back all sorts of services. I don’t agree with them having to go down 30% but 15-20% is definitely in line.

    If the guy is really Solitaire then he should be thankful that SIA extended his status for free which usually requires quite a bit of dough.

  119. I AGREE 100% With Customer.
    First Class means just that.
    You should get what you pay for.

  120. Sounds like SQ is being “penny wise” (save some costs) but “pound foolish” (lose loyal high revenue customers) with their dopey method of reducing airline expenses through unjustifiable reductions in food/drink services for premium cabins.

    Did SQ’s catering kitchens get so decimated in manpower, as to prevent creation of pre-packaged meals (of similar quality as before), but perhaps with reduced selections? Make passengers pre-order meal selections during reservations to eliminate wasted meal selection uploads. Also, upload personal-sized bottles of liquor (wine, champagne, spirits) and array them (properly distanced apart) on some self-serve carts or galley counters. FAs can always wear face masks and disposable gloves to protect themselves while serving and collecting pre-packaged meals on trays, rather than as separate “courses.”

    Perhaps the first airline to provide meal/drink services as outlined above can steal many customers away from other airlines, thus making up for perceived incremental expenses with such offerings?

  121. Really? The complaint is totally fair enough. SQ has set a high bar for their hard or soft products, and the price as well. People chose to fly their premium because they believed they could do a better job, covid or not, to live up to the hype. Even though he mentioned about the cost-down service like no champagne or drink service, do you really think the only thing he’s complaining about is getting compensation, like 30% off the ticket, as a Solitaire PPS?
    If everyone pays the premium ticket out of their own pocket, especially with loyalty to specific airlines, you will realize what he said is not just a first world problem but also disappointed about what they used to believe.
    We all love the good old days of air travel. I believe the flyer would get use to the “new normal”, which we’re so frustrated about it.

  122. I do think if you’re gonna cut the service drastically, the price should reflect that.

  123. For me, I like to be pampered when I fly biz and cutting champagne from the service would upset me as well. I don’t think his complaint was unfounded, SQ should have done more. If not serving him champagne on the plane perhaps they could have given him a bottle as a parting gift or something to make him feel better. After all, he is a top tier customer.

  124. I think complaining about the lack of champagne and demanding for a 30% discount is way off.
    This guy sounds like a cheapo and obviously trying to get something out of nothing.

    Why should the airline cut pricing when its not advisable to travel now during this Pandemic, unless of course totally needed. And its not like the airlines didnt mentioned about the drop in alcohol serving.
    And of course we need to take COVID into consideration, its a global situation that needs everyone involvement to fight it.

    Those saying that the airline cannot use Covid as a reason are just ignorant of what is happening around the world!

  125. Sorry. I think you are the one out of touch. Business Class comes with certain perks, you not being a fan of those perks does not matter. I think his complaint is 100% on target. Don’t accept anything less than you pay for, otherwise you’ll get even less next time. The complainant should not have his standards lowered by the airline.

  126. Cindee, you are way off. Or, just please explain to me in a scientific way, what does pouring champagne have to do with COVID ? What is the direct correlation here? Is it the bubbles that could float away, laced with my Corona, after I sip my drink? Or is it the air turbulence the FA creates by the movement of pouring a drink? Just tell me, I am oh so curious ! Or what does my awareness about the urgency of the situation have to do with champagne? I am wearing a mask. I booked that single seat by the window in my own pod in order not to have a neighbor. I brought my own wipes and disinfected anything I might touch. When it is not advisable to travel, why doesn’t the airline shut just down? Or close down business class like some airlines did, so the FA’s can dress in PPE and serve sterilized carboard boxes with junk food in them? Austrian shut down for a couple weeks. And lastly, you call folks who demand what they pay for ‘cheapos’? You go to a good steak house, order a steak for $ 70, and the guy brings you a hamburger, ‘because of COVID’. Are you a ‘cheapo’ then, if you dare to complain ?

  127. SQ and other airlines are totally ripping off their most important passengers.

    We all know that the 50 seats at the front of the airplane are the profit or break even source of funds. To not offer at least minimum amenities is stupid beyond belief and must be due to the fact that most people complain and then forget.

    Its not about safety for the crew. To deliver a can of water, coke or champagne is the same. Passengers at the back are probably paying $800 and the bloke at the front $7000. I’ll bet the back rows still get a glass of wine.

    Sad business model – rip off your best customers. I hope they remember.

    For those who claim the author is a whiner – I’d bet my life savings that you have never paid for a business class fare in your life! (Perhaps your employer has, but you must have travelled basic economy on your own dime.)

  128. What’s funny is if Ben paid 7k for a J flight and didn’t get champagne and all the trimmings, he would post a rant blog before the airline had even landed.

    ~ The Honorable Reginald

  129. The complaint is a ridiculous diatribe, that’s for sure… That being said restaurants aren’t lowering prices, but you have a menu and order what you want. Hotels and airlines are charging the same prices, and providing significantly less… Now, people shouldn’t be traveling for fun, so maybe keeping the prices high helps to discourage traveling. But I flew for work the other day and was upgraded to first… But first boards last now, and there was no food/beverage service. I understand that it’s because of COVID, but I’d be a little upset if I paid for first class and didn’t receive any of the first class amenities.

    I do feel bad for the airlines and hotels though, as they are getting killed right now, and there’s no solution on the horizon, but it does seem questionable to pay full price and only get part of what you’ve paid for.

  130. I totally understand where he is coming from regardless which class he was flying from. My husband n I were on a flight back home to Spore as we were stuck for 3 mths in NZ coz of de lockdown. It was a matter of the need to fly home. Since SQ opened its door at such an appropriate time it was very good timing for us to rush back. However I have to agree that service was very bad even considering we were paying for EY seats and it was NOT cheap !! No crew was out in the cabin to greet us though they did the greeting at the door. There was also no drink cart service before meals. No wines were served during meals though they had beers ( only beers) but there are those who do not drink them fyi. No coffee n tea was served after meals. I always made a point to walk up to the galley to make my request instead of pressing the call button but my invitation for conversation was snubbed like an infectious person. Meals were small n reduced to a bare minimum which even look pathetic for the image of Spore Airlines. 2 families with toddlers were behind our seats and the kids were crying but no crew came to ask if they needed assistance or such. It was really sad.Honestly it’s not really about covid but it’s easier to blame everything on covid . Also for your information I was an ex SQ crew n what I have come to witness n experienced as a passenger was appalling. Yes we were told services would be limited due to covid but these are the times were need to be more considerate n compassionate than ever. It’s not the time to treat one another like some lepers . It’s not always about the costs or the class or the champagne!! SQ has lost its reputation as a caring airlines like it was when it was during my time!!

  131. Ben. This is the worst article ever. U literally compared a restaurant services to airline???? You don’t have tier options in a restaurant where u pay for better service or chairs or location, these extra costs, i.e business or first or premium economy is not just for leg room it comes with perks, food drink options etc…ok a thank you good bye big deal but that gourmet meal or Dom is part of the huge cost difference. So again u’re whining is worse than the actual customers. Wish u had an account I could unfollow lol

  132. Two separate thoughts go through my mind:
    1) Airline prices go up and down all the time, so the SGD 7000 being high or low is relative. If services and champagne are reduced, the airline could offer a discount coupon of perhaps USD 200, with an apology note. This should be done right at the start of the flight.
    2) This passenger is winging and winging and… it is typical behavior from someone who feels entitled. Unfortunately there are lots of people like that. And being a potential carrier? Yes, everyone is, even Boris Johnson, Tom Hanks, Prince Charles and Prince Albert, and now Bolsonaro.. so why that sense of entitlement??
    I think this passenger should consider himself, relax a little bit, take the good things and be grateful for what he has – he can still fly business while many in the airline industry, tourism and other sectors lost their jobs -. Several airlines have collapsed, be happy SG still flies. Take some distance, step back and appreciate how good you have it. Then you will have a much happier life!

  133. I agree with this guy, if you pay full price, not unreasonable to expect full service, especially if you’re a top tier rewards customer.

    Ben has been just as whiny in the past about similar issues, so pot, kettle, black…

  134. I would stick to the passengers complaints and leave out the ‘side comments’ which in themselves seem to throw the whole issue somewhat under a light of sarcasm and ridicule..just report the facts.
    I completely agree with the passenger…I wouldn’t lower the ticket prices BUT I would be very clear on what would be NOT offered in this period of ‘new normal’. For someone that travels frequently and nearly always with the same airline, you become accustomed to receiving those services which SIA has created its image/reputation upon and often, if not always, justify their ticket prices.
    Now if this passenger makes a ‘big deal’ over champagne not being served then it’s their business and not up to us to judge…maybe this and the ‘gracious’ attitudes held by SIA crew members is a factor that they repute to be important…and they are paying for it.

  135. The truth is, airlines have made some pretty significant service cuts because of Covid (re. they are struggling)… and some customers are ok with that and others aren’t.

    Airlines aren’t going to be able to climb out of this hole without charging full-prices on tickets. But what should premium ticket holders expect? Regular drink service has been suspended, but the reasoning behind that has been to 1) limit contact and 2) limit potentially unruly drunken behaviour that might prove risky to staff and passengers. BUT, if you can give a passenger red/white/beer, there’s no reason you can’t give a biz customer a split of champagne.

    The difference between biz and first? A bit tougher to swallow that price difference when the first offerings are now biz quality. Again, how difficult would it be to provide a split or quality champagne and a 30g container of caviar with pre-packed accoutrement with the other offerings? Pretty simple… and would still give those paying through the nose a slight hint of what they’re paying for with a nod to the past.

    The problem with the original complaint and highlighted above is the problematic message that airlines are sending to customers. “It’s for everyone’s safety.” No, there are ways around THAT. Just be brutally honest that you’ve had to massively slash soft product offerings, and are only providing the bare minimums, because y’all are on the cusp of bankruptcy.

    I have a lot more tolerance for honesty than faux overtures about my safety knowing that people are once again packed to the brim in cattle class.

  136. Ok, the writer seems to be writing for SA. But if this is his take, probably you should understand that this guy is flying regularly. So he has already put in lot of money in the past. In a way, he knows better what is Quality (requirements).
    Thousands of airlines in this world, can anyone reduce single dollar, if I say I don’t want wine.
    I agree that the price of ticket is based on demand and supply. But when a computer calculates the price A+ B + C +D+E=price of ticket where A,B,C is standard parameters, D E is dependent on the services.
    If these services cannot be provided, the price should be reduced.
    Covid is an excuse to reduce the quality and increase profit margin nothing else.
    What would you do if everyone in the business class starts complaining. The airline should take this as a feedback and work on it positively rather tha bashing the customer in the social media or such a platform.
    I totally agree with the passenger and he is absolutely right. Otherwise after sometime all the customers will lose the services and a new norm will be established

  137. I think this comment sounds more like a whine to me. People pay their airfare to safely get them from Point A to Point B and Singapore Airlines did exactly that. Everything else is an added plus.

  138. I think it’s a valid complaint…if people start accepting less for the same price, it’ll only encourage airlines to further reduce their offerings while keeping the prices the same or even increasing…yes, it’s pandemic times, but what’s “only temporary” can so easily become “permanent”…for this alone I am glad someone voices these concerns…

  139. Valid complaint.

    Customer service is all about attention to details.

    It appears SIA still has its head jammed in its ivory tower. If that’s how it treats its Solitaire PPS member, then everyone below is just a piece of shit to it.

    All other full-fare airlines cutting champagne?

  140. Hi,

    I think he has a point, but definitely would have been better received if a little more eloquent and concise.

    I have used Singapore business class and economy for years. It IS like they are slowly downgrading the benefits of paying that extra money. It is quite a bit more, as I’m sure most people know.

    With the drinks, I think they should offer to give the customer 2 or three servings if they are not planning on serving as many times in the flight.

    Or else the guy could just buy a bottle of (probably better quality) champagne from duty free and drink it.

    I personally have been stuck waiting in a long line for boarding pass/es behind people with economy tickets, and I found that irritating. (Why am I paying twice as much????!!!!) But that is also dependant on the airport.

    I think a price reduction would be appropriate, though unlikely. I say this because I once complained to Singapore A/L on a legitimate issue, and was offered $50 in vouchers which were not worth the bothering using. The complaint was regarding about $2000 I felt cheated out of. They agreed. But a dodgy $50 was their compensation.

    If you pay the higher price for years and watch what you get for your money slowly but surely being whittled away, people get irritated. The champagne was the straw that broke the customers back.


    Chris Maguire

  141. While, I agree that safety is paramount these days and airlines cannot offer the same service that they did pre covid, it seems SIA has dropped the ball here.
    Let’s put it another way- What has SIA done to differentiate their post covid proposition to justify the higher price tag?
    Soft products are mostly about communication and delivery. It’s not so much about what you deliver, it’s how you deliver it.
    Perhaps in place of a traditional champagne service- surely SIA could have provided a mini-bottle of any premium champagne available off the shelf at most duty free stores to passengers shelling 5k a seat.
    A single tray service too can be elevated with presentation and the personalised greeting can be replaced with a handwritten card delivered with the meal tray to minimize contact between the passengers and crew.
    SIA has a sophisticated entertainment system that could easily support live chats and texting between crew members to replace call buttons.
    While the passenger claiming that he was treated like an infected patient may indeed be subjective, it is evident that SIA has failed to communicate effectively that these measures are in fact for his safety. He didn’t seem aware of the servixe changes which is crazy for a PPS member.
    The main gripe of the passenger appears to be the price he has paid for what is a generic point A to B experience. And he is not wrong as there are many other cheaper options out there and moreover this differentiation is exactly what SIA promises.
    Over the past few years, SIA has shed the disruptive innovation that has built its brand. Their business class is dated compared to the likes of Qatar, ANA, JAL and even Delta. Their famed new A380 suite have been overshadowed by the new Emirates first class even though the latter takes up half the real estate.
    While their economy seating is above average, the famed Singapore girl service has long disappeared. Frankly, I have had better service on KLM, Qatar, Virgin Atlantic and Delta.
    Dont get me wrong- SIA is not a bad airline. They have simply become a marginally above average carrier charging premium prices. While this may work for a carrier like BA that serves point to point markets from a high yield slot controlled market, it simply doesn’t cut it for a carrier that differentiates itself on service and experience. And therein lies the problem.

  142. @Metsnomad

    “I think this comment sounds more like a whine to me. People pay their airfare to safely get them from Point A to Point B and Singapore Airlines did exactly that. Everything else is an added plus.”

    I agree with the statement that everything else is added. The whole problem is that the basic airfare is probably $1000 and the EXTRA $6000 is getting the passenger NOTHING.

    $6000 for a glass of water and perhaps a glass of wine its USURY and unethical. Everyone should just vote with their wallet!

  143. Passenger generally pay business class seat for the leg room & space to rest. Food & drinks are secondary. If one need good food & drinks, perhaps they should check into Morton’s or lawry’s? Times are different now.People only travel for essential businesses or compassionate reasons these days .Lets be more compassionate..Some good example: 1 box of mask cost $6 on good old days..now it cost $30 a box! What does it mean? The supply & demands are different now.

  144. Customer Experience in Times of COVID

    The onset of Covid has resulted in challenges, most pronounced in aviation, travel, tourism and hospitality. Just today, Bloomberg reported “Singapore slumps into recession with record 41.2% GDP plunge.”

    Unsurprisingly, Bloomberg reports that the services sector shrank an annualized 37.7% in the quarter, and 13.6% year-on-year. Tourism businesses, like airlines, hotels and restaurants, were affected by travel restrictions and the so-called “circuit breaker” measures from April 7 to June 1

    Whilst these are certainly unprecedented times, I am confident that Singapore Airlines will weather the storm.

    A post has garnered interest on SQ social media, and has since been blogged about at One Mile at a Time (https://onemileatatime.com/singapore-airlines-complaint/ ) and Your Mileage May Vary(https://yourmileagemayvary.net/2020/07/09/complaining-business-class-passenger-got-what-was-coming-to-him/ ). Singapore’s Kiss92 FM also had a segment on Monday, July 13th, ridiculing the rant.

    The complainant’s post, dated July 2nd, 2020 can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/6352578678/posts/10158683057778679/.

    On a very reserved scale, one should be pleased to note that 65% of the public is in support of the airline and not of the complainant. Further public dismissal of his rant can be found here at: http://www.sqtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16659

    An update on July 9th, 2020 from his “lordship” suggests Singapore Airlines has conceded, agreeing to his representations that “changes to meal and beverage offerings were not communicated to him, despite personal queries being made at point of booking.

    The allegations have been rebutted in my post here: https://www.facebook.com/6352578678/posts/10158713192173679/ on account that communications had been clearly made by Singapore Airlines’ CEO, Mr Goh Choon Phong on April 1st, 2020, to ALL 4.2 million Krisflyer members, including PPS tiered members such as this “Karen” and myself.

    With available web links to Covid-19 precautionary measures, and changes to on ground and onboard experiences, I am finding it hard to resonate with the douche’s inabilities to comprehend the reasons for service changes, more so that he is literate.

    On the “His Royal Majesty’s” allegations that call centre staff had pledged to no changes in services amidst these times of Covid, it is difficult to see why any airline staff would swim against the tides, going head-on with the company’s externally communicated memos.

    Singapore Airlines has also been fair to permit a full refund across all fare structures; or flight credits.

    Given the above, this particular Solitaire PPS status airhead, along with all 4.2 million Krisflyer members have been provided information symmetry. Anyone who believes that the suspensions of some service offerings are not commensurate with the price they have paid for a Singapore Airlines flight can elect for compensation in-line with the above.

    Per the contract of carriage, Singapore Airlines is liable only for air transportation, which it had provided to the now infamous rascal for the flown SIN-AMS sector. An airline’s product and service offerings only constitute an “invitation to treat”, and the carrier reserves the rights to make changes, for reasons including but not limited to Covid-19.

    Yet this traveller claims that the airline concurs that “insufficient care was taken on the quality of (my) flight”?

    Assuming that the douche has correctly represented the airline’s stand, as proclaimed in his “update”, why is Singapore Airlines:

    a) kowtowing to a Solitaire PPS who is none the lesser a learned individual?
    b) apologising for a nonsensical rant that occured from his own misinformed self?

    Singapore Airlines has won numerous accolades including customer satisfaction, but the customer is not always right.

    Being supportive of my national airline, I would be dismayed if Singapore Airlines has not stood its grounds to confront the misnomer against what has already been put across by the CEO in times of Covid; supported with readily available communications on the airlines’ web sites. These are unprecedented times and as Management, we must be conscious of the decisions that are made, not yielding to pressure just because of a lack of first world luxuries that are at best temporarily suspended.

    The airline must not and should not kowtow just because of his Solitaire PPS status, having self-proclaimed to be a loyal customer. I question that loyalty since he clearly is living in his own bubble, oblivious to the business challenges at the airline.

    I leave you with a comment from OKS’ original post:

    “Share this story far and wide , everyone. The SIA brand equity is so much stronger than the OKS brand equity. What that means is that there will be much more people who will shun going to any future OKS play, then there will be people who will shun taking a Singapore Airlines flight because of your childish, attention-seeking, unreasonable rant! Good luck in your future productions… Your story is certainly “promoting” you….I think, for your sake, stick to your world of make-believe on-stage , it’s where you belong and what you do best!”

  145. How much is Taittinger? Roughly somewhere 60-100 USD depends where you get it. How much is the foods in SQ Business Class? Approx 20-40 USD per meal charged by the caterer.
    I feel sad this guy could only eat and drink on the plane.

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