Singapore Airlines’ $650 DIY First Class Meal (Caviar, Dom Perignon, And More)

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The “Discover Your Singapore Airlines” initiative was recently revealed, intended for those who have been grounded for too long and wish they could travel.

While the airline isn’t operating flights to nowhere (as we’ve seen from some other airlines), the airline is opening up an A380 restaurant, giving people behind the scenes tours, and delivering premium airplane meals.

[email protected] dining is now on sale

Today Singapore Airlines has launched its [email protected] experience, whereby those in Singapore can pay to have a first or business class meal delivered to their home (unfortunately this isn’t available internationally yet).

While we had a general sense of what pricing would be like, the exact packages are now on sale, including all the details, and I thought it would be fun to go over that.

What does an 888 SGD first class experience get you?

The most premium dining experience to be enjoyed at home costs 888 SGD (~650USD), or can be had for 111,000 KrisFlyer miles. This is intended to replicate the experience of flying from Singapore to Sydney in first class, and features a signature Matt Moran menu. What are you getting for that?

Well, to start, there’s the standard meal, including:

  • Satay as a canapé
  • Oscietra caviar
  • Your choice of appetizer
  • Your choice of main course
  • Your choice of dessert
  • A cheese plate and a variety of seasonal fruit

Here’s the full menu:

The drink selection is also pretty impressive, as you get:

  • A bottle of 2008 Dom Perignon
  • A bottle of 2014 Albert Bichot, Morey-Saint-Denis 1er Cru “Les Sorbets” OR a bottle of 2017 Bouchard Père & Fils Meursault 1er Cru “Genevrières”

You also get a 22-piece set of tableware, including a 12-piece bone china dinnerware set, a six-piece crystalware set, and more:

  • 2x presentation plate
  • 2x small plate
  • 4x large plate
  • 2x soup plate
  • 2x small bowl
  • 2x salad plate
  • 2x butter chip
  • 2x champagne glass
  • 2x wine glass
  • 2x water glass
  • Salt and pepper shakers

Lastly you get a variety of amenities, including:

  • 1x Lalique male amenity kit
  • 1x Lalique female amenity kit
  • 1x Lalique unisex amenity kit
  • 2x sleeper suits
  • 2x slippers
  • 2x socks
  • 2x eyeshades

Obviously this is a significant amount of money, but it’s an all around better value than I was expecting, frankly. You’re getting caviar, Dom Perignon, a 22-piece china set, and a lot more.

A first class “budget” option

The above isn’t the only way to enjoy some aspects of Singapore Airlines first class at home. There’s also a more basic first class experience for 328 SGD (~240 USD), or 41,000 KrisFlyer miles. This includes:

  • Oscietra caviar (2x 30g) with blinis, creme fraiche, and chives
  • A dozen pieces of chicken satay, including onion, cucumber, and satay sauce
  • A bottle of 2008 Dom Perignon
  • Two first class Lalique unisex amenity kits

That cost is pretty close to what you’d usually pay just for a bottle of Dom Perignon, so to get caviar, satay, and amenity kits thrown in, is pretty cool.

Am I the only one amused by this?!

I’m a huge aviation geek, so I think this initiative is really cool. However, more than anything else, am I the only one who just kind of finds this to be hilarious? I can’t help but picture how disastrous it would be if I ordered this for my home:

  • Ford would hate me, because I’d force us to watch the safety video first, would arbitrarily declare the seatbelt sign to be on, and would constantly tell him to wait before eating so I can get the right pictures (much like on planes)
  • Having enjoyed the United Polaris dining experience at home, something tells me that my plating and reheating would be a complete disaster

Bottom line

In the past we’ve seen some airlines sell meals to be enjoyed at home, but they’ve almost always been economy meals that were intended to replace a microwave dinner, rather than offer a gourmet dining experience.

In that sense Singapore Airlines is doing something really unique here, by trying to replicate the first class dining experience at home. It goes without saying that this is pricey — after all, it comes with Dom Perignon and caviar — but the pricing is significantly more reasonable than I was expecting.

What do you make of this Singapore Airlines dining concept for at home? To readers in Singapore, are you taking part in this? If you live elsewhere, would you buy one of these packages if you were eligible?

  1. I believe that, for a small surcharge, you also get a flight attendant to serve you (and to keep as a souvenir).

  2. Frankly, if I lived in Singapore, I would be tempted to do it for the dining set alone if it’s the same one they use in F hah (and it looks like it).

  3. Hey @lucky, if you pay for it, we’ll order it and livestream it for your benefit (heating and plating included) #mukbang?

  4. A friend of mine is currently living in Singapore, so I’ll ask him to make a test run (and a trip report).

  5. That’s for free! I was expecting at least the double. Dom Perignon, Caviar and the dining set alone make this more than worth! Unfortunately I’m quite sure this will still behind their borders…

  6. interesting. I have a lot of Singapore kris flyer miles that will soon expire and I have no plans to fly anywhere until the COVID crisis is over. Tempting. Thanks for the info. Your website is always informative.

  7. The fact they are selling the family silver, or tableware at least, is a sign that they really need cash. I think SQ’s service level is excellent, and hope they come out of the crisis in good shape.

  8. Its not remotely a sign that they need cash (though they undoubtedly do, as most airlines do!). Their cashflow is in the billions of dollars, making a few thousand isn’t going to make the slightest difference.

  9. I WILL and would purchase this for sure !

    But unfortunately I live in Germany….instead of Singapore…

  10. At a time when much of the world is struggling to survive, SQ puts on this nouveau riche/ wannabe/snob appeal/more-money-than-sense nonsense? So vulgar…

  11. Dom is garbage. It’s a ‘name’ champagne that people recognize, but amongst those who know their bubbly, it’s underwhelming. It’s basic Insta fodder, but otherwise plain.

    This whole offer feels somewhat tasteless. It’s airline takeout.

  12. @Benjamin Nicholas

    Champagne overall is garbage.

    Any wine for £40 will knock Bollinger and LP to the gutter.

    A wine for £100 like Biondi Santi or Tignanello or a nice Mersault or even 2nd wine from a classified Bordeaux chateau would be bliss against a sad joke like Dom Perignon.

    I guess it’s like when people I know are impressed when I wear a Rolex but don’t bat an eyelid at my Piaget.

    Branding works. This is why Emirates and Singapore Airlines do better than Oman Air or ANA, even though the latter are significantly better.

    I find it crazy that Lucky states the price of the second package is close to the cost price. I pay £80 for a bottle of Dom Perignon and £15 for farmed caviar, no airlines serve beluga anymore. Don’t see how £95 compares to SQs entry level pricing even.

    If you’re not a Dom drinker or Caviar eater and buy these things from Harrods (only someone who doesn’t consume regularly would do this) you know that £95 is more than enough for a bottle of DP and some airline grade caviar.

  13. @K4 – alcohol is expensive in Singapore. A bottle of 2008 Dom is $215 SGD (at redmart). Oscietra caviar seems to range in price but seems around 90 to 120 SGD. Satay on the hand can be bought at local hawker centres for ~70c. So it does work out close to break even.

    For people outside SG it may not be close to break even – but for SG it is. Sadly booze is $$$$$.

  14. @K4,
    Please can you inform me where you get Dom Perignon for £80 and provide me your shipping details? I’m intrested for 600 bottles at that price and due to the quantity I should have a reduction, no?!

  15. @Nelson

    I need to make a profit, so will sell you for £90 a bottle. Shipping at cost.

    I doubt I can source 600 bottles, but will happily supply you what I can get.

    Send your contact details, as I’m not posting mine in a public forum.


    I do agree prices are higher in SG.

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