Park Hyatt Kyoto Now Accepting Reservations

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Park Hyatt is my favorite luxury hotel brand to book with points. While I generally think Park Hyatt and St. Regis are roughly comparable, I prefer World of Hyatt for being able to confirm a suite upgrade at the time of booking as a Globalist member, which really lets me maximize the hotel stays that matter most to me.

This is an exciting year for Park Hyatt, as they should have several cool new properties open. I’m most excited about the Park Hyatt Auckland and Park Hyatt Kyoto, both of which are scheduled to open in the coming months.

Up until now neither of those properties have been accepting reservations, though that has finally changed. The Park Hyatt Kyoto is now accepting reservations for stays as of December 1, 2019. Hotel opening dates are always subject to change, so it’s possible that this date will slip back, though it’s also possible it will be moved forward once they’re more certain of the opening timeline.

This is a great option for anyone looking to visit Japan next year, either during Cherry Blossom or during the Olympics. Kyoto has become such a tourist hotspot, so I’m sure this property will be very popular.

The Park Hyatt Kyoto will be a boutique hotel, with just 70 rooms, including nine suites.

Not surprisingly, the hotel isn’t cheap. Most nights rates seem to be 700USD+.

The Park Hyatt Kyoto will be a Category 7 World of Hyatt property, meaning that a free night will cost 30,000 points. This will be an excellent use of points.

It looks like the hotel isn’t yet accepting points reservations, though that should change shortly. That’s probably because the hotel has just become bookable within the past few hours.

The standard rooms at the Park Hyatt Kyoto seem to be 45 square meters, or about 485 square feet. Meanwhile the standard suites, for those looking to use a Globalist suite upgrade, seem to be 68 square meters, or about 732 square feet.

Unfortunately as of now the hotel’s website doesn’t have any real pictures of the property. Instead they just have the below pictures, which are sort of useless.

I don’t get why they couldn’t have at least provided some computer renderings.

Bottom line

I’m happy to see the Park Hyatt Kyoto now accepting reservations. Hopefully they also start taking points reservations in the coming days.

The timing of this is especially good, given that it’s ahead of Cherry Blossom season and the Olympics.

I imagine this property will be really popular with those redeeming Hyatt points, and given how small the hotel is, I imagine a good percentage of rooms will be taken up with points guests. I wonder if we’ll see the hotel eventually play games to prevent that.

Anyone plan to stay at the Park Hyatt Kyoto?

  1. @mk What?

    The RC Kyoto (maybe Ritz’s best property) consistently charges more than that and the current rates at Aman Kyoto (opening November) are $2K + per night.

    700 a night will be easy for Hyatt to fill if its only 70 rooms.

  2. Hyatt in Kyoto charges $800 per night during peak times, like Cherry Blossom Season. Definitely too much for a property that’s a little on tired side.

  3. Everyone complaining about the price probably isn’t part of their audience. If you’re complaining about the price of a hotel without even seeing the property then you probably never will be.

  4. @mk – Maybe you’re thinking Osaka? The 5 star hotels in Kyoto are consistently at this price level (or more) IME.

  5. Love Park Hyatt, something like a Ritz Carlton comes nowhere close.

    This looks cool and hope to stay there soon… more interested in Park Hyatt Niseko opening soon.

  6. Such a better experience to stay at a traditional ryokan in Japan (and Kyoto in particular) than a big chain hotel.

  7. I was just in Kyoto last month do can state with certainty the price is competitive for that level of hotel. I also stayed at the Conrad Osaka (by far the best Conrad I’ve stayed at) which was even more expensive. So maybe Osaka is cheaper, I wouldn’t know and that’s my point. It’s all relative.

    I think maybe mk was saying you could stay somewhere cheaper which is true of anywhere.

    I would recommend a ryokan experience which you can get for half of that even in cherry blossom season. There’s not a huge us hotel presence there so I always though it odd they will have 2 Hyatt brands.

  8. @DaKline “something like a Ritz Carlton comes nowhere close”

    I’d normally agree, but THAT specific Ritz Carlton (Kyoto) is a gem, nicer than other St Regis/Park Hyatt’s I’ve stayed at.

  9. @Evan — agree. We stayed at the Kyoto RC last summer and it may be the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

  10. @mk?

    I stayed at the Four Seasons Kyoto last fall and it was about $1500 for a standard room…

  11. @evan-good to know. Normally I am underwhelmed with ritz properties so I will keep them in mind next time I’m over there. Don’t know why but they always remind me of a 1970s actress (washed up but they strut around like their $hit doesn’t stink). Maybe it’s the fragrance as unlike Scott Pruit I’m not the biggest fan. Outside of four seasons, ritz and now Park Hyatt there isn’t that many luxury hotels (at least to my knowledge). I’d definitely stay in a diva ryokan again for a day or two for the experience but then maybe check out the ritz.

  12. Can’t wait to stay at Aman Kyoto in the coming two years! I’m sure the experience will be amazing once they get all the kinks out. I wonder who the GM will be?

  13. @ Ben — Please do not equate Park Hyatt and St. Regis. Park Hyatt is the BEST, but we have been totally unimpressed with St Regis, likely due to having to argue ad nauseam for upgrades to which were entitled. Marriott/SPG will rarely get our business. Hyatt seems to understand loyalty, while Marriott/SPG makes it clear they don’t care.

  14. What several others said – staying in Western chain in Kyoto does not make any sense, unless you are there on business. Stay in Ryokan. Experience Japan.

  15. +1 to previous comments about RC Kyoto. It’s probably the finest RC property in the world, hard-product wise. The common area design in particular is fantastic.

  16. emphatically agree with the comments above raving about the RC Kyoto. The most amazing place, very Japanese, one of the most memorable hotel experiences we’ve ever enjoyed.

  17. Reservation with points is still not available. Hyatt is not responding to my inquiries. Anybody got any clues when reserving with points will be made available at the PH Kyoto?

  18. WAY overpriced. Stayed in Kyoto at a local hotel for $100 a night last year. 5 minute walk from train station. Not sure why anyone would pay this much when you’re only in your room to sleep if you’re traveling.

  19. Wrote the property directly and got this answer; just made my booking Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)

    “Please accept our sincerest apologies that when reviewing points reservation you were unable to see the availability. Please be advised that this has now been rectified in our system and you should be able to see the availability for your preferred dates.“

  20. Did anyone else notice that Park Hyatt Niseko seems to be accepting bookings now too? Looks impressive!

  21. How does the Park Hyatt Tokyo compare to the Andaz, Conrad or Prince Gallery (Marriott Luxury Collection) in Tokyo?

  22. Spruce, you have to realize that most of the people here claiming that $700 is cheap have never actually paid to stay there. This is the “points and miles” crowd, remember, and many of them are not that well off.

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