Review: Hyatt Place Page Lake Powell, Arizona

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We spent the second night of our road trip in Page, Arizona, primarily so we could visit Horseshoe Bend. As we quickly learned, the real treat was just being able to drive around this part of the country, as the scenery is breathtaking.

Booking the Hyatt Place Page Lake Powell

Page has virtually every limited service hotel brand you could think of, and all the properties look as cookie cutter as you’d expect. Since my loyalty belongs to Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, and IHG (in that order), I decided to book us at the Hyatt Place Page.

The rate for our one night stay was $127. This is a Category 3 World of Hyatt property, meaning a free night would have cost 8,000 World of Hyatt points.

I value Hyatt points at 1.5 cents each, so on the surface you’d think redeeming points would have made more sense, but Hyatt also has a great triple points promotion, and I had a Chase Offers deal for a further 10% off, so I came out slightly ahead by paying cash.

Hyatt Place Page Lake Powell review

As was the case with the SpringHill Suites in Springdale, we didn’t spend all that much time at the hotel, not that there’s all that much to review at a limited service property. Nonetheless I tried to check out all of the amenities.

Hyatt Place location

The Hyatt Place Page was easy enough to find, and is just a short drive from the main streets of Page. Frankly the town of Page is one of the less charming small cities I’ve been to, though it’s clear that the draw here is the great nature, especially with nearby Lake Powell.

It would seem that most other hotel guests were there to go to Lake Powell, based on the number of boats on trailers in the parking lot.

Parking at the hotel is free, with no permit required.

Hyatt Place Page exterior

Hyatt Place check-in & lobby

Hyatt Place Page is probably my favorite limited service hotel brand, as I find they’re among the most consistent… for the most part.

The front desk was immediately inside the lobby, and there was a plexiglass shield that had been installed as a precaution.

Hyatt Place Page reception

The check-in process was quick, and we were given keys to our room in no time.

To the side of the front desk was a typical grab-and-go Hyatt Place area where you could purchase drinks and snacks. As a Globalist member I received two free bottles of water, which I could take from here.

Hyatt Place Page drinks & snacks for purchase

Between reception and the entrance were some couches and communal tables (with limited chairs to allow for proper distancing).

Hyatt Place Page lobby

Then to the side of the front desk was the main lobby area, with dining tables, communal tables, couches, and some cute nooks where you could sit. I thought the design was nice, and parts almost felt to me like a (decent) airline lounge.

Hyatt Place Page lobby

Hyatt Place Page lobby

Hyatt Place Page lobby

Hyatt Place Page lobby

Then in a room beyond that was more seating, which acted as the main breakfast room.

Hyatt Place Page lobby

There was also an outdoor terrace just off the lobby… look at those views!

Hyatt Place Page outdoor seating

Hyatt Place Page view

Hyatt Place King View room

We took an elevator up to the third (top) floor, as we were assigned room 332, a king room with a premium view.

Hyatt Place Page elevators

Hyatt Place Page hallway

Hyatt Place Page room exterior

I appreciate how spacious Hyatt Place rooms area, though I do find the decor to be a bit bland. Our room featured a king size bed, and then there was a small partition separating that from a desk with a rolling chair, as well as an “L” shaped couch with an ottoman.

Hyatt Place Page king room

Hyatt Place Page king room

Hyatt Place Page king room living area

Hyatt Place Page king room desk area

The room had the same great view as the lobby, except there was a flat roof that extended out underneath it, which obstructed the view a bit.

Hyatt Place Page view

The bathroom featured a sink, toilet, and walk-in shower, and toiletries were in individual containers (unlike most limited service properties, where they’re in reusable containers).

Hyatt Place Page king room bathroom

Hyatt Place Page king room bathroom

Wifi in the room was fast and free, and no log-in was required.

There was also a laminated card in the room explaining some of the changes being made in light of coronavirus. To summarize the two most important points:

  • Breakfast is still available, but there are pre-packaged options, rather than the typical buffet
  • Housekeeping is only provided every third day, if you’re staying for extended periods

Hyatt Place gym

The Hyatt Place had a decent gym on the ground floor. I wasn’t about to use this during the current pandemic, so we instead went on a run outside (which was surprisingly tough, given the higher altitude than we’re used to in Miami).

Hyatt Place Page gym

Hyatt Place Page gym

Hyatt Place pool

The Hyatt Place had an outdoor pool, though it wasn’t particularly inspiring, and we didn’t use it.

Hyatt Place Page pool

Hyatt Place laundry

The Hyatt Place had a guest laundry facility, which is something I would sure appreciate on a longer trip, and would have definitely sought out back when I lived in hotels full time.

Hyatt Place Page laundry

Hyatt Place food & drinks

One area where I find Hyatt Place does better than most limited service hotels is with the food & drink options as well as the overall ambiance of the lobby.

Hyatt Place Page bar

The menu read as follows:

In the evening we decided to sit on the patio and have some drinks before heading to Horseshoe Bend. I had a dirty martini, while Ford had a Truly. Drinks are temporarily being served in cups, and despite the appearance, I have to say that the dirty martini was excellent.

Hyatt Place Page drinks

Hyatt Place breakfast

The Hyatt Place serves breakfast on weekdays from 6:30AM until 9AM. Hyatt Place offers free breakfast as a brand standard, though understandably hotels have had to adjust breakfast offerings due to coronavirus.

Hyatt Place Page breakfast buffet

There was self serve coffee, as usual.

Hyatt Place Page breakfast buffet

Otherwise the buffet mostly featured packaged items, including oranges, bananas, yogurt, instant oatmeal, bread, etc.

I think this was a pretty good selection given how quickly the industry has had to adapt, and personally I prefer this to the SpringHill Suites breakfast, where they give you a breakfast bag with a bunch of stuff in it (some of which you probably won’t want).

Hyatt Place Page breakfast buffet

Hyatt Place Page breakfast buffet

Hyatt Place Page breakfast buffet

Hyatt Place Page breakfast buffet

Hyatt Place Page breakfast buffet

Hyatt Place Page breakfast buffet

Hyatt Place mask issues

Hyatt promises that employees at all hotels globally wear masks while on duty, though the Hyatt Place was by far the worst of the hotels on this trip in terms of employee mask compliance, as I covered in a separate post.

I don’t want to harp on that since I discussed it extensively in a separate post, but rather want to share the email I received from the general manager of the property after my stay, as I filled out a post-stay survey. Here’s what the general manager had to say:

I would like to sincerely apologize for you stay experience while visiting Hyatt Place Page Lake Powell. You are absolutely correct in that this is not the type of experience I would expect for my guests to encounter. Prior to resuming hotel operations on May 22nd 2020, the staff were training on how to behave in the workplace under the ‘New work environment’ and how to properly use Personal Protect Equipment. The training involved both Hyatt directives, Crescent Hotels and Resorts our management company directives, and city recommendations. I was personally involved in the training and the delivery of this messaging. It was very unfortunate for you to experience such a relaxed approach with regards to the proper use of protective equipment. Since reading about your experience, I have called together my staff to address these issues and reiterate the importance of following the property’s expectations as it relates to safety protocols, cleanliness, and use of personal protective equipment. These are unusual times and my team and I are adjusting and adapting to the rapidly changing conditions on a daily basis. I welcome your feedback and will use this to illustrate to my team what we look like from the guest’s perspective, not our own.

Hopefully this is addressed seriously by the property.

Hyatt Place Page Lake Powell bottom line

The Hyatt Place Page was more or less brand standard — the rooms were spacious (but land), I liked the lobby setup, and I thought they had a decent breakfast selection in light of current circumstances.

My only complaint about the stay was the lack of mask usage among staff, though I think that might be more of a reflection or Arizona rather than the Hyatt brand as such.

How do you feel about Hyatt Place compared to other limited service brands?

  1. I have come to love Hyatt Place hotels and have stayed at many different locations. Always very spacious rooms, friendly staff and great breakfasts, although I haven’t experienced a stay since the pandemic started. Never a stupid “destination fee” no matter the location, always feels like good value for money. I would genuinely rather stay at a Hyatt Place than a fancier up market hotel, I am not going to be hanging around in the hotel much wherever I am and don’t need an onsite restaurant.

  2. In light of the current travel restrictions do you still value Hyatt points at 1.5c/pt? I feel like that should be adjusted down by about 20-30% to 1.2c. Similarly with most of the points/miles currencies across the board.

    For the first time I have too many points (if that’s such a thing) and no ability to spend them. I’ve actually started to redeem citi points for statement credits at 1c/pt.

  3. @Ben might be time to dust off the old Hyatt chart. Been a while since any of us have stayed at a Hyatt so no shame in a little rust. Isn’t a category 3 property 12,000 and not 8,000 points? If so, that makes the choice to pay cash pretty obvious unless you are sitting on a huge amount of Hyatt points.

  4. This Hyatt is a category 3 and therefore 12,000 points a not, not 8,000 as written above.

  5. Many of the newer Hyatt Place and Hyatt House properties arent so bad given they are limited service. I would avoid the more dated ones though…

  6. I stayed at Park Hyatt Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra around 2 weeks ago. Across the 3 hotels only 1 person was wearing a mask. In fairness, in Australia we are not required to wear masks, however given Hyatt has issued a global directive I was surprised they were not wearing them. I work for a US MNC and once we return to the office we will be required to wear masks – irrespective of local laws and even at client site. The company will provide 2 masks per person per day – so I am surprised that given Hyatt is a global company they are not mandating it.

  7. Yeah limited service brands are sometimes fun. Like many new Hampton Inn can be decent Hilton Garden Inn, too.

  8. Oh, one of the new HPs with the much smaller rooms. Almost a Holiday Inn Express room, but without all the breakfast choices at a HIX. I’ll pass.

  9. The best part of Hyatt Place, Page IMO is its lobby (so is the one in Moab). These two properties’ lobby is designed in a way different from the traditional cookie-cutter HP style. Their rooms, however, are nothing out of this world.

  10. “There was also an outdoor terrace just off the lobby… look at those views!”

    You’re right, that view of the electrical substation is totally cool…I guess. I don’t want to sound like a prick but when you’re on the Colorado Plateau, you should be more selective on what views you choose to market as worthwhile. There are just so many that actually *are* amazing. That photo and view was…just a view

  11. “Page has virtually every limited service hotel brand you could think of…”

    I would love a rates/points comparison of the various limited services properties in one of the cities you visited. My hypothesis is that Marriott properties are much more expensive on a points basis. It’s difficult to use a Bonvoy free night certificate domestically. Would be insightful to see where the value lies.

  12. I don’t understand the logic of the way the bedrooms are laid out. This hotel has a nice view — so you put the bed right next to the window, even though you mostly occupy it at night with the curtains closed and while you’re asleep.

    But the soft furnishings and dining table/ desk — you put those in the part of the room furthest away from the view and natural light, even though those are the facilities you’d mostly use during the day?

    I’m not picking on this hotel: the vast majority seem to do it that way. Seems utterly bizarre to me.

    Though I mostly use these hotels for work, and it’s frustrating when I’m in the room most of the day but the view (and natural light/ fresh air) is so far away.

  13. I like the bed farther away from the door to the room. As a woman, it’s a thing.

    At the same time, I give bonus points for doing both where the desk AND bed is next to the window but the tv watching area is not.

  14. So you complained to the hotel about employees not wearing masks… yet you say that you feel sorry for all of these travel emoloyees getting laid off, etc… all the while, YOU are part of the problem by traveling around and potentially spreading the cooties. The only way to ensure that you are not part of the problem of spreading the cooties is to shelter in place. I don’t understand how you can care for others so little.

  15. I don’t understand the logic of reviewing a hotel these days. The standards and compliance won’t be the same as in normal times and you can’t expect it to be. This also looks similar to American locations of Marriott Courtyard.

  16. So… You’re in Page. Have you booked Amangiri? You’re too close not to.

    It’s still likely the best Aman out there. F&B aside.

  17. Im SHOCKED you went all the way to Arizona and Utah and didnt stay at AMANGIRI…….

    even kylie jenner beat you to it, check her IG Amangiri looks incredible

  18. The rooms at Hyatt Place are not larger than usual – the design makes room for the L-shaped sofa by moving the closet across from the bed and making the bathroom smaller. With the smaller bathroom, Hyatt Place can also fit sofas into double queen rooms too, which usually only have room for a single armchair.

  19. Page wasn’t even a place until the Glen Canyon dam construction started in 1957, this was created to house the workers and then it stuck around. Hard to find much charm in a desert town that’s 60 years old. But then I know someone from Page and she’s totally forgettable, much like the town.

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