Hyatt Gold Passport gets even better with 4PM check-out and new Diamond welcome amenities!

Hyatt Gold Passport already has the best top tier elite hotel loyalty program in my opinion, but they’ve just managed to make it even better.

One of the downsides of Gold Passport compared to Starwood and InterContinental in particular is that they only offered 2PM late check-out based on availability, compared to the other programs, which offer guaranteed 4PM late check-out. Well, Gold Passport is stepping up their game and matching 4PM guaranteed late check-out, except for resort and casino properties, where it’s still based on availability.

This is huge. I’ve often struggled with even getting 2PM late check-out, so getting an extra two hours guaranteed is an amazing benefit. The downside is that Gold Passport base members will no longer receive 2PM late check-out as a benefit.

Another benefit is more options for welcome amenities at Summerfield Suites and Hyatt Place hotels, where the current offering is 500 Gold Passport points. At Summerfield Suites properties, Diamond members can instead choose a $5 Guest Market credit, and at Hyatt Place properties Diamond members can instead choose a complimentary beverage. This isn’t interesting to me in the slightest, since 500 Gold Passport points are worth more than either of those options.

Regardless, HUGE kudos to Hyatt for the guaranteed 4PM Diamond check-out.

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  1. Lucky, you neglected to mention the devaluation in the award chart, which I am not happy to see as a Hyatt Diamond. Namely, all three decent Manhattan properties — the Andaz Fifth Ave, the Andaz Wall Street, and the Grand Hyatt (actually, scratch this one off the list of decent properties — ugh!) — are now Category 6 hotels.

    This strongly suggests to me that the programme is trending towards the creation of a Category 7 tier during the next devaluation; really, there’s no way that the Andaz Wall Street can be charged at the same rate as the Park Hyatt properties in Paris and Tokyo, and even above the Park Hyatt Beijing, Shanghai, etc. where rates are consistently higher than at the Andaz Wall Street.

    And then I’ll highlight that other properties, like the Hua Hin Resort, have risen from Cat 1 to Cat 4 in the space of one year…

  2. Late check out is a fantastic benefit of status

    One chain which does even better is 1865, the Langham program which grants 16:00, 18:00, and 20:00 for basic, mid, and top tier eltites respectively


  3. 4 pm late check out works great for me as a business travellers especially when I am in DC.

    I recently stayed at the Hyatt Key West Resort using Hyatt points, and received $116 daily breakfast allowance for the family of 4 and also all resort fees waived!

    Gold Passport is simply the best program out there. I just wish Hyatt have more properties in certain international destinations. For example, Brussels would be a good start, and London needs more than just 2 properties.

  4. Hyatt Diamond best? No way. Royal Ambassador is much better, with 8 AM check-in, free movie, free mini-bar, real domestic club lounges (that serve free booze), guaranteed suite and/or club upgrade, vast points earning opportunities, annual BOGO free night, annual Royal Ambassador referral. No comparison IMHO.

  5. @ deux centimes — That’s coming in a different post!

    @ Gene — While I think Royal Ambassador is great, let’s not forget the negatives — no elite benefits on award stays per the terms and conditions, a limited number of truly amazing promotions (though lots of points earning opportunities, which can be redeemed for stays without elite benefits), a lack of hotels comparable to Park Hyatts, and a lack of properties in general.

    In some cities InterContinental hotels are hands down the best, but the number of truly amazing stays I’ve had over the past few years has decreased.

  6. @Ben — I think this notion that you don’t get RA benefits on award stays is a bit overblown. Yes, some properties will not provide RA benefits on award stays, but I believe that the vast majority still provide them. Even when they don’t, there are ways to work around these “rules”, such as combining paid nights with award nights.

    True, Park Hyatts are generally much nicer than your typical InterContinental.

    As far as the number of properties is concerned, there are 172 InterContinentals but only 30 Park Hyatts! Granted, there are about 250 Hyatts (including Park Hyatts), so the number of upscale properties is roughly the same.

  7. I agree with Gene – the 8am checkin is a much more useful benefit, given the # of TATL and TPAC flights that land at an early hour (not to mention redeye transcons, if you’re a glutton for punishment). As I note elsewhere, the 4pm checkout is an illusory benefit for most business travelers, who checkout early morning as they are usually rushing to the airport after a meeting to catch the next flight home. The only place that 4pm checkout is consistently useful is when I bring my family to a resorts, and of course it is never available there.

    So while I’m not knocking Hyatt for taking better care of its elites, I won’t be breaking down the door to stay there.

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