Reflecting On My First Year As A Hyatt Globalist Member

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In October 2016 we learned the details of Hyatt’s revamped loyalty program, as they were retiring Hyatt Gold Passport and replacing it with World of Hyatt. The program kicked off as of March 1, 2017, so we’re coming up on 10 months. As I just finish up my last stay that requalifies me for Globalist status for 2018, I wanted to reflect on my thoughts on the program, now that I’ve had plenty of firsthand experience.

How have I done with complimentary suite upgrades?

One of the biggest advantages of the new World of Hyatt program is that Globalist members receive unlimited complimentary suite upgrades. The catch is that it comes down to individual hotels to execute that, so while the promise of suite upgrades is nice, the question is how many hotels proactively offer suite upgrades.

I’ve made exactly 20 stays since World of Hyatt was introduced on March 1, 2017. Here’s how I did on suite upgrades, and I should note that I never pushed for a suite, or anything:

  • On nine of those stays I received upgrades to a standard suite or better
  • On five of those stays I received upgrades to premium rooms (like a Large King at the Andaz Wall Street, a Studio Suite at the Hyatt Regency Sydney, etc.)
  • On six of those stays I didn’t receive any sort of a significant upgrade (like a room on a higher floor, etc.), though in fairness with most of those stays I believe the hotels were actually sold out

I received a suite upgrade at the Hyatt Regency Dushanbe

So I’ve actually been fairly impressed by how proactive hotels have been with suite upgrades. I’m certainly spending more nights in suites with Hyatt than in the past. I should note, however, that a lot of my stays this year have been at properties that probably don’t get a lot of Globalist members.

For example, if you’re staying at the Andaz 5th Avenue or Grand Hyatt San Francisco, chances are that you’re competing with a lot more elite members. Meanwhile if you’re at the Hyatt Regency Dushanbe or Tashkent, being a Globalist member is a bit more special there. 😉

I received a studio suite at the Hyatt Regency Sydney

How many Globalist suite upgrades have I used?

I’ve not used a single one of my four Globalist suite upgrades this year. For those of you not familiar, Globalist members receive four of these per year, and each can be used to confirm a suite upgrade for up to seven nights at the time of booking, assuming a standard suite is available for sale.

So why on earth wouldn’t I have used mine yet? Well, for one, a lot of my stays have been alone and only for 2-3 nights, where I don’t really care whether or not I’m in a suite, so I don’t even waste my time calling to apply one.

But the few times I would have gotten value out of it, it didn’t work:

  • At the Andaz Maui there are just a few eligible suites, so even though I booked way in advance, they weren’t available
  • At the Andaz Amsterdam there were no standard suites available, even if booking way in advance
  • At the Andaz Wall Street no standard suites were available for sale

So I don’t wany to say Hyatt is playing games with suite upgrades, but since these were initially introduced, some hotels have certainly recategorized rooms to either make it tougher to use these upgrades, or to not make the rooms you’re upgrading into worthwhile.

And then there’s another reason I haven’t used these…

I received an awesome suite upgrade at the Park Hyatt Saigon

I’m just not really engaged in World of Hyatt anymore

This is perhaps the biggest issue of all. There’s the rational part of loyalty programs, like calculating the points and perks you receive, and then there’s the irrational part of loyalty programs, which is the sense of loyalty you feel to a program, even if it’s not rational.

I used to love Hyatt Gold Passport. Back in the day I would have given them a “10/10” score when it comes to the warm and fuzzy feelings I associated with the brand. But unfortunately for me, those feelings are gone. I’m now lukewarm towards World of Hyatt, so that irrational loyalty and love just isn’t there anymore.

I can’t quite put my finger on why that is, though I have a few theories:

  • Up until this point not a single executive at Hyatt has acknowledged the shortcomings of World of Hyatt, or really done much to acknowledge the frustration of members; I understand they want to spin it positively, but all I’ve heard is “oh, it’s going great.”
  • While their competitors (in particular Hilton Honors) have been offering more promotions than ever before, Hyatt has been offering fewer promotions than before. Heck, their most lucrative promotion of the year was for members who were actively disloyal, like their offer to earn Globalist status after just 20 nights, after raising the qualification criteria for everyone else.
  • World of Hyatt continues to have backwards policies that actively incentivize staying with competitors. For example, if you’re at 59 elite nights in June it could make sense not to stay with Hyatt again until right before the end of the year, since the Globalist suite upgrades are valid for a year from when they’re issued, which is just such a stupid policy on their part.
  • While Hilton, Marriott, and Starwood award elite qualifying nights on award stays, Hyatt doesn’t. It’s ridiculous to me that they revamped the program and didn’t change this. I’ve been told that this is due to technological limitations. If that’s the case, figure out your technology, Hyatt. It’s 2017.

Bottom line

The good news is that overall I’ve been getting more proactive suite upgrades with World of Hyatt than I was expecting to. In many ways I’d say the program changes are a wash — we lost the Diamond welcome amenity, but we gained unlimited suite upgrades, etc. This doesn’t necessarily factor in the increased requirements to requalify for status, though.

Unfortunately the thing that has been lost, though, is my irrational loyalty towards Hyatt. I used to say “ah, I love Hyatt, what a great brand,” while now I’m like “meh, I guess they’re the best option in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.” It’s tough to describe what exactly caused that, though I think it’s a combination of a lack of acknowledgement of any deficiencies on Hyatt’s part, illogical policies associated with their benefits, the general lack of global promotions, etc.

There’s new leadership at World of Hyatt, so here’s to hoping they do more to engage members in 2018.

Now that the first year of World of Hyatt is coming to an end, how do other Globalist members feel?

  1. Great Thoughts Ben, can’t agree more.

    But, one thing you missed is December 11, they just did category changes with one day notice. Though its minor change.

    Personally, I tried so hard to requalify this year again, but, the value of World of Hyatt probably only at some selected cities: like Tokyo and Hongkong.

  2. Lucky, you readily admit that your change in feeling is “irrational” in nature, so I take no issue with your position here. That said, many others have been piling on about how terrible Hyatt is now as compared to the past. That may be true, but in my opinion, they’re looking at it the wrong way.

    At this point, I personally view Hyatt as an off-shoot of the Chase points program where I can transfer points whenever I want to and stay at solid Hyatt Place properties for 8,000 points or 4,000 points + $55. Granted, those aren’t top-of-the-line properties where people can get fancy suites. They still serve a purpose, and I’ve stayed at many brand new properties in that category this year. I even stayed at one Hyatt Place in St. Pete, FL for 2,500 points + $50 when it had only been open for a few days.

    I think people should view Hyatt as a way to get quality, mid-scale rooms for fewer points than you can get a comparable room with any other hotel. If people want a more luxurious program as a “go-to” brand, obviously SPG may be a better fit. My overall point is that I think viewing the World of Hyatt program as a program at all misses its value. For people like me who like to maximize the number of trips they can take by using Southwest Companion Pass plus points for my fare along with free, nice (but not upscale) rooms, rather than fly first class and stay at swanky places for a fewer number of trips I think the Hyatt program is awesome.

    Obviously, you don’t personally have to make the choice between a fewer number of fancy trips vs. a larger number of moderately nice trips (which is totally fine), but most of us do. In that context, Hyatt is valuable.

  3. IF they brought back the Diamond amenity bonus in the form of a Globalist amenity bonus and their global promotions to keep up with the Joneses, many would change their mind… but unfortunately, I am in the same boat and I agree with your thread…. I barely requalified for Globalist status, admittedly under the 20 night offer and I am indifferent about it.. I find myself more looking at Hilton properties because of their lucrative point offers and aggressive discounts. I do hope that World of Hyatt rebounds in 2018

  4. I’m in that same loyalty boat with Marriott for next year. With the elimination of rollover nights for 2019 and I’ll start 2018 with 40 nights at Marriott, I’ll only need 35 to keep platinum status. So I’m not sure what to do with the back two-thirds of 2018.

  5. Hyatt is paralyzed.

    They no longer even pay attention to the Hyatt Insiders forum, so nobody knows what’s going on there, if anything. It’s as if the entire group (Gold Passport) is hiding. It’s not the holidays; they’ve been disengaged for months.

  6. Hyatt seems a complete mess right now. Case in point, the $50 credit after $300 spend on the credit card. I haven’t seen my credit post yet. I called Chase and was told it was a Hyatt promo and that Chase had no record of that promo. I called Hyatt and they told me it was a Chase promo. I called Visa directly, wondering if it was a Visa promo, and got redirected back to Chase. It clearly says on the latest, You haven’t yet completed this, email that it’s a Hyatt promo.

    Hyatt is doing what airline loyalty programs have been doing…pushing loyalty to the curb and making us all free agents, which is a good thing. And I completely agree with other comments, I’m a Chase loyalist now…Chase is paying for flights to Hawaii and hotel rooms while there for 8 of us, hard to beat that. And all I’m really giving up is free breakfast…I can pay a little to feed myself but this flexibility is king now!

  7. I’ve qualified for Globalist for 2018. However, I’ll see how they go about changes in 2018. Otherewise, with the new Hilton card, I’d be Diamond with them and atleast gold with spg/marriott if not platinum.

  8. @ Ben — I agree with your closing thoughts. Yeah, something irrational has definitely been lost, but it is hard to put a finger on exactly what. I assume that will hurt Hyatt’s bottom line and that they will do something to regain lost business. Time will tell.

  9. I think these observations are all valid but I’ll add one caveat: 2017 was a transition year for Hyatt members, with a larger number of elites competing for the unlimited suite upgrades than what we’ll see starting next year (since WOH has upped the requirements for top tier status and 2017 status was based on Gold Passport rules). It’ll continue to be that way until March 1, 2018 so I’m taking the upgrades in stride until then. But as for everything else mentioned, I completely agree.

  10. I left Hyatt when they started doing targeted promotions and excluded me. I was staying weeks at a time at Hyatts with $500-$900 rates. I switched to Hilton and the hotels aren’t really as nice but I like the program better. I will say I love the Hyatt House brand and have been staying there more but their loyalty program is too difficult and not worth the hassle and cost.

  11. I still to this day do not understand the blogosphere love of a hotel chain with such a limited footprint. Not thanks on Hyatt stays.

  12. After paying for 61 nights out of pocket to continue my Globalist status, I realized that I didn’t have the same satisfaction as I had previously for hitting Diamond status in HGP.
    What I thought was my costly “hobby” is not the same anymore. It’s amazing that a huge change to my favorite loyalty program ON PAPER could disrupt my opinion of an entire brand.
    On the other hand, I clearly recognized that Hyatt employees had the best training and service of any travel-related company that I’d used in 2017. They were always concerned for my well-being and very courteous to me.

  13. I’m a Globalist with three stays so far this year. I’ve also not used any of my upgrades because I’m not interested in Hyatt anymore. I think there are some great hotels, but I decided to focus on my SPG and spread the other stays among my other hotel accounts. In my opinion, Hyatt really overplayed their hand with the changes to the program. If they revamp it so that the number of stays per level is commiserate with the availability of hotels I would consider giving them a few more stays, but for the most part I am done with them.

  14. Globalist with single-digit paid nights in 2017 and no Suite Upgrades used either. Very disappointed by the transition, new WoH, and — most mystifyingly — a lack of promotions for most of 2017 (other than double-points promo going on right now). Didn’t even pursue Globalist requalification through the 20-night offer.

  15. Lucky, another great post. I particularly agree with your statement, “Heck, their most lucrative promotion of the year was for members who were actively disloyal, like their offer to earn Globalist status after just 20 nights, after raising the qualification criteria for everyone else.”

    I am one of the Hyatt loyalists that are caught in the pinch – those of us that can stay 30 times, but can’t reach a total of 60 nights. Before we were diamond, but now we will be relegated to Explorist, even though I will qualify for Explorist twice: both from nights as well as my annual credit card spend…

    As a Globalist this year…

    I have NOT ONCE been given a suite upgrade.
    I have all 4 of my suite upgrade certificates UNUSED – never sufficient availability.

    I don’t mind them adding a higher level tier – those that stay 60 nights deserve more than I. But I resent that they have more removed from my tier than added to the new higher tier. This includes:

    I will miss the lounge access on every stay.
    Now, I will never be entitled to ANY suite upgrades.
    I will only get a late check out extended till 2pm.
    I will no longer get complimentary parking (on awards), or waived resort fees on paid rates.

    Those are the highlights of what has been removed from those of us that would otherwise have qualified as Diamond under the former program. I really want to love Hyatt, so I am still hoping for some changes in 2018….we shall see.

  16. I have not been as Lucky as Lucky.

    So far I am at 59 stays (0 stays at Hyatt Place/House etc). I have not received a single suite upgrade except the one stay where I pre-booked a suite with my tier suite upgrade.

    I have 3 suite upgrades UNUSED because of a lack of availability.

    The highest hotel category I was able to redeem the 1-7 certificate at was a cat 5, as my planned trip to Japan, the hotels didn’t have availability, nor did they in Paris.

    For 45 or so nights, I traveled with my family, so I believe booking a room with two beds, greatly reduced my chances of getting a suite at check in.

    But Hyatt at the Globalist has really lost its luster and I am sitting here wondering if I will even try to go for the 55 nights needed for next year, as really the only benefit has been the wonderful regency club or free breakfast. I am sure if I did the numbers, I would have done better not going for 60 nights this year.

  17. I’m perfectly satisfied with the program. I’m a globalist for 2017 and after this Friday I will be again for 2018. I’ve gotten suite upgrades for many single night stays but only once for multi night. Because of my travel habits and business, I’ve not only been loyal to the band but also loyal to the property, therefore the managers all know me and greet me. My photo is on their wall so that the staff knows who to look for when I have a reservation.

    One occasion took me by total surprise. I arrived at Hyatt Regency Naha, only staying there once before, and the staff escorted me up to the Regency Club (nothing special). What impressed me was that I didn’t even say my name and they had my check in information waiting for me. What?

    Overall I’ve had a much better experience over Hilton. I don’t stay at other properties so honestly have no reference like all of you but at this point I’m not compelled to change my loyalty.

  18. The same here. I was a hyatt maniac supporter… they have been so disappointed in the last years that i will not renew and don’t even consider them as an option… can’t explain why but i guess it’s what happens when you love something so much, when they really F**** up your over react. Hope will not be the same next year with SPG 😉

  19. I just requalified as a Globalist with the 20 nights stays. Originally I had decided to not try to qualify when they raised the qualification to 60 nights, but a long business trip last month helped me hit 20 nights. I have used one of the 4 suite upgrades for the Andaz in London. Other times I tried a suite was not available. I have been upgraded around 5 times, including at the Grand Hyatt Singapore, which used to always upgrade me to a one-bedroom suite even before the suite upgrade policy was introduced. I have never been upgraded (nor been able to use a suite upgrade) at the Grand Hyatt in HK. The Grand Hyatt Tokyo has become harder to get upgraded as they say you can only upgrade to a standard suite.

    All in all, I agree with you – I am much less engaged than I was with Gold Passport. Thinking of switching focus to SPG, though in Asia it is hard to find hotels that match the quality of the Grand Hyatts and Park Hyatts.

  20. I was Hyatt Diamond through status match, then qualified the next year on stays with 37 nights. Being Lifetime Platinum with Starwood gave me some room to play around with other programs in 2016. If not for the World of Hurt changes, I would have accumulated enough stays to requaliy as a Globalist. And the This year I’ve only stayed at Hyatts to use upgrade certs or free nights while qualifying again for the Starwood Ambassador Platinum level. World of Hurt is the sole reason I have hardly any Hyatt stays this year. The 20 night offer with reduced Globalist benefits for 2018 was a no brainer to pass on.

    The Park Hyatt Saigon is a very nice property, although the lack of a lounge generally makes Park Hyatts overrated for me. The new Park Hyatt Bangkok was disappointing. Among other issues, there is no lobby, check in is on the 10th floor (you need two elevators to enter of leave the hotel, and saying the hotel is connected to the Skytrain is a real stretch. The Grand Hyatt Erawan is a better option for BKK if one must stay with Hyatt.

  21. I qualified as a Globalist in the first 2 months of this year to carry me over till March of 2019. I knew I would not reach 60 nights, so I qualified under the old program luckily. For me, I was able to get suite upgrades every place I asked. The Park Hyatt Tokyo, 2 of them at The Grand Hyatt Bali, and at the new Andaz Singapore. I was upgraded to a beach villa with a pool at the Park Hyatt Maldives as well. The service at all of these properties was excellent and I would not hesitate to stay at them again, especially the Park Hyatt Maldives. I probably will not qualify again in 2018 for 2019, so if they come down to earth and make Globalist more realistic, it might be worth it, but I will stick to the programs that I have a chance of make top tier, which is SPG and Hilton.

  22. Hyatt is my favorite chain but I never stay there. They usually don’t have properties where I need them, and when they do, they are low end properties that don’t did anything for me. And yes, no promotions of merit anymore.

  23. 60 nights, only one complimentary suite upgrade, and one upgrade certificate used on a one-night stay when I needed to have a suite.

    But I haven’t had any international Hyatt stays this year, and it seems like that may make a difference in terms of upgrades (just like SPG & Hilton).

    The one (and I think it’s only one) thing that I do like is being able to gift the credit card nights and other free night certs through the Guest of Honor program. Those are all timed or limited such that I can’t use them (a big negative), but they’ve come in handy for others.

  24. The more people drop out the better for me. Wonderful experience at the crazy ANDAZ Amsterdam – a suite came along when I pointed out my status. The Andaz brand is not really taking part in the Hyatt Suites with points etc. Wondering how Anders (=different) Tokyo will handle my status LOL. Great experience in Vienna again – one of the best (luxury chain) hotels in Europe.
    I hear Milano is a must, too.
    60 nites are tough but manageable with runs at cheap Hyatt’s in the US. Plus 20% discount using Hyatt GC’s.
    Looking forward to 2018 when the Globalist herd should be thinned out….

  25. Even IHG started awarding elite qualifying nights on award nights earlier in the fall! It’s crazy Hyatt doesn’t!

  26. I stayed 93 qualifying nights with Hyatt this year as a Globalist. The ONLY TWO time I got free upgrade to suite was at Grand Hyatt Chengdu, which was really nice and Hyatt Regency Guiyang (again lesser locations). The other times I just got better rooms (Park Chicago, Grand Hong Kong, Andaz Tokyo). In New York, I got nothing at Andaz 5th and Andaz Wall Street. In Shanghai, I got nothing at Park and Andaz.
    This is the first time I’m able to use my suite upgrades at a preferred location over many years I was Diamond member. Most of the time, there was no availability. I think Suite upgrades were the most overrated benefits to me in a Globalist. In most years, they were left unused until expiration. I don’t care about Suites when I travel alone on business. Suites actually make me nervous that I may left stuff behind. But with my loved ones, I prefer a bigger and nicer room.
    Free nights that I got by staying 5 brands kept on getting to expiration date. I dont’ know what happened. I ended up forfeiting one that I earned. Maybe I didn’t travel enough for pleasure myself.
    Overall, I feel Hyatt is still a strong brand, and I love the free breakfast, lounge access and guest of honor benefits. I love the quality of their hotels, although footprint is much less than big rivals. In general, Hilton and Marriott hotels do not cut for me. I don’t like SPG hotels either, either too old (Westin and Sheraton) or too gaudy (St regis) or too night clubish (W). I like the understated luxury and simplicity and good service of Hyatt.
    I will continue to support Hyatt next year.

  27. I started staying with Hyatt after the status match promotion (Marriott Gold to Hyatt Diamond), qualified for Globalist in 2017 and just requailified for 2018. I’m actually fairly content with the WOH program. I was upgraded to a suite 3 times upon check in in 2017 and was able to use all 4 of my suite upgrades (Grand Hyatt San Francisco 2 nights,The Confidant in Miami Beach 5 nights, Grand Hyatt DC 3 nights and Park Hyatt DC 4 nights. Used my cat 1-7 free night award at Park Hyatt New York ($735/night + breakfast which was $100 for the two of us) and my cat 1-4 free night award at the Hyatt Regency Cologne, which has the most incredible Regency Club I have seen. Complementary wine and beer, afternoon pastries, and impressive dinner spread. Looking forward to seeing how 2018 turns out.

  28. I agree with all of your points, Lucky! Hyatt’s attempt to overhaul its loyalty program has not been successful. It’s like they are trying to get you go to a competitor. And the name. They started out with a truly stupid name and a bad logo. They name it after a group that Steve Bannon attacks–those “Globalists.” And the irony is that Hyatt really isn’t worldwide is it? It has a very small footprint. It’s a small world after all.

    I can’t even recall any offers this year.

    I do love the Hyatt brand, but you are doing lots to push me into the arms of other lovers. And they take me and reward me.

  29. I have been successful with the suite upgrades in Denver as long as they have more than one suite room available for sale. In other hotels, when they start looking in the system for my room, I have told them I value space. This has worked well for me. I did 75 nights this year and they have treated me well. I will miss this as I won’t be able to do this next year.

  30. My first year has Hyatt Globalist:
    0 Hyatt nights (3 award nights, but those don’t count for status.)
    60 Marriott nights (+15 for credit card bonus. Suck it Hyatt.)
    35 SPG nights (+5 for credit card bonus. Suck it Hyatt.)

    Guess I won’t be a Globalist in a few weeks. 😉

  31. @Lucky sez: “Unfortunately the thing that has been lost, though, is my irrational loyalty towards Hyatt.”

    I would say that is a Good Thing to lose because only “irrational loyalty” would explain why travel bloggers or anyone else would be infatuated with a program (HGP) that was, at best, immature and a WIP (work-in-progress), or, at worst, a joke.

    WoH is just HGP seen without self-anointed travel gurus’ rose-colored glasses…

    — The 4 DSUs are under-performing, but are no worse now than they were when they were being touted as “best in the business”…
    — Award stays never earned and still do not earn elite-qualifying credit.
    — The very popular “5th award night free” perk that enables elites in other programs to get outsized values for their points, was never a HGP Diamond perk, and it is still not a WoH Globalist perk, which automatically disqualifies either incarnation of the program from being called “best”…

    See? HGP was no better. Only “irrational loyalty” made it seem like it was, and I’d told so… 😉


  32. 5-year Diamond/globalist here. Requalified for 2018 with 60 nights. I’m also top tier with Marriott (80 nights). Top tier at SPG and Hilton by status matches. I am about 90% sure I will leave Hyatt completely next year if there aren’t major changes announced (and soon). I found I was staying in Hyatt Places when there was a perfectly good full service Marriott or Hilton within 5 miles, just so I could get to that 60 night mark.

    You sort of hit on it with the Globalist Suite Upgrades, but the final nail in the coffin in the program for me is the stupid-short expiration times they put on all the loyalty awards. Seriously, you are going to expire the “we love you, thanks for requalifying” cat 1-4 (explorist) and cat 1-7 (globalist) nights at 120 days? I work in sales (that’s why I have all these room-nights Hyatt, get it?) and there are only certain times of the year I can get away. If you give me a “thank you” in August, there is no way I can use it until January, and it has expired by then. I had to let my 1-4 cert expire unused and had to take my January time off a week earlier than I would have liked just to make sure the 1-7 cert could get used.

    Like I said, Hyatt has about 45 days to announce some major fixes to the program, or I’m going to have to say goodbye to the program for the rest of 2018 and possibly forever in favor of a program with a larger footprint and less “breakage”.

  33. @Andrew, yes, Luxury Collection is the only brand I like under SPG. So still not enough to win me over.

    There is one thing I found magical about Hyatt, is that even an average Hyatt Regency has class (not luxury but class, not sure it is politically correct to say that). And Lounge quality at Hyatt is so much better than Marriott and most of the time SPG.

    I also found SPG points redemption rate is too high for expensive hotels in core cities such as New York, Paris and hot resort destinations, while Hyatt caps at 30k points.

    So overall, I guess WOH has pissed off a lot of members. But for me, it does the trick. Guest of Honor is the best and my families have enjoyed a great deal without my presence, ;).

  34. I’ve been very happy as a Globalist this year. Used one of my suite upgrades for a fantastic suite at the Park Hyatt Moscow for 4 nights. Used another at the new Hyatt Regency Amsterdam. Was unable to use one at the Churchill London due to no availability. Also the waived resort fees at Miraval was substantial at 27% of nightly rate. I didn’t get many suite upgrades but was upgraded to nicer rooms almost every time. I will say I don’t see any advantage with stays at Hyatt Places. There I even have to ask for the daily free water. I will say I love the 4 pm late check-out and have used it on about a third of my stays.

  35. Agree with you here Ben. I honestly lost some loyalty towards Hyatt this year. Hyatt used to be great, now it’s just meh to me now.

    I was planning to do 60 nights (currently at 53), but I read a few post saying that the free night you get for CAT 1-7 expires super quick like 3 months so I decided to stay at Starwood hotels instead. If I knew that the free night you get after 60 nights was going to expire that quick like the other cat 1-4 free night, I wouldn’t have stay at Hyatt so much this year.

    I was really looking forward to achieving 60 nights this month, but these free nights expiration dates are a big joke.

  36. I have mixed feelings, I felt like it was a slap in the face from Hyatt with the 20 night globalist offer for the remainder of the year, that still has me ticked off. I did complain but again probably fell on deaf ears.
    At the beginning, I had to remind everyone that I was a globalist and that the suites were available, the 2nd half of the year never had to use my upgrades even at swanky properties like the Park Hyatt Milano and the Andaz London. I still have not used all my suite upgrades.

    Speaking of the Andaz London, their customer service is simply the best, when I got there they and out of the cab the came running and said my name and the escorted me to a very nice suite and told me I did not have to bother with the check in. They sent wine, flowers to the room. The are the best!

    I will get my 60th night on the 26th! Then I will start looking around to see if I feel anything is better because as far as I can tell their customer service is the best, however, they need to change a few things for me to stay further.

  37. It’s not just the WOH program. Their BRG became a joke as well. The only good thing with Hyatt is their twitter team. But Hilton is catching up. I will stop staying at Hyatt next year when losing globalist status.

  38. Globalist here who requalified on 100k++ base points for 2017 (nearly 60 nights too)
    Managed to use three of the DSUs at resorts in Goa, Mexico and Thailand. Generally decent diamond recognition at properties (typically only stay at PH, GH and HR)
    What ticked me off recently is a late check-out request. Per the WOH terms this is subject to availability at resorts – for me this makes it useless as you need it most when you are travelling with your family on vacation vs business trips where you can find other solutions. Definitely an area to improve on in 2018

  39. World of Hyatt has lost its way and with it our “Irrational Loyalty”, Lucky! A MARRIOTT television commercial reminds us of what it is really all about: “Treating others as we want to be treated has always been our guiding principle.”

  40. I was “just” an Explorist this year, but my GAWD it took work to get there!

    My most recent experience at the Grand Hyatt NYC (42nd St) sealed the deal for me – the status is just not worth it. I stayed for 7 nights – very unusual for a business traveler in NYC – and the “upgrade” was a joke. Their reasoning was that I wasn’t proactive about it and there was nothing they could do for me. It was all up to me to do the work before the stay.

    Meh. I will still stay at Hyatt for personal stays when I have the dogs with me – do appreciate they are mostly dog-friendly – but since I took your advice on the AmEx Platinum, I’m Hilton and Starwood Gold, baby! Who needs Hyatt!

    Happy holidays to you, Lucky. I am new to your blog this year and really, really enjoy it! Keep up the great work!

  41. The primary incentives for top level status are the lounge access and guaranteed suite upgrades. But 60 nights is a nonstarter for me, particularly when I can get Marriott Gold with zero stays thanks to UA status. With the new Hyatt there are no FFNs, no lounge access (well maybe 4x/yr), no free breakfast- really there is not much incentive for me to stay here except the points. If anything Hyatt needs to step it up as Marriott and SPG will be cross-marketing.

  42. Hyatt is playing games with suite upgrades and availability. Claiming a king deluxe is a suite (hello MCO Hyatt) to having a very difficult time using suite upgrades to not being proactively offered a suite upon check-in. Then, when you ask, they say that they don’t have any, yet when looking online there are several suite categories available. @Lucky, it is not irrational to expect the benefits promised. It is frustrating to have to ask for water and then to find it on your bill (many HPs). Or, to say you cannot have even a one hour late check out because they are “completely committed”, yet online shows 5 different room types available (Andaz Maui). After 5 years a Globalist I didn’t even try to requalify. Too much of a headache to get my benefits.

  43. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever stayed at a Hyatt, and I don’t see myself changing that. It’s not because I hate them for some reason, but simply because they haven’t made it appealing in any way. They have a very small footprint to begin with, so I’d have to go out of my way to stay with them. A lot of my hotel needs are mid-priced options for conference attendance, which they don’t seem to do great with. That’s the kind of thing where a loyalty program makes or breaks a hotel chain, because those are both things that could presumably be overlooked if the program was appealing. But it sounds like their IT is a mess, rewards stays don’t count for elite credit, and their elite qualification system is a mess – not to mention their suite upgrades have inconvenient expiration dates, and I’m not sure if they’ve even done any promos like Hilton, SPG, and Marriott do. They have some properties that I hear are aspirational, but so does Starwood and Marriott, and those are the ones that have worked to actually draw me.

  44. Hi Lucky. I agree with you. I used to be very proud of being a Diamond Hyatt and for 11 years of Diamond and recently Globalist, I feel that Hyatt do not care about LOYALTY anymore, which is ironic. I am a Lifetime SPG and will continue to support them 100%. I was hoping that Hyatt will look into reducing the requirements fpr Lifetime from 1 million to around 600 or 700K. That will for sure push more loyalists to stay in the programme. I reached 50 nights at Hyatt this year which does not mean anything. What a pity! Thanks to SPG I can still enjoy my upgrades and lounges…. Paul

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