Hyatt Diamond Challenge Extended

Hyatt Gold Passport is probably the single most generous program when it comes to offering status challenges. I’ve written about the rules of a Gold Passport status challenge in the past, though the most recent version of the Diamond challenge actually ended on April 30, 2014.

The good news is that as of May 1 they’ve extended the Diamond challenge with exactly the same rules as before. And the best part is that if you complete a Diamond challenge now status won’t just be valid through the remainder of this year, but will also be valid through all of 2015, and through February of 2016. So if you want to maximize the amount of time you remain Diamond from a Diamond challenge, this is the best time to begin one.

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

As a reminder, here are the basic terms of the Diamond challenge (see my Diamond challenge primer for all the details):

Who can request a Hyatt Diamond trial

Elite members with the following programs can request a Hyatt Diamond trial:

  • Hilton Honors: Gold & Diamond
  • Marriott: Gold & Platinum
  • Starwood: Platinum
  • Priority Club: Platinum

In practice it doesn’t seem to matter whether you earned the status through a credit card or through actual stays, as long as you have valid status with one of the above programs. You also need to prove that you’ve made at least one stay with the program you’re status matching from.

How to request a Hyatt Diamond challenge

There are two ways to request a Gold Passport Diamond trial:

  • Email Gold Passport at [email protected]
  • Call Gold Passport customer service at 800.304.9288

Requirements for completing a Hyatt Diamond trial

It’s worth noting that when doing a Diamond challenge you get the status upfront, and you have 60 days to complete the challenge.

To complete the challenge you need to stay 12 eligible nights at any Hyatt worldwide within 60 days. “Eligible nights” include published rates, corporate rates, AAA rates, senior rates, and even Points + Cash bookings.

If you successfully complete the challenge then the status will be valid through February 2016.

The other awesome thing about the challenge is that Hyatt gives you 1,000 bonus points per night for your first six eligible nights, so you earn 6,000 bonus points if you complete the challenge.

The last thing worth noting is that while you have exactly 60 days to complete the challenge, the trial status is valid through the end of that month. In other words, if you begin a challenge on May 15 you would have until around July 15 to complete the challenge, though even if you don’t complete it the status would be valid through July 30.

Bottom line

Between giving you the status and four Diamond Confirmed Suite Upgrade Awards upfront, Hyatt offers one of the most generous challenges there is. Not only that, but they give you a further 1,000 points per night for the first six nights you stay with them.


  1. What if you’ve had it in the past? Is this a new period and you can get it again?

  2. Two questions:

    1. If you don’t complete the challenge do you get to keep the upgrade certificates?

    2. How recent would the Hilton stays have to be for matching to Hilton Gold? My account doesn’t show any recent stays, not sure when my last Hilton stay was but I have gold status to use for the challenge (PH Vendome and PH Tokyo stays coming up in July so I’d love to have Diamond Status during those visits)

  3. Question for ya, I only have one scheduled hyatt stay coming up but seems like the right time to take advantage of this challenge. It seems silly to not try and complete the match given the length of the benefit…I could book cash and points at the lowest tier for 30k and 600 out of pocket. In addition to that is there any way to book rooms for other people under my gold passport number?

  4. @ SJ — Hmmm, not sure yet. If I manage to figure it out I’ll let you know, but I would assume they won’t make changes anytime soon.

  5. @ Scott G —

    1) Yes you do.
    2) I’m not sure, but I would assume if it’s within the past year you’d be fine.

  6. @ Dawk — You can be the primary guest on a reservation and in many cases add someone else as an additional guest on the reservation and just have them check-in, but there’s not an easier way than that to do it.

  7. Can you get the challenge again, if you had requested a challenge before?

    How often do they offer this?

  8. @ Danny — It’s “once in a lifetime” as far as I know. They do offer a challenge fairly consistently, though.

  9. Do they re-up your four suite awards again in 2015 (assuming you successfully complete the challenge)?

  10. Any thoughts on whether they’d apply credit for a 4-night stay ending on 4/30 retroactively to the challenge?

  11. Hi, Lucky! How long you think the diamond challenge will last. I prepare challenge the diamond status at the beginning of the August, do you think this promotion will still alive at that time ?

  12. How often is this available? The timing would work better for me later this year. I didn’t know it was a sometimes promotion. thanks

  13. Hi Lucky,

    I enrolled in the challenge in 4/10 and at that time they told me if I can complete my challenge by 6/10, my Diamond membership will remain until Feb 2015. Do you think they will extend it to Feb 2016?

    Thanks a lot!

  14. @ Kyle Lee — Unfortunately if you enrolled before May then I believe it’s only valid through early next year regardless.

  15. A few questions:

    1. If I have planned stay on 6/1, when should I request the challenge? On the same day or a couple of days before? In that case, when does the challenge start?

    2. If the challenge starts on 6/1, will the status be valid until 7/30 or 8/30?

    3. Will stay in Vegas count towards the challenge?

  16. @ JW —

    1) I would email them in late May and tell them you want to start the challenge June 1.
    2) Till July 30.
    3) Yes.

  17. Nice to know there’s no waiting between the challenges. Per your advice, I waited until now to do the challenge so that I could have the status through Feb. 2016.

    On a related note — before coming down to Seattle for FTU, I called Marriott and signed up for Gold challenge (initially they wanted to give me Silver but I mentioned I am SPG Plat). The terms are 6 stays in 60 days and you no longer get status during the challenge.

  18. Gene (#16), I’m in the middle of a challenge right now, and can confirm what Lucky (#23) says: they say they won’t extend people who’ve already signed up for the challenge thru 2/2016. Bummer.

  19. Forgive me if this has been answered…If I have a stay TONIGHT 3/May, but have not registered for the challenge [was going to next week] will they give credit for a previous stay, or let me “backdate” the challenge to today…???

  20. Have we seen confirmation of the extension of Diamond status through Feb 2016 for challenges started May 1 and after? I emailed them yesterday and got a response today that the status would only be in effect until Feb 2015.

  21. Hi Ben,

    Second what JLSocks said. I emailed them and they said the status is only till February 2015 & not 2016 which would not be such a grand deal. That also seems similar to what you had reported before that beginning the challenge after June results in status for the whole of next year & beyond.

    Could you please confirm this?

  22. @ JLSocks @ Notthatlucky — Sorry, the rules are the same as previously, meaning if you begin the challenge on June 1 or later you’d keep status until Feb 2016.

  23. Ben,

    Regarding the one stay with the program you’re matching from, can it be a reward nights stay or does it need to be a paid stay? I am IHG Platinum but have no stays within the past year, so trying to figure out the cheapest mattress run to get my qualifying stay. Would a cash and points night work?

  24. @ Larry — If it shows as qualifying activity my guess is it would count. If it didn’t get you a stay/night credit, my guess is that it wouldn’t count.

  25. Lucky,

    Could you tell me a little more about the proof of one night stay? I have Marriott Gold status via Ritz C card, but I don’t think I have any eligible stays this year. What “proof” do you need to show? Would an email referencing a stay be enough, or does your account have to show eligible stays?

  26. Shouldn’t you update your post now since the info is misleading? Tell folks to only start the challenge in June so that the status lasts until 2016.

    You are still putting up the old info saying those who start in May can keep the status until early 2016 if the challenge is successful.

  27. @Lord Advantine Your information is not correct. I just received my trial notification yesterday and the agent told me that the status will be good through Feb 2016. This was unprompted.

  28. @Lord Advantine Not sure if this is from others who have inquired about it or from those who have actually enrolled. That shouldn’t make a difference but it may be dependent on what the agent sees when they enroll for the challenge.

  29. When I enquired about the challenge they told me Feb 2015. I then replied and asked them to confirm if it was 2015 or 2016 and they confirmed it was actually 2016. I enrolled today and they again (unprompted) said 2016.

    I suspect they just had old copy they were using. Seems like it really is 2016.

  30. When I got a response from them asking about the challenge, I also saw that it was good till Feb 2016.

    BTW, is there an easy way to check range of dates that are cheapest in an area? Trying to find one near PHL, but they all seem expensive.

  31. Kayak can search “All Hyatt Brands” which might be useful. Still not search a whole month but may be quicker/easier than plugging that into

  32. @lucky @Brian ok, I just hope I get some luck with my searches… does signing up for their newsletter help at all? I figured I might get mailed some promo deals or something. Thanks guys.

  33. Lucky,
    If I register for a GP Hyatt Diamond challenge.
    Can I book the Excalibur Las Vegas at paid rate for 12 nights, check in at the hotel in person swipe my credit card get the room key and do the auto check out,but I’m not plan to stay there.
    Would I be eligible for this Diamond challenge?

    Thank you.

  34. Lucky, it is my understanding that the suite upgrade certificates do no expire even after the 60 period. Is that correct?

  35. Luck,
    I am hoping to do a diamond challenge this September. I know I get 4 suite upgrades with the challenge. If I use all four will I get more at the beginning of 2015 (assuming I complete the challenge).

  36. Once you request the challenge, how long does it usually take to process and have the status level upgraded?

  37. Hello,
    I signed up for the challenge. I will be traveling with my family and and at every stop we will need 3 rooms. Chicago, Detroit St Louis and Memphis.

    If I book these room does each night count as a stay or each room for that day. I’m paying for all three.

    Or can anyone advise on how to divide these up. In those six days I will pay for 18 nights.

  38. @ Sean — with Hyatt you’d only get credit for one room, unfortunately (so 1 stay & 6 nights); would be best for someone else in your family to do the challenge as well so you can get 3 people halfway to 12 nights.

    Alternatively, you can do an SPG Platinum challenge (Lucky had a post about it on 2/25/2014). You need 18 nights to get SPG Plat using challenge and, it just so happens, that with SPG you are allowed a credit for up to three rooms as long as they are under your SPG number and you pay for them. So you’d get credit for 3 stays & 18 nights; normally SPG Plat is 25 stays or 50 nights but if you do a challenge, it’s just 18 nights and you’d be all set 😀

    FYI, while Hyatt gives you Diamond status during the challenge, including 4 Diamond Suite Upgrades, SPG only gives Platinum if the challenge was completed and I don’t think you’d get 10 Suite Night Awards (would have to get 50 nights for that).

  39. @ Lucky – I type too slow! BTW, do you have some sort of an app that notifies you about comments?

  40. @ Ivan Y — Yep, if you click “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” at the bottom of the post you should be notified of follow up comments. Thanks for helping in the comments! 🙂

  41. @ Lucky – thanks, just trying to give back 🙂 Also, that’s how I subscribe to comments as well but thought that perhaps you had some sort of a fancy WordPress iPhone app to manage comments more efficiently.

  42. Ivan Y,

    Thanks for the info. I figures that was the case, but was hoping not. I gotta get the hyatt done. 4 suites for 2014 4 for 2015 and 4 for 2016. I think that is the case. To good to pass up.

  43. Sean,

    You are welcome! Sucks if you can’t get other family member(s) to do a challenge though.

    Also, I believe you’d only get 4 DSUs twice: one set for now-Feb 2015 and another set in Feb 2015 or whatever they use for membership year.

  44. Lucky,

    Is it better to email or call to request the challenge? And if I email them, do I still reference offer code DMD14?

  45. I sent an email in today and had diamond status a few hours later. The only thing is, the email says that it is valid until February 2015. Is there any way to get that extended to what other people seem to be getting (2016)?

  46. When is the expiration of the Hyatt Diamond Challenge? My husband & I have a trip to Asia for 3 weeks, and have already booked 14 nights stay at Hyatt properties, except for 4 nights, the rest were booked using all points. I’m thinking of switching 8 of those nights to cash & points to count towards the 12 night requirement. Is it worth it? If I apply say Sept.20, will 60 days end Nov.20 or t’l Nov.30?

  47. @ Lena — 60 days would end November 20, so you’d have till then to complete the challenge. However, Diamond status would stick until November 30, even if you don’t complete the challenge.

  48. Just got a question about the Diamond Suite Upgrades… are they automatically loaded into your account online for you to use as soon the account has been changed to Diamond status? Thanks in advance!

  49. @ Ray — When you’re logged into your account, click on “My Awards” and you should see it listed.

  50. Thanks Lucky! Found it! There appears to be some lag for the 4 DSU’s to appear on the account. My account was showing Diamond status but went to My Awards and it was still showing 0. Then 15 minutes later I checked again and it showed 4! Just a FYI 🙂

    Though was only able to apply the DSU for only half my stay (last 3 nights of 7 nights points and cash) at Andaz Maui for late August. Nonetheless, still psyched!! Can’t wait!

  51. I will be staying at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco for 5 nights in October. 4 of the nights are with free night certs (me and hubby each had 2) and the last night is paid for with points. Is there any reason to try for a diamond challenge for each of us right before we go? Free breakfast for the trip? I don’t think that any upgrades will be given to us since we are using free night certs and points, am I correct?

  52. @ Kathy — Will you be able to complete the challenge, or use the status in future? Otherwise I’d probably hold off until a trip when you’re using points + cash and can apply a suite upgrade.

  53. I may not be able to right now. Much of our travel is already booked. I may try to do it starting in December if the challenge is still being offered. I know we will have more trips coming around then. Thanks!

  54. Hey Lucky,

    do bookings with “My Elite Rate” count towards the required 12 night mark in this challenge?

    Greetings from Germany,

  55. ARGH, now Im seeing a “Advance Purchase” Rate, I just want to make sure and have to bother you with the same question again, does the Advance Purchase rate count towards the required 12 night mark in this challenge?


  56. Hi Lucky,

    I just applied for the Chase IHG card without inputing an IHG account#. I then used the IHG # that was assigned to me to log in online. My status is showing ‘Club’ instead of ‘Platinum’. Both Chase and IHG said that it takes 6-8 weeks for Platinum to show. Do you know if that’s true?

    I have a PH Vendome trip coming up in 5 weeks and was hoping to get the Diamond challenge before then. Any advice?

  57. @ Bertha — It can take a week or two for the status to update, so I’d wait a bit as I’m sure it will automatically update.

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