How To Add A Stopover To A One Way Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Award

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Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer is one of my favorite niche frequent flyer programs. Singapore Airlines has some of my favorite first class & business class products in the world, and for the most part the only way to book them is using Singapore KrisFlyer miles (that’s because they block the space for members of their partner frequent flyer programs).

Singapore Airlines A380 business class seat

I’ve written extensively about the KrisFlyer program, both when it comes to redemptions on Singapore Airlines metal, as well as for redemptions on Star Alliance partner airlines:

KrisFlyer stopover rules

KrisFlyer’s ordinary stopover rules are as follows:

  • On a roundtrip saver award ticket, you can do one stopover and one open jaw
  • On a one-way standard or full award ticket, you can do one stopover

Stopovers aren’t typically permitted on one-way saver level award tickets. Of course you want to do everything in your power to book a saver award ticket, given that it costs substantially fewer miles than a standard or full award ticket.

Add extra stopovers for $100

What most people don’t realize is that you can add stopovers to saver KrisFlyer awards for just $100 each. This means:

  • You can add a stopover to a one-way saver award ticket for $100
  • You can add an additional stopover on a roundtrip saver award ticket for $100

You can actually add up to three stopovers for $100 each, which has the potential to be hugely valuable. This applies both to travel on Singapore Airlines, as well as to travel on Star Alliance partner airlines. The routing rules remain the same, so you can’t plan a more circuitous routing just for the purposes of doing stopovers.

For example, here’s a chart with KrisFlyer’s redemption rates, factoring in the 15% discount for booking online:

RouteBusiness Class (One-Way)First Class (One-Way)Aircraft
San Francisco to Hong Kong63,750 miles + $112.40 70,125 miles + $112.40Boeing 777-300ER
San Francisco to Hong Kong to Singapore68,000 miles + $312.5091,375 miles + $325.50Boeing 777-300ER
San Francisco to Seoul65,875 miles + $205.5074,375 miles + $218.50Boeing 777-300ER
San Francisco to Seoul to Singapore68,000 miles + $312.5091,375 miles + $325.50Boeing 777-300ER
Los Angeles to Tokyo65,875 miles + $172.8074,375 miles + $172.80Airbus A380
Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore68,000 miles + $327.9691,375 miles + $340.96Airbus A380
New York to Frankfurt48,875 miles + $205.5057,375 miles + $218.50Airbus A380
New York to Frankfurt to Singapore72,250 miles + $340.8193,500 miles + $353.81Airbus A380
Houston to Moscow48,875 miles + $213.9057,375 miles + $226.90Boeing 777-300ER
Houston to Moscow to Singapore72,250 miles + $320.9093,500 miles + $333.90Boeing 777-300ER

To give an example of the benefit of this in practice, a one-way saver first class award ticket from San Francisco to Singapore via Seoul Incheon would ordinarily cost you 91,375 KrisFlyer miles.


Say you want to have a stopover in Seoul for more than 24 hours. You’d ordinarily have to book two awards to do that.

You’d pay 74,375 miles for San Francisco to Seoul Incheon:


And then pay 51,000 miles for Seoul Incheon to Singapore:


That’s a total of 125,375 KrisFlyer miles, which is 34,000 KrisFlyer miles more than booking the trip without the stopover.

You could instead pay $100 for the stopover in addition to the 91,375 KrisFlyer miles. I’ll gladly pay $100 to save 34,000 miles, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

How to add extra stopovers

The “catch” here is that you can’t add the extra stopover for $100 online. You have to call the KrisFlyer call center:

  • The good news is that the KrisFlyer agents are generally quite competent
  • Not only will you have to explain you want a stopover for $100, but you also have to request that they honor the 15% online booking discount, since the award wasn’t bookable online (note that this only applies to awards on Singapore Airlines metal, since partner awards aren’t eligible for the online booking discount since they’re never bookable online)

Expect for it to not be the easiest phone call on earth, but it shouldn’t be too difficult, especially since KrisFlyer agents are generally quite competent.

KrisFlyer miles are easy to accrue

The best part is that KrisFlyer is transfer partners with all “major” transferable points currencies, so those points are quite easy to come by.

Here are some of the best ways to rack up those points through credit cards:

Earn KrisFlyer Points

A KrisFlyer word of caution

As I mentioned above, KrisFlyer miles are about the only way to book Singapore Airlines longhaul premium cabins. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part you can’t redeem partner miles for Singapore’s premium cabins.

That being said, even availability using KrisFlyer miles has gotten worse over time:

  • KrisFlyer no longer seems to release much Suites Class saver space to/from the US in advance (there’s plenty of space for markets outside the US, though)
  • First Class/Business Class space continues to be quite readily available, though keep in mind Singapore Airlines will soon be halving the size of their 777-300ER First Class cabin, which will almost certainly have a direct impact on award availability

Singapore Airlines 777-300ER first class, which will soon be cut in half

Bottom line

Singapore KrisFlyer remains one of my favorite niche frequent flyer programs. If I could only have miles in one program would I choose KrisFlyer? Probably not. But the miles are incredibly valuable for redemptions on one of my favorite airlines.

And the above trick for adding stopovers for $100 adds even more value to their program, in my opinion given how few programs allow stopovers on one-way award tickets.

Have you ever paid $100 to add a stopover to a KrisFlyer award ticket?

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  1. Ugh, wish you had posted this 5 months ago when I booked by one way F ticket from JFK all the way to HKG. Thanks for this anyway; certainly good to know! Slowly counting down the 26 days til my first SQ premium experience!


  2. @onemileatatime
    very interesting.
    can you combine partners when redeeming kris please?

  3. No, I didn´t know about that. Krisflyer award chart is absolutely fantastic to/from Brazil. GRU-BCN in F is 56k, GRU-BCN-SIN is 93k and GRU-BCN-SIN-SYD is 120k. These stopovers only adds value to an already great redemption, probably the best ratio miles/experience.

  4. Have you ever booked this before?
    My experience was (and appears so from the T & C) that this stop over for $100 is only valid for Star Alliance redemption. Which means 1. The price is higher, as its calculated based on the Star Alliance chart. 2. There is no 15% discount on Star redemption.

    I would love to know if you actually booked one with a stopover and a discount…

  5. @ Gene — You can, but they have very strict “no backtracking” rules, and that would be charged per the Star Alliance award chart and wouldn’t be eligible for the 15% online booking discount.

  6. Lucky, can you change the booking at the time you’re making the stopover as well? As in I book SFO-ICN online at the saver level. Find saver space from ICN-SIN, then call to change my booking?and pay the difference in miles & $100?


  7. @ JW HPN — Hmmm, that might be complicated because you’re changing the award type. You might have to redeposit the award and start over, but I could be mistaken.

  8. I’m booked in a Suites class from NYC – FRA. Now, three months after booking, if I wanted to add a same day flight to prague (on star alliance carrier lufthansa, do you know if they’d allow me to add that to the one way (either to make a full one way or with a free stopover (technically, it wouldn’t be a stopover since it would only be a few hour layover in Frankfurt. I’m not even opposed to paying, but would like to see about getting my bags checked all the way through (even if going through customs) as opposed to exiting the secured area and checking in for the FRA – PRG flight and having to go through security again.

    Any suggestions?

  9. if you would paid off an award sq flight with business cabinet and waitlist the first class cabinet, how likelihood would get approve ? and how close in from the day of departure?

  10. @ Larry D — Nope, since you’d be switching from a Singapore award to a Star Alliance award you’d have to cancel and rebook. Even on a separate ticket you should be able to check your bags through since you’re transferring to and from a Star Alliance carrier.

  11. @ Jung — It all depends on the flight. Singapore is pretty inconsistent with clearing waitlists. Sometimes they clear them and sometimes they don’t. When they do, it’s usually roughly two or so weeks out.

  12. Any idea if they would let me book a stopover in SFO on a UA trip from New York to Hawaii? I know they don’t generally allow domestic stopovers but I’m never quite clear on whether Hawaii counts as domestic or not for stopover rules.

  13. Ben:
    Going back to your response on my question concerning connecting in Frankfurt on a separate ticket. When I’d check my bags in NYC, I’d show that I’m flying to Prague via Frankfurt and the check-in agents would print PRG as my final destination on the bags?

  14. @Larry D

    yes, exactly like that. just have printouts of everything so the agents don’t have to look it up. it’s quite painless. 😉

  15. @ Larry D — As Lantean notes, it’s super easy. Just have a copy of your itin and they can check your bags all the way through.

  16. For people thinking about travelling from Seoul or North Asia to Singapore and vice versa, return, the best way to do it via miles is via Aeroplan which groups Singapore and North Asia in one Area… and therefore business class redemption on SQ is only 30 or was it 35K miles (return)…. I love aeroplan only for this reason. It is good if you live in Asia and love traveling from China Hkg..korea /japan to Singapore on SQ business. There is also a downside to this SQ to BKK return would cost you the same in miles.. whereas if you bought the ticket BKK costs 1100 return on business and Korea could be something like 3-4000 SGD… FYI 🙂

  17. WOAH! I currently have a saver first ticket booked on Singapore Airlines from LAX-NRT-SIN as two separate one-way awards since we are staying in Tokyo for 5 days before going to Singapore. Does this mean I can call them and for $100 make it a stopover instead and get the additional points and/or taxes refunded? Would be a huge savings on points since it is for 2 people!

  18. “KrisFlyer miles are easy to accrue”….if you live in the US 😉
    Or do you know any other way besides credit cards??

    BTW, is SQ also blocking business class awards to Avianca?

  19. Any idea when 77W F capacity to cut and route schedule?

    I recently completed an analysis of how far in advance unsold F and O rev seats are released to saver award inventory, but that pattern would be obsolete if/when F capacity cut.

  20. Doing FC JFK-FRA in August and booked separate Lufthansa flight FRA to Edinburgh. Are you saying I could have included it in the original ticket for $100 rather than using additional points? Singapore only quoted additional points for the EDI leg. Ended up using LH miles as they required fewer. But would change it in a heartbeat to get miles back for $100 per person. Thanks.,

  21. @ Thomas — Hah, in fairness I think I clarified that in the post. 😉

    Yes, they are blocking most space to LifeMiles nowadays.

  22. @ Patrick Mc — Retroactively you might not be able to do that unless both flights still have award availability, though you can always call and try.

  23. Can you book a regular (non-stopover ticket) through the online method, and then call them later to change the second leg of the flight to add a stopover? The change fee is pretty small to change the date, and maybe this would help if you have challenges getting the agent to honor the online booking discount.

  24. My quiestion is Kevin’s variance.
    What if I book online then change the first leg?

    CGK-SIN < readily bookable
    SIN-NRT < waitlisted

    I wish I change the first leg to include stopover after waitlist is cleared.

    I heard that I have to rebook when the first leg is changed. If it's true, this trick does not work and I have to start over.

  25. Done it a few times. The call centre is always helpful. Almost all my award bookings have been completed over the phone and they always honour the 15% discount.

  26. Krisflyer miles are easy to get in the use, but what is the expiration policy? Can you “renew” miles, or do they have a fixed expiration?

  27. In all my experience of redeeming KF miles for flights I’ve never once had an issue with a phone agent not honouring the 15% online discount due to the web site not being able to process a booking. I think the shortcomings of the SQ web site are truly well-known to the call centre staff.

  28. I frequently book revenue economy tickets with stopovers on SQ – just booked FRA-SIN (stop)- PVG(stop) / HKG-SIN(stop)-FRA today.
    To top it off, they don’t charge anything for changing travel date or city!
    Say I want to fly from PEK to SIN on above ticket, instead of HKG-SIN, I could change no problem.

    Since finding out the above and factoring in that my success rate of being put into exit row is 3 out of 4 times, all my flying is on SQ

  29. I have an award FC SIN-JFK but will be coming from TPE before spending a week in Singapore, can I use the $100 stopover rule to “add” the TPE-SIN leg to my current award?

  30. Hi Lucky, thanks for this! I live in Singapore and (obviously) am an avid fan and flyer of SQ. The problem is, most of the Singapore-issued credit cards don’t quite have the same generous mileage earn rates and bonuses as the US ones. Do you know of any US cards which a non-US person (like myself) can sign up for, given that I don’t have a social security number nor US-domiciled bank account?

  31. A bit of a pain. I did this myself recently took 1.5 hours total calling time. So not something easy. They have to send it to an office to re-ticket then you call again after a couple days. Pain in the butt.

  32. @ Oren B — It would price as a new award since Taipei is a separate region from Singapore, but otherwise it should be possible.

  33. HKG SIN KNO, is was about SGD$14x – forget the exact amount, for stopover more than 24 hrs, calling sq will be the best on 11 am onward singapore time GMT +8

  34. Lucky,

    What is the best number for Singapore Airlines call center in Singapore that can help us with award booking over the phone? Since I think the Singapore call center one is more competitive and helpful in getting the stopover added and online discount honored compared to the US one, right?

  35. @ David — All their call centers are outsourced, so their US number would be fine. It will direct you to the same call center.

  36. The past two days dealing with SQ phone agents has been a nightmare (trying to book pty-iad/iad-hnl-iad/iad-bze). Their US call center audio starts skipping every minute and makes an already hard to understand phone call next to impossible. Half of the agents couldn’t see the *A award space that I could see, and the ones that could were pricing the itinerary as three stopovers, iad x2 and hnl because bze ended up being the destination. Another portion of the agents refused to book the itinerary as one ticket as soon as I got to the third segment… according to them, no stopovers or open jaws allowed!!! Finally I gave up on the open jaw with 2 stopovers, and did a round trip with the one free stopover and will just use my SW companion pass/miles for the last Central America trip.


  37. Ben,

    I looked at the Singapore airlines Star alliance award chart and noted that a RT flight from North American to Middle East was only 150K miles RT. However, when i used their mileage calculator it said 260K miles needed. Is their award chart wrong?

  38. Ben,

    Plus, doesn’t the award chart look a little low for Middle East to North American travel?

  39. @ Wayne — it appears the calculator is only valid for figuring out routings on SQ itself (just like the online booking can only be done for SQ flights). It quotes you 260K because Zone 13 (USA – West Coast) to Zone 10 (Africa/Middle East) is 130K in F one-way.

  40. @Ivan, Thanks. So is it 75K miles one way? So basically LH F from Middle East to US is only 75K one way?

  41. @ Wayne – I believe so; it just has to be a valid routing (check Star Alliance Route Map between your destinations). You can mix in SQ metal as well, e.g. if flying JFK-FRA-DXB you can do JFK-FRA in SQ Suites and FRA-DXB in LH F. That is, assuming there is availability, of course 🙂

  42. @Ivan – I did think about that. But the chances that SQ will open up any seats within a two week period prior to departure is slim. But to be honest, LH F is my definitely my favorite! I think SQ service is better but food and ground service at LH is unbeatable. My opinion at least.

  43. “This applies both to travel on Singapore Airlines, as well as to travel on Star Alliance partner airlines.”

    You sure it applies on Star Alliance one-way awards?

    From the link you provide (on page 13, under the heading “Star Alliance Award Restrictions”):

    “No stopovers are permitted for one-way awards.”

  44. @ Lucky – The very next line states:

    “One **complimentary** en route stopover is permitted for round-trip awards. Up to three more additional stopovers are also permitted at US$100 each, regardless of the class of service.” (Stars added.)

    The fact that the above provision uses the qualifier “complimentary” shows that SQ distinguishes between complimentary and otherwise, wouldn’t you agree? If so, the fact that the terms don’t use any qualifier in the provision to which I first cited (“No stopovers are permitted”), seems to (at the very least) imply that ALL stopovers are prohibited on one-way awards, complimentary or otherwise.

    I’m surely not going to argue with your experience, but the terms do seem to be confusing if in fact they permit it.

  45. @ AJK — I’m just telling you how it works in practice. Feel free to call if your experiences differ…

  46. Lucky – you said non-US A380 routes in Suites class are more readily available. what other longish-haul routes does SQ operate with the A380? or are SIN-NRT and SIN-FRA the only ones from your above chart?

    if there are others worth exploring, it might be worth it to know about em for someone who just wants to experience Suites class once etc. thanks!

  47. @ danny — It doesn’t matter, as long as your travel is completed within a year of the date the ticket is issued.

  48. Data point: they wouldn’t allow me to add a stopover on an award ticket I booked last month from SIN-JFK.

  49. Ben

    I am looking to Book a Suite class flight but my departure airport would be DPS that doesn’t have first class. Should I then book the Suite Class flight online and then pay the $100 to add DPS-SIN on business? Is it possible to do that even if I will be staying at SIN airport for a few hours?


  50. @ PH — You’ll want to just book the whole itinerary by phone, though be sure to still request the 15% online booking discount.

  51. Ben,

    since star alliance award for flight from asia to south america need 135k KF miles ,i will use pure SQ to utilize only 69700 miles ( after 15% discount ).

    my itinerary will be :
    SIN-Barcelona(stopover)-Sao Paulo (destination)
    Houston (open jaw)-Moscow (2nd stopover)-Sin

    questions :
    1. i read in StarAlliance award T&C that i can do open jaw that considered as round trip. For this case since i depart from South america and leave from North America is the RT award still valid ?
    2. i also read that round trip award saver entitle for 1 free stopover, so i only need pay additional 100$ for another stopover,correct ?
    3.Reason i want to do as a round trip open jaw with additional 2 stopover rather than 2 one way award saver is I can save 100$ for one stopover since for one way award saver there is no free stopover, but on the other hand if i book 2 one way saver,probably i will save miles since 1 way miles region is north america-asia ?? what do you think ?

    Any advice ?

  52. @ Rio Indrawan — I don’t believe that would count as a roundtrip, since you have an open jaw between continents. So I believe you’d have to book that as one-ways, and would have to pay $100 per stopover.

  53. Hi Ben actually it is sound possible (havent checked with call center)

    you can check at T&C Krisflyer Section G.l

    “One origin or destination open-jaw is permitted for a round-trip award (e.g. fly Singapore to San Francisco, then LA to Singapore; or fly Seoul to Singapore, then take a return leg to Tokyo). Open-jaws are permitted across different award zones but the higher award level will apply. En route open-jaws are not permitted”

  54. @ Rio Indrawan — Ah, then sounds like it should be possible, though wouldn’t be surprised if you have to hang up and call again a few times. Keep in mind you’ll be charged the higher cost for both directions, though.

  55. Hi Ben,

    Does it means by higher award level, instead charging me in award saver miles, they will use award standard miles level ?

    Then its better to book 2 one way trip (same award saver miles) and pay additional 2 stopover (one at each way) ?

    Do you think, if i book this way from phone they will still give 15% miles discount ?


  56. @ Rio Indrawan — Sorry for any confusion. I’m saying if there’s saver space both ways you’d be charged the higher price between zones. In other words, you’d pay the roundtrip Singapore to South America price, since that’s the most expensive zone you’re flying to. If you request it, they should still be able to honor the 15% discount over the phone, since this can’t be booked online.

  57. Thanks again Ben,

    Another question since i also plan to travel quite a while in South America . By using my KF Miles in Avianca ; i read from star alliance KF Miles chart for south america – south america Round trip need 25,000 KF miles.

    1. Do you think it is possible for me to create itinerary like this using Avianca (5 segment round trip flight with stopover)

    Sao Paulo – Bogota (complimentary stop over) – Quito (additional stopover 1) – Lima (additional stopover 2) – Santiago (destination) – Bogota (no stop over , only plane stop ) – Sao Paulo

    2. if i book direct round trip Sao Paulo to Santiago using Avianca itself will stop at Bogota, so my route cant considered backtrack right ?

    3. I am interested if this is possible since it is only for 25,000 miles + 200 USD (2 additional stopover) + CMIIW no YQ for redeeming on Avianca ,right ?


  58. @ Rio Indrawan — KrisFlyer is usually pretty strict about requiring “direct” routings, so I doubt they’d allow that, unfortunately.

  59. Hello, thank you for the very informative blog post, I do have a quick question.

    You mentioned that “on a roundtrip saver award ticket, you can do one stopover and one open jaw”.

    Does that mean I can make a booking for example,

    1) Singapore- San Francisco, followed by, New York back to Singapore.
    2) Add 1 stopover at the same time for example, Japan.

    Thank you so much!


  60. @ Daniel — You can indeed do a stopover and an open jaw. The issue is that you can only stop over at a logical connecting point. You can fly from Singapore to San Francisco via Seoul or Hong Kong, or from New York to Singapore via Frankfurt.

  61. Hi Lucky,

    Thanks for all the info from your blog!

    1) I am trying to figure out if the following route is possible under one KrisFlyer award?

    JFK-FRA-SIN (pay $100 for stopover)-TPE

    2) Is there a way to check if certain routes violate the “backtracking” routes?

  62. @ why1818 — That would be fine, though it would be “collective” pricing, since you’d pay for the JFK-SIN award and then SIN-TPE award.

  63. hi lucky – i’m not sure that’s correct.

    it might not be valid, but zone 14 (JFK) to zone 4 (TPE) is 122,500 in F, less 15% discount, whereas zone 14 (JFK) to zone 1 (SIN) and then zone 1 (SIN) to zone 4 (TPE) as separate tickets is more. (25k pre discount)

    either way, if you want a stopover on a ‘saver’ level fare you have to call to book so worth asking the question.

  64. Hi Lucky & @andrew,

    1) I did a quick experiment using Singapore Airlines’ award redemption website. Apparently, they allowed JFK-FRA-SIN-TPE under single award redemption.

    But, it wouldn’t allow JFK-FRA-SIN-NRT because it violates the “backtracking” rule.

    2) Do you know if the $100 additional charges for saver award stopover is per person? Or per ticket?

    Thank you!

  65. HI Lucky,

    I want to book a one way saver in F from BOM-LAX on July 26th. SQ flies from BOM-SIN and then from SIN-LAX. BOM-SIN shows available on July 26th but SIN-LAX is wait listed. I

  66. HI Lucky,
    I want to book a one way saver in F from BOM-LAX on July 26th. SQ flies from BOM-SIN and then from SIN-LAX. BOM-SIN shows available on July 26th but connecting flight for SIN-LAX is wait listed.Also I want to add a stopover in SIN for a few days and plan to fly out from SIN on Aug-3rd. What according to you is the correct option between wait listing the flight online and then calling SQ for the date change or to call SQ to book the ticket over the phone. Also if you can think of another better option please advise.

  67. @ paul — That’s going to get really tricky if you’re trying to waitlist. Your best bet is to find flights with confirmable space and then call in to book with the stopover.

  68. Hey Lucky,

    I just got off the phone with an agent to price out a one-way Star Alliance award with a stopover and was informed by the agent that they no longer allow stopovers on Star Alliance award tickets; they only allow you to pay $100 USD for stopovers on SQ metal because of a recent rule change. Any insight into whether this is an actual new policy, or I should try calling again?


  69. @ Jacob — That would be news to me. Sounds like the agent may have been misinformed. I’d suggest hanging up and calling again. If you get the same answer, let me know and I’ll try to dig deeper.

  70. Is the following allowed?

    SYD-SIN-USM (Stop over) -USM-SIN-LAX

    or if thats not allowed… how about

    SYD-SIN-USM (Stop over – open jaw) SIN-LAX

    Want to get to USM without having to pay extra.

  71. Lucky:

    If I want to book ADL-SIN-FRA-JFK In F but ADL-SIN is only an A330 with J – Am I right in assuming the call centre can book this for me over the phone? Assuming there is appropriate J & F award space? Otherwise would have to book 2 x separate awards which could get costly?


  72. Lucky, thanks for all that you do to make our travel better. I am going to book Singapore from JFK-FRA and want to go from FRA to Berlin a couple of hours after we arrive in FRA. What is the best way to do this? Thanks.

  73. Ben, would SQ allow the following “roundtrip” with stops in BCN and NRT?


    Curious if this will avoid the YQ all the way

  74. I found a flight from LAX – NRT – SIN in september and using the SQ website, it actually has a selection if we want to stop over. I picked a 2 days stopover in Tokyo. But, however when I click book, then it says stopover is not allowed for oneway saver. (I was booking for one-way)

    But, when I tried for round-trip, it worked ok.

    Is this normal? or do I have to call in to book the stopover?

  75. Hi Lucky:

    Thanks for all the hard work you put in on the blog. I’ve spoken to multiple agents over the last few days who refused to issue a one-way stopover for a Star Alliance (LH) booking between JFK-FRA-HND. Their only explanation was that the $100 stopover provision applied only to complete SQ bookings. Given a previous post this seems to be the new normal. I can certainly hope my agents were misinformed. Obviously a big blow. I’d love to know if you learned any new information regarding this policy.

  76. Hi. Looking to fly from Siem Reap to New Delhi with a stopover in Singapore. The REP-SIN leg is on Silk Air. Is that a problem, or is that considered Singapore metal?


  77. Hi Lucky,

    I’m relatively new to the game. Your blog is amazing, thanks so much for all your tips!

    I was wondering if I can also add (paid) stop overs to star alliance one ways booked via Krisflyer?
    I couldn’t find a definite answer on their website.

    Using Krisflyer miles, would the following one-way star alliance business class redemption be possible? I understand this can’t be booked online so I would have to call SQ.

    SIN-DME on SQ
    Stopover in DME (paid USD 100)

    DME-FRA on LH or Lot (any other airline would probably not be direct enough for SQ)
    Stopover in FRA (paid USD 100)

    FRA-YUL on AC
    Stopover in YUL (paid USD 100)

    YUL-YVR on AC

    Would this work?

    If the routing works in general (and you have time to answer additional questions):
    1) the cost in miles would be 97,500, correct?
    2 ) how much would fees/ taxes/ fuel surcharges amount to? A rough estimate would be great.
    3) do I need saver availability for SQ leg in order to book this?
    4) anything else I need to consider? I might make small changes to stops (e.g., stopover in Toronto or Warsaw instead of Montreal) but overall should be very straightforward east to west so I hope this should satisfy the stringent SQ routing rules
    5) is there a cheaper way to do this? I am based in Singapore and mostly flying SQ economy. Most of my miles come via Singapore credit cards and I can only credit to Krisflyer and Asiamiles (I could also credit into Skymiles but this doesn’t seem like a good option). I won’t be able to get enough miles into AA or others (besides purchasing miles e.g., AA Avianca or United). I will probably credit miles to Asiana going forward to achieve gold status (and their Europe-NA and South America- redemption rates look really good).

    Thanks so much in advance!!

  78. @Frank: I have recently (in the last two weeks) have been trying to book a similar itinerary to yours mine would have been NYC-FRA via LH and then FRA-ZRH on LH, stopover followed by ZRH-SIN on SQ. I called multiple agents over a 2/3 day period and this was there response:

    1.) They no longer issue any stopovers (paid or otherwise) on Star Alliance One-Way Tickets

    2.) The Inclusion of Any Star Alliance carrier other than SQ on an itinerary makes it a Star Alliance booking and therefore they will charge you via the Star Alliance Award chart and disallow any stopovers.

    3.) Stopovers can be purchased for $100 but only on all SQ metal. I know of the following long-haul routes on SQ: JFK-FRA-SIN, SIN-MUC-MAN, SIN-MXP-BCN, SIN-NRT-LAX, SIN-ICN-SFO, SIN-TPE-SFO, SIN-DME-IAH. My understanding from the discussions with the reps is that you could fly any of these routes provided there were available seats on your day of travel, you flew all SQ planes, and you paid the roughly 100 admin fee.

    If anyone knows any other information or sees a mistake I’ve made I’d love to know about it.

    Lucky: If you know anymore about this, that would be great to know.

  79. @sat800v
    Thanks a lot for sharing. This is disappointing but I was kind of expecting this. Back to plan B of cobbling together one way flights.

    FYI: if you are looking for an alternative to one-way cross the Atlantic (redemption seems expensive nearly everywhere but especially on SQ), you could consider Condor. It’s a German based leisure airline (somewhat related to LH) and they do have both PE and Business Class on long-haul flights which seem decent (reviews are good, I haven’t tried yet but am considering). For one-ways they only charge 50% of round trip. PE for most long-distance flights costs around EUR 700 and business EUR 1,100. Downside is you only get 1,250 miles for PE and a bit more for business (credit to Miles & More guaranteed, not sure about SQ). But it could be worth it. Another alternative is of course buying miles on AA or UA and redeem for this flight only.

  80. Managed to change an existing one-way F saver award (2 people SYD-SIN-LHR flying in May 2016) via KF call centre to include a 2 day stopover in SIN. No mention of the $100 fee!

    Can’t wait to finally try out the Suites 🙂

  81. Thank you SO much for sharing this.

    Booked a one-way LAX-NRT-SIN route on Suites Class, turned NRT into a stopover for an extra $100, and they honored the 15% website discount without me even needing to ask. Just took one phone call and no hassle or difficulties at all. I used the website to make sure that both legs were individually available for the dates I wanted, and then booked them both in one go. Got super lucky!

  82. Trying to fly SFO-SGN…

    I see a lot of Standard availability when I look at it RT, but when I look 1-way only Full fare is available. Is this something that can be booked with this $100 stopover thing or is this something different affecting the 1 way availability vs. RT?

  83. Headed to Hawaii & transferring thank you points to Singapore to book on united. Fir the return, is it feasible to book an HNL->NYC flight but add a stopover in STL (where we live), and book the STL->NYC portion for a few months down the road?

  84. Can you use a stopover in Tokyo and switch airports from NRT to HND? I’m looking to do LAX-NRT in suites, stopover for 3 days, and then HND-SIN in first.

  85. @Kevin: I made a similar inquiry a few months ago and was told changes between NRT and HND were not permitted but she didn’t seem very sure of herself. I ultimately found an alternate route not involving SQ but all I can advise you to do is call up SQ and see if they let it through, although I am not particularly hopeful.

  86. Hey Lucky,
    Do they allow you to mix cabins with the layovers? Thinking of booking a roundtrip LAX-NRT-SIN-MLE with stops at NRT and SIN, then all the way back to LA. We want to fly Suites to SIN and best we can do to MLE is business. Also, how would the stopovers work when there is only a waitlist?

  87. @Lucky I want to book a Saver Suite one way from JFK-FRA-SIN and I want to make the Frankfurt stop over for about 1 month and pay the $100. Two problems #1 the saver fares are only showing “waitlist” about 2 weeks out and past that theres not even an option to waitlist. #2 If I get on the waitlist how and when do I arrange a stop over? Thanks for your help and knowledge!

  88. Hey Lucky – I booked JFK-FRK-SIN-SYD in suites. I called after booking with the 15% discount and was able to add a SIN stopover but at this point – 24 hours later – it still doesn’t show as confirmed on the Singapore website, in fact the second leg currently doesn’t show at all on-line though I do have an email with the correct itinerary. Is it common to take some time for the reticketing process to be completed and the flights to show on-line? Thanks!

  89. @ TI Did you have to waitlist? Was this a saver fare? Also Did you have to pay the 100 for the stopover? How many miles did this cost?

  90. This is complete now and I was able to add a 3 day stopover in SIN. This required a total of 4 phone calls and about one hour to complete after booking the original itinerary on-line. I did not have to waitlist although it did take approximately 2 days for the re-ticketing to be completed and the updated itinerary to show on-line. Interestingly, the segment they allowed me to book from SIN-SYD after the stop over did NOT show on-line for me but was bookable over the phone. I did pay the $100. Total cost for JFK-FRA-SIN-SYD all in suites including stopover was 116,875 krisflyer miles and ~$500 USD.

  91. Read your post and thank you very much for the info.
    I’m trying to book RDU-Dubai(stop over)-PVG(Shanghai) using SF on economy class, do you think that I can do so?

  92. Hi Lucky, If I have already booked a SFO-HKG-SIN award ticket using Krisflyer Miles, can I still call in to pay $100 and add a 3 day HKG layover by calling in?

  93. Hi Lucky
    Just curious about the one open jaw on a round trip award ticket. Does that mean I can book a first class SFO/Hong Kong for 70,125 miles and return Singapore/SFO for 91,375 miles or do I need 2 x 91,375 miles?

  94. I have spent the better part of the last week and 6 hours on the phone to Singapore Airlines trying to redeem SYD-SIN-MAN-IAH with a stopover in MAN. All flights are available and no waitlist is needed however all representatives (including a supervisor) are not able to price it as a one-way redemption with stopover.

    The SQ representative’s (all 5 of them) want to break up the trip into two tickets thus increasing the points cost by 50%.

    This ticket was originally waitlisted before the change to the redemption chart and although they will honour the old chart they refuse (apparently it is “not possible”) to book as in one ticket.

    Does anyone know if there are been confirmed changes to the information in this post.


  95. Yes I’m similarly curious though not as far as booking (but contemplating where to put my MR). AUK-SIN-LHR hard to find but individual segments easy i.e. AUK-SIN & SIN-LHR. If I ask for a one-way with stopover over the phone is it going to show the same “computer says no” availability as the complete trip or will she have the individual segments and then marry with the $100 stopover fee? If the latter then I’m definitely in.

    Is it also technically possible to book a one-way and then call up and ask to extend the stopover for a fee?

  96. Hi Will, I believe simple one-stop itinerary like yours should be stright-forward to price on their end. Matching 2 sectors that are individually available is how I managed to redeem my previous trips : mel-sin-nrt and hkg-sin-sub. If it reassures you before transferring points across, you can ring up to get them to price it for you even without sufficient balance.

    P.S. Not every agent is well-versed with the $100 stopover rule. So you might need to call them back to speak to another agent.

  97. I tried to work with 3 diff sq agents, none would allow the $100 stopover on partner space, said it is only possible with SQ metal.

    Not sure if this is new, but I was told as much when attempting pvg-tpe-sfo (br+ua). They would let me ticket that but only for the price of two one ways. 110 vs 87.5.

    I went ahead and kept the Polaris flight and will buy tpe separate.

  98. I’m having the same experience. They are refusing to allow a stopover with partner award space now.

  99. It looks like you can’t add stopovers to one-way tickets anymore. I clicked on the link you attached. This is the fine print as of 10/31/18. “No stopovers are permitted for one-way awards. One complimentary en route stopover is permitted for round-trip awards. Up to three more additional stopovers are also permitted at US$100 each, regardless of the class of service.”

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