Had to cancel my trip to Israel…. boo!

I’m ashamed of myself. Never before have I canceled a trip I actually intended to take, but it looks like there’s a first time for everything. Sadly I’ll have to cancel my Delta BusinessElite award ticket to Tel Aviv, which sucks, since I was really looking forward to seeing Israel and trying out Delta’s new BusinessElite product. Unfortunately life’s commitments got in the way this time around.

Last night when I called to cancel, I was presented with the option of either canceling the ticket and redepositing the miles (and paying the fee) or just canceling. I was going to redeposit the miles, but I theoretically asked whether I’d have to pay a 30,000 mile premium if I booked the same award later in the year, since I booked this during the 25% off business class award promotion. He insisted I would just have to pay the change fee, so for now I just canceled the ticket without redepositing the miles. Who knows, maybe I’ll have time later in the year to go to Israel.

On the plus side, I’ll be booking a first class Star Alliance award tomorrow for later in the summer, so stay tuned for that.

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  1. I called the Delta international line, since the reservation was booked with Delta. Was that wrong?

  2. Good that you canceled.
    You wouldn’t have flown the 777LR, since the flights to TLV from JFK are only on 767-300ER which do not offer the flat seats in business elite but rather the old style cradle seats offering a whopping 1 inch wider seat than economy.

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