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At this point in my trip I had a roughly 11 hour overnight at Heathrow. My flight from Tel Aviv arrived at around 9PM, and my flight to Dublin the next morning was departing at around 8AM. Heathrow is one of my least favorite airports in the world given how scattered all the terminals are. My flight was arriving at Terminal 4, while I was departing the next morning from Terminal 5.

As far as I know there are only four Heathrow Airport hotels that are within walking distance of a terminal — the Yotelthe Hilton, and the Premier Inn are within walking distance of Terminal 4, while the Sofitel is within walking distance of Terminal 5.

So this time around I figured I’d try out the Premier Inn, which just opened this past summer.

The Premier Inn is near the Hilton, though is much more reasonably priced. The cost for my one night stay ~85USD including all taxes and fees, which I consider to be a great value for a hotel connected to a terminal.

After clearing immigration at Terminal 4 I turned left and followed the signage towards hotels.

Walkway to hotels at Heathrow Terminal 4

I’ve taken this path many times to go to the Hilton. Even though the path is covered, note that it’s not heated, so it can be a bit chilly. Personally I was happy to get some fresh air after the flight, as it was cold without being freezing.

Walkway to hotels at Heathrow Terminal 4

The walk to the Premier Inn was the same as the walk to the Hilton for about the first half of the way, and then the tunnel split in two directions, with the Premier Inn being to the left.

Premier Inn Heathrow Terminal 4 tunnel

Soon enough I found the rather small door to the Premier Inn, and there were a bunch of carts next to it, in case you happen to be traveling with a lot of luggage.

Premier Inn Heathrow Terminal 4 tunnel

This entrance doesn’t actually let out in the lobby, but rather drops you on level 2, and then you have to take an elevator down a level.

Premier Inn Heathrow Terminal 4 entrance

I have to give the Premier Inn credit for their use of technology. This was my first time ever seeing a hotel that doesn’t have a traditional check-in desk, but rather exclusively uses self check-in kiosks. I’ve seen hotels that offer both, but this was my first time seeing only self-serve kiosks.

Premier Inn Heathrow Terminal 4 lobby

The good news is that there were two employees working the machines, so they’d help each guest through the process (which makes me wonder how much they’re really saving in terms of staffing costs). There were lots of ancillary opportunities during the check-in process, which is perhaps one of the big motivations behind these kiosks. I was asked if I wanted to buy breakfast, dinner, premium internet, etc.

Premier Inn Heathrow self check-in

Soon enough I had my key in hand, and headed up to the fifth floor. Once on the fifth floor there was a small door leading into the guest room hallway — presumably this is to minimize noise, or something.

Premier Inn Heathrow elevators

This hotel is still really new, so as you’d expect the hallways felt fresh.

Premier Inn Heathrow hallway

I was assigned room #520.

Premier Inn Heathrow room exterior

My room featured an entryway with a mirror to the left and the bathroom to the right.

Premier Inn Heathrow room entryway

The room was an okay size, and certainly sufficient for an overnight. The bed was reasonably comfortable, though the mattress didn’t seem especially high quality, and I also wish they had more than two thin pillows. Then again, this is a budget hotel, so I guess I should adjust my expectations.

Premier Inn Heathrow room

There were no towels in the bathroom, but rather they were on the bed. I appreciated that the hotel at least tried to add a bit of design to the room, between the neon lighting above the bed, and the picture on the wall.

Premier Inn Heathrow room

Across from the bed was a desk and then a wall-mounted TV.

Premier Inn Heathrow room

On the desk was a kettle with instant coffee and tea.

Premier Inn Heathrow in-room kettle

In the corner by the window was a daybed.

Premier Inn Heathrow daybed

There was an open comforter (or something) sticking out from underneath the bed. Hmmm…

Premier Inn Heathrow room

The room had a view of a parking lot and the Hilton, and the noise insulation was good (then again, Heathrow Airport has a curfew, so noise usually isn’t an issue at night).

Premier Inn Heathrow view

The bathroom was definitely on the budget side as well — the sink was small, the toilet didn’t have traditional toilet paper on a roll, but rather little sheets, and the shower pressure was weak.

Premier Inn Heathrow bathroom

Premier Inn Heathrow toilet

Premier Inn Heathrow shower

Both the sink and the shower had dispensers for toiletries, which I don’t mind, though the problem was that they didn’t work properly. Pushing on the actual outside didn’t dispense anything, but rather I had to take off the casing and push on the bag inside.

Premier Inn Heathrow toiletries

The hotel offers free Wi-Fi to all guests, you just have to enter your first and last name and email address. The basic internet was slow, though sufficient.

Premier Inn Heathrow Wi-Fi

Alternatively you can upgrade to premium Wi-Fi for 5GBP per day, which seems like a reasonable upgrade charge if you’re there long enough.

Premier Inn Heathrow Wi-Fi

Overall I thought the room was perfectly serviceable, though I was disappointed by the lack of international and USB outlets. It’s one thing not to have built-in international outlets, but not even USB outlets in this day and age?

After dropping off my stuff in the room I walked around the hotel. The lobby level had plenty of seating areas.

Premier Inn Heathrow lobby

Premier Inn Heathrow lobby

Premier Inn Heathrow Terminal 4 lobby

Just past check-in was a Costa Coffee, which is open 24/7. I so appreciate this amenity, as someone who is up during crazy hours and loves coffee. Go figure this was the one stay where I didn’t have any.

Premier Inn Heathrow Costa Coffee

Premier Inn Heathrow Costa Coffee

Past the Costa Coffee was the hotel’s restaurant, which was decent-looking, though I didn’t eat anything there.

Premier Inn Heathrow restaurant

Then in the lobby they had several vending machines, including soft drinks, snacks, and even a Ben & Jerry’s vending machine, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

Premier Inn Heathrow vending machines

Premier Inn Heathrow ice cream machine

Rather bizarrely the hotel doesn’t have a gym. I wouldn’t have used it anyway during such a short stay, though I don’t remember the last time I’ve been at a big hotel that didn’t have a gym.

I got a good night of sleep, and in the morning got up super early since I wanted to get to the airport and review a lounge shortly after opening. Since I was departing from terminal 5 the best way to get there was with an Uber. Ubers pick up on the ground floor, so you have to go to the valet parking area, then the Ubers pull into the garage and pick you up. It took me a second to figure that out.

Premier Inn Heathrow Uber pick-up

Premier Inn Heathrow exterior

Premier Inn Heathrow bottom line

Overall this hotel is a great new option to have at Heathrow. It’s much more reasonably priced than the Hilton, and still feels fresh and new.

There were parts of the hotel that pleasantly surprised me, like how easy to use the self check-in kiosks were, and the 24/7 Costa Coffee. At the same time, I feel like there are some areas where they cut corners even by budget brand standards, like the lack of international outlets, the lack of a gym, and the toilet paper sheets.

Still, I’d return in a heartbeat if it’s significantly cheaper than the Hilton, especially if I just wanted a place to sleep.

  1. Lucky, you should stop writing before your coffee

    “my flight to Dublin the next morning was departing at around 8PM.”

  2. You could’ve tried the free bus services to get you to Terminal 5 (or in fact anywhere within the Heathrow area). Local Buses are free and there’s a convienant Bus stop right outside the Premier Inn to T5. Another review right there 🙂

  3. Premier Inn is really on the cheap side in most places. This is looking really good actually, compared to some of the ones I’ve stayed at. I’d be amazed if there were a gym at any of their properties. Most of the restaurants that they have onsite at their properties are franchised, they don’t usually run them.

    Regarding water pressure in the shower, it’s a standard issue across the UK. They haven’t invented water towers yet so everything is pumped along the network (which works less well).

    24/7 Costa is good, we all know how much of a caffeine-addict you are 😉

  4. “Rather bizarrely the hotel doesn’t have a gym.”

    I would be staggered if a London airport budget hotel, designed for overnight crashing between flights, had a gym.

    And for just USD85. In London. Pause for a minute and marvel at how low cost that is for London.

    “Since I was departing from terminal 5 the best way to get there was with an Uber.”

    This just makes no sense to me at all. All LHR terminals are connected with free transport (tube trains and Heathrow Express, as well as buses), so I am mystified why you thought it necessary to pay to get a taxi.

    Budget hotel to save cash BUT pay for a taxi to take you between terminals rather than use free transport?

    In any event, given Uber has had its operating licence revoked in London, you may not be able to do it in future (though there is an appeal underway, which they may win and which anyway might take some time…).

  5. “At the same time, I feel like there are some areas where they cut corners even by budget brand standards, like the lack of international outlets, the lack of a gym, and the toilet paper sheets.”

    Ha ha! You really know nothing about the UK do you?!

  6. The door to access the corridors from the lift is activated by your room key. It means only people who have a room on that floor can access the corridor.

    This hotel usually has rooms at £29.50 if booked far enough in advance. It offers fantastic value for money. I also appreciate that they have baths.

    Why should a UK hotel have an American plug socket?!?

    Why should a budget airport hotel have a gym?!

    There are direct buses from T4 to T5 which likely took less time than your Uber and are free…

  7. And indeed there are two extra pillows opposite the bed on the shelf.

    The thing under your bed is actually a rollaway bed.

    If you need anything in this Premier Inn you just need to dial reception and they’ll bring it to your room. If you needed even more pillows why didn’t you just call them instead of having a hissy fit?

  8. Nice to have an exterior shot of the hotel. I wish you would include exterior shots more often in your hotel reviews. I like to see the “curb appeal” of the property, how many floors, whether it looks to be new construction, etc.

  9. hi,

    I was wondering if you needed to collect your checked luggage and recheck in the morning? Or does the airline take care of that on their end with overnight international connections?

  10. Great addition to the overpriced Heathrow hotel scene.
    Pardon the ignorance – what’s the issue with the toilet paper? What is the great advantage of toilet paper rolls?

  11. I’ve stayed in multiple Premier Inns. Some of them have been more weather-beaten than others, but I’ve always had a good night’s sleep in them.

    I’m a little surprised you took an Uber – as others have mentioned, there are free buses to T4 and T5. Why stay at a budget hotel then pay an Uber – at an airport that not only has good transport but *free* transport? Same with expecting a hotel of this caliber to have a gym – a budget hotel where folks are looking for a place to crash for a night or two between or before flights. As to the lack of international outlets – I can see your point (the hotel *is* attached to a large, international airport) – but honestly, you *were* in the UK. If I needed an adapter, I would have just called reception.

  12. Sorry Ben but it’s not at all bizarre that there’s no gym. It’s a Premier Inn, none of them have.

    Always know what you’re getting in a Premier Inn.

  13. Good lord people. If you don’t like what @Lucky says, don’t read it (although Lucky probably feels differently as you’re giving him clicks and $). He reviews hotels and gives you his opinion. You don’t have to agree. And you don’t have to criticize him for not standing out in the cold waiting for a bus but rather taking an uber instead. The logic that if I spent a ton of money at the hilton, I should use an uber, but if I decided to save some money, I should not then splurge on an uber… escapes me. We all make choices of how to spend money that are different. And further, he was reviewing the Premier Inn for you all.

    I personally appreciate that Lucky called out the lack of a gym. On a layover the gym is the first place I go. I couldn’t care less about a restaurant. Or a Costa, but I’m not complaining that he mentioned it.

    Pillows are important to me too. Now i know I wouldn’t stay there. You may make a different choice, but don’t fault him for telling us.

    If you don’t like it at least keep your uniformative comments to yourself.

  14. As many others have said , you do not know U.K. Premier Inn is a chain hotel and most hotels are the same , cheap and cheerful, no gyms, multi hotel contracts for soap, toilet paper etc , and excellent value. The Premier Inn at Gatwick is identical .

  15. @AD

    Quite right. I look forward to Lucky’s complaints that Ryanair, to his surprise, doesn’t have an onboard bar; and easyJet doesn’t offer vintage champagne…

    A budget hotel is exactly like a budget airline – frills-free. To most normal humans, a hotel gym is a frill. Frankly I’m impressed at what Premier Inn offer for the price.

  16. @AD
    “Pillows are important to me too. Now i know I wouldn’t stay there.”
    People weren’t faulting Lucky for complaining about there being 2 pillows – they were faulting him for not noticing there are actually 4, the additional 2 of which are shown in the photos above in the top of the wardrobe.

  17. Lucky seemed to spend all his time looking for a gym that he couldn’t see the extra two pillows staring him in the face.

    Although premier Inn is a budget hotel, it’s a rather good budget hotel. Much better than a lot of travelodges for example. Possibly comparable to a Hilton Hampton Inn without free breakfast.

    Not sure why you said the mattress felt cheap…they are supposed to be high quality Hypnos ones.

  18. Having stayed at this place a month or so ago, your review is 100% accurate.
    I was disappointed too by the weak water pressure in the shower, and the tepid water temperature was frankly unacceptable, especially for a newly built hotel!
    Pity you missed breakfast it was the highlight; eggs cooked to order, and the whole English brekkie if that’s your thing (it is for me!) Continental breakfast is an option too, for a few quid less.
    Despite the water issues, crummy pillows, and almost total lack of amenities, it is an economic option for less than 24 hour stays. I’m not sure if it will seem so attractive after 5 years wear-and-tear though.

  19. @glenn t

    Book say a month in advance and it’s £30 a night…how can you possibly argue at that price especially when it’s directly connected to the terminal.

    Never tried the shower because I always have a bath here. The water is always hot.

  20. mmm buses pillows,look and you will find.also there must be 50 hotels close to heathrow,you been in LA LA LAND TO LONG

  21. Stayed here a few weeks ago, got a super low rate of GBP 34 so I can’t really complain but if you have allergies & sensitive skin (body, face etc …), this isn’t the place for you.

    1. The A/C thermostat doesn’t work, I tried many times but I couldn’t control the temp.
    And it kept turning off by itself all day & night. so it gets pretty warm in the room .. then cold, then warm … and stuffy all at the same time
    Switched rooms after the 1st night, same problem but at least the vent was working properly and the air flow was fine.

    2. The in house technicians only work from 9am-6pm so if you have a problem it had better be during those hours. A total of 3-4 “technicians” came up to check the room, they fiddled with it for 1/2 hour & came back the following day – and fiddled some more. Nothing was fixed.

    3. Check in / front desk staff were terrible – the manager had no idea what customer service is and she made it feel like I was bothering her with all my problems.
    There were 2 ladies who were awesome but the rest … meh

    4. Unless your flight is arriving or departing @ T4, I would pick another hotel unless you have a tight budget. Getting to T4 from the other terminals will take at least 20 min. more if you just missed the Heathrow Express or if you are walking across terminals to take the tube.
    The underground walkway is also a long walk .. to anywhere

    I couldn’t wait to check out of the hotel.

  22. @ W Ho What a precious soul you must be.

    Also “The underground walkway is also a long walk” – are you sure you were at the Premier Inn T4? As there sure as hell isn’t any underground walkway at that hotel.

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