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I’m not a fan of Heathrow Airport, especially when it comes to transiting and having to spend a night near the airport. The issue with Heathrow hotels is that the airport is so spread out, and a vast majority of Heathrow hotels aren’t in any way connected to the airport or within walking distance. On top of that, they don’t ordinarily have shuttles. That means you’re either stuck taking a taxi (which will piss off the driver given that they’re hoping for a fare into the city) or wait on one of the Hotel Hoppa busses.

I’m also primarily loyal to Hyatt and Starwood. Hyatt doesn’t have a presence near Heathrow, while Starwood has two properties — the Sheraton and the Sheraton Skyline. The Sheraton is almost comically bad, though at least is usually reasonably priced. The Sheraton Skyline is quite nice, though can be pricey on weekdays.

All of that is a tangent, because in this case I made the same decision I always do when departing out of Terminal 4. There’s one hotel connected directly to Terminal 4, and that’s the Hilton Heathrow. The walk between the terminal and hotel takes about five minutes, so the benefit of that more than outweighs staying at a Starwood property. Of course that assumes you arrive or depart from Terminal 4, which I was doing in this case.

I booked a pre-paid rate of ~97GBP (~140USD) per night, which wasn’t all that cheap, but also wasn’t terrible. I should also note that I reviewed this hotel several years back, though figured it was worth reviewing again, given that the hotel has since been renovated, and it has also been a few years.


My Finnair flight arrived at Terminal 3, and from there I cleared immigration and then headed to the Heathrow Express station, where I took the connector train between Terminal 3 and Terminal 4. It runs every 15 minutes, and I must have just missed the most recent train, since the sign indicated it would be 15 minutes.

The train ride itself took just a few minutes, and once at the Terminal 4 station I took the elevator up to the terminal, which lets out on the check-in level.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 1
Heathrow Terminal 4

Immediately across from Heathrow Express elevators is the entrance to the walkway to the Hilton.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 2
Heathrow Express elevators Terminal 4

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 3
Entrance to Hilton walkway from Terminal 4 Heathrow

It’s a fairly quick walk between Terminal 4 and the hotel, and every few hundred feet there’s a sign indicating how much longer the walk is. I usually do it in under five minutes.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 4
Walkway from Terminal 4 to Hilton Heathrow

It’s worth noting that while the walkway is covered, it’s not heated or “indoors,” so make sure you have temperature appropriate clothing.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 5
Walkway from Terminal 4 to Hilton Heathrow

The walkway lets out at the side of the entrance of the hotel, which has quite an impressive exterior.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 6
Hilton Heathrow Terminal 4 exterior

As far as Heathrow Airport hotels go, this one probably has my favorite design. It has an open air atrium and is generally quite bright, despite London usually being a gloomy city.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 9
Hilton Heathrow lobby

It was before 10AM when I arrived at the hotel, so I informed the agent I realized I was early, but wanted to see if a room might be ready. She said my room wasn’t ready yet, but then another lady came up behind her to look at inventory with her. As it turns out, the lady helping me was being trained. The lady training her said that if I was okay with an interior facing room they’d have one ready for me right away. Works for me!

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 7
Hilton Heathrow lobby

I was also informed I’d receive access to the club lounge as a Hilton Diamond member. I didn’t bother asking about a suite upgrade, since I figured I was lucking out enough by being able to check-in early. I paid for my stay using the Citi Prestige® Card, which offers triple points on hotel purchases and no foreign transaction fees.

I took the elevator up to the fourth floor, where my room was located. The views of the atrium are pretty awesome from the walkways connecting the sides of the hotel.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 8
Hilton Heathrow lobby

I followed the signage towards rooms 401-446, which was where my room was located.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 10
Walkway to my room at the Hilton Heathrow

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 11
Hilton Heathrow hallway

Upon entering the hallway I turned right, where my room was the second one on the right.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 12
Hilton Heathrow hallway

I loved the airplane art next to the room numbers.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 13
Hilton Heathrow room entrance

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 14
Hilton Heathrow floorplan

The rooms at the Hilton were recently renovated, and while they’re on the small side, I find them to be extremely comfortable and well designed.

The room had an entryway with a mirror on the right and the bathroom on the left.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 15
Hilton Heathrow executive king room entryway

The room itself featured a king size bed, a lounging chair with a side table, and then a desk with a flat screen TV and rolling office chair.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 16
Hilton Heathrow executive king room

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 23
Hilton Heathrow executive king chair & table

While I loved how light the duvet was, the bed itself wasn’t all that comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but rather just the Hilton brand standard. I’ll never understand why Hilton doesn’t create a brand standard bed, like Westin or Sheraton.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 18
Hilton Heathrow executive king room

There was a large closet to the side of the bed closest to the bathroom, with a safe, ironing board, etc.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 19
Hilton Heathrow executive king room

Across from it was the rather snazzy minibar, which had a glass top with the non-refrigerated items lit up.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 20
Hilton Heathrow executive room minibar

Then below that was the mini-fridge with drinks.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 21
Hilton Heathrow executive room minibar

The TV and desk were on the same table. There was an extremely bright light on the desk, which I quite appreciated as it helped with staying awake while working.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 22
Hilton Heathrow executive room desk & TV

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 24
Hilton Heathrow executive room desk & TV

I also appreciated that the desk had some built-in international plugs, so there was no need for an adapter.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 25
Hilton Heathrow international outlets

The bathroom was small but functional, with a sink, toilet, and walk-in shower with a glass shield.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 26
Hilton Heathrow executive room bathroom

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 27
Hilton Heathrow executive room shower

Water pressure and temperature control in the shower were great, which I always appreciate.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 28
Hilton Heathrow executive room shower

The amenities were from Peter Thomas Roth, as is the Hilton brand standard.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 29
Hilton Heathrow executive room toiletries

As the associate mentioned to me at check-in, my room had an interior view. I don’t know why, but I sort of love interior facing rooms. As a kid I used to be obsessed with hotels that had atriums, so maybe it’s that side of me which loves it.

Hilton Heathrow executive room view

I thought the room was lovely all around. My one complaint was about the internet. While the speed was fine, it disconnected every time I wasn’t using my iPhone, so I had to enter the wifi code almost every time I used my phone. That’s quite annoying.

The Hilton’s club lounge is located on the ground floor, right across from the reception desk. You have to use your key to access the lounge.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 30
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge entrance

The lounge itself is a fairly nice space, though as an aviation geek I sort of wish it were higher up and had views of the airport. But I get why they put it on the ground floor, because on a higher floor it would have come at the expense of some rooms.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 31
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge

On the far right of the lounge are some couches facing a TV, in the center of the lounge are communal tables, and then on the left side are dining tables.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 32
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge

My favorite feature of a club lounge is access to water, soft drinks, and coffee all day. The Hilton has a fairly high quality espresso machine, and they even had to go cups, which is a big win in my book.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 33
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge coffee & tea station

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 40
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge drinks

Breakfast in the lounge is served from 6:30AM until 10:30AM. Since I’d be leaving the hotel before 6:30AM the following morning, I figured I’d check out the breakfast spread the moment I checked in, since it was only 10AM.

The spread itself was quite decent, with fresh fruit, cold cuts, cheese, veggies, etc.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 34
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge breakfast spread

There were also hard boiled eggs, as well as scrambled eggs, sausage, baked beans, etc.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 35
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge breakfast spread

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 36
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge breakfast spread

Then there were several types of toast, cereal, pastries, juice, and water.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 37
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge breakfast spread

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 38
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge breakfast spread

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 39
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge breakfast spread

Apparently there’s soup and some other snacks available from 12PM until 4PM, though I didn’t have the chance to check them out.

Then in the evening the happy hour was from 6PM until 8:30PM. The lounge was packed during this time, and every seat was taken. Part of that might be that the hotel was completely sold out due to the snowstorms in the US, which caused a lot of flights to be canceled.

In terms of hot food, the evening spread consisted of some Indian vegetarian snacks and chicken wings.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 42
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge evening happy hour food

Then there were a few types of veggies, mini-bagels with salmon, and some sort of odd crackers with spread.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 43
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge evening happy hour food

Then there was also a cheese board

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 44
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge evening happy hour food

There were glass jars with two types of trail mix, along with two types of brownies.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 47
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge evening happy dessert

There was a decent selection of self serve alcohol, including liquor, wine, and beer.

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 45
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge evening happy hour liquor

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 46
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge evening happy hour wine

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 41
Hilton Heathrow executive lounge drinks

All things considered the club lounge is quite good for an airport Hilton, though it’s also not an especially soothing environment, given how busy it gets. That’s fine by me, given that I mainly use lounges for the water and coffee, anyway.

My sleep schedule at the Hilton Heathrow was a bit odd. I was only on a four day trip and was flying for most of that time anyway, so didn’t really care what time schedule I was on. I ended up sleeping from 12PM until 6PM, and then again from 2AM until 4AM.

At around midnight I got quite hungry, and the hotel only has a limited overnight room service menu. So I ordered a cheese pizza and a bottle of sparkling water. While not especially healthy, it was tasty. 😉

Hilton-London-Heathrow - 48
Hilton Heathrow midnight room service

The following morning I left the Hilton at around 5:15AM, excited to finally fly Air India!

Hilton London Heathrow bottom line

While Hilton isn’t my favorite hotel chain, the Hilton Heathrow is extremely convenient if you’re arriving or departing at Terminal 4. Being able to walk to/from your flight rather than having to take a taxi or bus can save quite a bit of time and money.

Beyond that, the Hilton Heathrow is also a fairly nice hotel, with recently renovated guest rooms, a fairly nice club lounge, and helpful staff. This continues to be my “go to” option if I’m arriving or departing from Terminal 4.

Do you have a favorite Heathrow Airport hotel?

  1. Hi Lucky,

    I left a question on one of Tiffany’s posts, and she said you might have the answer, so here it is. Thanks so much!

    Here’s something I’ve been wondering, and this probably differs by hotel chain, but maybe you have a general answer. Because most hotels are not owned by the chain, but the loyalty programs are, who covers the cost for elite benefits? Obviously there’s not much extra cost to a hotel for, say, a suite upgrade if it otherwise would be empty, but what about breakfast or the food/drinks from the lounge? Does the loyalty program provide any sort of reimbursement for these costs? Or does the hotel have to cover the cost assuming that the elite will return and “pay them back” in profit? If the latter’s the case, I can understand why some hotels have a VERY conservative definition of continental breakfast.

    And same thing with the My Elite Rate discount Hyatt had a few years ago. If a hotel wasn’t reimbursed, it’s not like they knew about having to cover the benefit when they signed their management contract. Almost seems like “taxation without representation.”

  2. We recently stayed in the same hotel and enjoyed it. It is certainly better than the Sheraton, and the rate was quite reasonable for our overnight layover at LHR. We also stumbled into the Chinese restaurant off the lobby, and found it to be quite good. It’s an outpost of a place from Hong Kong and Shanghai, and the food was absolutely delicious, and far from the typical hotel restaurant.

  3. Great job lucky. A fave of mine too. Two additional points to make – coffee/tea kettle located in the right side of the minibar. And breakfast can either be taken in the lounge or the restaurant (at least as a Diamond).

  4. Could you in theory go to the various lounges in the airport to eat your meals if you are staying in this hotel for a layover?

  5. Great report! Just status matched to Hilton Diamond so may give it a try. I’d been staying at the Heathrow Airport Holiday Inn (the rooms look identical to the Heathrow Hilton), or the Radisson Blu. The good news is you’re not stuck with the Hoppa Busses (overpriced) or a taxi. The city bus (111 or 140) will take you to the hotel strip on Bath Road and back. And last I rode them for that short of a distance, it was totally free. Just tell the driver you’re going to the airport (or to the hotels). They run 24 hours a day.

  6. Great review here. Loved it and very detailed.

    My favorite airport hotel is the renaissance, I know it’s not the greatest, but I love its location and always ask for a room facing the runway to watch the late night heavies taking off from it. A small plus is that it was recently renovated.

    If i’m flying BA then I try for the Sofitel T5, if that’s super expensive then something on the Bath Road is what i’m left with.

  7. When you do stay at one of the LHR hotels (aside from the T4 Hilton), why do you even bother with Hotel Hoppa? The frequencies are comparable to the regular buses, which run through a “free travel zone” that encompasses most airport hotels. Personally, I’d only use the Hoppa if I a) had a lot of luggage, b) was traveling with kids/seniors, or c) would have to trek through rain to get from the bus stop to the hotel. And even then a taxi would probably be a better value. Even when traveling lightly, I’ll use a taxi if rushed, but never the Hoppa. JMHO.

  8. While not your brand, the Hilton Garden Inn is about 5 minutes from the tube stop, from there it’s 1 stop to the terminals.

    Last time I did it was under 15 minutes from hotel to security after timing the tube right.

  9. Nice report. I was in London last weekend for 1 night (Saturday) and debated between the Term 4 Hilton versus the Hilton Paddington. Since I was arriving on AA at Term 3, I took the Heathrow Express to Paddington and was in the hotel in less than 20 minutes. It would have taken longer had I stayed at the Term 4 Hilton or (as originally planned) the LHR Marriott.

    I purchased the Heathrow Express RT ticket 30 days in advance which gives it to you at a 50% discount (90 days gives you a 75% discount).

    While the Hilton Paddington is an older building, it is right at the train station and the Exec Lounge overlooks the station. I did get upgraded to a Deluxe room which was very nice with a nice bathroom (room totally redone).

    The hotel itself (lobby) is dated, but the lounge was nice – but not particularly stylist. I thought the afternoon sandwiches and evening food was good. Better than what I got at the Marriott Grosvenor Sq the weekend before (doing those BA cheap J tickets – and getting those AA 25K bonuses).

    By staying in downtown London at Paddington – it was only a 10 minute tube ride to Piccadilly Circus for going out that night.

    Bottom line – I think you are better off taking Heathrow Express and go downtown then doing a LHR hotel. Hilton works for Term 4 but otherwise – you have to take the free train from 4 to 5 or 123. But still I think you would enjoy going into town rather than hang out in a room and lounge at LHR>

  10. Sofitel is king at Heathrow but be prepared to spend 225 to 400 per night US for a room
    The breakfast is the best at Heathrow year round
    the worst basic room is typically a higher standard then any property at Heathrow
    Sucks that they have a crap program 🙁
    Ben nailed his review this time. The lobby is good the dining is meh but doable
    but the beds are worse than the old they replaced. Hard as a rock! Otherwise renovation successful
    For those that like cement and lines on your face from impressions on the hard mattress you will love it
    I haven’t been back since the beds became horrible and the Hilton at Terminal 5 is even worse if possible
    The Sofitel beds are a dream like a St Regis or a RItz Carlton
    Sheraton Skyline is ok but half is a good and still dated
    Hyatt Place is coming near Heathrow if its as good as the LGA property in Flushing NY it will be welcome addition to escape the dated Heathrow house of horror hotels at high pricing
    The Marriott Heathrow was so dated it was shocking and the club like like a gymnasium locker room
    The gym smelled like dead bodies that were piled up in the back room
    Was a great hotel when it first opened years ago clean and modern
    Now its overpriced and tired

  11. The Hilton at T4 is really just OK. Ever since the Sofitel at T5 opened its a go to every time. I’m diamond with Hilton for the last fifteen years but Hyatt is my preferred brand where I am also diamond. Either way Sofitel all the way at T5 and a quick free train hop to T4. Just my opinion.

  12. Sofitel. The Hilton rooms are closets and I trip over my shadow. Always opt for the Sofitel even if it means taking the Express between terminals to get there.

  13. Another great Hilton option is the one near terminal five (about an 8 pound Uber ride away on return; take Hoppa going there). It has arguably one of the nicest free to guests spas I have visited with a relaxing pool with jets throughout and also a nice sauna and steam room (and a rain/mist shower and crystal room). We will sometimes catch the 9 am flight from Newark, arrive at 9 pm, go to the terminal 5 Hilton, get a great night sleep and then spend the morning in the spa to really get back to normal.

  14. Great review!

    I note you went landside and then got the Heathrow Connect to get to T4. It’s worth mentioning you can also take the flight connections bus airside, before security, from T3 in order to arrive into T4.

    This probably wouldn’t save you much time from T3 – T4, especially since the connect comes out the right side of T4 for the Hilton, but if you were coming into T5, it would have saved you a good half an hour. Even more if you were coming into T5B, it’s a little known fact that the inter terminal bus service runs from there too.

  15. Nice reveiw Lucky.

    A note of caution on transferring between terminals on the trains; it is free, but if you time it wrong you could spend a very long time switching terminals – just miss a train and you could end up spending 30 Mins+ getting from T5 to T4 (as you need to change at Heathrow Central, and there is a 15 min frequency on the Express, and the T4 Connector).

    @Randy’s suggestion of staying at the Hilton Paddington (and paying for the Heathrow Express there and back) is a good one, particualrly as it gives you the option of doing something in London, rather than being stuck at the airport.

  16. I agree with what others have said that the Sofitel is by far and away the best hotel at Heathrow. On my last visit in September, I chose the Hilton Garden Inn though. It was actually a very good choice, as its walking distance to Hatton Cross Tube Station for easy access to Hounslow and Central London and the rooms were functional and clean for an overnight stay.

  17. As you currently trying out new things, next time for a short overlay like this at T4 why not try the Yotel.

    Sure you won’t get points, you won’t be able to access a lounge and you can’t cleverly tell us why credit card you used to maximize your points but at least it would be something new and it’s even less walk to the gates plus with the flexible check-in / out they have you won’t need to worry about early check in.

  18. Thanks for the review Lucky! I stayed at the hotel couple of months ago and had a similar room and experience. Only difference was that I had breakfast at the restaurant (HH Gold) on the main level and it was very good.

  19. One of the best kept secrets about Heathrow is the number of hotels that are accessible via free buses. Agreed with Tennen – FORGET the Hotel Hoppas! They are a massive con. The perfect example is the Premier Inn T5 which is a two or three minute public bus ride, for free, from the terminal. There are free buses every 20 minutes. Heathrow however insist on publicising the expensive and less frequent Hoppa bus to get there (and it doesn’t actually go direct!).

    Here is the map of the free travel area. It covers the majority of Bath Road to the North of the airport, and the main road along the south of the airport up to Hatton Cross.

    @omatravel says: “the Hilton Garden Inn is about 5 minutes from the tube stop, from there it’s 1 stop to the terminals.”

    This is another hotel you can access using free buses. There are two buses that run from T5 and Heathrow Central bus station, along Bath Road, then right down Northern Perimeter Road towards Hatton Cross. There is a a bus stop on Envoy Road right next to Hilton Garden Inn and you just have to walk around the corner. Both buses stop here, and the stop falls within the free travel zone. The buses are:

    423 from Terminal 5
    285 from Heathrow Central

    @sven “As you currently trying out new things, next time for a short overlay like this at T4 why not try the Yotel.”

    I don’t recommend it – the rooms are too warm and some of the mechanised doors at the front are extremely noisy if you’re trying to sleep. Tried it once – never again. They gave me a full refund.

  20. Agree with a few of the other comments about the Sofitel, though I would argue it’s a bad option for Terminal 4 (but great for T5 and easy for T2 and T3). While the list price for the Sofitel can be high, you can sometimes find it as a secret hotel on Hotwire or, and sometimes accor runs some decent specials via their website.

  21. @Dylan:

    Travelling from T5 to T4 is easy – you can do it direct.

    The 490 bus from T5 to T4 is free, runs every 10 minutes and gets you there in 13 minutes.

    The 482 bus from T5 to T4 is also free, runs three times an hour and gets you there in 15 minutes.

    It’s the same for both buses in each direction.

    You can of course go via the Heathrow Express service but you do have to change at Heathrow Central – and you might have to wait 15 minutes.

  22. As Nolan Snoeyink mentioned, Hilton does have brand-standard bedding, but it only seems to apply to the U.S. Internationally, I find that mattress firmness and padding can vary considerably, though I’ve not had any complaints.

  23. Lucky, I know you are not a big Hilton fan, but it’s nice to see you giving them a shot lately. I’m loyal to Hilton mainly just because they have properties everywhere, so I can pool my points rather easily. Plus, I do like that I can get Diamond status just based on $40k spend on the card.

    Anyway, another benefit of Hilton is that they have such a strong footprint in London. Both Starwood and Hyatt have such limited options there compared to Hilton. Sure, Hilton’s properties aren’t super lux, but they have a lot of decent options, including many Doubletrees, in London. I recently stayed at the London Hilton on Park Lane and was very surprised how good it was. Even better than the Conrad, which I stayed at last year.

  24. Having stayed there a number of times and being a smoker, I must say rooms in the new(er) wing are a long long walk to the closest smoking area, over ten minutes. The suites in the new wing are also a good size and have an additional bathroom for the lounge area.

  25. Hello everyone! Catching a morning flight out of Heathrow Terminal 3 on American. Want to stay at a “Heathrow” hotel the night before. Am booked at the T4 Hilton, but not sure that is the most convenient option given the limited train service to T3. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks. Feel free to respond to [email protected] if it is more convenient.

  26. The T4 Hilton will be fine. You can get the Heathrow Connect train from T4 which runs every 15 minutes. You can also get the Tube from T4, which is free if you use a contactless or Oyster card. Just swipe in at the barrier and swipe out at the other end – it won’t charge you. I speak from experience.

  27. You’re welcome. There are no hotels at T3, so the Hilton T4 is a good option. The only other onsite quality alternative is the Sofitel which is connected to T5.

    If you have plenty of luggage, it’s worth mentioning that the Heathrow Connect train is slightly better than the tube because the stop is closer to T3 than the tube station is. So you will have a shorter walk! The tube station is actually closer to T2 than T3.

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