Gogo Inflight Wifi Prices Going Up April 6, 2014

Inflight wifi has really changed my ability to travel. As someone that can work from a laptop with an internet connection anywhere in the world, it greatly reduces the “opportunity cost” of time I spend on the road.

Anyway, while logging into Gogo wifi on my Alaska Airlines flight last night I saw the following message:

Prices are rising for customers who buy after April 6, so get your Traveler Pass now!


And it seems that Gogo’s website has a similar message. The current monthly access rates are $39.95 for a pass on a single airline, while my all airline access pass is costing me $44.95 a month. I reached out to Gogo to ask what the new prices will be, and they told me that Traveler Pass prices are going up by $10 per month, though if you lock in your membership now you’ll be grandfathered in at the old rates.

As a reminder, single airline passes are available for the following airlines:

  • American/US Airways
  • AirTran
  • Alaska
  • Delta
  • Frontier
  • Virgin

So if you’ve been eying a monthly membership, this is a good time to lock it in. As Delta Points notes, there’s even an old promotion code out there for 30% off your first month.

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  1. Didn’t know about the all airline access pass. I may have to get that as I just have a Delta pass now. Thanks!

  2. Any higher and it’s going to start not being worth it to get it unless I’m flying 2-3x a week

  3. The 30% off your first month promo that ended in December is still live. Single airline new signup is $27.97 and any airline new signup is $34.97. First month only but you can cancel auto bill and use it again with a new email address.

  4. I would say Gogo is still worth it, but after flying Southwest and JetBlue and trying out their products (which cost substantially less) I can’t justify gogo. JetBlue was lightening fast where I swear that when I use gogo I can hear the modem from the aol days in the background. Gogo needs a technological makeover….and quick!

  5. Had a super slow GoGo experience on my BOS to PDX flight yesterday. Complained via chat and got a free code to use in the future. Also, rep told me they are upgrading to satellite later this year, but that may be BS since CSRs say the darnedest things!

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