Review: Lufthansa First Class 747-8 Frankfurt To Boston

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I’m going to keep this review relatively short, given that I’ve reviewed Lufthansa first class many times before, including on the exact same plane on the exact same route (so check out that post for the most comprehensive 747-8 first class review).

We arrived at the Lufthansa First Class Terminal at around 11AM for our 1:05PM flight. We had lunch and of course requested a duck or two from the shower attendant, as usual.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt

Our flight was scheduled to board at 12:20PM from gate Z54 (according to our boarding passes), though since the First Class Terminal isn’t connected to the terminal, you’re just driven around the start of boarding. Our PA told us she’d fetch us when our flight was ready, and sure enough we were approached at 12:35PM.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal fleet

Unfortunately there were a total of five first class passengers on the bus, so we got a Mercedes minivan, rather than one of the nicer private rides. It was a pretty tight fit, since the Mercedes has a total of five passenger seats (four in the back and one next to the driver).

On the plus side, we got to walk next to the beautiful 747-8 before boarding. While I’ve been resistant to Lufthansa’s new livery, I still think it’s a beautiful looking plane.

Lufthansa 747-8 taking us to Boston

Lufthansa 747-8 taking us to Boston

We were brought to an elevator and then that let out in the jet bridge, where the driver escorted the first class passengers past everyone else (which is always a bit awkward).

Lufthansa 422
Frankfurt (FRA) – Boston (BOS)
Tuesday, August 21
Depart: 1:05PM
Arrive: 3:00PM
Duration: 7hr55min
Aircraft: Boeing 747-8
Seat: 3D (First Class)

While I always like to be the first onboard to get good pictures, you don’t have much control over that when you’re being driven to the plane from the First Class Terminal, as several first class passengers were boarding at the same time. So for full cabin pictures, see my previous 747-8 first class review.

While all of Lufthansa’s longhaul aircraft with first class have the same seats and the same number of seats, the 747-8 has a different configuration. Other planes have two rows of first class in a 1-2-1 configuration, while the 747-8 has three rows in a 1-1 configuration, with two center seats in the last row. I assigned the two center seats for us.

Lufthansa 747-8 first class

Lufthansa 747-8 first class

While having only eight seats in the nose of the 747 is a sparse configuration (British Airways has 14 seats in the nose of the 747-400), the cabin does still feel a bit tight in row three, where you have four seats.

Lufthansa 747-8 first class

As soon as we were settled in, a flight attendant came by to offer us pre-departure beverages of choice. We both ordered champagne and sparkling water, which came with some mixed nuts (rather than the macadamia nuts we were offered on the outbound).

Lufthansa first class — champagne & mixed nuts

After that we were presented with the amenities for the flight, including pajamas, amenity kits, slippers, and menus.

Lufthansa first class — amenities

Boarding was quick, and by 1PM it was announced that boarding was complete, with every seat on the plane taken. Shortly thereafter the captain announced our flight time of 7hr15min, and that we should be departing shortly. At 1:10PM the safety video was screened, but we ended up only pushing back at 1:30PM, due to congestion around our gate.

Lufthansa 747-8 first class cabin

Once we pushed back our taxi was quick, and by 1:45PM we were cleared for takeoff on runway 7C.

Lufthansa airshow enroute to Boston

The seatbelt sign was turned off just five minutes after takeoff, and a few minutes later the purser passed through the cabin to welcome aboard first class passengers and distribute cards for free wifi. Around the same time flight attendants offered warm towels.

Lufthansa first class warm towel and free wifi code

The meal service began just 20 minutes after takeoff. The lunch menu read as follows:

The drink list read as follows:

Tablecloths were distributed, along with the amuse bouche. Since I was planning on working the entire flight (given that it was a Tuesday and I had wifi), I just had a glass of water. I wasn’t a huge fan of the amuse bouche, but that’s more personal preference than anything.

Lufthansa first class lunch — amuse bouche

Next up the silverware, bread, salt and pepper shaker, and olive oil, were distributed.

Lufthansa first class lunch — table setting

I love the attention to detail of the butter having “First Class” written on it (Lufthansa only does this on flights departing Germany, and not flights to Germany).

Lufthansa first class lunch — first class butter

First a cart was rolled through the cabin with caviar. Rather than giving each passenger their own small tin, Lufthansa plates the caviar out of a larger tin. I also had some delicious garlic bread and toast.

Lufthansa first class lunch — caviar

Next up the appetizer trolley was rolled down the aisle, where you can have as many or as few things as you’d like. My dad had all the appetizers and the salad, which included:

  • Corn-fed poularde with fennel kimchi and pesto
  • Teriyaki salmon with pickled red radish and wasabi creme fraiche
  • Green gazpacho jelly, pumpkin and lime yogurt
  • Fresh leaf salad with grilled bell pepper

Lufthansa first class lunch — appetizers

I wasn’t that hungry, so I just had the salad and salmon.

Lufthansa first class lunch — appetizers

Next up was a palate cleanser.

Lufthansa first class lunch — palate cleanser

For the main course my dad had the fried chicken flavored with truffle, wild broccoli and warm potato salad.

Lufthansa first class lunch — main course

I had the chanterelle mushroom ravioli with baby Swiss chard and fontina cheese sauce.

Lufthansa first class lunch — main course

Then my dad had a cheese course for dessert.

Lufthansa first class lunch — cheese course

I had the crepe suzette style with vanilla ice cream.

Lufthansa first class lunch — dessert

Overall I thought the meal was pretty good, though I think at times Lufthansa just tries too hard with their menu, and I wish they had a simpler selection. The meal was done about 2hr30min into the flight.

As far as the service goes, I found the crew was professional and attentive, as usual in Lufthansa first class. However, I couldn’t help but feel like the service lacked the sincerity I usually find on Lufthansa. It could be that I just had a bad read on the flight attendant’s personality, but there was something about the way she spoke that just made it seem like she wasn’t being sincere.

Anyway, after the meal the cabin lights were turned down, and we had under five hours remaining to Boston. So I took out my laptop and got working!

Lufthansa first class cabin

One other thing to note. The two first class lavatories are behind the cabin, and they’re a decent size, though not as big as on the A380. However, I found the odor in both of them to be horrible, and this isn’t the first time I’ve noticed this on the Lufthansa 747-8 (and only on the 747-8). It wasn’t that someone had a rough trip to the bathroom, but rather the bathrooms as such just didn’t smell good. Has anyone else noticed this, or do I just have really bad luck?

Lufthansa first class lavatory 747-8

Lufthansa first class lavatory 747-8

Lufthansa first class lavatory 747-8

A bit over two hours before landing I ordered a coffee.

Lufthansa first class coffee

At this point we were approaching Newfoundland — that was a quick Atlantic crossing!

Airshow enroute to Boston

Airshow enroute to Boston

Around this time a bit of drama unfolded with the guy in 3A. He somehow managed to drop in a lithium ion battery into the console next to the seat. Like, not into the seat, but somehow he dropped it into the “casing” next to the seat along the fuselage. I’m not sure how on earth that happened, but given the general concern with battery fires on planes, this turned out to be a rather big ordeal.

He called over the flight attendant, and she tried to find the battery. She couldn’t. He insisted he dropped it. So then the flight attendant called over another flight attendant. And another one. And the purser. And the first officer. Soon enough they had five people standing there trying to figure out what to do, given the fire risk. In the end they weren’t able to find it, but said they’d have maintenance take the seat apart upon landing.

The crew started to serve the pre-landing meal around 90 minutes out, though they took orders as people were ready, so some people only ordered food less than an hour out.

The pre-landing menu read as follows:

I found that to be a really odd menu…

Service began with a warm towel, and I had a glass of water to drink.

Lufthansa first class pre-landing snack — warm towel and water

Against my better judgment I ordered the sushi. I wasn’t expecting it to be very good, but was curious what kind of quality Lufthansa would have on a US-bound flight from Frankfurt. The sushi just wasn’t very good at all. It was supermarket quality at best, and that’s being generous.

Lufthansa first class pre-landing snack

My dad had the crustacean soup, which he enjoyed.

Lufthansa first class pre-landing snack

He then ordered a burger with vegetable chips.

Lufthansa first class pre-landing snack

At 2:30PM the captain announced we’d be descending shortly and landing in about half an hour. Sure enough, at 3PM sharp we touched down in Boston, and five minutes after that we pulled into our arrival gate.

Clearing immigration was quick, and we headed towards Terminal C for our connections on JetBlue.

Lufthansa first class bottom line

Lufthansa offers an incredibly consistent product, and on a westbound transatlantic flight, I view a Lufthansa first class seat as a great “office” for the day, thanks to their reasonably fast wifi, which is even free for first class passengers.

The food on this flight was just alright, and the service wasn’t the best, but overall there’s still something that makes the Lufthansa experience incredibly special, in my opinion.

  1. Paid first class here. Haters gonna hate. I love SQ and CX. They have one of the best first class out there. While people commenting here are commenting and showing their jealousy for being stuck in Economy.

  2. Why do airlines turn the lights down and close the blinds on day flights?

    I was in BA F LHR to JFK in August, I went to the bathroom after lunch, returned to my seat to find the cabin in darkness and all the blinds down. I really enjoy looking out the window while we’re in the air, but I felt I couldn’t raise the blind as I’d have flooded the cabin with light.

    Or maybe I’m just too polite. It was a flight which left London around 2pm, landing in JFK around 5pm, so I don’t think the entire cabin should be dark as it’s not very likely all the cabin would be looking to sleep, unlike a night flight.

  3. The great things about LH F are the FCT and comfy seat. Apart from them, I think it’s quite average (the food was ok at best, just like yours).

  4. @JDS – You’re too polite. It’s perfectly reasonable to have shades open if you want – it’s likely they were shut for temperature purposes given (as Lucky always complains about) some planes don’t have individual air nozzles.

  5. food looks great but 2.5 hours for meal service sounds horrible for me. i’d like to be done eating in under an hour, so i can get whatever amount of sleep left on a 7 hour flight.

  6. Real Endre here. I see that a comment above was posted by a frustrated hater (probably Julia or Stanley) flying on points (by maxing out 20 credit cards). It is true that I pay for my regular First Class flights. However while this males some people envious, I did not except they would go as far as posting under my name. Keep hating losers.

  7. I put that first class together for all Lufthansa 747-8 it is my favorite first class for the -8

  8. I flew a380 first from JFK and the luggage locker I put my bag in had a strong smell of human waste. I was honestly worried the smell was gonna “stick” to my bag afterwards

  9. “I wish they had a simpler selection”

    Fried chicken isn’t simple enough for you? 😉

    I’m not sure who is more annoying, real Endre or fake Endre…though they could easily be the same person.

  10. For some reason, I also don’t tire of the LH First Class reviews. There’s something about the non-ostentatious cabin and service that is calming. (I’ve never flown first class, so there’s an aspirational aspect to it too.)

    I would definitely have NOT ordered the sushi, however. You should never order sushi that’s been sitting in a fridge for several hours. Sushi is one of those things that you order freshly made at a decent restaurant or don’t order at all. Never buy store sushi that comes pre-made!

  11. Other than the First Class Lounge in Frankfurt and the ride over in a Porsche I have never been impressed and no desire to fly them again
    The seat is fine but the catering on board not to my personal liking and the hospitality satisfactory/ acceptable In Frankfurt I noticed rudeness by some lounge folks
    I’ve rarely experience that in any premium lounge world wide
    And none the less really liked their lounge
    Flying from Chicago first leg I had to use the United First Class lounge which was terrible
    Added to that I dislike that finding award seats are extremely difficult worse than Singapore Airlines as one example
    The number one reason I don’t do business with them is expiring miles
    There are simply other carriers I prefer to fly

  12. @Dwondermeant:

    Would be interested to see/read a review from you or someone not in the blogosphere on LH F. I’ve a planned flight (not yet booked) as a return from Europe next year and my partner and I are just playing it by ear so we can snag seats from FRA to, well, anywhere we can find availability west of the Mississippi. My partner is VERY “meh” about the whole thing and wants to just fly J so there’s no freaking out about availability. He cites essentially what you just mentioned as why he couldn’t care less about F because the people who gush about it are fanboys that would gush anyway. I, however, want the whole shabang and don’t mind the inherent uncertainty. But it’s hard to judge if it’s really worth it because the reviews are by folks who’ve millions of miles and can routinely fly ho-hum routes repeatedly.

  13. “Flying from Chicago first leg I had to use the United First Class lounge which was terrible”

    Don’t you mean the Polaris Lounge? You also get access to the United Club, but that isn’t a first class lounge. The Polaris Lounge is much nicer, and hardly terrible.

  14. I’ve been hoping to fly Lufthansa first at some point, but your review here leaves me wondering. A nicer bathroom experience in business or first is a significant plus from economy, but this bathroom sounds highly unpleasant. The food was just ok-ish by first standards, the service not that enjoyable. Hardly anything to get excited about. Wondering if not partaking in the champagne was what left you with the less than stellar experience? Or was it the bathroom?

  15. I’ve worked remotely off Wifi in Economy countless times, but don’t think I could bring myself to do it in Business, much less First.

  16. Cramming five people into a minivan does not sound like great First Class service. Why didn’t they just split the passengers into two or three groups and still drive them in the Porsches? That’s not necessarily the most efficient, but isn’t the point of First Class supposed to be privacy and highly personalised service?

  17. “However while this males some people envious.” The imbecile Endre must mean “makes.”

    How uneducated or old you must be for being stupid when you try to make fun of others. At least, get it right, when you try to say something. You pay with what? Your complaints to get a free upgrade? No one here including OMATT believes you.

  18. I have smelled the lav odors as well in dlh 748 first. Not sure if it’s the 748 , Or needs a lav flush by ramp during turn around. Maybe an airline mx can shed light on this?

  19. The lav odor is a 747-8 problem due to the drain system that is different in First and Business Class to the one in Economy on the 747-8. Thats why only Business and First Class lavatories have a bad odor.

  20. Is it me or has F award availability completely disappeared?

    I spent a solid hour on Expertflyer looking at flights US/DE for seats, and there was absolutely nothing. Next day, week out, 300 days out; nothing.

  21. It is perfectly ok to slowly raise your shade as to not instantly flood the cabin with light, up to a comfortable eye level. As you look around you’ll find that it actually does not create toooo much light everywhere. Most people are fine with it.

  22. I was on a day flight from Sydney to Incheon, enjoying the views of the South Pacific islands, when the two other First Class passengers asked that I close my window shade so that they could sleep. The flight attendant rigged a curtain out of a blanket, giving me a private suite for the remainder of the flight.

  23. Hi I was just wondering how you feel when you’re in Lufthansa first class but leaving from the United States for example in San Francisco and there is only a Polaris Lounge instead of a First-Class Lounge. I was pretty disappointed so how wonderful the first class lounges are in Munich and Frankfurt.

  24. Our LH flight in First on 748 lax-fra mid September had a horrible smelling lav- just awful- from beginning of flight to the end. The return flight FRA-LAX on a different LH 748 not nearly as bad but still could smell a bit of raunchy odor. Hope they fix it.

  25. Most people in F (and even J) fly so much they don’t bother looking outside of the window. In fact they just want to rest, and if possible to sleep. That’s why shades go down and I myself prefer them to be down.

    What I hate most are the idiots that open the shades after the slightest bump in the air, as if there would be something waiting outside to be seen…

  26. I’d rather eat what your father had. That soup and hamburger looked delicious. Have him travel with you more often. I’m never going to order ravioli for my main course, but that’s all you ever get.

  27. @AdamR

    Skip the stress, fly in J to Europe, and choose first class on a different airline
    Your partner will never forgive you if you end up in coach!

    there are other first class options you can book in advance like Asiana, Etihad, etc

  28. I have to easily agree with Dwondermeant. Have flown LH 1st many times and the last was the “last”. My wife and I made the horrible faux-pas by taxiing to the FC terminal after arriving from Porto, Portugal. The staff was stiff and unfriendly. The dining room waitress was surly and unsmiling. The FC attendant took us to the car last AND the driver left our luggage at the car and merely gestured at the elevator to the boarding ramp. Once on board, the FA gave us BC amenity and only gave us FC amenity after I confronted her. This airline discriminates subtly and wildly both on board and in their lounges!! I didn’t vote for him (Trump) and my Ubergrossvater war in Hamburg geboren!! LH get off your high horse and remember WWII and the Marshall plan.

  29. Trust me Lucky, Lufthansa First Class reviews NEVER get old.

    Btw, I feel like the reason, to you, this flight was just “alright” is that you’ve become so used to this life and LH First that it just doesn’t impress you anymore. Try flying their economy and then go back to First and im sure your comments and attitude will differ 😉

  30. My wife and I just returned from a Trip Australia to France in J class on Singapore airlines. The photos look very similar to an bulkhead row in J on SQ. Not a vast difference. Food choices similar too, and drinks almost comparable. Not sure i would pay the extra for first on Lufthansa in this plane, but will look into the other reviews you mentioned to compare things on other planes before i pass judgement. Thanks for the report.

  31. @Endre. Use some of your money to buy a dictionary, spell checker, English classes, and an education. Not hating and certainly not envious, just telling the truth.

  32. Endre sounds like a rube living out of his parent’s basement. Crass, unoriginal and quite boorish. Bet he has no money and survives off his family’s money. Oh, right. That is, if they have any. Tell him to piss off already. I love, English as a second language snobs….

  33. @David O

    First class or not, that’s a pretty diva demand to expect all other passengers must put their blinds down because two people want to sleep on a day flight. If two people on a night flight want to see the stars does that mean the blinds must stay up?

    I think what annoyed me about the BA flight was the crew pulled the blind down while I was in the bathroom, and so couldn’t really argue.

    On the plus side, it looks like you had a great crew to build you a little fort 🙂

  34. I think it’s very rude for other people and/or the crew to demand you close your blinds. It’s your blinds and you do with them what you wish – open or close. I’ve seen the most amazing things from a plane window (Aurora over Greenland anyone?). I’m always respectful though, like putting it down more than half way for example. But I want it open – day or night!

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