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Hello from Dubai! Ford and I just took the 15hr10min flight on Emirates in first class from Los Angeles (this was a paid first class fare, thanks to an amazing fare sale Emirates published last year, which will earn us a ton of Alaska miles). While I’ll have a full trip report soon, in this post I wanted to share my initial impressions.

While I flew Emirates’ new 777 first class earlier this year, it has been a couple of years since I’ve flown Emirates’ A380 first class, which I typically consider to be the most fun first class products in the world… and this flight reinforced that.

On the surface Emirates’ A380 first class cabin isn’t that private or spacious, as it has 14 seats, but in my experience it’s rarely more than half full (on this flight there were four other passengers).

Even though there are substantially more spacious first class products out there (Singapore has just six suites in the same area where Emirates has 14), this is still my favorite first class experience in the world if I’m traveling with someone and want to have fun. It’s nice to have a great first class seat while still being able to sit next to your travel companion.

I feel like Emirates gets just about everything right with their first class, from the dine on demand menu, to the amenities, to the onboard shower and bar, to the ridiculously over the top and unnecessary amenities.

Upon boarding we received a tote bag with our pajamas, amenity kit, and slippers, all of which were excellent.

There was an extensive dine on demand menu, though given Emirates’ impressive alcohol selection, we ended up consuming mostly liquid calories. Dom Perignon 2000 P2 and Hennessy Paradis? Yes please! And the two combine to make a lovely champagne cocktail. 😉

We did save room for some caviar though, and later in the flight I had an exceptional miso glazed cod.

Hanging out at the onboard bar was a lot of fun, and we had a few cocktails there, including an espresso martini.

After a few fun hours enjoying most of the things that Emirates first class has to offer, it was time to sleep. I got a solid five hours of sleep, and appreciated that the seat had two individual air nozzles, and that on top of that the cabin was kept cool. There are more spacious first class suites out there, but I still find Emirates’ to be one of the most comfortable.

After some rest it was time for a shower. I’ve taken at least a couple of dozen flights in Emirates first class at this point, and the onboard shower never ever gets old. I still giggle every time I enjoy my five minutes of water on the A380.

Then there are all kinds of little touches that make me love Emirates first class. To me it’s the little things that set the first class experience apart, and I love the fact that Emirates has excellent cappuccinos, soy milk (at least on US flights), French press coffee, and spotless bathrooms with a perfect towel pyramid every time you go there, just to give a few examples.

Service on this flight was among the best I’ve had as well. The two ladies taking care of us were from Algeria and Ireland, and both were friendly, attentive, and just all around lovely people.

Unfortunately not everyone seemed to enjoy their flight as much as we did. There was a couple seated in front of us, and towards the end of the flight the guy was clearly drunk as could be, as he and his significant other got into a loud argument. The flight attendants came running up to them because they thought something was wrong, but I guess they were just having a disagreement. The flight attendant apologized to us and said “sorry, he’s really drunk.”

Then the purser came around before landing to ask everyone how the flight was, and this guy loudly rattled off a ridiculous list of complaints. “The Indian food wasn’t good, the caviar wasn’t good, the drinks weren’t good.” The irony of the drunk dude complaining about the alcohol selection on Emirates wasn’t lost on me.

There are some airline products that I enjoy less with repetition, but Emirates first class amazes me in the same way it did when I first flew it. It’s truly something special, in my opinion, and when traveling with someone there’s no product I’d rather fly.


  1. Cue the “[open] homosexuality is illegal in UAE, why are you contributing money to their barbarous practices” folks in 3, 2, 1,

  2. John, (appropriate name) give it a rest.

    Lucky have we not had “reviews” of EK FC ? I commend you for making sure everyone knows this was a paid trip and not hacked. I have 6 r/t on Ek and enjoy them more and more, many paid for the record, but still have we not had enough ?

    And John give it a rest.

  3. So this guy promotes himself as one who “fly an average of 400,000 miles a year”…”using airline miles and credit card points to elevate the travel experience”, while he just got back from a trip of 8 days to Seychelles where he paid 724 EURO per night !! and now he tells us about 1st class ticket on which he paid $3,170. Certainly, this blog cannot relate to the average American, as this guy either makes ton of money or more reasonably comes from a very affluent family, considering the very early age he started this hobby…

  4. Will there be a review of the YVR-LAX segment on WestJet? I’m very interested in hearing about that flight.

  5. The first time I flew Emirates I was in shock the whole time. For years I dreamed and dreamed of flying in Emirates first. I seriously wanted to stay much longer, 13 hours was not enough. I wanted to thank you for getting me into miles and points, since without them, I could not have made my life dream come true.

  6. I am flying EK F for the first time from Australia to Europe and back (booked with QF points), and I can’t wait.

    Looking forward to a full review of your EK experience! Don’t forget to review the lounge again as well.

  7. So to be clear, we have commenters on this blog alternately suggesting “Enough Emirates first class writeups” and “Stop reviewing obscure products”. Seems like there might be someone to complain about everything!

  8. Two years ago I took JFK-DXB-SIN in First Class thanks to Alaska.
    In two years I’ll take IAH-DXB-ICN in Business Class thanks to Alaska again. 🙂
    On the way back, ICN-DOH-ATL with Qatar Business Class.

  9. @ tim — I always appreciate feedback, but it has been nearly three years since I’ve reviewed Emirates’ A380 first class, so I don’t think this is an overkill at all. Also, respectfully, if you’re not interested in reading an Emirates first class write-up, what did you click on the post? There was no clickbait in the title, and I recognize not every post will appeal to everyone.

  10. @ W — Doing the A380 to Milan as well. Should have probably mixed it up and done 777, but I liked the timing of the A380 better.

  11. @bill you read my mind. Also, for people who haven’t been reading his blog for years (like me) this is excellent content.

    Thx Lucky. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with all of the idiots complaining about free/entertaining/informative content 😉

  12. @Baruch: “Lucky” has a very particular life. Does he have the ability to do this far more often than the average person. Of course. Could a single person do this if they so chose? Potentially; that’s a crazy expensive flight, but treating it as a once in a lifetime thing, it could be done.

    I have worked in the tobacco industry, where I had access to far more cigarettes than any human could possible consume. In the bar business I could drink for free in the best establishments in most major cities by using my connections. In every career, the closer you are to “the spigot”, the easier and more often you can access that industry’s offerings. Lucky has been drinking from the tap for years; it’s literally his job to travel like this.

    If you don’t find value in reading about his particular travel style, there are some fantastic blogs that focus on economy family travel on the Boarding Area. Because I don’t ever remember Lucky saying a family of 4 could easily travel like he does; that would take a massive amount of hacking, or running a rather lucrative business on points cards. Kind of like he does.

  13. I’ve flown on all the commercial A380 F products (thanks to reading your blog) and will admit EK A380 F is still my favorite. I can’t believe the EK’s first A380 is turning 10 years old this year!

  14. And you paid what for this?

    Oh right. I forgot. Mileage ‘deals’ and shit went out the window for over a year already since you’re raking in the ad dollars from the site.
    Enjoy flying off with your husband on countries’ airlines who’d literally murder you for who you are. But hey. it’s a lot of champagne, right?

  15. @ Baruch — In addition to what Vet&Banker said, I’d add that we are each earning close to 100,000 Alaska miles for these tickets. I value those miles at two cents each. While you’re correct that’s still a big cash outlay, earning $2,000 worth of miles on a ~$3,100 ticket is a huge number of miles. I don’t view the real cost of this ticket as being anywhere close to what I paid.

  16. @CS
    To be correct, the Emiratis don’t want to “murder” Ben and Ford. I think they’d prefer if Ben and Ford traveled in the overhead bin on a United economy flight. Oh, wait…same thing.

  17. Lucky – Congrats on all the AS miles for this trip, but can you discuss some of your better, recent AS miles redemptions? I have had no luck finding reasonable award tickets from AS. Everything seems to be mixed cabins AND an extra leg. Are you only booking last minute? Only certain airlines with AS miles? Thanks!

  18. Wow what a lot of snark this post has caused. I’d never fly any MEA but regardless I love reading Ben’s reviews and eagerly check my email every morning for them. Keep up the good work Ben! Ignore of the angry folks they just need therapy

  19. Ben, block out the haters. After five years, still love you, still love the blog, and the new content is refreshing. Glad to read that some things never change (cough EK F blingfest cough). You just keep being you, and we’ll all sit back and enjoy–and maybe learn a thing or two on the way. I literally wouldn’t be able to travel the world without you.

  20. Hey Lucky,

    I’ve been reading your blog for probably a little over a year and love the content, so thanks and keep doing what you’re doing! I have an LAX -> ICN -> SIN -> BNE -> SIN -> CDG flight in August with Singapore Airlines that I paid for with points, and your blog provided the inspiration, so thanks!

    Anyway, forgive me if you’ve covered this in an article on the blog somewhere, but I did have a thought along the lines of ‘John’ the first comment on the post re: flying Emirates and visiting Dubai, given the standing of LGBT rights and lack of acceptance in Dubai and the UAE. I would love to visit Dubai, looks like a fantastic destination, and I would love to Fly Emirates First one day, but as a gay man, I struggle with it from a personal values perspective. I get that I shouldn’t restrict my life and the decisions I make or experiences I have because of the opinions and closed mindedness of the few, but I guess it’s something I personally can’t do…I don’t eat at Chick-fil-a for similar reasonsfor example.

    Would love to hear your/Fords thoughts on this?


  21. @John – seems like you’re the only one… Consider the fact that samesex couples STILL face discrimination in YOUR country so don’t dare point any fingers!

  22. @John – seems like you’re the only one… Consider the fact that samesex couples STILL face discrimination in YOUR country so don’t dare point any fingers!

  23. As expected, tacky and vulgar design that hasn’t been updated for several years.That doesn’t matter too much so long as the seat/bed is comfortable and the food adequate. Caviar will be attractive to the pretentious end of the market, as will the Dom. Nothing draws out the wannabe crowd like that silly combination does…so probably sensible choice by EK.
    Would a normal traveler undertake this, including the several thousand additional flying miles ? Certainly not, but as a subject for review it makes sense at that fare.

  24. As always, the comment section is just as interesting as the content. Keep up the good work, Lucky! You know you’re doing something great when you get the negative nancys come out of the woodwork.

  25. Looks great and it has definitely whet my appetite for my upcoming trip EK F trip. I have a quick question regarding what to expect in terms of onboard amenities. I have a one way journey of 2 medium haul legs of around 7 hours each. This first leg departs around 21:30, and arrives in to Dubai at 01:00+1, the second leg departs Dubai 4:00 and lands at 9:30 local. Given the flight times should I expect PJ’s to have been loaded and available to F PAX on request?. I’m aware that neither of these flights are longhaul (or overnight) but I will want to sleep on at least one of the flights so I’m wondering if I should pack my own in to my carry on to be on the safe side.

  26. You are actually supporting and gushing about an airline and a country that is run by a hard-line homophobic regime!?? Should your yearning for yet ANOTHER Emirates FC trip-report, worth besmirching your own MORALS??

  27. I don’t comment often, but thank you for what you write, Ben. Keep it up, ignore these haters/losers/homophobias. They don’t deserve good things.

  28. While yes, it’s true that it’s been a few years since your last Emirates A380 first class experience (though we did get one from Tiffany in February 2017), personally I would like to see a re-visit of previous airlines you havben’t flown in a while, just to see how things may or may not have changed.

    The upcoming Turkish reviews will be nice to read for those reasons. I’d love to see TRs from Austrian, Malaysian (both in first and business class), JAL first class, ANA first class, and Air Canada. I realize some of them still have the same hard product, but it would be interesting to see if they still have a good soft product.

  29. @Ben/Lucky

    Where you guys staying in Dubai this trip? Not sure if you guys have been to Dubai for more than 48 hours this year but by my count, they’ve opened about 30 hotels since start of year, including 4 this week (rare for hotels to open in summer here), the ADR apolcalypse is well and truly in progress and world class 5 stars now under 100 USD whereas fancy 4 stars can even be had for 50 USD!

    Quite the turnaround from 2-3 years ago. Most expensive hotel market in 2012ish to one of the cheapest now

  30. @Lucky “when travelling with someone there’s no product I’d rather fly”

    How about New SQ A380 First Class Double bed? Thought that would be the new best for a couple.
    by the way, Emirates F still rocks, almost after 10Y

  31. Lots and lots of jealousy in some of these comments… too stupid to figure out how to make enough money or earn the points to do it themselves so they put others (Lucky) down.

  32. @John – seems like you’re the only one… Consider the fact that samesex couples STILL face discrimination in YOUR country so don’t dare point any fingers!

    @CS & Wx (you’re the same nasty person – grow some pubic hair

  33. If we are being honest, isn’t Emirates first-class — once you take away the bling and lavish interior — basically just the world’s best international business-class? It’s certainly comparable in terms of seating and configuration to the international business-class products of many other airlines.

  34. @ FNT Delta Diamond — Yes, if you take away the food, drinks, service, shower, bedding, pajamas, amenity kits, and the spaciousness of the seat, it’s just the world’s best business class. 😉

    In all honesty, while it’s not the most spacious first class seat, I find it significantly more spacious than any other business class seat out there, including Qsuites. I’m a weird sleeper and like to sleep on my side often with my knees bent, and even in my favorite business class products I’m almost always restricted in one way or another. That’s not the case in Emirates first class.

  35. I don’t see why people are getting on Ben over him reviewing products he has already reviewed prior. Restaurant critics do the same and oftentimes over a more frequent basis.

  36. Lucky
    Whats sad now is the 100K miles earned doesn’t (with the massive increase a while back) get even one way biz class using Alaskan miles on Emirates anymore….I did myself enjoy the Emirates 380 FC all the way from JFK to SIN via DXB and back a couple of years ago and yes its fun!! Love the posts as always..keep up the good work..

  37. @ Robin — Valid point, though nowadays I wouldn’t redeem Alaska miles for Emirates first class, but rather for Cathay or Japan Airlines first class. 100K miles goes a long way there.

  38. Great review, Ben! I took advantage of the great fare sale back in Decembe. Along with the wife, will be flying YYZ-DBX-MXP (and back) in July, so really enjoyed the review!!

  39. I’d rather have another Emirates First Class review (after all, each flight is different) than stories on credit cards – after all it is a travel blog.

  40. @FNT Delta Diamond – What business class would you compare it to? Qsuites? While Qsuites is a great business class product, at its essence it is still eight-abreast seating even with “enhanced” shoulder space due to the coffin-like nature of its shape, but the foot-well gets much narrower; EK first suites has no such narrowing. https://media2.ausbt.com.au/1500,1500-593f41ae00004e938bda108cdd799acd-qatar-airways-qsuite-boeing–777-300er-layout-1000.jpg

    Emirates has the same 1-2-1 configuration/hardware for first class on their 777s as they do on the 380s, vs. Qatar’s 2-4-2 in their Qsuites on 777s. I’m curious to know what business class product(s) you think come(s) close to EK first (My question is not to debate you, I’m just wondering if I’m missing something).

  41. cant wait for the review! Im set on flying this for my honeymoon, whenever that happens haha 😉

  42. for those complaining Lucky paid cash$ blablabla….think about it:

    he paid $3K for a flight that costs around $25K….thats 8x less!!!

    heck of a deal.

  43. Wow, these comments are priceless! Haha.

    Keep the Emirates posts coming…
    Keeps this girl dreaming! My husband and I both flew Cathay Pacific 1st class Hong Kong to NYC all on points last summer ( *takes thank you bow*).

    Emirates, I’m coming for you next!

  44. Curious to know why you only showed the Business bar at the back and not the delightful private little one at the front!!!

  45. Well, other airlines serve real champagne, provide slippers and pajamas, and some even do turndown service in business-class. So that’s nothing unique to Emirates. Emirates doesn’t, for example, have an Air France first-class ground service.

    I meant, in general, the seating and configuration is comparable to the best 1x2x1 international business-class products. Yes, of course, it’s a little wider and maybe more padded, but, in general, the actual configuration isn’t that special. Emirates is great at soft product and marketing. I’d never pay for its 2x3x2 business-class.

  46. I want to add to those who ask that you tighten the screws on the haters/losers. I appreciate your attempt to be ‘fair and balanced’, but they add nothing constructive – nobody is forcing them to read your blog. I don’t know of a more professional and classy travel blog. I am sure that most of us travel vicariously through this site – we will never travel international first class. But what an enjoyable escape into fantasy. We don’t need their bile to stain our daydream.

  47. Personally I do not like to flight with Emirates and wish more redemption tickets will be available on carriers like Cathay, British Airways, JAL, Finnair and of course Qantas (I am from Australia). Shower is still gimmick, food is strictly Halal (not that I am against Halal – I am against absent of choice) and, mate, those fax golden wood plastic that abundant everywhere make me puke. I would happily trade all of those “fun” stuff to wide seat in CX or classy true English cabin in BA. YMMV of course.

  48. Lucky,

    I could not agree with you more. I also love EK First — reading one of your reviews of the cabin is how I was introduced to your blog, actually.

    I fly a very specific route with Emirates– which is operated by the A380. My five minutes of water, in the shower, never gets old. I love it. I’ve flown this route since 2015 — each time is just as memorable as the last. I especially love the First Class lounges, in Dubai.

    I’ve only had one lousy experience, and that was with an English Purser who was overly aggressive about me filling out the comment card for her flight. How hilariously ironic.

    On another note, it is because of you that I will be visiting a certain Aman property later on this year. I haven’t seen any loyalty program –specifically for Aman. I wanted to cite you as my referral. Either way, I’ll just tell them that it was you who introduced me to the site. I’m so excited about that trip. I cannot wait to visit the property. I hope my experience is just as good as yours.

    Thanks for the review, Lucky!

  49. Lucky,

    Can you please give us a readers a guide as to what are the best way to book EK first class with miles?

  50. As always a great review, Lucky! I don’t know how you put with some of the winging trolls on here, the morons who have a free read of your excellent work, and sniffle on about something. Behind the cloak of anonymity, these sad miserable oxygen thieves rain negativity. Some of them probably go a step further – they are the anti-social key-scratching car vandals, or the phantom pooper leaving their DNA in a public space. Lucky: keep up the GOOD WORK!

  51. Good alcohol is wasted on you. Mixing Dom & Hennesy to make a cocktail is to lose the best of each and strengthen the worst. Tacky, cheap, blingy & vulgar behaviour. Fitting that it happened on EK

  52. ===============
    747always says:
    June 14, 2018 at 1:04 am

    Good alcohol is wasted on you. Mixing Dom & Hennesy to make a cocktail is to lose the best of each and strengthen the worst. Tacky, cheap, blingy & vulgar behaviour. Fitting that it happened on EK
    Cannot agree more

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