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Booking the Park Hyatt Milan

Milan is a great hotel city, with most of the major hotel brands having properties here. For example, Tiffany has reviewed Starwood’s Excelsior Hotel Gallia Milan, which she really enjoyed.

For our three nights in Milan we decided to book the Park Hyatt Milan, which I had heard great things about. The Park Hyatt Milan is a Category 7 World of Hyatt property, meaning that a redemption here costs either 30,000 World of Hyatt points for a free night, or 15,000 World of Hyatt points plus 244EUR for a Points + Cash booking.

Since I value World of Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each, the outright free night redemption was the better value. The paid rate would have been about 600EUR per night, so redeeming points was a great value.

Thanks to my Globalist status I was also able to confirm an upgrade at the time of booking to a Park Junior Suite. Being able to confirm an upgrade subject to availability at the time of booking for the stays that matter most to me is one of my favorite Globalist perks, as I get four of these certificates per year (in addition to unlimited complimentary suite upgrades subject to availability at the time of check-in).

What makes this redemption so accessible for many is that World of Hyatt is a Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partner, so that’s an easy way to acquire World of Hyatt points.

Earn Hyatt points

Park Hyatt Milan review

Our Emirates flight landed in Milan in the early afternoon, and I was pleasantly surprised by how quick the ride was, given how far Malpensa Airport is from the city. We were at the Park Hyatt within 45 minutes. The Park Hyatt has a charming exterior and feels boutique, which makes sense, given that it has just over 100 rooms.

Park Hyatt Milan exterior

The hotel has some cute dog statues by the entrance.

Park Hyatt Milan entrance

The lobby is quite intimate — it’s just a small room with the reception desk at the far end, and the concierge desk to the right. I’d say this is perhaps the only part of the hotel that didn’t impress me. I generally like having somewhere to sit in a lobby, while this one was tiny, with just a few benches. It would even be awkward to sit there, given how many people are working at the desks.

Park Hyatt Milan reception

Fortunately the service at reception was flawless. Check-in was efficient and professional, and the front office agent checking us in went over all the benefits we’d receive due to my Globalist status, including the suite we had confirmed, 4PM late check-out (which we didn’t need), complimentary breakfast, and more.

On top of the standard perks, this hotel has some additional Globalist benefits, including a 20% discount on spa treatments of 50 minutes or longer, as well as 20% off when having lunch or dinner at La Cupola.

Within a couple of minutes we were escorted to our room, which was located on the second floor. The hotel has two elevators, immediately across from reception.

Park Hyatt Milan elevators

Park Hyatt Milan hallway

The hotel is in a rectangular shape (so there are four hallways on each floor, and we were assigned room 220, which was a bit of a walk from the elevator.

Park Hyatt Milan room exterior

Park Hyatt Milan floorplan

The suite was lovely. This was definitely a junior suite rather than a full suite, which is to say that the living area and sleeping area were in the same room. However, it was large and nicely appointed.

Park Hyatt Milan junior suite

At the far end of the room was the king size bed. While the mattress itself was comfortable, I wish the pillows had been bigger. I guess I could have called down, as I bet they had other pillow options, but that didn’t cross my mind at the time.

Park Hyatt Milan junior suite bedroom

Then the rest of the room had a desk area, living area, and a table with two chairs.

Park Hyatt Milan junior suite living area

The desk was underneath the wall-mounted TV.

Park Hyatt Milan junior suite desk & TV

The table at the far end of the room wasn’t really big enough to be a dining table, though I guess if needed it could serve as one.

Park Hyatt Milan junior suite table and chairs

Then the living area had a chair and a big loveseat.

Park Hyatt Milan junior suite living area

On the desk was an in-room Illy coffee machine and kettle.

Park Hyatt Milan in-room coffee

On the opposite wall were two big bottles of water, which were replenished daily.

Park Hyatt Milan junior suite bottled water

The room faced the interior courtyard of the hotel. On one hand that was a bit of a bummer (both due to the lack of views and lack of natural light), though on the other hand it meant that it was always quiet.

Park Hyatt Milan junior suite view

The bathroom was almost as big as the main part of the room. Upon entering the bathroom was a big closet area, along with the in-room safe.

Park Hyatt Milan junior suite closet

Then there were two nearly identical sinks, located on opposite sides of the bathroom.

Park Hyatt Milan suite bathroom

Park Hyatt Milan suite bathroom

Further into the bathroom was a tub and walk-in shower.

Park Hyatt Milan suite bathtub

The shower had both a rainforest showerhead and a handheld one.

Park Hyatt Milan suite shower

Toiletries were in huge bottles, and were high quality.

Park Hyatt Milan toiletries

Then there was a separate room with a toilet and bidet.

Park Hyatt Milan suite toilet & bidet

I thought the room was lovely. In-room wifi was fast and free, and didn’t require logging in. A few hours after checking in we were brought a welcome amenity, consisting of a bottle of red wine, nuts, and olives.

Park Hyatt Milan welcome amenity

Breakfast was served daily at La Cupola, located just past reception in the lobby. Breakfast was served from 7AM until 10:30AM. As a morning person I find 7AM to be a really late start time for breakfast, but I get this is Italy, so…

The restaurant was such a stunning space, with a glass dome. It reminded me a lot of the breakfast restaurant at the Park Hyatt Paris.

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast restaurant

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast restaurant

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast restaurant

The restaurant has both a buffet and a menu. This hotel may just have the most generous Globalist breakfast of any hotel anywhere, as you can have whatever you want. You can do the buffet, you can order as much as you want off the menu, or any combination of both. I can’t think of any other Hyatt hotel I’ve stayed at that doesn’t have some sort of limitation on what breakfast comes included.

The breakfast menu read as follows:

The buffet was small but high quality, and I almost wanted to eat everything there. There was fresh fruit, cold cuts, cheese, cereal, yogurt, all kinds of pastries and breads, etc. What I really can’t emphasize enough is how high quality everything was.

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast buffet

Every morning I had a cappuccino, which was one of the best I’ve ever had at a hotel.

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast — cappuccino

This might be a weird combination, but both the fresh fruit and focaccia from the buffet were excellent.

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast

One morning I ordered the walnut bread, avocado, goat ricotta cheese, and basil emulsion.

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast

The other morning I just had an omelet.

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast

One morning Ford had the poached eggs, multi-grain bread, avocado, and smoked salmon.

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast

The other morning he had the eggs benedict with ham.

Park Hyatt Milan breakfast

I was sad our flight on the last day was so early, as we had to skip breakfast.

Breakfast was such a highlight of staying here, and I can’t emphasize enough how nice the ladies working in the restaurant were. After the first morning they remembered our preferred drink order (down to our preference for soy milk), asked if we wanted to sit at the same table as the prior day, and greeted us in such a warm way.

They also couldn’t have been more encouraging of ordering as much as we wanted, not that we took advantage of that. But every morning they’d say “you don’t want to order anything else? No dessert? But you are Globalist, you can order whatever you want.” Hah.

While we never ate at the Park Hyatt’s two Michelin-starred restaurant, VUN Andrea Aprea, we did have drinks one night at Dehors, the hotel’s seasonal outdoor bar. You can find the drink list for that here.

Park Hyatt Milan bar

My aperol spritz was great, and as is the norm in Italy, it came with snacks.

Park Hyatt Milan bar drinks

Park Hyatt Milan bar snacks

Park Hyatt Milan bar snacks

The evening that we arrived we also ordered room service. We had just gotten off our flight and had a lot of work to do as it was a Monday, so this seemed the most convenient. The room service food was very good.

Park Hyatt Milan room service

The only other major hotel amenity worth talking about is the spa and gym, located on the basement level. The gym was on the small side, though at least it had decent equipment.

Park Hyatt Milan gym

Park Hyatt Milan gym

While we didn’t use any of it, there was also a hot tub, sauna, and steam room.

Park Hyatt Milan spa

Park Hyatt Milan spa

Here’s the menu of spa treatments (as a reminder, Globalist members get 20% off):

The hotel has an unbeatable location for someone who is sightseeing. Two of Milan’s most popular spots are the Galleria and Duomo. Below is a picture of the entrance to the Park Hyatt in relation to the Galleria — as you can see, it’s just a few steps away.

Milan Galleria

Milan Galleria

The Duomo is just a short walk away as well.

Il Duomo Milan

While this isn’t related to the hotel, I want to mention that this was my first visit to Milan “proper” in nearly two decades. Overall I wasn’t that impressed by the city. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice enough city, and we had some great meals there. But personally I didn’t find it nearly as charming as some of the other cities in Italy, and I don’t need to return anytime soon.

Park Hyatt Milan bottom line

I loved the Park Hyatt Milan, and it easily ranks in my top 10 Hyatt properties worldwide, and maybe even my top five. This hotel has gorgeous rooms, exceptional service, an amazing Globalist breakfast, and a perfect location.

The only constructive criticism I have about the hotel is pretty minor, like breakfast only starting at 7AM (which is probably my issue), and how tiny the lobby is.

All things considered I can’t recommend this hotel enough, and in many ways it reminded me a lot of the Park Hyatt Paris.

If you’ve stayed at the Park Hyatt Milan, what was your experience like?

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  1. Thanks Lucky for the detailed review.

    I stayed here recently on business. Gorgeous building, best location.

    That said I found the service to be bad/snooty. And the gym tiny.

  2. Regarding breakfast: I have stayed at one charming hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia, where breakfast didn’t start until 9:30 in the morning. Now that is late!
    But it’s Tbilisi, you just have to go with the flow.
    Same goes for Italy, I guess.

  3. Currently staying at the Park Hyatt Milan. Awesome hotel. It is all about the location.

  4. Agree with your assessment of Milan – I visited friends there which was awesome but outside of that I didn’t feel that the city was as charming as many other European cities. I liked Milanese aperitivo though.

  5. Milan is a city of enormous charm, IMHO. I love it. Fortunately, as Oscar Wilde said, “taste is indisputable ”
    I’ve had that same room, a couple of times. Others have reported more grand suite upgrades but I found that one to be more than acceptable. Lovely hotel.

  6. I am starting to like rooms with interior courtyard views in European cities. What I remember from Milan was very loud motorcycles and lots of horn honking. I have enjoyed the quiet of the courtyard rooms. Especially in an older property where you are in the city center and there aren’t a lot of floors. I am going to be outside a lot anyway, so having an interior room sometimes is a welcome place to relax.

  7. I know I’m going to contradict myself here but I’ll go ahead anyhow 🙂

    I’ve stayed at three Park Hyatts in Europe (Milan, Paris and Vienna). All are very nice but are they really worth the points if you don’t have a truck load of points? For me, no.

    30,000 pts is a ton of points and 3 nights is about a round trip business ticket to Europe (my preferred travel destination). I’d rather use the points on airfare and find a hotel that costs much less. Even at 1.5 cents per point, spending $450 per night on a hotel isn’t something I would do 99% of the time. And comparing 30,000 points to a publish rate of $600, $900, etc. I don’t think is fair since few people would ever pay that for a hotel room.

    I believe it was our Milan stay where they gave up the free breakfast all 3 days (I didn’t have status for it) and that was very nice of them. Again, I’m happy with a pastry and a drink and don’t eat much of breakfast so while it looks great, it isn’t of any real value to me.

    And yeah, while I really like northern Italy, Milan isn’t a tourist attraction. Visiting some place close by, like Bergamo, was much more fun.

    (And when I read these reviews I’m glad I’m not on my phone and a slow network with all of those photos that have to be downloaded, Ben needs to have a text version only of his blogs.)

  8. The Egg Benedict do not look good and are clearly burned under a heater. Good thing you make clear photos those are the value of your reviews.

  9. I spent 18 days in Italy last summer and Milan was my least favourite place (well, after Naples…)

  10. It’s all about personal choice – I would rather go to Milan, Naples or Palermo than Venice, Florence or Rome. The former cities are the real Italy and the latter are basically like going to Vegas – too many tourists, hardly any locals – except those trying to rip you off

  11. I don’t like the PH Milan because it’s so dark in the rooms. If you need to spend significant time in the room during the day it is not a nice place.

    If not using points, I find the Mandarin has the best rooms in Milan and is the newest 5 star property.

  12. Looks amazing, thanks for the detailed review. Would you say this is a better way to spend Hyatt points than the Park Hyatt Sydney?

  13. Agreed that Milan is a pretty boring city if you’re into adventure — if you’re into high end shopping this is the place to be but Milan’s definitely just a launch point for the rest of the country, whether its up to Lake Como or the trains to Venice, Florence, Rome, southern Italy, etc. I guess it makes business sense that there’s a Park Hyatt in Milan with all the high end shopping options here attracting a certain type of crowd but this may be the least “fun” location of all Park Hyatts in the world.

  14. Milano is a fantastic place to live in and work in. Perhaps it’s more modern than other more famous Italian destinations, but it’s charm lies elsewhere. For instance, the Navigli area by Bocconi University is where apericena was invented and refined to an art. And La Scala is definitely the World’s most renowned Opera theatre in the World. Plus you did not mention Castello Sforzesco and Pinacoteca di Brera – two great sights on par with the very best in Italy.

  15. Last time I was in Milan, I bailed out after 1 night and caught the train up to Stresa. Milan just doesn’t do casual and relaxed very well. The lobby is consistent with that.

    I also hate rooms facing into courtyards. I find them dark, they lack privacy and are often noisy, but the location is great and the restaurant definitely a nice space. Personally I would forgo an upgrade

  16. It is a nice hotel with good staff, decent food and unbeatable location. It is NOT however the nicest Park Hyatt in Europe (in my humble opinion). The best Hyatt stay I have ever had was at the Park Hyatt Zurich. That hotel is in its own league.
    Milan itself would be a star in any other country but in Italy it is just OK, worth a couple of days but…

  17. @Maarten,

    I’ve had many Eggs Benedict in many hotels and restaurants. It’s always what I order when having breakfast at a hotel. The way PH Milan serves it is indeed different. On the first morning of our 4-night stay stay there in 2016, I ordered it. It came out and I was perplexed at the look of it (much in the same way as your comment above). But then I had my first bite: it was phenomenal – best I’ve ever had, anywhere. I had it on all 4 mornings of our stay (along with a wonderful sampling of other dishes). I miss it to this very day.

    Love the hotel, love the breakfast. Love the town, love the gelato 🙂

  18. @Rich and @James I completely agree. I see so many people planning trips to Italy and plan on visiting Milan specifically to stay at this hotel because it’s a “great redemption”. There so so many other better places to see in Italy and why pay so much in points or cash in Italy when you should be out all day exploring.

  19. We stopped in Milan as part of our last round-the-world trip. Milan and the PH Milan were wonderful, understanding the Milan is not a tourist centre but rather an economic powerhouse of Italy with plenty of cultural/historic places of interest. The hotel is perfectly situated for those of us wishing to see the sights – my favourite is the Galleria.

    The hotel gave us a lovely top-floor suite with a large outdoor corner terrace where I enjoyed having morning coffee with views of the to of the Duomo and many other interesting buildings in the area. Service was excellent and proper (not over-the-top effusiveness of some tourist areas) and the Concierge team were particularly top-notch. We had arranged for a car & driver to take us to the train station on leaving…..the concierge was very considerate and provided an additional chap to go with us to assist with our luggage and escorted us right onto the train to the correct seats!

    We are looking forward to visiting Milan once again and the PH Milan is our first choice for our stay.

  20. I agree completely with the Park Hyatt Milan review. The lobby is too small; one day it was very crowdy: not so nice to wait in such a small area. One evening I had dinner in the restaurant: excellent. Was staying there in September 2016.

  21. @lucky Milan seems grey and boring but is not. There are a lot of less known but beautiful churches, palaces and other monuments. You can find probably all the best of Italy for shopping, eating and party. Milan is the economic capital of italy: there are a lot of exhibitions, events, concerts… you’ll never get bored in Milan. probably the Park Hyatt hotel is in the most boring part of the city for after supper time.

  22. Milan seems grey and uninteresting , but it’s not. There are a lot of beautiful but less known churches, palaces, monuments and museum. Milan is the economic capital of Italy so it offers the best of Italy for shopping, eating and party. There are a lot of exhibitions, events, concerts. If you are a lover of modern architecture, there are a lot of new and interesting buildings. The Park Hyatt hotel is in the most boring area of Milan for evening and night activities.

  23. We stayed there last August also using Globalist upgrade (with points redemption for the base room) and was given the exact same room haha. I think that’s their default Globalist-upgrade room.

    I do want to say that the toiletries in huge bottles are some of my favorites ever, probably third favorite (after the Christian La Croix products at the Prince de Galle in Paris and the Le Labo products at PH NY).

    The jacuzzi is huge and has a nice high temperature. The downside is that it closes promptly at 10 p.m. (by 10 p.m., an attendant comes and personally ensures that you are out).

    While I do not envision going back to Milan anytime soon, if I do, I would stay there again in a heartbeat.

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