Review: Dubai International Airport Hotel

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For the return portion of our trip we were flying from Milan to Dubai to Los Angeles, and had a roughly 11 hour layover in Dubai, as we landed at 10:10PM and were departing at 8:55AM.

On the outbound I reviewed the Emirates Dubai Connect service, where Emirates will pay for your hotel during a layover if your stopovers meets certain conditions. On the return we weren’t eligible for reasons I’m not quite sure of, though this also presented a fun opportunity to try something new.

Usually when I have a quick overnight in Dubai I stay at one of the great but reasonably priced hotels near the airport, though this time around I decided to tryĀ the Dubai International Airport Hotel. This is the hotel that’s located airside at Dubai Airport.

I figured this would at a minimum save us an hour, and probably even more, when you factor in the time we’d otherwise spend queuing at immigration, getting in a taxi to the hotel, and then returning to the airport.

The Dubai International Airport Hotel has three locations, in Concourses A, B, and C. You never really know what concourse your Emirates flight will depart from, though A380s do primarily depart from Concourse A, so we booked that.

I had a further ulterior motive there. Emirates’ best first class lounge is located in Concourse A, so if we were hungry or thirsty we could literally go down a couple of floors to the lounge to hang out, so that seemed like a great option.

The rate for our one night stay at the Dubai International Hotel was ~160USD. That’s not cheap, though this is a really convenient hotel, so…

While we didn’t take advantage of this, I’d note that the hotel pushes their executive floor very hard, as they emailed us in advance asking if we wanted to upgrade, and asked us again a couple of times when we checked in. The cost to upgrade to that was 200AED, but we passed, since we figured the Emirates first class lounge basically acted as our executive lounge. šŸ˜‰

Anyway, on to our actual stay.

The hotel emailed us in advance to say that they provide a complimentary meet and greet service subject to availability. So I was pleasantly surprised when we got off our flight and were met by a representative from the hotel, who escorted us. We passed through security, and then took the elevator up to Concourse A.

To get to the hotel you take the same elevators you’d take to the Emirates Lounges, except you take it to level six. In other words, the hotel is right above the Emirates Lounges.

Elevators to Dubai International Airport Hotel

Elevators to Dubai International Airport Hotel

The hotel had a lobby with several couches, and I was impressed by the check-in process. We were invited to have a seat, and the same guy who picked us up at the plane also processed our check-in, and then escorted us to our room. Interestingly we didn’t need to give a credit card for incidentals, but rather just had to provide our passports and boarding passes.

Dubai International Airport Hotel lobby

Dubai International Airport Hotel lobby

Our room was located on the seventh floor, one level up from reception (the hotel is on levels six and seven).

Dubai International Airport Hotel elevators

Dubai International Airport Hotel elevator

As you can see in the below picture, you have the main concourse level, then you have the Emirates First Class Lounge, then you have the Emirates Business Class Lounge, and then you have two levels of the hotel.

Dubai International Airport Hotel view

While the hotel otherwise felt quite sterile, I thought the carpet in the hallways at least added a nice splash of color.

Dubai International Airport Hotel hallway

We were assigned room 3336, located down the hall and on the left (I don’t get the room numbering either).

Dubai International Airport Hotel room exterior

Dubai International Airport Hotel floorplan

For an airside hotel I thought the room was nice. It featured an entryway with the bathroom to the left.

Dubai International Airport Hotel room entryway

The room had a firm king size bed, and a wall-mounted TV across from it.

Dubai International Airport Hotel room

Dubai International Airport Hotel room

There was a desk and mirror in the corner of the room.

Dubai International Airport Hotel room desk

On the desk was a kettle, along with some instant coffee and tea.

Dubai International Airport Hotel kettle & coffee

There was also a mini-fridge, which was empty, as well as bottled water.

Dubai International Airport Hotel room mini-fridge

We were a bit dehydrated after having a glass or seven of champagne on Emirates, so we asked for some more bottled water, which they gladly sent to our room.

Dubai International Airport Hotel mini-fridge

While the mini-fridge was empty, there was a card advertising a “mini bar promotion.” For the low cost of just 175AED (~48USD) you can have three bottles of water, four soft drinks, and eight alcoholic drinks. Let me once again remind you that this is a transit hotel at an airport. Who ever thought that was a good idea?!

Dubai International Airport Hotel promotion

In the corner of the room was a chair.

Dubai International Airport Hotel room chair

While it would be nice if the rooms had views of the apron, unfortunately that’s not the case. Instead the room faces… well, nothing.

Dubai International Airport Hotel room view

The bathroom was back towards the entrance, and featured a sink, walk-in shower, toilet, and bidet.

Dubai International Airport Hotel bathroom

Dubai International Airport Hotel toilet & bidet

Dubai International Airport Hotel shower

Toiletries were specially branded for the hotel.

Dubai International Airport Hotel toiletries

Obviously I didn’t shower on the ground, because why would you between two Emirates A380 first class flights, when you could instead shower at 35,000 feet? šŸ˜‰

The room also had a large selection of other toiletries, which was nice.

Dubai International Airport Hotel toiletries

I was under the impression that the hotel had a gym and pool, though as it turns out the Concourse A hotel doesn’t have those features. Instead it just has a Timeless Spa, though if you want you can use the gym and other facilities, you can go to the Concourse B hotel.

Dubai International Airport Hotel Timeless Spa

At check-in I had been given a couple of discount vouchers, including 20% off spa treatments and food.

Dubai International Airport Hotel vouchers

We were hoping we’d get a good night of sleep between flights, though unfortunately we ended up napping on our flight from Milan, and then only ended up sleeping in the hotel for about three hours. At around 5AM we gave up on trying to sleep and headed to the Emirates First Class Lounge, which was a short walk away.

Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai exteriorĀ 

We had breakfast and a spa treatment there, and then at around 8AM headed to our departure gate, A10, for our marathon flight to Los Angeles.

Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai

Departure gate to LAX

Dubai International Airport Hotel bottom line

I’m happy I had the chance to check out the Dubai International Airport Hotel. There’s no denying that this hotel is incredibly convenient if you have a quick overnight in Dubai, as you don’t even have to go through immigration or take a taxi. However, you’ll definitely pay a premium to stay here, as it’s much more expensive than comparable hotels nearby.

I’m happy to have experienced this, though next time I think I’d go back to staying at another hotel near the airport. Dubai is a 24/7 city, so even when jetlagged there’s stuff to do in the middle of the night. I’d rather earn elite nights with my preferred hotel program and pay a lower rate, rather than staying here. But that doesn’t take away from what a convenient option this is.

Thanks so much for reading this trip report, and I’m sorry about how long it took to roll it out. The good news is that the next trip report will be published much more quickly. I won’t be reviewing the Emirates flights from Milan to Dubai and Dubai to Los Angeles, given how similar they were to our outbound flights fromĀ Los Angeles To DubaiĀ andĀ Dubai To Milan.

  1. This hotel is super convenient and made what would have been a hellish layover, a tolerable one (1am – 7am). FYI, LoungeBuddy website also sells this hotel in 6 and 12 hour blocks which was a godsend for my situation. Thanks for the great report!

  2. I stayed there last November (14 hour layover) and it was incredibly convenient. A couple of drinks and dinner at one of the lounges, solid 8 hours of sleep and we were off to our next flight. I would do it any time I have an short overnight connection in Dubai

  3. are the spa treatments comp in the EK F lounge? We’ll be on the very same flights MXP-DXB-LAX and have already booked the DIH, was lucky to get a $110 rate for that night.

  4. Apropos the soft drink promotion, anyone who is travelling in a group or with kids would appreciate it.
    Sadly your narrow minded self cant see beyond your own nose. šŸ™‚

  5. @ Keiran — First passengers do get a complimentary 15 minute treatment in the Timeless Spa across from the first class lounge.

  6. @ Noa380 — And the eight alcoholic drinks? It’s quite the opposite of a “soft drink” promotion…

  7. @ Noa380 ā€” Canā€™t see beyond his own nose? You couldnā€™t even read the post!

    Ben thereā€™s no need to apologise. Quality over quantity, and your review quality couldnā€™t be higher.

  8. @Noa380 , ben was pointing out that it was not cheap andit was very specific and that he wouldn’t see use for that , I believe most people would agree. you could think it’s a good deal but don’t insult others in the meantime

  9. This hotel was a life saver when I used it for layovers over the course of 6 months on economy to the Indian subcontinent. I was pleasantry surprised that the rooms appointment and amenity kits were as good as any 4 or 5 star hotel, even though they probably didnā€™t need to. I slept like a baby

  10. I usually use their shower facilities when I get off flights from Australia and catch my connection to Europe. I think they are priced around 10-15 Euros. If you fly Y it’s a life saver.

  11. This is very random, I’ll admit. I noticed when I was in Dubai the electric outlets had switches. You needed to flip the switch to use the outlet. Is this to conserve electricity?

  12. @Kelcy – this is common outside the US. It not only prevents “zombie” appliances from pulling electricity, but also ensures there’s no power flowing to the plug for safety. ie If kid sticks a knife in, or an appliance pulls extra electricity, etc…

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