Strategies For Easily Earning Hyatt Globalist Status

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World of Hyatt Globalist is my favorite hotel status out there, and in 2021 it’s easier than ever before to earn that status. There are so many different promotions right now that it seems to be causing confusion among some members.

In this post I wanted to recap the promotions that make it easy to earn World of Hyatt status, and then talk about some of the best strategies for getting to Globalist status. I first wrote about this a month ago, but wanted to update that post to reflect what has changed since then.

World of Hyatt’s incredible promotions

There are a few reasons that World of Hyatt Globalist status is particularly easy to earn in 2021 (status earned in 2021 is valid through February 2023). On the most basic level, elite requirements for 2021 have been reduced by halfearning Globalist status in 2021 requires 30 qualifying elite nights, rather than the usual 60 nights.

But it gets better than that:

Stay at the Park Hyatt Maldives as a Globalist member

Best strategies for earning Globalist status

With World of Hyatt requiring just 30 elite nights to earn Globalist status in 2021, I figured I’d share the different pathways you could take to earning the status. Think of it like CNN’s “Magic Wall” on Election Night Week, where they constantly shared the different pathways to 270 electoral votes (except in this case we’re talking about elite nights rather than electoral votes).

Let’s start with the two extremes (Globalist exclusively through credit card spending, and Globalist exclusively through stays), and then we’ll address some options that incorporate both stays and Hyatt’s co-branded credit card. Note that all of these options assume that you register for Hyatt’s current Bonus Journeys promotion by January 15, and none of this factors in any rollover nights from 2020 (which make status even easier to earn).

Globalist exclusively through stays

I think this is pretty self explanatory — a stay of 15 nights where you’re checking out between January 1 and February 28, 2021, would earn you Globalist status. That’s because elite nights are doubled.

A single 15 night stay could earn you Globalist status

Globalist exclusively through credit cards

The World of Hyatt Credit Card makes it easier to earn elite status:

  • Members get five elite nights towards status per calendar year (these aren’t doubled as part of the Bonus Journeys promotion)
  • Members get two bonus elite nights for every $5,000 spent (these aren’t doubled as part of the Bonus Journeys promotion)

If you have the World of Hyatt Card:

  • You’d start 2021 with five elite nights, so you’d only need 25 more elite nights
  • Spending $65,000 would earn you 26 additional elite nights, which is more than enough for Globalist
  • You can reduce those numbers a bit if you applied between October 16 and December 31, 2020, since you’d get 10 elite nights rather than five

You can earn Globalist status exclusively through credit card spending

Hybrid approaches for World of Hyatt Card members

If you have the World of Hyatt Credit Card or apply now, you’ll get five elite nights in 2021 just for having the card. Then there are two best pathways to Globalist status, in my opinion:

  • You could earn the remaining 25 elite nights by staying 13 nights in the first two months of 2021
  • You could spend $15,000 on the World of Hyatt Card, so you earn a second Category 1-4 free night certificate, plus six more elite nights; then you’d only need to stay 10 nights in the first two months of 2021 to earn Globalist status

If you applied for the card between October 16 and December 31, 2020, that math would look slightly different:

In other words, if you applied for the card in late 2020 and spent $15,000, you’d have a total of 16 elite nights. Then you’d need to earn just 14 more elite nights, which could be knocked out with a seven night stay in the first two months of 2021.

Easy enough, eh?

Earn Globalist status with both your credit card and stays

Earn Globalist status through award stays

There are lots of reasonably priced hotels right now, and Hyatt’s promotion in general is phenomenal (as you can earn triple or quadruple points on stays). But there’s also a way you can earn Globalist status with almost no cash out of pocket.

Keep in mind that with World of Hyatt, even award stays count towards status, and also qualify for the double elite nights promotion.

Hyatt’s cheapest Category 1 properties cost 5,000 points per night. However, currently all members can get a 15% rebate on awards, while those with the World of Hyatt Credit Card can get a 25% rebate on awards.

In other words, with a 25% rebate, you’re really only going to be paying 3,750 points per night at many properties. If you’re a new cardmember and complete the minimum spending on the card, you’ll be at seven elite nights, so you only need 23 more elite nights, which translates to 12 actual nights stayed in the first two months of 2021.

You could book 12 nights at a property costing 3,750 points per night, so you’d be “paying” 45,000 points for Globalist. Keep in mind Hyatt is transfer partners with Chase Ultimate Rewards, so there are lots of ways to come by those points.

You could earn Globalist status exclusively through award stays

Earn Globalist status through “office for the day” rates

Hyatt recently introduced “office for the day” rates, whereby you can essentially book Hyatt hotel rooms in the Americas from 7AM until 7PM. The intent is that you can use the room as your office.

What makes this unique from a points and status perspective is that you earn elite nights and points just as you would for overnight stays, while the rates are often less expensive. For example, I see some Hyatt Place properties that have day rates starting at just $50.

The catch is that when you book an overnight stay you only have to check in once, while if you book an office stay, you have to check in and out every day. So this could be especially useful for someone who actually wants to work from a Hyatt, rather than just someone looking to make a mattress run.

For those who don’t mind working from a Hyatt, this is probably the most affordable way to earn Globalist status while paying cash.

Is Globalist status even worth it, though?

There are a couple of questions people will likely have, which I’d like to address:

  • “Do you get all the Globalist benefits if you earn the status this way?”
  • “Isn’t everyone going to be Globalist now?”

Do you get all the Globalist benefits?

If you qualify for Globalist status with 30 elite nights, you’ll get most of the standard Globalist benefits, like suite upgrades subject to availability, complimentary breakfast, etc.

One important thing to keep in mind is that while 30 elite nights gets you Globalist status, it doesn’t get you all the Milestone Rewards, which are still tied to the regular number of elite nights required. These include the following:

  • For passing 40 elite nights, you can choose 5,000 bonus points or a $100 Hyatt gift card
  • For passing 50 elite nights, you receive two Globalist Suite Upgrade Awards
  • For passing 60 elite nights, you receive two more Globalist Suite Upgrade Awards, plus a Category 1-7 free night certificate, plus access to My Hyatt Concierge

You wouldn’t get the confirmed suite upgrades unless you passed 50 or 60 elite nights.

You won’t receive confirmed suite upgrade awards unless you pass 50 & 60 elite nights

Isn’t everyone going to be Globalist now?

Over the years, World of Hyatt has offered all kinds of promotions to make it easier to earn status, and there have always been people claiming it’s not fair. Will everyone suddenly be Globalist, and therefore the status will be worth less? I would think absolutely not, personally:

  • Business travel is way, way down, and historically that’s how most people earn Globalist status
  • For many Globalist benefits (like free breakfast and late check-out), you’re not actually “competing” with anyone else for those benefits
  • There’s so much uncertainty right now, and loyalty program executives are doing their best to anticipate how demand will recover; I’d be willing to bet World of Hyatt management isn’t looking to swell ranks significantly

I think one major reason to take advantage of this opportunity is if you’re someone who has been considering switching to Hyatt for a long time, but there was no easy pathway to doing so. It’s always easier and more pleasant to stay with a brand if you have status, so this is a fantastic time to make the switch.

I don’t think we’re going to see elite ranks swell too much

Bottom line

World of Hyatt has made it extremely easy to earn Globalist status in 2021. This is a top notch status that I value highly, and for anyone comfortable staying at a hotel, this is an opportunity I would consider. Having the World of Hyatt Credit Card makes it even easier to earn status.

Anyone planning on earn Globalist status with these promotions? Any other questions I can answer?

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  1. Lucky, I understand that if I stay 30 nights between Jan 1st and Feb 28th, that would count as 60 elite nights because of the Bonus Journeys promotion, making me a “full” Globalist with 4 suite upgrades and one Category 1-7 free night award. Am I correct?

  2. Thank you, I knew a follow-up how to/best approach article would be coming when this offer was announced…I have not been Hyatt’s top tier since the last 2 years of Gold Passport and oh how I have missed it…I have 3 fellow Marriott Titanium members coming along for the ride…My only question is regarding the Hyatt [original] Free Night Awards…I currently have -2- …If I use those in Jan/Feb, do they double as well…??? I read the Terms and Conditions and it says “Free Night Awards” do, I was just concerned that the CC free nights code differently then points free nights…

  3. What happen if I have the old Hyatt credit card, which I heard will be converted to the World of Hyatt credit card?

  4. @Marcos – If you get the Hyatt CC before Dec 31st you get 10 nights next year (those count for milestones purposes) so you technically only need 25 nights for a full Diamond experience. Only nights from CC spend don’t count. Hope this helps!

  5. @ asprino — That should be converted in early 2021, and you’ll earn five elite nights (not the 10 elite nights that new members get).

  6. Ben,
    Thanks for this excellent and incredibly informative post! I look forward to being Globalist next year.

  7. @ Mt — Nope, only nights through actual hotel stays count double with Bonus Journeys, and not nights through credit cards.

  8. Any insight when club access or suite upgrade awards will expire if earned in 2021? The club upgrades were all extended to Feb 2022… but I’m still unable to redeem them given all the clubs are closed.

  9. @ Gary — Yes, if you stay 10 nights during the Bonus Journeys promotion in 2020 then you’d also receive 10 nights towards status in 2021.

  10. @ khatl — Upgrades earned in 2021 would be valid through February 2023. No extension has been announced for those yet, given that they haven’t even been earned. However, it’s definitely possible we could see extensions, depending on how things evolve.

  11. How many points can you earn per dollar w/ the World of Hyatt card right now? I feel like there are bonus’s out there for additional spend on Hotel nights. I know it exists for Amazon/Grocery

  12. Question for the Experts:

    Does it make sense to seek high status with Hyatt when you spend 0 nights in the US?

    I am Titanium with Marriott and Diamond with Hilton but never experienced Hyatt before.
    The reason being that there are so few Hyatt properties in South East Asia and Central Europe compared with Hilton and Marriott.

    Never stayed at any Hyatt property before but noticed that their pricing was much higher than Hilton and Marriott in South East Asia and East Asia

    Many Thanks in Advance

  13. Awesome post Lucky – thanks so much for all the details! I did not realize that my 5 night stay in November will add another 5 nights to 2021, this is great news!

  14. @asprino – I was in your shoes, I had held onto the old card. I received my signup bonus on the old card longer than 24 months ago so last week I closed that card and this week applied for the new WOH card. I opted for the 50k points with $6k spend, so in January I’ll start with 10 elite nights from the new card, I’ll add 2 nights for the $5k spend on the card, I have 2 card certificates from my old card, so that’s 2 more nights (none so far are eligible to double). That gets me 14 nights, leaving me 16 nights to go to Globalist. In the doubled elite nights period that means I need only 8 nights to qualify for Globalist. My local Hyatt Place is only 5k points per night or 3750 after the 25% card holder rebate or 30k points to reach Globalist. But then we may look around for a quick and close trip, even if it means spending a few more points.

    @lucky – I assume the credit card certificate free nights counts as a stay, even though they won’t qualify to double in January, is that correct?

  15. If I am an Explorist now, if I get the credit card, will I be upgraded to Globalist since I will have earned 10 elite nights?

  16. @michaela I wouldn’t focus on it unless they make an acquisition. Until they did SLH, they similarly had a very small footprint in Europe, and even with SLH benefits are restricted and redemption rates are generally high

  17. @ Vasya — It depends how many elite nights you have. You’d have to earn either 60 elite nights in 2020 or 30 elite nights in 2021. The 10 elite nights you get as a new cardmember would count towards that.

  18. @ Robert — Stays with credit card free nights do qualify as stays, and as far as I know, count towards the promotion as well. So if you stayed in 2020 you’d get one night towards 2021 status, and if you stayed in 2021, you’d get two nights towards 2021 status.

  19. @ Michaela — Hard to say, it really depends on whether Hyatt has hotels where you travel to. Personally most of my favorite Hyatt stays are outside the US, and they have hotels in some useful markets in Asia, Europe, and beyond. However, if the footprint doesn’t match your stay patterns, then maybe it doesn’t make sense.

  20. Hello Ben, I am currently a globalist and was told my status will be extended for 2021. If I take this promotion to stay at Hyatt from now upto the end of February 2021, I will secure my globalist status for 2022? Thanks much for your info. In advance

  21. Dumb question, but I’m a globalist for this year who got extended through 2022. I have 25 nights planned at the moment. Is there any reason for me to do 5 more nights? Will they qualify me through 2023 perhaps?

  22. how does the 2-qualifying nights for $5000 spend work? According to the T&C ” World of Hyatt Tier-Qualifying Night credits will be credited to the calendar year in which the spend occurred”.

    However, if I spend $4000 in December 2020 and $1000 in January 2021, to which year will the two tier-qualifying nights be credit to?

  23. @ robert — The spending “rolls over,” so under the above circumstances you’d receive the two elite nights in 2021.

  24. @ Ryan — The only benefit to completing 30 nights would be the Milestone Rewards associated with that, which include two club access awards and a Category 1-4 free night certificate.

  25. @michaela I lived in Singapore for 5 years and loved my Hyatt Globalist Status. I am still globalist living in Australia and until this promotion figured I would lose it next year. Like Ben said though it depends on where you are going in SEA. Mine was obtained through Thailand and Singapore mainly and then in South Asia and Japan.
    I decided yesterday to go and work from Perth for 3 weeks. Hyatt there is cheap (and ordinary I am told!). Great and cheap way for me to retain it and get me a little closer to Lifetime.

  26. If I already stayed 30 nights during the bonus journey promotion this year before it was extended, I would already qualify for globalist due to the new reduction in qualification correct? Also when would my status change to globalist? At the beginning of 2021? Or at the end of February 2021?

  27. I’m a card member as of September 2020. Do I fall under the “new card member” or “existing card member”. Will my 10 qualifying nights roll over into 2021? Thanks. Great write up, still wrapping my head around hotel award lingo.

  28. Ben,

    Can you shed light on when the 2x nights per $5,000 get award, I have a statement on the 3rd of each month. I believe all my spend after statement close now until the next statement close date will be applicable to 2021 in terms of bonus nights for the woh card.

  29. I’m a card member as of September 2020. Do I fall under the “new card member” or “existing card member”. Will my 10 qualifying nights roll over into 2021? Thanks.

  30. Probably a question for a Hyatt employee: Are you upgraded based on status level, YTD spend, elite nights to date, points balance, or a combination of all of them?

    I’m just curious since it will only take 15 nights in Q1 to get globalist, will they be on the same playing field for upgrades as somebody who stayed 60 nights in 2020?

  31. I LOVE Hyatt and been a Globalist for many years. On the downside, it’s too easy to get Globalist now. Even considering reduced opportunities to travel with COVID. It seems like in 2022 everyone and their brother/sister will be a Globalist so when travel does pick up, it’s going to be hard to get things like Suite upgrades, etc. Plus lounges will be totally packed now with everyone a Globalist.

  32. Thanks for the excellent/detailed post, Lucky. You have consistently touted the benefits of Hyatt Globalist and now it is within reach for more average Joes like me. 🙂

  33. @Lucky – I applied for the old Hyatt card in 2016, and cancelled the account earlier this year. Given that I don’t currently have the card, and received the bonus 4 years ago, does that mean I’m eligible for the sign up bonus between now and the end of the year?

  34. I received my Hyatt card enrollment bonus about 27 months ago. I know some people have said they cancelled and reapplied a week later, receiving a new enrollment bonus. How does Chase look upon cancelling and reapplying a week later? I don’t want to jeopardize my points or standing with Chase.

  35. @paul. I canceled a Chase Fairmont credit card (it stopped when Accor took over Fairmont) and reapplied and was approved in the same day and got the bonuses. Chase has tightened up a bit since then, but just giving you a data point.

  36. I understand why Hyatt is doing this. It certainly makes it the most attractive program. But who in their right mind in the US would plan a hotel stay in January and February? Covid is raging, we are being told to stay home…it would be irresponsible to stay at a resort. With the vaccine likely available in 1H, it is safer to stay the 30 nights in 2H. I have 66 nights so far for this year, with about 30 actual nights from a trip to Europe in Jan/Feb and because I was living in Japan through Sept and could still travel. The rest was credit card spend. So better to play it safe.

  37. Im looking at transferring chase points and booking a 3 night stay at ventana Big Sur (30k points per night). Are you saying these award stays would count towards globalist?

  38. Great articles. (I have been a Hilton Diamond guy for years but am going to give Hyatt a try.)

    Summary of my Hyatt strategy.
    Get credit card – will give 10 elite nights for 2021. (Cost $95)
    Spend $6K and get 2 elite nights and 50K points. (approx. $700 value?)
    Stay 9 nights in January and February and reach Globalist status for next 2 years.

    Current rates are about $70 per night. 9 x 70 (Cost $630 – $700 – and chance of dying.)

    Benefits: Club lounge access, late checkout, upgrades at time of check-in, Guest of Honor, 30% bonus on bookings.

    Milestone rewards at 30 nights: 4 club lounge access certs with limited benefit and a Cat 1-4 cert. (worth about $130).

    Stay an additional 20 nights as Globalist and hit 2 suite upgrade awards plus $100 gift card.

    Stay another 10 nights in 2021 (possibly using suite upgrade awards) and get 2 more suite award upgrades to use in 2022.)

  39. Hi! Still confused on time frame to book. Currently as of Dec 2020 I have 43 nights as an Explorist earned this year. I am also a World of Hyatt card holder. Can you clarify when nights should be booked (in end if 2020 or beginning of 2021?) and how many nights I should be booking to obtain Globalist until 2023?

  40. What I have now:

    – 134K Hyatt points
    – Chase Hyatt CC
    – One free night from CC

    Here is my strategy for Globalist without the frills:

    – Chase CC gets me 5 nights on 1/1
    – 13 nights combo of points stays & the freebie before end of promo

    And as Dubya once said, Mission Accomplished!

  41. Hello, I earned 24 nights plus 10 from credit card prior to Oct 1st 2020 for 34 total (explorist). These all roll over to 2021? Then an additional 10 nights for my credit card for 2021 equaling 44 nights? I am confused, could any one help me understand.
    Am I better off staying 13x(2) nights before Dec 31st and getting the milestone rewards and globalist?
    Do I have to stay 10×2 plus 10 nights(new cc ) before Feb 2021.
    Do my nights move forward from 2020 to give me Globalist already for 2021?
    Any advice would be great

  42. Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the great info.

    QQ: If I get credit card before Dec 31 then I get 10 qualifying nights ’20 &’21.

    So, specifically I would have 10 qualifying nights for 2021. So with the reduced requirements for Globalist being 30 night, I would then have to earn 20 additional nights. Correct?

    And if I stay 10 qualifying nights in January & February during double promotion would get me 20 nights taking me to 30 nights. Is my math correct?

    Thanks in advance!!

  43. Are you sure award/point redemptions count as a qualifying night for this promo? It’s a little unclear when looking at #12 on the FAQ on the Bonus Journeys promo page.

    “12. Are there any restrictions on the form of payment in order to participate in this promotion?

    Eligible methods of payment include cash, Points + Cash, check, or major credit cards or debit/bank cards. Eligible methods of payment exclude, without limitation, hotel “House Accounts,” charges settled by a company or organization, charges billed to a guest room/folio or unit at a Hyatt-branded residence, point redemptions, award redemptions, Hyatt-branded gift cards, Hyatt gift cheques or property-specific gift card/certificates.”

  44. Hi Ben, I don’t see any language about this being US specific. I live in China and see a super cheap hyatt place, if I book it for 15 nights in January, that should be good right? Or is this a US promotion?

  45. @ Jo — It’s valid for the year in which you earn it, the entire following year, and through February the year after that. In other words, if you earn it at any point in 2021, it would be valid through February 2023.

  46. Hi Ben,

    just following up with a few questions.

    Thanks for the great info.

    If I get the credit card before Dec 31 then I get 10 qualifying nights ’20 &’21.

    Specifically I would have 10 qualifying nights for 2021. So with the reduced requirements for Globalist being 30 night, I would then have to earn 20 additional nights. Correct?

    And if I stay 10 qualifying nights in January & February during double promotion would get me 20 nights taking me to 30 nights. Is my math correct?

    Thanks in advance!!

  47. Thank you Ben!
    I might do the following:
    “Stay” 15 nights at a cheap Hyatt place in Mexico for a total of 584 USD
    and enjoy globalist status until early 2023

  48. @ Ben — As an existing Globalist, I find it difficult to get excited about these promotions. A hotel stay for pleasure/mattress run from now through Feb 28 doesn’t interest me at all (if a hotel stay is necessary, double elite nights will definitely motivate me to select Hyatt over IHG). Lowering the elite requirements also doesn’t excite me because I want the TSUs above all other benefits. As a result, my personal Globalist target will still be 60 nights. Hopefully, there will be a targeted opportunity to earn double elite nights later in the year, after people are actually vaccinated. Now, THAT would excite me.

    Otherwise, I think these promotions are mainly a way for Hyatt to produce buzz and for bloggers to write endless posts pushing the World of Hyatt credit card. Honestly, if you plan to attain Globalist by Feb 28 using these promotions, rushing to get the WoH credit card is wholly unnecessary. The best strategy on the credit card is to wait for an improved welcome offer.

  49. Amazing how you carry on about the cooties and trying to stop the spread… yet you then encourage people to go travel needlessly. Some people just don’t have their priorities in order.

  50. We are staying at Miraval for 4 nights using the BOGO offer with points. Payed for two nights and leaving on the first. Will that count as 4 or 8 nights ? Thank you.

  51. Access to concierge is also a 60 night milestone award, so Globalist at 30 nights wouldn’t get this benefit either, if you care about that kind of stuff.

  52. Too many Chase promotions now haha – I just applied Southwest Performance Biz yesterday to knock out the companion pass early in 2021

    Then after Christmas apply for the Hyatt card, spend $15K and use points for 7 nights. Seems like a great deal.

    I am below 5/24 and only had 3 new Chase cards this yes. Hope I get them both.

  53. @Kay: In the past, any free nights I stayed as part of a “buy X nights, get 1 free” didn’t count toward my stay count. I asked my concierge about it, and she explained that nights you don’t pay for in some way (cash, certificates, points) don’t count as nights stayed. So in this case, I think you’d get 4 nights of credit.

  54. @Lucky, So, if I sign up for the new WOH credit card, I would get ten elite nights? I also have the old Hyatt credit card, so when that is converted next month, I would get another 5 elite nights? Would that mean I would already have 15 elite nights? Given that it requires 30 elite nights during the promotion to be Globalist, would I only need another 15 elite nights? Given that it is double, would I only need 8 elite nights? Thank you, Ben.

  55. Never did a mattress run. So, do you actually have to physically show-up and check-in to be counted for an eligible stay ?

  56. Hi Ben, I still hold the old hyatt card. I plan to cancel and apply the new one before 12/31. Is it possible ?

  57. @tom Yes, unfortunately. Even with the addition of mobile check-in, they still make identity verification at the front desk mandatory.

  58. I saw the free night certificate from having the woh cc for Jan 1-feb 28 will count as double. Safe to assume free night certificate from staying at 5 brands also counts double for those dates?

  59. if I have a stay that starts from December 30 to Jan 14 will the December 30 & 31 nights double and roll over for 2021?

  60. Slightly confused. Will consecutive nights count for the amount of nights booked (x2) or will it only count as one? I ask because I read on the Hyatt site under the promotion that back-to-back nights only count as one eligible night: “Back-to-back nights at the same hotel will be considered one eligible stay.”

  61. @ Rick — They count as multiple nights indeed. What you’re quoting refers to stays rather than nights, which is a different indicator (though not useful for the purposes of status qualification).

  62. @ CTSV — All nights would count towards 2021 status, since the year your nights credit to is based on the check-out date. So even the nights in 2020 would earn double nights for 2021 (but wouldn’t at all count towards 2020 status).

  63. @ Step — If you’re a former cardmember you’re eligible as long as you don’t currently have the card, and haven’t received a new cardmember bonus in the past 24 months. The issue is that there’s typically a lag to being considered a new cardmember. In other words, if you cancel a card today, you’re not necessarily eligible for another card tomorrow. I’ve generally recommended waiting a month (which I’ve also recommended if you’re trying to get under the 5/24 limit, for example). It’s possible you don’t have to wait quite a month, but I’d also give it at least some amount of time.

  64. @ Stanley — The two cards are mutually exclusive, as you can only have one or the other. So the most elite nights you’ll get just for having a Hyatt Card would be 10 (and that assumes you signed up during the promotional period, between mid-October and the end of December… otherwise you’re looking at five nights).

  65. @ Kay — I can’t speak specifically to the Miraval promotion, but generally any “stay X, get Y nights free” promo doesn’t earn elite nights for the free nights. For example, I’ve done Hyatt Prive third night free stays, and the third night typically doesn’t post as a qualifying elite night.

  66. @ Gene @ Ben T — That verbiage is odd, so let me follow up with a Hyatt contact on that. Award nights should qualify, and in my experience stays paid with gift cards also qualify. Let me see if I can get an explanation.

  67. @ Ben — Thank you!! I also find it very odd, as I’ve also never had an issue with using gift cards and receiving elite or promo credit.

  68. @ Gene @ Ben T — I have an update.

    Do points redemptions count towards the Bonus Journeys promotion?
    “Point redemption is considered eligible toward earning both elite nights and triple/ quadruple points. In this particular FAQ, it is listed as a non-eligible form of payment because members cannot redeem points for their stay while already on property. However, we realize this causes some confusion and we’re working to update the FAQ to better clarify.”

    Can you take advantage of the promotion if you’re paying with a gift card?
    “When a guest is paying with a Hyatt Gift Card as a registered guest, the payment is an eligible form of payment. When a guest is paying with a Hyatt Gift Card as a non-registered guest the form of payment is ineligible.”

    Hope that clarifies things. 🙂

  69. Once you reach 30 qualifying nights, does your status change to Globalist immediately or not until the end of next year?

    For example, you hit 30 qualifying nights on February 28th, 2021. Are you now a globalist until early 2023 or still whatever status you previously were until 2022, and then globalist 2022-early 2023?

    Thanks so much!

  70. I typically book a Hyatt branded hotel, but the Hotel 50 Bowery NYC (through the Joie de Vivre partnership) looks really appealing. I can’t find any info on if the promotions (double nights toward elite, bonus journeys, etc) are eligible for the “Independent Collection” hotels – any insight? If so, looks like another $75 off for Hyatt cardholders using the promotion :

  71. @ Ben — “When a guest is paying with a Hyatt Gift Card as a non-registered guest the form of payment is ineligible”. What exactly does that mean? I would like to know when this scenario would occur? Maybe some dude walks in off of the street and says “Hi, Gene. Merry Christmas! Would you mind if I pay for your hotel stay with my Hyatt gift cards? Um, OK.”

  72. I am a Globalist that has 59 stay credits for 2020. Does it make sense to try and get 1 more before 2021? Will I get the free night award with 59 or 60 or does that not even matter anymore? I don’t want to spend 150 bucks on a mattress run if I don’t have to.

  73. If nothing else maybe buy points 25% off with discount plus 25 percent back on points for stay could be worth it. Free night, suite upgrades, concierge. If you wait till next year you would need the entire 60 nights for these benefit s. At the minimum a 12,000 point night is only 9000 plus purchase point discount. I would do the mattress run. I was debating doing 13 nights by Dec. 31 for the value. Plus you will get the extra night from your stay this year for next year. Can’t go wrong on this one.

  74. If I were to spend $5000 in December 2020, would the 2 elite nights gained from the spending count for 2021 elite nights? Thanks!

  75. I applied and received the Chase Hyatt card before Dec 2020 but Hyatt just posted 5 qualifying nights to my account and not 10?

  76. @ Jason — The five bonus elite nights should post within several weeks, as they don’t post at the same time.

  77. @ Jayson you may also have to contact chase. I had 5 post and didn’t receive the other 5 (even after 8 weeks). I sent a secure message to chase and they fixed it very quick.

  78. Sounds like hyatt is backtracking and all the blogs misadvertised this deal. I signed up for the credit card on 12/27, got 5 nights on 12/31 which counts toward 2020 and another 5 nights on 1/1 which count toward 2021. I asked hyatt and now theyre saying its 10 nights total and not 10 in 2020 and 10 in 2021 which is what the offer was implying (saying you only need 20 in 2021 after the cc to make globalist)

  79. @Jen said that new cardmembers would only need 20 nights in 2021:

    “Additional value-added benefits and rewards for members
    World of Hyatt Credit Cardmembers can unlock even greater value in the program by taking advantage of this reduced elite status criteria, with the ability to earn top-tier Globalist status in 2021 by staying as few as 25 qualifying nights. Cardmembers receive five Tier-Qualifying Night credits each year, plus are able to earn two additional Tier-Qualifying Night credits with every $5,000 spent on the card. Furthermore, as a limited time sign-up bonus, new cardmembers who apply and are approved for the card by December 31, 2020, will receive 10 Tier-Qualifying Night credits toward tier status in 2020 and 2021, making it possible to achieve Globalist status by staying as few as 20 qualifying nights.”

  80. @ Ed: you should get 25% rebate.
    In the same boat as you, and i received 20,000 ptsback out of 80,000 pts used for a 4-night stay.

  81. Ben. I applied in December and charged 5100 right away. My first statement which I just got say 10 elite nights and 25,000 Miles. I’m going to Europe in June and staying at Hyatt’s. What would I have to charge so I’m globalist by then

  82. If I booked two nights separately with points by you can only book one at a time, do I still get two double nights of status credit for each room?

  83. FYI- I just finished a 13 night Hyatt house stay and only received single night credit for the stay. Thus, I am at 18 for the year with the CC 5 nights.

    I called Hyatt and they said they will not double the nights during the promotion period until early March when the promotion ends. Thus, no Globalist until Mid march is sounds like. =(

  84. @Ben if I were to stay 30 nights from late January- late February would that qualify me for the 60 night milestone reward?

  85. Just as a data point – I just hit Globalist with this promotion and have gotten all of the milestone awards along the way. I’m at 35 nights and have gotten 4 club lounge access awards plus a Cat 1-4 free night cert.

    5 more nights should be posting soon as part of the promotion, so curious if I’ll get the 5k bonus points as well.

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