Chasing the A380: Swiss First Class Lounge Zurich

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Upon arrival we headed down the long corridor to the transfer area, where we had to switch terminals by train. The trains at Zurich Airport are pretty awesome, since they make cow noises and have animated scenes of the alps. You can always tell who’s an American in the airport train, since they’re usually giggling uncontrollably (that includes me)!

Upon arrival

The Zurich terminal is beautiful and airy (everything I’m not), though we headed straight for the first class lounge.



First Class Lounge entrance

We were welcomed at the entrance of the lounge and tried to find two seats together. The first class lounge isn’t especially large, though very nicely appointed. It has a main seating area overlooking the tarmac, a restaurant area, several sleeping rooms, and showers. In a way it’s very similar to the Lufthansa first class lounges, though I’d say just a notch below in terms of service and the food/drink offerings.

At the time we arrived the lounge was packed, as several flights were leaving to the Middle East, India, and the US. The pictures below were snapped at the end of our layover, when we had the lounge to ourselves.



After briefly checking my email I requested a shower room. The showers feature Bulgari amenities, which happen to be my favorite.

Shower room

Bulgari amenities

After a shower I snagged one of the nap rooms for a bit of shut eye. The lounge attendant asked what time I wanted to be woken up, and I requested 1PM, which was 45 minutes before our departure.

Swiss nap rooms are a lot better than Lufthansa’s, since they’re actually beds, unlike Lufthansa’s day beds. They also have pretty cool lighting.

Day room

Sure enough, with Swiss precision there was an angry sounding Swiss lady outside my door at 1PM sharp — “VAKE UP ITS VUN PEE EMM YOU VILL FLY SOON.” šŸ˜‰

After waking up and getting ready to leave the lounge we were informed that our flight to Frankfurt was actually delayed by about 20 minutes due to fog.

Knowing how crappy Lufthansa’s intra-Europe catering is, I had a look at the buffet.


Who cares about the rest, I see Fanta!

Salad bar

I settled for a bit of salad and lasagna, accompanied by an almighty Fanta.


At around 1:30PM we left the lounge and headed for our departure gate, which was a 30 second walk away.

  1. Lucky,

    This is the only FC lounge I’ve been in. I thought the shower room and day room were borderline luxurious for an airport setting, but as you’ve been to many FC lounges, I’m curious as to which ones have nicer showers and/or day rooms than the Zurich lounge.

  2. @ AJ — I’d say the day rooms are actually the nicest day rooms within a lounge. Lufthansa gives you a complimentary dayroom at Hotel Kempinski in Munich and Frankfurt if you’re in first class and connecting, though that’s not nearly as practical since you need a longer layover to enjoy it.

    As far as nicer shower rooms go, I’d say the Swiss shower rooms are average at best. Lufthansa definitely has much nicer shower rooms equipped with tubs, not to mention rubber duckies. Qatar also has some pretty nice shower rooms, and even has a jacuzzi which is pretty awesome (you can read more about that by checking our the link in the “trip report index” to the right).

    Other than that, I can’t think of any nicer shower rooms off the top of my head. Anyone else?

  3. The BKK Thai Spa shower rooms are quite nice. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the ZRH Swiss 1st lounge. Having a day room to lock our extra carry on stuff in, while we went into the city for a couple of hours was great. This was suggested to us by one of the lounge attendants, since we had a long layover, and they clearly didn’t seem to be busy in the lounge.

  4. I think the Cabanas in CX’s The Wing are nicer shower rooms, but inferior day rooms. I love the extremely deep (and consequently glacially slow to fill) bath tubs.

  5. @ BrewerSEA — Totally forgot about the Cabanas, you’re absolutely right. I give the First Class Terminal an edge for the rubber duckies, but Cathay is definitely a very close second.

  6. I thought the F&B offerings at the LX F lounge were far less than the LH FCT. Kind of a (relative) disappointment IMO.

  7. @ UA-NYC — What time of day were you there? While the buffet by the couch area isn’t great, in the evenings they have impressive pre-flight dinner options.

  8. Lucky – I was there in the AM before a 10am ZRH-JFK flight. Is there made to order service at all meals? Maybe I missed it. Buffet still seemed a notch down from LH F though.

  9. @ UA-NYC — I can’t say I’ve actually ever eaten in the lounge during the day, though over in the restaurant area I’m fairly certain they have a menu.

  10. I love your blog and I have been following your trip reports for years… if only I knew you were also in ZRH FCL on December 27, it would have been nice to have a chat with you šŸ™‚
    I was heading to YUL on LX86 that day…

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