Censored: The Picture Dad Doesn’t Want You To See

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I’m presently taking my dad on a surprise round the world trip to celebrate his “round” birthday. Even now the trip remains a surprise, as he’s just finding out what we’re doing and where we’re going on a day-by-day basis.

Here are the previous posts about the trip:

I don’t think there’s any denying that my dad has been a good sport on this trip, especially when it comes to pictures. I’ve shown him all the pictures I posted of him, and he (sometimes reluctantly) approved of them. 😉



However, for the first time yesterday I took a picture he didn’t approve of.

What was the picture of? The below birthday cake that the Park Hyatt Sydney gave my dad on his birthday.


“Benny, vhat are you doing?”
“Taking a picture of your birthday cake.”
“Do not post zhis on zha blog! It has my age.”
“Well they know it’s your ’round’ birthday.”
“Yeah, but zhey don’t know vhich one.”
“Okay dad, whatever you say.”

So I’ll post the picture… censored.

Happy 40th birthday, dad! 😉

  1. After seeing so many Birthday cakes – I’ve been craving cake myself now. specially after seeing the one that emirates did for your dad. This is Awsome Ben. Glad you two are enjoying the trip and most of all – the amazing Park Hyatt Sydney. As a diamond it would be nice to experience that one in the near future. Loving this trip reports.

  2. Are you telling all the airlines/hotels it’s your dads bday ahead of time, that’s why they are giving you guys cake? If so, I might just plan my next first class trip around my birthday 😉

  3. Looks like a great trip . . . the Park Hyatt Sydney is just great, isn’t it?

    Btw, if you are still in Sydney, and have a moment to walk down the street to the right, right under the bridge, there is a new addition to the Marriott Autograph Collection – The Pier One Sydney Harbour – a fine hotel. I asked and the Customer Service manager obliged to show me around, even bought me a couple drinks at the bar. It’s a very nice hotel, great views – certainly not Park Hyatt – but there are those of us struggling to redeem Marriott points at decent locations. This would be a good place and now that I’ve seen it, I’d be more comfortable staying there. And there are some upgrades and renovations on the way, as well. There aren’t a lot of places down where the Park Hyatt is to go grab a drink at another bar in the evening, but it’s worth the quick walk to this new Marriott property.

  4. Loving your adventure with your Dad, Ben.

    That pic with him behind the bar in the flight attendants costume is EPIC.

    By the way I thought I saw you the other day eating in the Denver International terminal but then I remembered you were with your dad.

    Enjoy bro, keep up the updates!

  5. Your dad is absolutely adorable! And although censored, I’m pretty sure I know his age. So, HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY, Mr Schlappig! 😀

  6. Your Dad in the EK380 Bar is priceless and a good look for him, I think. Really. it’s nice! Happy B-Day, Bennie’s Dad!

  7. I just arrived in Sydney. What a wonderful city. You know u r points obsessed when the first thing u do is walk to the PH Sydney(well it happened robe along my route so I had to pop in) tiny or nonexistent lobby, but a beautiful hotel in a prime spot!

  8. You’ve got some some great photos/videos of your dad, but I hope that you’re not forgetting to actually take some pictures together with your dad along the way.

  9. Congrats to your dad!
    Every day looking forward to the dialogues between you and your dad…

    Can he please start a podcast?

  10. I’ve been torn between 60 and 70, but his concern about displaying his age has me leaning toward 70. I must say, he looks awesome for 70 (if that is his age)! And you are just 24? Hmm….. 🙂

  11. Hahaha how cute. My parents are the same way and they don’t look their age either. Your dad does not have to worry about the number — most important things are good health, good spirit and good company. Like another commenter has said,although censored, I’m pretty sure I know his age too. HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY to your dad! 😀

  12. Hahaha, that’s really funny your dad being concern about his age, when in reality he acts and looks so much younger than whatever age he might have. Just look at his priceless pic at the bar, what an amazingly fun attitude is displayed. The important thing IMHO is to be young at heart & enjoy the moments in life. So yeah, 40 sounds about right, really!

  13. Hi Ben,

    what an awesome trip report! I totally missed it last november because I was travelling as well, but last night I read it from start till end & it’s really, really nice!
    Give my congrats to your dad (although it has been a while).

    It’s really awesome you can do this from the US.
    I’m living in the Netherlands, and we only have 1 major creditcard which is related to flying blue from KLM/AF.
    I already have this, but we don’t have such nich signup bonusses like you have…

    After reading this report, I’m thinking of taking my mom with me on emirates first to LA by using alaska miles or my fiancé on emirates business to a honeymoon in asia/africa.

    If you have any other tips to boost the skywards miles from europe, I would love to hear them.
    Many, many thanks for your awesome blog!

  14. @ Ivo — Thanks! Living outside the US, I think in general your best bet is to focus on strategically buying miles when they go on sale. That’s how you’ll get the most value, in my opinion.

  15. Hi Ben,
    many thanks for your reply. Again, what an awesome dad you have… A big smile came on my face watching all the youtube video’s 🙂 🙂

    Because Emirates is my favourite airline at the moment (they have way the best service from Amsterdam in my opinion) have you seen any promotions for buying miles on emirates?
    They aren’t in any alliance I think so combining might be hard?

    Thanks again!!!

  16. p.s. Are you adding / updating your trip reports section?
    And will you be adding your full dad’s surpise trip there as well?

  17. @ Ivo — Yes, will be writing a full report. The best option for redeeming miles on Emirates is through Alaska, and they are indeed selling miles at a discount at the moment.

  18. Reading this half a year later, I do realise he could actually be 40 years old…

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