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I’m presently taking my dad on a surprise round the world trip to celebrate his “round” birthday. Even now the trip remains a surprise, as he’s just finding out what we’re doing and where we’re going on a day-by-day basis.

Here are the previous posts about the trip:

Here’s an installment that isn’t about my dad being speechless, but rather about me being speechless (for once). I’m incredibly fortunate to do what I love for a living, and to be on the road nonstop. I pinch myself over it every day.

That being said, I don’t quite have the “speechless” reaction to most of my travel experiences that my dad might have. Don’t get me wrong, I still love almost all of my experiences, though I think it’s only natural for your hundredth first class flight or luxury hotel stay to not be as exciting as your first… right?

Lately I’ve been most impressed by some random mid-range hotels, like the W Doha, W Guangzhou, and even Le Meridien Cairo Airport. There haven’t been too many luxury hotels that have really left me speechless lately… of my stays this year, the Park Hyatt New York is the closest to fitting that bill.

Well, the Park Hyatt Sydney has left me speechless beyond words.

Park Hyatt Sydney view

With this view from our room, how could it not? You really feel like you’re on a cruise ship overlooking the harbour.

Park Hyatt Sydney view

But it’s not just the view that makes this hotel amazing — it has rooms and service that match, if not surpass, the view.

Here’s our Park Deluxe Twin room:

Park Hyatt Sydney Park Deluxe Twin room

Park Hyatt Sydney Park Deluxe Twin room

Park Hyatt Sydney Park Deluxe Twin room

Park Hyatt Sydney Park Deluxe Twin room

The room is perfect. Not just in terms of the signature luxury minimalist Park Hyatt design, but in terms of functionality as well.

Park Hyatt Sydney view

And the service is spectacular as well. Without exception, every employee at this property has the art of personalized service down. Special kudos go to Anthony and Mark for being super awesome in helping with our time on the ground. I’m not usually one that uses concierges since I just Google/Yelp/do my own research, but these guys have been so concise and on point that they’re a one stop shop.

But what this stay really reminds me of is how awesome our hobby is. I booked this stay before Hyatt’s devaluation earlier this year, for just 22,000 points per night (Gold Passport now charges 30,000 points per night for stays here).

It’s nice to redeem points for a mid-range property and save money, but it’s something completely different to redeem them for a property this aspirational and memorable. Waking up every morning to a view of the Sydney Opera House is just beyond words. This, more than anything, is what I love about this hobby.

The Park Hyatt Sydney is hands down the most spectacular Hyatt I’ve ever stayed at… by a landslide. I can’t recommend this place enough.

Have you visited the Park Hyatt Sydney, and if so, what was your experience?

And if you haven’t visited, DO IT! AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

  1. My wife and I stayed there in September using our free nights with the Hyatt Visa. I am a Hyatt Diamond and we were treated really, really well given our “free” stay. We had a room on the same wing you are located with a great view of the opera house. The only thing I felt was lacking was the breakfast; not because it was bad, but it wasn’t as impressive as the Andaz Tokyo.

    Also, Jonathan the concierge suggested two great restaurants within walking distance: The Cut, just up the street, and if your dad likes seafood then go to the Oyster House on the opposite side of the harbor. It is great food with an awesome view looking back at the Park Hyatt and the Harbor Bridge.

    Finally…I get to give a travel tip to Lucky!

  2. What a spectacular view! I love every single report of this trip!

    Thought staying there as well last Summer for this view. (Well, and then I miscalculated my budget and ended up in the hostel).
    But hey, if u don’t mind staying with strangers in one room, the youth hostel offers the same beautiful, beautiful, beautiful view.

  3. I stayed at the Park Hyatt Sydney in the beginning of this month. I agree: it is a stunning hotel (views, service, design, food). I especially liked the rooftop with its killer views (one of the best hotel rooftops IMHO: I will post a review about it on my blog the first week of December (with pros, cons, and tips to save money). I do think the Park Hyatt Shanghai is even more spectacular, which is one of my 10 favorite big city, luxury hotels in the world:

  4. A wonderful hotel. My wife and I both used our 2 free nights there back to back to stay 4 nights in September and really loved it.

  5. I wake up to an even better view of both the Harbour Bridge and Opera House every day. The joys of living in Sydney!

  6. Views look great and a review topping the Vendome means it has to be pretty special……it’s on our A list…..

  7. I stayed at the Park Hyatt Sydney in the beginning of this month. I agree: it is a stunning hotel (views, service, design, food). I especially liked the rooftop with its killer views (one of the best hotel rooftops IMHO: I will post a review about it on my blog the first week of December (with pros, cons, and tips to save money). I do think the Park Hyatt Shanghai is even more spectacular, which is one of my 10 favorite big city, luxury hotels in the world:

  8. I’ve stayed here a few times (all prior to the renovation) and agree this is the top Hyatt-flagged property in the world.

    No other Park Hyatt is at a best-in-the city level, or even that close. (Many say PH Tokyo or Paris are very good…and they are not bad…but they are not at the level of other hotels in their cities.) PH Sydney is.

    The only drawback to PH Sydney is one aspect of the location. The location affords great views, but is not convenient for business travelers. For your first visit to Sydney, it is the place to stay. If you are there for financial business, however, you’ll be traversing back and forth through the Rocks to get there. The hotel does have a courtesy car, but if you miss it, you’re cabbing it or hoofing it.

    Enjoy your stay.

  9. We stayed here in May 2012 and had the same experience. Amazing property and the views from your room overlooking the harbor are outstanding! Just a short walk to the ferry/train station from here. When we go back to Sydney, we will definitely stay here again.

  10. My wife and I stayed here last summer. Concierge was awesome, but special proos to to GM… The pillows at this PH were the nicest we’ve ever experienced. After I reached out to the GM, he arranged to ship us two king size pillows at an incredibly reasonable cost. Loved our stay. Love our pillows. Can’t wait to return.

  11. This is a property where the concierge will take you want a free 90 minute guided tour and stop in at a local pub and buy you a beer.

  12. I stayed there in September using my Hyatt Visa 2 free night certs (plus trial Diamond). The hotel is amazing, and as you pointed out, everyone working there knows about customer service. I loved waking up to the views of the opera house and the harbor, enjoying the amazing breakfast, and had a great weekend there.

  13. I agree, this is probably one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed at. I used points + 2 free nights from my Hyatt Visa and received top notch service. They even commented how nice it is to be able to stay on points when i checked out. While the views and location are spectacular, I found the hotel to be a little far from all the great restaurants and activities in Sydney, as we had to cab it to dinner and such. That being said, I would dfinitely stay here again in a heartbeat.

  14. Wow, it looks gorgeous! I just read that we’re getting a Park Hyatt in Auckland in the next few years. Quite exciting.

  15. I often find myself saying, “Luxury is wasted on me.” And nowhere was that more true than my 4-night stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney. I thought it was a great property, but beyond the views I didn’t think there was anything at all spectacular about it. In fact, I much preferred the Park Hyatt in Melbourne with its rooftop tennis court, very impressive lobby, and equally comfortable room. And, I actually preferred the bathroom in Melbourne as well.

    I wasn’t complaining about the PH Sydney. Far from it. I slept well, it was extremely comfortable. I just wasn’t blown away, and certainly didn’t appreciate it the way most seem to. Oh well, plenty of places to stay for cheaper in Sydney.

  16. We stayed there earlier this year. I’d say our stay was really really good but I believe in terms of room, price and services we were more impressed with the GH Kuala Lumpur. Certainly loved the views from the room, the breakfast overlooking the Opera House and the excellent service provided by every employee but the food spread during breakfast/evening at the Regency Club in Kuala Lumpur are amazing.

  17. I used my Hyatt credit card 2 free nights for that exact room type and view 2 years ago while on a trip with my dad to Australia. As a diamond member we were greeted with a bottle of wine and a cheese plate. Breakfast was also complimentary for me and my dad and it was hands down my favorite hotel breakfast… I don’t know if it was worth the actual going rate, but for us it was an extraordinary benefit. The fact that the room we were in was going for $1,100/night while we there made it seem that much more valuable.

  18. Ben,

    Stayed 5 nights there in early September, the view is unbelievable. The last night there we went up to the roof top jacuzzi with a couple of bottles of wine and stayed about 3 hours just trying to sear that image into our minds.I’m not sure if there is a better hotel view in the world but I am staying at the LE Meridien Pyramids in Cairo in May with a balcony view of the pyramids so it will be fun to compare!

  19. I will be staying two nights here in February using the Chase free nights. Too bad the Hyatt Diamond is no longer around. I could really use it.

  20. Next weekend Park King $807 a night USD it better be DAMN nice!

    By the way unless I am making $400+K a year, I would not spend this on any hotel.

  21. Stayed at the Park Hyatt during the “Vivid Festival” It was the most amazing hotel stay I have ever had as the opera house became a projection screen. Great hotel!

  22. Did you know there is a free car service? Loved the driver. He took us to dinner every night. I said the only thing missing was Hugh Jackman. He said Jackman was there a couple of weeks ago, and he always drove him around. I almost died.

    Absolutely loved the hotel. Used free points, and the Diamond challenge at the time. Didn’t get a big suite, but got a much bigger room than yours is, but alas, not overlooking the Opera House, but the Bridge. It was still unbelievably fabulous.

    It’s so interesting to get your opinion when you’ve been everywhere.

  23. Just returned from Sydney – if you want an amazing bridge-harbour-Opera House view then stay at the Shangri-La Sydney. Our corner room gave us those views and more…the harbour right out to the entrance/headlands. We enjoy Park Hyatts in many places but being just below the Sydney bridge approach was not for us.

  24. Nice view but definitely not the best hotel view ever, or even the best view in Sydney.

    I think a lot of these over the top reviews are based mainly on the hotel’s rack rate.

    Then again, I was also underwhelmed by my stay at the PHV.

    If only I could afford a nice Aman stay…

  25. The location of the hotel right over the water and even the exterior of the hotel remind me of the Fairmont Monte Carlo.

  26. Not trying to be negative but unless you get lucky or have status the room you get may not be that spectacular. Stayed for two nights in March on points, service was excellent, staff was probably the best I’ve ever encountered, location – not in the middle of it all but that’s part of what makes it special. Our room, we’ll let just put a disclaimer that not everyone gets a opera house view or nice big windows. We had a partial view of the bridge in the other side and one smaller fixed (non opening window). The carpet was not especially clean and was actually coming up in spots. The room was good size and the bathroom huge but nothing special, seemed a bit dated to me. No way in any lifetime id pay more then $200 a night for the room we got. I could definitely see how having a harbor view and a nice balcony would move this to the top of anyone’s list, we got to admire those rooms when we walked around to the front side of the hotel EVERYTIME we were coming and going.

    It didn’t ruin our stay but we were definitely disappointed. I’ve had more natural light and been happier about my room at an ALoft (which is usually the caliber of the type of place we stay (or non-chain boutique type hotels $150-$300 p night)

  27. We will be in SYD for 4 nights in July, and was contemplating staying here….you sold it to me in one post…Thanks…for not only this , but everything you bring to this “game”…Charlie

  28. I just got back from here last month and the service and locale of the park Hyatt Sydney is second to none. Glad you are enjoying it.

  29. I stayed there about 10 years ago before they refurbished it. You’re right it has location, location, location.
    Maybe I need to put it back on the list 🙂

  30. Definitely one of my top stays too. I loved the concierge, too, but I spoke the most with Charles (who was cute to boot).

  31. Loved it there. Stays last year for two nights. Similar room but had a king bed. Didn’t want to leave! One day when leaving our room saw Zach Braff walking into the room across the hall. We could hear people inside talking. Later found out he was doing an interview with reporters for The Wizard of Oz. I wonder how much it costs journalists to just use the room for the day?

  32. @ John — Well, except the PHV isn’t one of the best hotels in Paris. Not by a long shot, and I don’t think anyone could make that argument. The same can’t be said about the PH Sydney.

  33. @ Alexisonsmith — Jealous! Apparently they close down the entire boardwalk exclusively for hotel guests, so should be a hell of a time. Hope to visit for New Years next year!

  34. My husband and I had a fantastic stay there in March. The rooftop pool and jacuzzi offer some great views of the bridge and Opera House. We sat in the jacuzzi looking at the Opera House and the only thing we could say was “wow”! We also visited New Zealand. We loved bought countries so much we are planning a return in April. Now if AA would just open up the second FC Qantas seat that we need!

  35. I was in SYD a couple of weeks ago and opted for the Shangri-la. I was nervous that I’d get one of the Cruise Ship View rooms at the PH ; )

    The Shangri-la was spectacular. Like PSPYEG, I had a corner room with a view of the Opera House, the bridge, and over Darling Harbor. The club lounge is under renovation, unfortunately, but the service was impeccable.

    Any advice on which rooms have the least obstructed view at the PH?

  36. I stayed here for 2 nights a few years ago just after they re-opened post the renovation. I echo others’ comments – just wow! I checked in late and when I first stepped into the room to see the Opera House right there, I was speechless. Plus the fabulous service that goes with a great location.

  37. @ Lucky – was this an Opera Twin room? Looking at their site, Opera Deluxe is only listed with a king bed. And how was the noise level?

  38. @ Ivan Y — Hmmm, maybe they don’t sell the exact room type, but it was definitely an Opera Deluxe Room, and it had two twin beds. Also saw the Opera Rooms, and this one was definitely bigger.

  39. @ Lucky — Hmm… perhaps they don’t have many of them so you have to call or they can just put twin beds instead of a king. Something similar happened to me when I was booking Hyatt Century Plaza in LA — their site only showed suites with a king bed but I asked Diamond line to see what can be done for two adults and, unexpectedly, it turns out there is a suite with two beds that’s unlisted on their site because it’s the only one. So they let us use a DSU upgrade on it (even though it was a level or two above regular DSU suite) which was very cool — too bad this was supposed to be at the tail end of our trip to Japan which had to be postponed 🙁

    P.S. I wonder what percentage of the clientele actually pays cash instead of using it as a dream redemption of certificates/points/etc. The rates are crazy — about $1100-1200 USD for the Ocean Deluxe room above. Ouch!

  40. Question – arriving there today from Port Douglas. After Sydney, we go to NZ for 10 days – long trip! Any idea of someplace near the hotel we can drop off laundry, have them do it and pick it up at the end of the day? I know the hotel would do this but it would probably cost as much as buying new stuff! Thanks!

  41. @Steven The trick I use is to ask the concierge where the nearest dry cleaners that they recommend. decline their offer to do it and tell them you want to walk in a special piece…….then walk to the dry cleaners and ask them what their per pound wash rates are…….almost all will do laundry there at greatly reduced prices……..that has always worked for me on foreign trips……

  42. OMG-OMG-OMG!!! Arrived around 4:30 PM and was told we were upgraded to a Harbor View Deluxe. Told the lovely woman that the website was showing Opera Deluxe as available and I really would love that. Spoke to the Front Desk Mgr who checked it out, came over and told me they did have one but it needed to be cleaned. No problem at all. We had a drink (on them – totally unnecessary), took a two minute walk, came in and were taken to our room.

    No words. amazing room and the view we dreamed of – our room is the very end of the hotel. Amazing staff. Having been at the PH Melbourne, this hotel (like Paris) is what this brand is all about. We could not be happier nor more grateful. It is hard for me to fathom the amazing experiences I have had over the last ten years thanks to points and miles but as you said Ben, this one is as good as it gets. It’s always a bit of a chance when you rave about something like you did this hotel – you worry that others won’t have the same experience and if you built it up too much. Nooooo Problemmmmmm!!!!!

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