Best-Ever Chase Sapphire Sign-Up Bonus

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If you don’t yet have the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card, this is a fantastic time to apply. Several weeks ago we saw the introduction of a couple of exciting new welcome bonuses, and I wanted to post a reminder of these offers, given how generous they are.

Chase Sapphire Preferred: earn 80K points

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is offering an incredible two part sign-up bonus, which is the best-ever publicly available bonus we’ve seen on this card:

  • Earn 80,000 bonus Ultimate Rewards points after spending $4,000 within three months
  • Receive a one-time automatic statement credit of up to $50 on grocery store purchases; eligible purchases within the first 12 months will be automatically applied to the credit, and there’s no spending threshold to be eligible for it

This bonus is 20,000 Ultimate Rewards bigger than before. Based on my valuation of Ultimate Rewards points, I consider this bonus to be worth a staggering $1,410.

Redeem your Ultimate Rewards points for some incredible hotel stays

Why you should get the Sapphire Preferred

The $95 annual fee Chase Sapphire Preferred is one of the most well-rounded mid-range cards out there. The card:

Read a full review of the Chase Sapphire Preferred here.

Earn bonus points on dining with the Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Reserve: earn 60K points

The Chase Sapphire Reserve is offering a sign-up bonus of 60,000 bonus Ultimate Rewards points after spending $4,000 within three months. Based on my valuation of Ultimate Rewards points, I consider this bonus to be worth $1,020. This is the best bonus we’ve seen on the card since the initial bonus we saw when the card launched several years ago.

Redeem your Ultimate Rewards points for business class flights

Why you should get the Sapphire Reserve

The $550 annual fee Chase Sapphire Reserve is one of the most popular premium credit cards out there. The card:

  • Offers 3x points on dining and travel
  • Offers a $300 annual travel credit that will help offset the annual fee
  • Offers a Priority Pass membership, which can get you airport lounge access
  • Has great travel protection
  • Acts as a good “hub” card for Chase Ultimate Rewards, and lets you maximize the other cards in the portfolio
  • Offers flexible points that can be transferred to a Chase Ultimate Rewards airline or hotel partner, can be redeemed at 1.5 cents each towards a travel purchase, or for a limited time can be redeemed at that rate towards everyday expenses

Read a full review of the Chase Sapphire Reserve here.

Get Priority Pass lounge access with the Sapphire Reserve

Are you eligible for a Chase Sapphire card?

Note that you can only be approved for either Chase Sapphire card if:

  • You don’t currently have a Chase Sapphire card (Preferred or Reserve)
  • Haven’t received a new cardmember bonus on a Chase Sapphire card (Preferred or Reserve) in the past 48 months

Also keep in mind the general rules of applying for Chase cards, including the 5/24 rule.

You can only apply for one Chase Sapphire card

Which Chase Sapphire card should you apply for?

Personally if I were to pick up one of these cards, I’d probably select the Chase Sapphire Preferred:

  • The bonus offers an extra 20,000 Ultimate Rewards points plus up to a $50 statement credit towards groceries, which is significant
  • Even if you decide that in the long run you want the Chase Sapphire Reserve, you can apply for the Sapphire Preferred and once you’ve had the card for at least a year you should be able to product change to it

You might as well earn more Ultimate Rewards points!

Bottom line

We’re seeing some spectacular increased sign-up bonuses on Chase’s Sapphire cards, so if you don’t yet have one of these cards, this is the time to pick them up.

You can’t go wrong with either card — while I have the Chase Sapphire Reserve and love it, personally I’d pick up the Chase Sapphire Preferred, given the substantially better bonus (which is the best-ever for the card) and lower annual fee, as you can always product change in the future.

Do you plan on picking up a Chase Sapphire card with this big bonus?

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  1. it is not “best-ever” if ” best bonus we’ve seen on the card since the initial bonus” ……….

  2. When do you expect this to end? I’d like to wait until mid April but not if that means missing this offer.

  3. WOW it took him til evening eastern time to get his affiliate links before he could post about this offer. Some things never change

  4. @BFD

    Yes, there is a referral reward for the CSP, but I know sometimes Chase has a lower sign up bonus if it’s coming from a referral. I know this happened to me when I referred someone to the United card. I have the CSR, which no longer has a referral reward so I can’t test it out. I’m about 10 months away from being eligible for a new sapphire card so I’m a bit bummed out about this 🙁

  5. @SB And some tired attacks like yours will never go away. He’s not blogging about credit cards for fun. This blog, along with the countless others just like it, is a business. It’s not a news site. Businesses exist to make money. Take stories accompanied by affiliate links with a grain of salt and move on with your day.

  6. I got this 80k sign-up bonus in February. I was sent a targeted offer in the mail and took it. Used an engagement ring purchase I was making at the time to hit the minimum spend.

  7. Hmm I’ve had my Sapphire Preferred card since 2017, so its been 48 months since I’ve received a bonus. Could I downgrade my Preferred card to the no AF Sapphire version and then apply for this current Preferred offer?

  8. @SB

    I mean… I think Ben usually does write the best articles in the industry and he allows people like you to post comments without deleting unless it’s clearly offensive/racist/etc. TPG did away with that completely because they couldn’t handle honest criticism. Ben doesn’t receive free trips/flights like other sites to promote products, which I think gives him a level of integrity. I think this site is pretty objective overall and clearly states they receive a referral bonus (first text after the article’s title and date) . I always use their link if it’s the best available offer (usually when card match or referrals aren’t available).

  9. Oh nevermind. I did some research and it turns out Chase will only allow one Sapphire card, which includes the no AF version.

  10. @Eric

    Yes, but keep in mind it is the date you received the bonus, not the date you got your card. Also, anecdotally I’ve heard it’s best to wait a few months.

  11. It is the best ever since the 100,000 bonus in May of 2011 then it dropped to 40-45k. A close to a once in a decade offer is still worth getting.

    Fun fact, back then they had a Visa and a MasterCard version and you could get the bonus on both. Then Chase went to only Visa cards……

  12. Hilarious chase does nothing to improve their sapphire products. How about some increase in earn at the very minimum to match amex? naaah just copy amex annual fee with no additional benefits. I guess their strategy is to get as much people to sign up as possible and hope they keep subbing.

  13. @Eric, you cannot have ANY sapphire card opened, so it needs to be PC to Freedom/Unlimited/Flex

  14. I have… a lot of questions in about the food in the first picture. It all looks good, but I can’t quite identify what a lot of it is. What is the story of this meal?

  15. Dear Chase,
    Remember us? Your Sapphire RESERVE card holders? How about a bone our way! WTH!
    You TRYING to piss us off or something? It’s beginning to work!!

  16. @ Andrew

    “Also, anecdotally I’ve heard it’s best to wait a few months.” – Is there any rumors?

  17. I have had the sapphire card for over 4 years. If I downgrade to freedom now, How long should I wait before reapplying to sapphire preferred?

  18. For those that already have Chase Sapphire / Freedom products and are worried about 5/24, it would be interesting to see some analysis about whether it makes sense to really wait for/target these offers, or to just apply for different cards. I will be at 3/24 in July. I could product change my Sapphire and reapply in July at that point for what hopefully will be an 80K offer… Or I could just apply for Amex Green or something and get 60K points (along with a bunch of other cards now).

    I will likely wait (two Chase cards in July, followed by two Amex cards then two Citi cards is my current plan), but 60K/80K points aren’t dramatically better than what’s available from Amex/Citi at this point

  19. @shawn

    I’ve seen some people have issues if they downgrade and then apply the same month or the month after on some forums.


    I would go Chase, Citi, then Amex. Citi seems to be more fickle about approving additional cards if you’ve opened a lot in a short period of time than Amex.

  20. Technically, you can hold two Sapphires at the same time. When I upgraded my CSP to CSR as a product change, my CSP upon approval to product change, started immediately earning at the CSR rate until my CSR got delivered. Once your CSR is delivered, youre supposed to mail in or destroy the old CSP. Once your CSR arrives, you have in your hands, two Sapphire cards. A technicality yes, but you can have two Sapphire cards.

  21. For folks thinking you have to downgrade your CSP to something else to then apply for the CSR, you do not. Simply call Chase and ask for a product change after 12 months to the CSR from your CSP. The approval is over the phone and your CSP card is instantly converted in the system to start earning at the CSR rate. Folks saying downgrade to this then that then apply for an upgrade…thats all very unnecessary. Its just one phone call. No need to downgrade anything at all. Call the number on the back of your card. Dont listen to folks telling you that you need all of these crazy extra steps. Call Chase.

  22. I currently have the Sapphire Reserve and plan to keep it. I know that I can’t get the bonus for the Preferred, but can my wife? She was an authorized user of my Preferred years ago and is currently authorized on my Reserve.

  23. @Gungulagungula

    They already pissed some of us off by being stingiest with retention offers to longtime cardholders. I had the card since it debuted and had used it for basically everything ($10s of thousands a year) and no retention offer. $150-250 would have kept me. Instead I canceled a couple months ago and now might get another bonus from them. Short sighted.

    @A and others about getting higher bonus if applied for lower bonus, if you applied and received the card very recently (like days to maybe a week or two) in the past it has sometimes worked to send a secure message via the app or website asking for the higher bonus promotion, noting that you just applied recently.

  24. @Kenny

    They are saying it because they want the additional sign on bonus. It’s been 48 months and they want a second bonus.

  25. Is there any way to find out which date you received the last bonus? I am pretty sure I got mine sometime in April four years ago, but would love to know the exact day instead of waiting for May so I can apply for this!

  26. I am 80% likely to cancel my CSR in the next couple months before renewal. It’s amazing they are doing everything to not make it attractive at this point to other options, including the CSP card. I spent ~75k in 2019 on my CSR and looks like it will be going to largely Amex going forward.

  27. Same questions as Amy. Is there any way to find out which date you received the last bonus? Short of adding all purchases and payments then guess. I am pretty sure I got mine sometime in April four years ago, but would love to know the exact day instead of waiting for May so I can apply for this!

    Bueller Bueller anyone 🙂

  28. @Amy @Robert

    Check your credit card statement, your first or second one and it should say the amount of points you earned depending on how fast you met the purchase requirement within the first 3 or 4 months for that points promotion.

  29. @Jake @Robert

    Thanks Jake, so I checked my statement and I met the offer ($4,000 spend) on April 29, 2017. However, the statement ended on May 17, 2017. Do I need to wait until the statement end or will I be good on April 29th?

  30. AZanyikers – I have to agree (I’m a different Andrew than the one above.)

    But to be honest, Chase and Amex both really need to figure out what their value proposition is. All issuers really have dated products, minus Citibank who has a double-cash card which has more actual value these days.

    The removal of worthwhile lounges from Priority Pass is yet another knock against the $550 AF on the Reserve, and the Preferred has shamefully low point accrual potential.

  31. @ Evan @ SB @ Ben — Ethics should dictate that a blogger always post the best- available offer, period. Do your homework.

  32. @Andrew it’s a requirement in the US to declare an ad, that’s why the “we might get paid” language appears at the top. It’s not out of any sense of integrity. These sign-ups are worth hundreds of dollars each to the blog – declaring exactly how much would be the honesty measure you’re suggesting it is.

    That said, I hope anyone reading these sorts of blogs gets that this is how they make money. At least this one still mostly posts useful content, and comparatively less credit card pumps than sites like TPG. But this is a full time job for Ben and probably some others, and this is how they get paid. It doesn’t devalue the other content, everyone just needs to think critically when they see a credit card centric post on any travel blog.

  33. Lucky, I have to fess up I never ended up using your links because I have some very straight settings on my browser and system. Every time when I tried using a link I would get to no where!

    I am an accountant by training and before reading your blog many years ago I have the mental block that applying for many credit cards is bad! But after reading up on blogs like yours and doing my research I ended up applying for the CSR and a few other cards, and opened a Sapphire checking account. I ended up having hundreds of thousands points in my account and stayed at the Park Hyatt Kyoto and the Ventana Big Sur for free.

    It is important to exercise self discipline when signing up for credit cards and it is a very personal choice to decide on which eco system you want to work with, be it Chase, Amex or air lines and hotel chains.

    Every time when I read comments saying how you waited for your link to post an article or somehow there is a mysterious code of ethics that you breached, I have to scratch my head and tried to understand why these readers keep reading your blog. The beauty of a free country is that you can create your own blog and talk about how things should be instead of putting out senseless comments on his blog.

    This is a blog and Lucky needs money to travel to talk about stuffs and he needs to live and retire one day. Where do you think his money is coming from?

    Keep up the good work. I suppose that is the sad reality of our social media today!

  34. For many, one of the huge benefits of CSR is the RESTAURANT benefit of Priority Pass. Citi Prestige (and maybe Altitude?) are the only other cards still offering this. For a family of three, my CSR buys an $84 dinner for us at a choice of three pretty good restaurants at Reagan National every time we get on a plane.

  35. Thanks to OMAAT, I have practically been minting UR points for the past year. I appreciate you for keeping us updated on these great sign-up deals, Ben.

  36. “Best ever.”
    Clickbait. It’s “second-best ever…so far.”

    This card is better than the AMEX Platinum by far.
    Got my 100k bonus years ago and have been piling on like crazy.

  37. I’ve had my CSR for over four years now, I technically qualify for the bonus again but I believe I can’t have 2 sapphire products at the same time. If I downgrade my CSR to a freedom card, how long do I have to wait to apply for this CSP offer?

    AND, can I “upgrade” my CSP to a CSR after the CSP bonus clears?

  38. What is the in branch offer for this card? I had heard they were waiving the AF if you apply in branch. Any truth to that?

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