Before takeoff, take a moment to talk to your pilot…and collect our fleet cards

Here’s something very interesting which many Mileage Plus members got emailed about:

Now when you see our flight crew in the concourse or at the gate area, ask them about our airline, the plane, the flight in general, or even questions regarding their own travel experiences and adventures as pilots.

Many of our pilots also carry these colorful cards showing the aircraft that each is certified to fly, so go ahead and ask for one. The Captain or First Officer can even autograph the fleet card if you would like.

Collect one. Collect them all. Have fun with this!

Aircraft trading cards

These fun collectors’ items show your aircraft with all of its relevant stats.

United’s pilots are the best in the business and are always happy to talk about their pride and passion.

So ask away…before you fly away on United.

(page can be found here)

This obviously isn’t anything earth shattering, but I find it interesting. I find United pilots to be among the most professional in the industry. 80% of the time they’re very friendly, have great announcements, always keep us informed, and for the most part turn on Channel 9, essentially allowing us to listen in on what they’re doing. My concern is that they weren’t consulted by management for this, and as a result this might backfire and as a matter of principle they’ll just start leaving the doors closed since they don’t like management offering their services for free, essentially. It’s sad, but I’m guessing that’ll be the reality.

Update: Thanks to a FlyerTalker for finding this gem on the linked aircraft trading cards page:

Did you know?
There are more than 6,200 United pilots (with the rank of either Caption or First Officer) who command United’s fleet of about 460 aircraft, in addition to the hundreds of pilots who are employed directly by our United Express regional flying partners.

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