Andaz Tokyo Now Accepting Reservations

There are a handful of Hyatt hotel openings in 2014 that I’m especially excited about.

The first is the Park Hyatt New York, which is arguably the most anticipated hotel opening of the year. The hotel finally went on sale a couple of weeks ago for stays starting August 28, 2014, though I’m told they’re still eying an earlier opening date than that.

Another hotel opening I’m really excited about is the Andaz Tokyo. I love Andaz properties — they’ve grown on me a ton since the brand launched a few years back — and I go out of my way to stay at them. Now Hyatt already has a phenomenal property in Tokyo, the Park Hyatt, though it’s still nice to have another option.


The Andaz Tokyo is now accepting reservations for stays starting June 11, 2014. The hotel will have 164 rooms including eight suites, and be located on the 47th through 52nd floors of a skyscraper.

Admittedly Tokyo is an expensive city, but the introductory rates are a bit higher than I was expecting, and almost on par with the Park Hyatt. Here’s a breakdown of rates under their “Opening Offer:”

Andaz-Tokyo-Rates-1 Andaz-Tokyo-Rates-2

The hotel will be a Gold Passport Category 6 property, making a free night redemption 25,000 Gold Passport points per night.

If making a Points + Cash redemption, the rate will be 12,500 Gold Passport points plus $150 per night (and you’ll be able to use a Diamond Suite Upgrade Award).


I’m also kind of surprised by how many room types they have for a boutique hotel — yowzers!

The fact that they have only eight suites means using Diamond Confirmed Suite Upgrades will likely be difficult. That being said, it seems like their entry level suite is about four times the cost of the entry level room, so that can be a hell of a use of a Diamond Suite Upgrade Award. ~$380 is expensive, but when you think about the fact that you’re being confirmed into a ~$1,700 suite…

Anyway, despite the high prices I’m very excited about this property. While I haven’t seen many “real” pictures, the artist renderings of the rooms look gorgeous.



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  1. I booked a room in September and got the DSU. Sadly, there were no points + cash options available since it is new…maybe that changes soon as I have a points + cash stay at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo which I would like to transfer to this property.

  2. Did this just become available today? Park Hyatt didn’t have award availability for two days I needed in October, but Andaz did! Just booked, thanks!

  3. I currently have four nights booked at the old rates at the PH in July. Do you think its worth changing two of the nights to the Andaz? If so any chance I could get them to honor my old rate? Don’t think the P&C makes sense as I’d be paying $150 to save 9.5k (22k-12.5k)points at a cost of 1.6 cents. That is unless I can do the diamond challenge after April AND get a confirmed suite upgrade. Just kinda intrigued by it and wonder what it’d be like to be in a different area of Tokyo. Thanks!

  4. @ Jeremy — If you have the Park Hyatt at the old rates I’d stick with that, as it’s a phenomenal property, though really can’t go wrong either way!

  5. i just made a reservation and tried to apply a suite upgrade. according to the hyatt gold passport rep on the phone, the andaz tokyo is unfortunately not participating in the suite upgrade program. 🙁

  6. @ jeff — Hmm, on one hand that wouldn’t really surprise me given how few suites they have, but on the other hand others have reported luck doing so already.

  7. yes, please report back if you get them to honor a DSU. Also, please reply here if you notice cash and points being loaded! Thanks!

  8. If they’re not accepting DSU then I’m never staying there! Sucks as I was looking forward to this hotel.

  9. @ lucky and jon – no luck. tried two more times and the agents both told me the andaz tokyo does not participate in the suite upgrade program.

  10. FYI…Cash & Points now appear to be available for this hotel. Just made a two night C&P reservation for November.

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