Hyatt Lifetime Status Is More Rewarding Than Ever Before

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The new World of Hyatt program has kicked in as of yesterday, and overall it’s a mixed bag. When the program was first announced I was concerned that they’d make it more difficult to earn lifetime status, and perhaps reduce the benefits.

However, now that World of Hyatt is active, it looks like exactly the opposite is the case. Lifetime status with Hyatt is more valuable than ever before. We already knew that lifetime Diamond members would become lifetime Globalist members, but it looks like it gets much better than that.

Qualifying for lifetime Globalist status

Previously to earn lifetime Diamond status you needed to earn a million base points plus be a member of the program for 10 years. You earn five base points per dollar spent, meaning that you need to spend $200,000 with Hyatt to earn lifetime top tier status.

Under the World of Hyatt program you continue to need to earn a million base points to earn lifetime Globalist status, though they’ve eliminated the need to be a member for 10 years. Now, I’m guessing most of us aren’t spending more than an average of $20,000 per year with Hyatt, but still… they’re eliminating one hurdle for some.

Hyatt is improving lifetime Globalist perks

Now this is really great. Regardless of how many nights they stay in a calendar year, lifetime Globalist members receive:

  • 4 complimentary suite upgrade awards annually
  • 1 Category 1-7 free night award annually
  • Access to a My Hyatt Concierge agent

Lifetime Globalist members receive four suite upgrade awards every year

Overall I’d say that’s generous, though we already knew that — Hyatt revealed this information shortly after the program was launched.

But it gets better than that. Per the World of Hyatt terms, if a lifetime Globalist member earns 60 elite qualifying nights in a year, they’ll earn an additional four complimentary suite upgrade awards, and an additional Category 1-7 free night award. In other words, lifetime Globalist members can potentially earn Globalist benefits twice each year.

That’s fantastic, for those lucky eligible members. Here are the relevant parts of the terms & conditions:

Lifetime Globalists will receive the following awards and benefits described in this Appendix C without the need to satisfy a minimum annual Base Point earning or Tier-Qualifying Night threshold:

(i) Four (4) Complimentary Suite Upgrade Awards annually;
(ii) One (1) Category 1-7 Free Night Award annually; and
(iii) Access to a dedicated My Hyatt Concierge agent.

If a Lifetime Globalist completes sixty (60) Tier-Qualifying Nights or earns one hundred thousand (100,000) Base Points in a Calendar Year, (s)he will earn a second Category 1-7 Free Night Award and a second set of four (4) Complimentary Suite Upgrade Awards for that year.

You can potentially get two free night certificates per year as a lifetime Globalist member

Bottom line

There’s no denying that World of Hyatt Globalist members are coming out way ahead under the new program. They’ll automatically get a free night plus four confirmed suite upgrades per year, in addition to the standard unlimited suite upgrades offered through the program on a space available basis.

However, on top of that they’ll be able to earn most benefits twice. If they actually do stay 60+ nights per year, they’ll earn two free nights plus eight suite upgrades.

Hyatt doesn’t publish the number of lifetime base points you’ve earned anywhere on their website, so you’ll need to call World of Hyatt customer service to find out. I just called to ask for the first time, and it seems I’m about halfway to lifetime Globalist. Here’s to hoping they don’t change the qualification requirements in the next decade…

(Tip of the hat to YHBU)

  1. Exactly how many people does a blog post like this really affect? I started reading and then realized it was a complete waste of my time…

  2. @Robert:

    Whine…. whine… whine.
    How about those who stay at Hyatt a lot and have been for years and are lifetime globalists now? Or those close to it, or those interested in it.

  3. This is interesting. With the new qualification requirements, I could certainly see some people earning lifetime status while not being close to 60 nights a year. I have several friends in finance and corporate law who earned Hyatt Diamond and regularly stay at Grand Hyatts/Park Hyatts/Andaz in NYC, London, Tokyo on business. They only travel 20-30 nights a year but spend a fortune for those nights. 200K is not impossible for a normal person if you have hedge funds paying 500 bucks a night for you to stay in flagship Hyatt properties.

  4. If someone is spending $20k annually on Hyatt as you say, do they really care about the free perks?

    They can buy it outright without a second though. Want a suite? Book a suite.

    You’re becoming increasingly out of touch with the average person interested in miles and points. … someone who wants to cut costs, not someone who wants to spend thousands of dollars to buy status or miles.

  5. @ B — That’s ridiculous. There are plenty of consultants who spend 4-5 nights a week at Hyatts. That’s potentially an average room rate of under $100 per night. Just because it doesn’t apply to your circumstances doesn’t make it “out of touch.” This hobby is full of all kinds of people, from people who fly once a year to people who fly multiple times a week.

  6. That’s great — I’d love to see more programs find ways to give lifetime members good reasons to continue to choose their brands frequently.

  7. Hi Lucky, so is it pretty safe to assume that in 2018, if you re-qualify with 55 nights, you won’t receive a free night (cat. 1-7) certificate? Thanks!

  8. @ FJ — I followed up with Hyatt about this, and they confirmed that 55 nights upon requalifying in 2018 will get you the four suite upgrades and annual free night.

  9. Lucky, perhaps a point to clarify, but the spend requirement is probably closer to 1/4Million then $200,000 as most hotel taxes/fees at about 20% are not included.

    Nice that they give this perk to those big spenders.

  10. @B – You fail to appreciate that most of the people this will apply to are business travelers who in all likelihood would not get reimbursed if they just booked a suite.

  11. @ Lucky —- on the Hyatt website mobile version, it shows “LIFETIME POINTS EARNED” which includes base + all bonues.

    I’m just curious, for someone like you, what’s your “lifetime points earned” with Hyatt?

  12. @Robert

    One of the things you need to constantly focus on when reading (reading *anything!*) is concentrating on the content, so as to discriminate articles of personal interest from articles of no interest whatsoever.

    Hopefully by applying this advice your internet browsing will be more pleasing for you.

    In the meantime, @Lucky, please think of Robert and his interests before posting anything to your personal blog, and let the other contributors know as well.

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