1. Can you do a column on other fees that airlines charge such as fuel fees, etc? I transferred MR points to Singapore airlines for an award that was low in miles but ended up costing me half the price of the flight in fees! I would like to know in advance what I’ll be hit with before transferring miles.


  2. Ben, I think that for UA and AA (but not CO) awards you can avoid the close-in ticketing fee by booking an itinerary that is more than 21 days out, then changing it to the close-in itinerary you really want. (I’ll only do this when there is good availability, and I make sure the two itineraries are similar enough to avoid fees for changing the routing or the carrier.)

  3. Lucky,

    I wish that I have made my bookings after you posted. You said that BA will waive the phone booking fees for award booking that can not be done online. I completed 6 award tickets over the phone (for a trip with stopovers on Cathy) just one day before your post and did not even know I could do that. So I called in today to see if I have any luck to get them waived but was told firmly by a rep that it is their new policy not to waive any phone booking fees. Does anyone experience this recently? Do you think I should try again? Thanks!

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