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Benjamin is taking me on another amazing trip to countries I’ve always wanted to see (I still wish to visit India someday)! This time, on the Airbus A380. I’m so humbled and excited to spend at least two weeks with him. Thank you, lovebug, for putting up with me for so long.

It all started at the gate in Dallas watching the crew board the Airbus A380. They looked so professional wearing their red hats and beige scarfs, smiling all over their faces with good posture.


Once I entered the first class cabin I was flabbergasted. The glamor, color variation, chic and shine, made me speechless. The cabin seemed bigger, too, which I believe is due to the flat overhead compartments.


Once I took my seat I was stunned by the amount of personal space I had. The glittering interior almost made me feel uncomfortable at first, but became soothing after a while (especially once the “stars” lit up the ceiling). The Dom Perignon was just the right drink to start that beautiful journey. The flight was very smooth with virtually no noise from the engines, and we were lucky to have only one other passenger in first class.

The service was good but not amazing. The flight attendant serving my aisle did not smile nor did she go above and beyond in any way. She must have had her period, I thought.

After a few more glasses of Dom and some caviar I took a shower at 38,000 feet. How amazing! The room was bigger than my bathroom at home. The floor was heated, and there were more toiletries than I needed.


I really felt like I was on top of the world.

I tried to space the five minutes of water out as much as I could so I could get the most out of it. It was just amazing.


We had some more champagne and a few appetizers, and then went to the bar. We asked the bartender what drinks she would recommend. We had two espresso martinis, which were delicious.


I also tried the Hennessy Paradis, which my husband recommended. He is right, it is an outstanding cognac, but for me too strong. I still wanted to enjoy the flight, after all.

The person serving us at the bar was outstanding. She was very outgoing, professional, and smiled nonstop. I could tell she enjoyed her job.

After napping for a few hours we only had two hours to go to Dubai, and the crew asked if we wanted something to eat. While I wanted to take advantage of the dozens of the things on the menu I hadn’t tried, I was just too full.

To get a bit of exercise I walked around the cabin again before landing and counted just how few people there were. Business class seemed to have more flight attendants than passengers.


I have flown first class maybe a dozen times before, but this was by far my best flight ever. Besides the not perfect service on my aisle, everything else made me speechless and want to do it again. I think my husband was right when he said “If you have never flown Emirates first class you have never flown first class.”

But to be sure I’ll have to try all the other A380s as well. 😉

  1. Ben, this is freaking awesome my friend. There’s nothing greater than traveling with mom or dad. I’ve taken my mom on multiple trips and it’s so refreshing to her and see her excitment about things and getting to experience something she hasn’t before. So cool to also read your moms point of view on things and her take on the flight. Love the way it was written, felt like I was living the adventure with her.

    I am taking my dad with me on our A380 ride from Abu Dhabi to Sydney on the first class apartment and I cannot wait until that day. Knowing us we will be like little kids with a brand new toy to play and enjoy.

    As always, thanks for sharing your families journey.. It’s always so cool to read.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Ben I love your blog, but between your mom and dad you need to retire and send them traveling so they can write it for you. They are awesome.

    The period comment and your nickname. Lovebug….that’s what I call my 3 yo daughter too.

    Tell mom to keep writing please.

  3. I’ve been a reader for a long time, and your mom’s trip report is the first one that’s had me laughing out loud. What a trip!

  4. Awesome read indeed! I’m really glad she got to experience Emirates First Class! 🙂
    EK F was my first First class experience ever and to this day I still think it’s the best one out there. I agree with your dad’s comment that you’ve never flown first class unless you’ve flown EK F! Safe travels with your mom!

  5. “She must have had her period, I thought.”

    I guess that would be the only reason someone not to smile. I expected more from a woman.

  6. I agree with Ti. As a long time reader, this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to write a comment. The period comment was way out of line. How rude. I wonder if any rude comments led to the “good but not amazing” service.

  7. Your mom is an amazing writer . Very entertaining. I think she needs to start traveling and writing her own blog . Or maybe your parents can write guest posts. You are very blessed to have 2 such wonderful parents. Their tremendous love for you is obvious. I see where you developed your own talents. Congratulations on having what matters most.

  8. Why is it “fortunate” to have only 1 more passenger in F??? How does it matter? I can see how having an empty seat next to yours in Econpmy might get one excited because of extra comfort but in First Class? Just curious. S

  9. @ Syl — Because you have three crew regardless of whether you have three passengers or 14 passengers. A 1:1 crew: passenger ratio is typically better than 1:5.

  10. Ben,

    Be thankful that your parents will go with you. My dad will, but my mom won’t. The best I can do is going with them on a transatlantic cruise from Europe to the US next year. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but I don’t think I can get my mom to do much that doesn’t involve a cruise. (It’s not that she’s a die-hard cruiser, but she’s pretty damn lazy. Exploring cities by foot is just not. her. thing.) So the ship allows her to sit on her duff, while dad and I hit the European ports.

  11. I laughed at her comment on how she suspected the flight attendant was having her period. It’s funny that people take offense. Perhaps it’s not the most PC thing to say, and perhaps Ben’s mom is projecting her own experience on others, but they are just words, and this is just a fun travel blog.

    She sounds like a fun, wonderful mom who is so proud and grateful of her son – that’s my ultimate takeaway!

  12. I think your mom would love India, so hope that trip is now in the planning stages and we can look forward to her feedback.

  13. Funny, “I’m having my period.” That’s what I always say about myself when I’m insufferable.

  14. The service was good but not amazing. The flight attendant serving my aisle did not smile nor did she go above and beyond in any way. She must have had her period, I thought.

    Best. Comment. Ever.
    Complainers should take a chill-pill..

  15. I am so envious of you. I’d rather have painful rectal surgery without anesthesia than go on a trip with my mother, and the feeling is mutual. My dad was much like yours and would have loved a trip with me, but he died when I was 15 so I never got to have an adult relationship with him. I know I do not need to say this to you, but enjoy this time–it is precious.

  16. Read on ft that someone got denied lounge access on Emirates in Munich due to using an Alaska airlines ticket. Have you had any experiences lately?

  17. Pmsl too. My wife wanted to know what I was laughing at, so I told her. She wet herself too. Great report and ignore the oversensitive. They could be suffering themselves, too.

  18. Just when I thought that Mr. S had the hands down best commentary in the household…here comes Mrs S. from the top rope to crush the EK F flight attendant!

    Mrs S, if I had to spend my layover in Dallas, I wouldn’t smile much either 🙂

  19. LOL “she must have had her period”

    Best line ever. Sounds almost like something the Devil’s Advocate would say… Has your mom been taking review tips from him?

  20. Not going to lie, I kinda skimmed the beginning and didn’t see it was your mom writing. So the “period” comment threw me, then the “my husband” really threw me. I was about to give my confused congratulations, then I went back to the beginning…

    Fantastic read, love her voice.

  21. Wife and I just got denied access at MUC lounge today, but they eventually let us in after some sweet-talking. The check-in agent was fine, told me where to go for the lounge, etc., but when we got to the lounge itself, their ticket scanner didn’t register our tix automatically, and then they said that Alaska miles tickets don’t get access. I was stunned, so I searched online for any similar experiences and just came across this comment above via Google search. Maybe Emirates is taking away more benefits of Alaska miles tickets on Emirates? Chauffer service already; lounge access next? Lucky, some deeper investigation may be needed soon…

  22. @ Mike — Sounds like it was just a misinformed agent, unfortunately. There’s an issue whereby Alaska award tickets have always shown as staff tickets in their computers, and some outstations just didn’t get the memo about that, I guess.

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