I’m Just Here For The Caviar: A (Less-Biased) Review of Lufthansa First Class

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Following up on my review yesterday of Lufthansa first class, I asked my friend and travel companion Tiffany to share her thoughts on the experience as well. As a self proclaimed Lufthansa cheerleader I figured it would be fun to get a different (and perhaps more unbiased) perspective of Lufthansa first class.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tiffany!

I set out to write a “Devil’s Advocate” review on Lufthansa, given that while Ben is one of the most sincere people I’ve ever met, when it comes to Lufthansa he’s not necessarily what one might call a “reliable narrator.”

I quickly realized that without the context and backstory my perspective wasn’t especially valuable either, and this somehow snowballed into something much lengthier than I was intending.

So please bear with me, as this is more than a little long, and I don’t make a habit of writing in general, much less long-form narratives or trip reports.

To start, I should probably explain that being friends with Ben is every bit as fun and awesome as you might think, with two very small disclaimers (neither of which will come as any surprise to you):

He likes to have passionate discussions about things that really don’t matter.

And he loves Lufthansa.

So it’s not uncommon for us to be walking down a city street, or riding an airport shuttle, and have him catch my attention and state with a mischievous smirk, “Lufthansa is the greatest airline in the world.”

It’s like baiting a bear, and I nearly always fall for it.

“Seriously. Lufthansa is the Greatest and Most Perfect of all airlines.”

“Better than Cathay Pacific?”


“So, you’re saying angled-flat seats that are fewer than 20 inches wide are better than full-flat reverse herringbone seats that are 60% wider?”

“Of course not. We’re not talking about business class.”

“Okay, so I will concede that for up to eight passengers per flight, on the ~60% of the fleet that has been reconfigured, when departing from Frankfurt, that Lufthansa offers a great first class.”

The Best First Class.”

“Does that include the catering? How does it compare to Air France or Asiana?”

“Whatever. Those are outliers. Lufthansa is the greatest airline in the world.”

And so on.

To be clear, I don’t dislike Lufthansa.  I’ve flown a half-dozen longhaul segments in their First Class in the past year; I love the bedding, the caviar service, and the international WiFi, and for the most part my crews have been at least decent.

But I also don’t have orange and blue pompoms affixed to my hands, and I think that the experience is markedly different for some travelers than others.

Lufthansa First Class Cabin

It seems to me that much of it comes down to language barriers, rather than the “German Country Club” approach so many fault Lufthansa for having.

It’s one thing to be competent in a second language, and quite another to be comfortable enough to be warm and effusive to someone in their native tongue. So that “perfect balance between being professional, attentive, and personable” is more difficult to achieve for non-German passengers, which is totally and completely understandable.

But also something my blue-eyed best friend with his burgundy passport has absolutely no context for.

While we’ve flown some fun products together, schedules have never quite worked out for us to finally settle the argument by flying Lufthansa, so when the opportunity presented itself to book Lufthansa First Class more than 15 days out, we snatched up two Vancouver-Munich tickets.

Of course, this is travel with Lucky, so we didn’t ultimately fly Vancouver-Munich.

The morning of departure began with the following exchange:

Ben: Our YVR-MUC flight is 8/8. Wanna switch to YVR-FRA @ 16:10?
Me: Love the separate bed on Lufty, and empty cabin means more caviar.
Ben: Booking now then – want to call LifeMiles to cancel other tickets? 😉
Me: Gee. Thanks.
Ben: Best. Airline. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was already in Vancouver, so the plan was to just meet at the airport. I am not a professional blogger, so I don’t have photo evidence, but check-in was an absolute cluster. Lufthansa uses contract workers in Vancouver, but I tend to find Lufthansa’s ground services to be a major weak point regardless, so that probably doesn’t make a difference.

Ben has scolded me for this in the past, and as one of his main arguments is that I’m not properly taking advantage of the benefits of the Best Airline In The World, I proactively asked if there was an escort through security.

“Umm. No. Just show them this sticker.”

Okay then.

Needless to say, the security queue experience was less than pleasurable, and it ultimately took over 45 minutes to get from the check-in desk to the Plaza Premium Lounge.

A far cry from what is advertised on the Lufthansa website:

Lufthansa Ground Services

Traveling with Ben is always an interesting experience, mainly because he is working all the time.


During the two hours we spent in the lounge (nearly all of which I spent on the phone with Avianca trying to cancel our later tickets to Munich), he was either up and taking pictures, calling airlines for clients, or frantically typing.

It’s insane.

The picture-taking is the most challenging/awesome part though. One doesn’t so much “walk to the gate” with Ben when he’s in “Lucky The Travel Blogger Mode” as much as participate in an incredibly complex dance through the terminal.

Move forward twenty feet.

Departures board.

Avoid the moving sidewalk – too crowded.

Ooh! An Air New Zealand 777!

Five feet further.

Good view of the concourse.

Fifteen feet this time.

Nice seating area. 

And so on. I love it, but it’s a bit of a tripping hazard. 🙂

We waited at the gate a bit prior to boarding, which was a bit surprising to me. When I’ve flown Lufthansa in the past I’ve always been the first to board, which is particularly efficient on the 744.

You have only a few people going upstairs, so it really doesn’t make sense to have your first class passengers wait for pre-boards, etc., but this time we were asked to wait, and ultimately First Class passengers were invited to board, along with what seemed like every Business, HON Circle, Senator, and Star Gold traveler.

Not exactly a pünktlich boarding…

Once upstairs, we dropped our bags in the galley and headed towards our seats. Ben had some grand strategy for changing our seat assignments, which was made easier by the fact that the power wasn’t functioning in my original seat.

Or something. I didn’t catch all of it, because the conversation was, of course, in German.

Which, to be clear, was fine by me! After all, I’ve been asserting that the Lufthansa First Class experience is different in German than in English, so I was perfectly content to let Ben do the bulk of the talking, and I was prepared to litter the conversation with smiles, Bittes, and Dankes as appropriate.

Of course, that plan was ruined about five minutes in with a laugh and a clipped “Sie spricht kein Deutsch” from my travel companion.

So much for science. 😉

It’s probably worth noting at this point that I am incredibly shy, and really don’t like to ask for things – not even when flying an international premium cabin where making requests is more than appropriate, so I tend to appreciate a crew that is more proactive than reactive.

And my number one pet peeve on an airplane (and something that has become a bit of a game when traveling with Ben), is not having my jacket taken and hung.

I never ask, but that’s a basic service that I expect to be proactively offered. Heck, frickin’ Alaska Airlines will take your coat, and they consider water in a plastic cup to be a pre-departure perk!

So as we were settling in to our seats I set my jacket on the bed, then began trying to take a good photo for instagram organizing some of my other things. Ben did the same, and the flight attendant promptly came by and offered to take his jacket.

Emphasis on his jacket. Mine stayed on the bed.

“Did they ask to take your coat?”

“Nope. What am I missing?”

“On the bed it looks like you want to keep it. There’s a hook, you know.”

Thus began the theme of “Lufthansa First Class: You’re doing it wrong” from my travel companion.

Which wasn’t really unexpected, if I’m being honest.

One thing I do love about Lufthansa is their entirely inoffensive selection of Champagne. I’m not a champagne expert, but I always prefer interesting offerings (even if non-vintage) to the “It’s Dom Perignon, so it must be good, even the 2003” approach.

That being said, the Taittinger made for an excellent start to the evening. 🙂


It’s interesting to note that neither the pilot nor the purser ever introduced themselves on our flight.

That’s not something that necessarily bothers me (see earlier comments about being shy), but it’s probably worth mentioning nonetheless. Lufthansa prides themselves on their consistency (and that’s always one of Ben’s main arguments in favor of the airline), but I haven’t actually found the service to be as flawlessly executed as he has, though granted he has a much larger sample size.

On one of my last Lufthansa flights, for example, we had the following exchange:

iMessage screenshot
Yes, I do have the Hong Kong sweater as a default picture for Ben. Everyone should, really.

After a glass of Champagne (or two – I was trying to keep up with Ben, afterall), I excused myself to change into pajamas. Upon returning, I found Ben had changed as well, and the flight attendant was hanging his clothes in the galley.

“Wait. They do that on Lufthansa?”

“Of course. Don’t be ridiculous.”

“How would I know that?”

“What you don’t understand is that the German culture is incredibly low-context. I glanced at the galley, then at my clothes, and she promptly took everything away to be hung.”

“Seriously Ben? How the eff is that low-context?”

So, future Lufthansa travelers, if you’d like your clothes to be hung, it’s apparently a matter of looking at the crew just so. 😉

Something else that is apparently theoretically possible when flying Lufthansa First Class is to have the meal whenever you’d like. I’ve never taken advantage, partly because that’s never been well communicated in English, and partly because I don’t see much point of Lufthansa catering after the caviar service.

Lufthansa is actually the largest consumer of caviar in the world, purchasing 5% of everything that’s produced, and their presentation is always lovely.


I really wish they would include a spoon though, as I always end up chasing pearls of caviar all over the plate, but other than ANA I don’t know of any airline that has caviar spoons, so I should probably just get over it.

Outside of the caviar, I find Lufthansa’s catering pretty skip-able, so just nibbled at things while we progressed through the champagne stores.

Please ignore the jacket hanging in the background. Goodness knows the crew did.

The best part of the flight, by far, was watching Lucky in his element, explaining to the passengers in Row 81 all the reasons why Lufthansa is the best airline EVAR, and doing an admirable job of enlisting their assistance in drinking the champagne.

“Without question, the best airline to have ever existed. Let me tell you…”

Not having quite held up my end of the champagne consumption, I worked for an hour or so after dinner, while Ben went right to sleep.

One advantage of the 744 is the bed is pre-made, so you don’t have to ask the attendant to make up the bed, though the disadvantage is the crews tend to be less interested in tidying up in the morning, and don’t seem to check on the cabin as often as they might otherwise. I slept for about two hours, then woke up because Lufthansa cabins are always so hot, as my travel companion was snoring through his post-champagne nap, to get some work done.

I made a quick trip to the lav, shared a smile and a Guten Morgen with the crew, and asked for some water before heading back to my seat and opening my laptop.

And here, ultimately, is where I find Lufthansa crews often fall short, and this one in particular. Not only did said water never arrive (well, at least not until we were on final approach a few hours later), but I really feel a bit of logic could go a long way.

One, this isn’t Cathay Pacific, and I do expect the crew to be keeping half an eye on the cabin. So if you see that I’m up and working, and it’s only two hours prior to arrival, a quick check-in to see if I need anything, or would like some coffee, etc., would, at least to me, be something that helps to enhance the first class experience.

And yes, I realize I could have asked again, but I was more interested in seeing what the crew would do left to their own devices. And unlike the Asian airlines that want you to press the call button and ask for things, I’ve never felt particularly welcome to make any request on Lufthansa.

Eventually Ben woke up, at which point I was brought orange juice (unprompted, though I guess Ben may have asked for it), and still no water. The attendant then asked if we wanted eggs, which is always a tricky question for me on Lufthansa.

I mean, I don’t want eggs, not on an airplane, not even if they’re freshly scrambled, Sam-I-Am, but on past flights I have had “no eggs, thank you” interpreted as “no breakfast, thank you.”

And I really wanted coffee.

Eventually we had breakfast, and coffee (though I had to specifically ask for more coffee), and the remainder of the flight was perfectly pleasant.

It might be worth noting that at no point did the crew make up the bed or make any effort to tidy. I’m not really sure if they’re supposed to, and given the separate bed it’s not like anything was in my way, but it was a bit odd to have a rumple of pillows and blankets on descent.


Upon landing at Frankfurt we gathered our belongings, retrieved our carry-ons from the storage area, and headed down the stairs. We were overnighting in Frankfurt, so it really didn’t matter, but it’s worth mentioning that unless you’re arriving at a remote stand, Lufthansa’s arrival and ground services are really lacking.

At no point in time were we ever informed of what lounges might be available, given directions, or guided through the process in any way. And it’s not like the wayfinding in Frankfurt is particularly good if you’re trying to find a lounge.

Which, we know what we’re doing, and that’s fine – I don’t really need or expect my hand to be held throughout my travel day, but that doesn’t really match up to a certain someone’s claims that “the whole Lufthansa first class travel experience is the least stressful there is.”

It’s just less stressful for him because he’s able to communicate effectively, and already knows what is going on.

Being a travel blogger is more difficult after several bottles of champagne, apparently.

At any rate, the flight overall was fine, and Lufthansa in general is certainly the best transatlantic premium product available with miles or points.

I just struggle to award the “Best Airline In The World” title to an experience that is often less than consistent.

I’m sure Ben will find a way to “prove” me wrong though. 😉

  1. Great to see Ben through the eyes of a traveling companion. You captured his zany exuberance well. I agree that some of the LH “misses” detract from the first class experience. Nice job Tiffany! 😉

  2. Best review in a while, not to discount Ben’s, but this was just more objective and awesome.

  3. This is a very similar experience to what I had when I flew LH first. I was flying out of Frankfurt and the first class terminal did make up for it a bit, but mostly I was disappointed with the inflight service.

  4. We must know though how did you two meet and its nice reading what a normal persons view of LH first class is like.

  5. You’re hired! Who is Ben? I like your writing and your argument on why LH is not the worlds best airline!

  6. In Business (paid, not redeemed) from SFO-MUC two years back, I asked for a Diet Coke when they did the beverage service.

    After the meal was served, I asked for another Diet Coke.

    The reply from the flight attendant was “We did drinks. Now we’re doing food.”

    Best airline in the world?!?

  7. Great review… I wasn’t wowed by my LH F experiences… I found them excellent on the ground in Frankfurt though… I’m pretty sure that Asiana has proper caviar spoons…


  8. In about a dozen LH F segments, I’ve never walked out of the bathroom after changing and not have them proactively offer to hang my clothes. That’s perhaps the most consistent aspect of the service to me.

    I do agree that otherwise the service can be a bit hit or miss. I also agree that you have to “know your way around” LH F a bit in order to maximize the experience–for instance, if you don’t know you can have the entire flight of appetizers, you might just choose one based on the way they ask you what you’d like.

    However, if you’ve done 6 such segments, then I think you were being a bit intentionally obtuse here in order to prove a point.

    I think I’m on Ben’s side here. Once you’re a member of the “LH F club” and have done it enough times to know what you’re doing in the air and on the ground in FRA/MUC, it just feels more comfortable than any other airline experience to me–even if individual aspects are clearly inferior to other airlines.

    However, you’re right about this: the cabin is WAY TOO EFFING HOT. I’ve found that the FAs will lower the temp for you if you ask, though…

  9. Great review! I hope to someday be one of those travelers who just knows the “right way” to communicate and get service, but I’m currently still clumsy. I love warm and proactive service, because it prevents me from feeling foolish or demanding. Reserved and unsmiling flight attendants make me nervous. I suspect I’d have a hard time on Lufthansa, where despite my best efforts, I know I would not be polished enough to get my clothes hung with a glance. It would be more of a bumbling “If you wouldn’t mind…maybe there’s a hanger available…I can do it myself if you just show me…sorry to bother you….” kind of thing while the sophisticated flight attendants stared at the American hayseed who somehow landed herself in first class.

  10. Thank you Tiffany for the terrific write-up. Unlike many readers, I have not flown international first class, although I have flown a ton of domestic. Based on Lucky’s LH obsession, I chose LH first to introduce my husband to the joys of flying in September (he doesn’t care to fly) in hopes that I can convince him that flying is fun. Now I’m wondering whether LH is the best choice for a novice. I guess we shall see.

  11. Loved your post Tiffany! Please post one whenever you travel with Lucky! Anyway, in addition to ANA, I recall Lucky posting that Cathay Pacific recently started serving caviar with a mother-of-pearl spoon! 🙂

  12. @ Peter, elteetrav, Kris, Juan, Eric, Jeremy McMillen, Vastgotta, S, FlyingDoctorWu, Sak, Joey & Al, — Aww, thank you so much, these are such kind comments, and I really appreciate each of them!

    @ Justin — That’s a more than fair criticism, and I absolutely agree with the need to “know your way around,” and the appetizer conundrum is a perfect example. I swear on my life that I’ve never had a Lufthansa crew offer to take my clothes though, so was legitimately surprised, and truly not trying to be obnoxious.

    @ Elizabeth — Yes, exactly! My being shy may indeed have a great deal to do with it.

    @ Jana — He’ll have a great time, especially since you probably read enough reviews to know what to expect, so can give him the rundown!

  13. Excellent unbiased trip report, thank you.

    Your trip report in First is very much similar with the impressions I had in a FRA-EZE Business flight.

    From check-in to gate arrival you may experience perks if you know beforehand any turn key points.

    In FRA I ended up boarding with all the Economy pax – Apparently Business Class pax are supposed to know that their boarding happens upstairs, from within a lounge without any signage or LH agents, whatsoever.

    In FRA, economy Star Gold customers are welcome to their very best lounge with showers, while premium Business Class customers had to use a non-attended remote lounge and poor serviced.

    On the longest LH flight crew also disappeared for hours – I wondered then, have they all been kidnapped ?!

    And the automation of their work is not efficient but mainly boring for premium pax – If I want to be serviced with others, when convenient for the crew, then I fly coach.

    Yes, for those who love LH it is mute discussing LH – for those unbiased the same points keep coming up and LH does nothing to remedy situations.

  14. Is it me or does it look like Ben is screaming at the guy after he caught him changing outside the lavatory.

  15. Wonderful observations, Tiffany. I, too, would like to hear from her more often (and wouldn’t mind commentary by #13 Elizabeth, whose voice I really like and relate to!). Thank you.

  16. Nice review, I totally agree that it helps a lot to speak German, otherwise this airline only focuses to provide good service to overweight elderly gentlemen… everyone else recives a very mediocre service. they strongly dislike young and lean people in their premium cabins.

    and you say “Lufthansa in general is certainly the best transatlantic premium product available with miles or points.” – not true… Singapore F and J is available from JFK-FRA and IAH-Moscow with Krysflier points. Much better than Lufthansa.

  17. “and asked for some water before heading back to my seat”

    This being LH, I’m guessing you should have pointed at a bottle of water in the galley, pointed to yourself, then pointed to your seat, then *maybe* they would have brought you a glass of water? 😉

    “Once you’re a member of the “LH F club” and have done it enough times to know what you’re doing in the air and on the ground in FRA/MUC, it just feels more comfortable than any other airline experience to me–even if individual aspects are clearly inferior to other airlines.”

    Except this is first class. You shouldn’t ever have to feel like a “member of the club” to get good proactive service, or any type of service, at all. I mean seriously, you have to give a subtle look at your coat after making eye contact with the FA for them to hang it? Wtf? I realize many times there can be a language barrier, but this is a flight to Canada. The FAs should be proficient enough in English to at least proactively ask “I hang your coat, ja?”, regardless of whether its on the bed or the hook.

  18. @David that is what I thought too at first glance. “There’s something called a lavatory back there

  19. Re: jacket hanging, there may be another thing going on.

    My experience is that it is next to impossible for women to get flight attendants to hang their jackets. The one exception is Alaska. But I have had issues with at least a dozen airlines where the FAs are fawning over men to grab their jackets, while I and 2 or 3 other women stand there practically begging for ours to be hung up.

  20. Love it, Tiffany! I think you are onto something for sure with the German “language barrier” from being in the ‘Lufthansa Country Club’. I have always had a great experience, but I think Ben’s experiences are always just a bit better.

    Great review though…only thing missing is when Ben randomly breaks into his “Lufthansa Captain Voice” in daily life.

  21. “Once you’re a member of the “LH F club” and have done it enough times to know what you’re doing in the air and on the ground in FRA/MUC, it just feels more comfortable than any other airline experience to me–even if individual aspects are clearly inferior to other airlines.”

    Two options :

    a) Pax who pay a hefty amount to fly First should accept to endure a few bad experiences, poor value for money, to hopefully afterwards get serviced as “First”;

    b) LH should send along with the charge to the customer, also a leaflet on how to get serviced as premium passengers, according to their German way;

    c) LH should cater to all premium pax in a courteous, professional, proactive and amiable way, revenue oriented as any other premium carrier.

    PS – Please disregard B), as Tiffany did her homework learning beforehand LH rules, then proactively asked to be escorted from checkinm per LH rules, and was informed there was no such service.

  22. Tiffany – please provide a link to your tripadvisor profile if you have one. I think I’d like to read other reviews you’ve written.


  23. @Lucky – great idea to let Tiffany share her experience. Her review is a nice counterpoint to your very thorough reviews, please encourage her to write more for your blog if possible.

  24. Hopefully have my first international F trip coming up (in LH F at that!). Is it standard practice to leave your bag in the galley for them to store or is this a 744 specific thing?

    Some have been covered here, but any other tips for someone’s first LH F (and international F for that matter, best I’ve done thus far is several round trips in DL BE) experience?

    Thanks in advance!

  25. @Tiffany – Great Job!

    @Lucky – you should consider doing a series of guest bloggers/contributers! I think your perspectives are always spot on, but it’s great to hear other voices too (and really adds to the blog).

  26. @ David & Charlie — At that point I think it was more “So here’s the plan: the only way we get to try the Veuve is if we finish all the Taittinger. So I’m going to need you to have some more champagne.” But generally, yes 😉

    @ PB, mbh, & EthaninSF — Thanks!!

    @ Miriam — That’s a great point, actually. I tend to find the ratio of male to female passengers in F is more equal on Alaska than other carriers, so wonder if that has any influence.

    @ wwk5d — Ha! Will try that next time!

    @ mommypoints — Ha, thanks! I felt I was pushing my luck by including actual photos, so the other stories will have to wait for another time 😉

    @ RJP — You’re too sweet! I am the /worst/ kind of internet lurker nowadays, and don’t think I’ve posted anything on tripadvisor/FT/MP in years, but I am on instagram @tebfunk, if that’s any help.

    @ Digital01 — On Lufthansa at least it’s just for the 744. The overhead bins are ancient and tiny, so don’t really fit much. Other configurations don’t have that issue, and on some products (like their A380), they have lockers. So it just sorta depends.

  27. Nicely done, Tiffany.

    Where do I donate to Tiffany’s kickstarter? Her style and point of view are both detail-oriented and hilarious. Much better than “I had an amuse bouche whereby it was just okay.”

  28. @ Lantean — Thanks, and fair point about Singapore! The challenge there is that there is hardly ever more than one (if that) F seat available JFK-FRA, and DME isn’t exactly amazing for connections.

    So given Lufthansa’s network, capacity, and pattern of releasing multiple seats per flight – even to those with partner miles, I’d still give them the overall edge, personally.

  29. Great report, Tiffany! I agree w/ everyone else that Ben should let you guest-review on a regular basis. It’s great to get another point of view. If Ben doesn’t take Gary Leff w/ him in the Residence suite, he should take you!

  30. Thanks, Tiffany, for a fantastic review. It was great to see the same flight reviewed by two different people each with their own perspective.

    If you really want your caviar served with a genuine mother of pearl spoon, you can also fly Asiana. Great caviar service on their flights in first and they give you a flower in a vase, too!

  31. I can see what happened; while I’m not German, i do speak German and am familiar with German culture and my husband doesn’t; so if we fly first together in first – guess what happens? I get all I need, even without asking indeed, and “at best” my husband gets the question if they shall do the same thing for him… So I think it’s not a language thing, also a cultural thing; even one step further: I had exactly the same situation with a Swiss crew: if I speak German (regardless of the mother-tongue of the crew), I get a LH type of service and a different approach if we approach the crew in French (tested twice for both languages) !

  32. I date back to the days when UNITED had caviar, and after more than one serving, would also be my meal. Those days might return, but not with current mgmt.

  33. *Loved* this trip report. Really enjoyed getting two perspectives on the same experience. The photo caption about ignoring your jacket made me lol. MOAR TIFFANY TRIP REPORTS, PLZ!

  34. @ Bill — I’m flattered to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Gary, thanks!

    @ Craig — Good to know, and thank you!

    @ andre — That makes a great deal of sense, actually. The crew definitely seemed to “lean” on Ben’s German, having him answer for both of us, etc.

    @ Andrew B — Hah! You set the bar really high!!

  35. Gah!! The coat thing! A huge pet peeve of mine. I actually noticed the coat in the picture in Ben’s post yesterday, and wondered if it was because the FA didn’t offer to take it.
    I’ve had that problem on a number of AA flights, so I’ve started sitting in the last row of first right in front of the hangers so I that I can make eye contact with the FA as he/she is hanging other people’s coats. FWIW, I am female. Maybe @Miriam is on to something. :/

  36. Really enjoyed the review and had some good chuckles.

    Second, or actually forty-first to ask for more guest reports from Tiffany!

  37. Tiffany–loved the report. You’re a great writer and I appreciated your perspective.

    Now, I happen to be one of those people that thinks LH F is *am besten* but you give a very rational and accurate look at a typical LH F flight, IME (10 flights or so).

  38. @ Tiffany – loved your report! I guess Lantean beat me to the punch but SQ F is better especially if you require advance planning. SQ KF miles are much easier to get compared to LH M&M (KF – thru MR or SPG; M&M – only SPG). And out of Houston, the flight actually is long enough to get some sleep. I elected to fly IAH-DME-VIE instead of IAH-FRA-VIE (although, DME is a pretty sucky airport, especially if flying domestically).

    @ Lucky – I propose we switch Kickstarter’s goal from Residencies to hiring Tiffany 😛

    P.S. On the topic of languages – in my one trip in LX F (back when you could book LX F without being a M&M elite), actually had very nice and – relatively – warm service from FAs and purser despite not speaking German. Guess, I got lucky 😀

  39. Let me add my kudos. Great job Tiffany! I’ve never flown LH F, but your post gave me a lot to think about.

  40. Tiffany I totally agree with you about the LF ground services. Denver was the worst for first class that I’ve ever encountered even for coach in 40 years of flying. My wife thought they hired some janitors at DIA.
    Don’t think I’ll be wasting $ on LF again

  41. Thanks Tiffany. What a great report; good to hear from someone who may not know the “secret handshake” to getting the most of the service.

    I have to agree that in my experience LH First/Business service appears cold and reactive (albeit efficient) compared to asian airlines such as Singapore and Cathay Pacific.

  42. Ivan Y – I’d say we raise the Kickstarter goal so that Tiffany flies with Ben in EY Residences.

  43. @ ESD- Yes, I think it would be great for Tiffany to fly with Ben on his EY trip also. However according to what Ben said, the Residences are for 2 people, so no extra money needed.

  44. @Tiffany: very entertaining with woman’s touch as well. I am so with you on not liking to ask for things when flying. A new blog about the blogger is in the air.
    @Ben: do you recall “explaining to the passengers in Row 81 all the reasons why Lufthansa is the best airline…”?

  45. After your report, and the dozens, that I have read on Flyertalk and Boarding Area…I can see no reason for me to waste 300,000 miles to fly Lufthansa First Class. I have only had one flight on Lufthansa, in economy, it was nice. Better than god awful United. But not nearly as good as Swiss, which is owned by Lufthansa. I have flown many flights on Swiss and Swissair in all classes. Now that it takes so many United miles to fly partners, Lufthansa just isn’t worth my miles or precious vacation time.

  46. Every medal has two sides and it’s always wise to know both of them. I really enjoy reading the trip reports from Ben but yours just made my day! One point in particular was an eye-opener: speaking the same language as the crew makes much of the experience. I recently flew SWISS Business YVR-ZRH and to be able to talk in Swiss German made me feel at home.

    I hope we’ll be able to read another report from you Tiffany.

  47. @ Jim, Sendaiben, LC, R B, & Daniel — Thank you!!

    @ Matthew — Coming from you that means a great deal, thank you! Also, there is a tremendous difference between “LH F is *am besten*” and “Lufthansa Is The Greatest Airline Ever,” which is typically my main point in the debate. 🙂

    @ Ivan Y — Thank you so much!! I like Singapore as well, but availability in F for multiple passengers is a real problem, unless you want to spend additional miles, at least in my experience. Interesting point about Swiss – my flights with them have been warmer as well, both in terms of the interactions and the temperature (if that’s even possible!)

    @ ESD & Coutureguy — I of course /love/ that idea, but that’s probably not the spirit in which that project was intended 😉

    @ Tatyana & Papa Smurf — Thanks! I have a collection of photos and stories I’m saving for blackmail/my tell-all biography 😉

    @ JohnB — To clarify, I really do like Lufthansa First; I need to fly back from Europe in the next few days and that’s certainly my first choice. Agree it’s a terrible value with United miles though.

  48. Is it possible to ask for more than 1 serving of caviar at LH First? Do they normally have leftovers, from your experience?

  49. @ Tiffany – being concerned about multiple award seats is how we know you aren’t a “real” travel blogger! 😛 Living in Houston and with some family in Russia & Ukraine makes SQ super-convenient for us (especially, in combination with redeeming Avios on S7) but, yeah, I think saver availability out of JFK isn’t nearly as good even for a single seat.

  50. Really enjoyed reading this TR, Tiffany… great job, and you have a great dry sense of humor. Agreed with an earlier comment – the picture of Ben standing the FC cabin is classic. Also loved the description of Ben working non-stop, walking and taking pictures, etc.

    Side-point, but evertime I read a LH F trip report, I always think the same thing: I have ZERO desire to eat caviar. It just looks nasty. Give me a solid business class meal any day of the week.

  51. Mirrors my experience as well. Once they greeted me and realized I didn’t speak German, I was pretty much ignored until I made a point of requesting something. As much as LH is a good airline, I will never go out of my way to fly them….

  52. Brilliant review – I must say by comparison the crew on my BA Club World flight from JFK at the weekend were fantastic – pro-active, helpful, remembered requests. I really don’t see how LH F is so amazing by comparison! (plus at least BA give you a flat bed in business :D)

  53. GREAT REVIEW Tiffany, I really enjoyed getting a different more grounded perspective on LH, even though I am also a fan of the airline. Plus it was REALLY fun to read how a friend of Ben sees the experience of flying with him on LH F.

    Finally Ben, this was a great idea having Tiffany share her thoughts here, you should consider inviting her again, definitely. And BTW, I so agree with comments #23 & #28!

  54. More Tiffany!! And other guest bloggers. You should make your friends (and readers!) a regular feature.

  55. @ Joey — Yep, shouldn’t be a problem at all. If they have any left over they’ll surely give you seconds if you ask.

  56. let me add my rant to those of other women who would like to have her jacket hung up and eventually goes to the closet herself – i’ve tried draping it over the seat in front of me, over my seatback, keeping it on my lap, and hanging it on a hook if available – meanwhile all the male pax are having their jackets hung up without any shenanigans – really really frustrating!
    loved the TR and i speak a little German so i love to try it out when i fly LH – but sometimes i’m lazy and don’t bother – i don’t think i’ve seen any difference in service, although i’m sure the FA’s always heave a small sigh of relief when a pax can communicate auf Deutsch
    just had a very short flight on LH in J and the service was impeccable – puts (i know this is a cliche) our domestic US carriers to shame

  57. Have to agree with the Andre’s sentiments noted in post #38 above – my wife doesn’t speak German and that throws the crews off sometimes, though they do try once they’ve settled into a routine with me in Grman.

    BTW YVR contracted ground services are abysmal – some of the worst of any outstations IME(SEA is better).

  58. ROFL! Great job, Tiffany. I’m not sure how I missed this when it was posted in May, glad Ben linked to it recently.

  59. I agree with Ben, Lufthansa IS the best airline in the world. I have been traveling with them in Coach and Business since I was 6 months old. Their seats may not be the best, but the atmosphere, the brand, that is what makes Lufthansa, Lufthansa. I will defend LH under any circumstances and WILL take it personally if someone complains about their LH flight.


  60. I do admitt Ben- LH is the best airline in the world. but mybe to explain that the FAs and ground services were more reactive: I am german and can say that it in our culture it is not that polite that FAs etc ask for everything: “May I take your coat” “May I show you the way/ the lounges(to mention: they are excelent at Fra/Muc)” I personally think that this is quite penetrant as well… just ask for it, because then you get the service that you really require!
    And I think you are right: it is something else to be part of the “big club” so you should bea at least Gold/Senator to be part of the game.
    And it may be an advance to speak german.(please apologize my bad English, I am german);) but nevertheless: LH is the best airline!

  61. Just had chance to read this. Great report Tiffany. Being a big fan of the middle east operators, LH First always looks like a let down to me in comparison. Travelling in J on Qatar seems better ( despite the lack of caviar…..)

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