Lufthansa First Class Terminal Access

Between the “Ask Lucky” page here on the blog and my email, I probably receive a dozen or more questions a week about accessing the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt. Given that so many of you have Lufthansa First Class tickets booked later this year, I thought it might be helpful to go through the various rules for accessing the FCT, as well as go through an overview of the perks and amenities.

You must be flying Lufthansa First Class or be a HON Circle member (Lufthansa’s uber-top tier elite status).

This might seem like a no-brainer, but this is a common question, especially from Star Alliance Gold members and passengers flying first class on other Star Alliance carriers. While technically access to first class lounges is a benefit for Star Alliance first class passengers, Lufthansa gets around this by making the First Class Terminal & Lounges their “HON Circle Lounge,” which they happen to invite first class passengers to.

What if I’m flying Lufthansa First Class to Frankfurt, and am connecting to Business Class?

If you are connecting to Lufthansa, Swiss, or Austrian on the same day, you’re good to go! Just show your First Class boarding pass at the terminal entrance.

What if I’m flying Lufthansa First Class to Frankfurt, and am connecting to an airline other than Lufthansa, Swiss, or Austrian?

You can still use the Lufthansa First Class Lounge, though not the First Class Terminal, since Lufthansa can only drive you to a Lufthansa, Swiss, or Austrian flight.

What if I’m flying Lufthansa First Class to Frankfurt, and have an overnight before my connection?

Unless your connection will also be to Lufthansa First Class, then you won’t have access. You must be arriving or departing in Lufthansa or Swiss First Class same day.

I’m flying Chicago > Munich in First Class, then Munich > Frankfurt in Business Class, then Frankfurt > Zurich on Swiss in Business Class. Do I have access to the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt?

You sure do, since you’re connecting from a same day Lufthansa First Class flight and flying on Lufthansa, Swiss, or Austrian out of Frankfurt.

What if Frankfurt is my final destination?

There aren’t any arrival services at the Lufthansa First Class Terminal, sadly, as it’s strictly reserved for departing passengers. You can use the Lufthansa Welcome Lounge, however, which is located behind baggage claim in the B arrivals area.

How do I actually get to the First Class Terminal?

If you are departing from Frankfurt, you can take a taxi right to the main entrance of the terminal.

First Class Terminal entrance

Lufthansa doesn’t have arrival services for First Class passengers unless your flight uses a remote stand (and even if you’re at a remote stand you’ll only be driven to the main terminal and not the First Class Terminal), so when you get to the main terminal you’ll need to walk.

Clear immigration, and follow the signs to the street level. Turn left after exiting the terminal, and walk towards the taxi waiting area.


There’s a small kiosk/coffee hut where the taxi drivers congregate, which is the best place to cross the street. You should be able to see the First Class Terminal at this point, and the side entrance will eventually be on your left:

First Class Terminal

Side entrance to the FCT

Once you go through that door you’ll see a small elevator on your left. Going up one level will take you to the main lobby of the Frankfurt First Class Terminal, where the team of personal assistants will be waiting to whisk you through security.

How long of a layover should I plan if I want to visit the First Class Terminal?

Generally I’d try to schedule at least a three hour layover if you want to visit the First Class Terminal.

  • Plan about 30 minutes from the time you deplane till when you get to the First Class Terminal, and then figure you’ll get driven to your plane about 30 minutes before departure.
  • That leaves you two hours in the First Class Terminal, which is enough for a nice bath and meal.

What amenities does the First Class Terminal offer?

First of all, while in the First Class Terminal you’ll have a single personal assistant that’s assigned to you. That person both greets you at the door on arrival and will fetch you when your flight is ready for boarding (unless there’s a shift change, in which case you’ll be introduced to a new personal assistant).

The First Class Terminal has a bunch of fairly secluded seating areas, from comfortable leather couches to relaxation chairs.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal seating

There are also two nap rooms that are available on a first come first serve basis.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal nap room

There are several shower rooms, including a couple equipped with jacuzzi baths.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal bath

Then there’s a bar and restaurant. The restaurant features both a buffet and an a la carte menu.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal bar

Lufthansa First Class Terminal restaurant

Then there are some private cubicles with doors.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal cubicle

Servers typically roam the terminal, so you don’t have to be at the bar or restaurant if you want to order something to drink.

Given that the First Class Terminal is “remote,” you’ll be driven to your connecting flight either in a private car or a van, depending on how many other passengers in the First Class Terminal are on your flight. The transfer leaves from the lower level of the terminal, which is also where passport control occurs.

First Class Terminal car departures area

Lufthansa First Class Terminal car transfer

What’s the difference between the Lufthansa First Class Terminal and Lufthansa First Class Lounges?

In addition to the First Class Terminal, Lufthansa also has two First Class Lounges in Frankfurt (in the A & B piers), and a First Class Lounge in Munich.

So what’s the difference between them and the First Class Terminal? Very little, to be honest.

They also have nice seating areas, bars, restaurants, baths, showers, and nap rooms. The only thing substantially different is that if you’re in the First Class Terminal you’re guaranteed to be driven to your connecting flight, while in the First Class Lounges you’ll only be driven to the plane if your flight leaves from a different terminal.

Lufthansa First Class Lounge A pier

One minor difference between the Frankfurt and Munich lounges is that the Frankfurt lounges are catered by DO&CO, while the Munich lounge isn’t. So the food will be a bit better in Frankfurt than Munich.

While the First Class Lounges are similar to the First Class Terminal, I do think the terminal is still worth experiencing. There’s something about the ease of the security process and seclusion that makes it really special, in my opinion.

What are these Lufthansa First Class ducks I hear about?!

One of the cute things that Lufthansa offers at all of their first class lounges are rubber ducks. These are usually placed near the baths, though even if you’re not taking a bath you can ask the shower room attendant for one.

These ducks are often seasonal, as Lufthansa sometimes has special ones for Easter, Christmas, New Years, Oktoberfest, etc.

Lufthansa First Class ducks

What’s “not to miss” in the First Class Terminal?

Admittedly I’m easily pleased, but there are three things I especially love about the First Class Terminal — hot pretzels, “real” European Fanta, and their massive water selection.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal pretzels

Does Lufthansa still offer First Class passengers Porsche rentals?

If you have a long layover in Frankfurt Lufthansa has a partnership with Avis whereby you can rent a Porsche 911 or Porsche Panamera for three hours (and drive it up to 150km) for €99.10, and this includes fuel and insurance.

You can book this offer either online, by phone at +49 6171 68 1377, or with a personal assistance in one of the Lufthansa First Class Lounges.

Anyways, I hope that helps, and that I’ve covered most of the likely scenarios for accessing the Lufthansa First Class Terminal. Are there any that I missed?

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  1. Good summary. Some additional comments:

    One nice benefit of FCT is that if you’re renting a car you can just drop it off at the FCT and the staff will drop it off for you at the car rental company. I’ve taken advantage of this few times and it’s very convenient.

    As far as differences between FCL and FCT it’s worth noting that because of the location you’ll not get any tarmac views from the FCT. FCL has pretty good views.

    Also there is a fairly extensive thread on this subject on flyertalk if anyone is looking for more info. Don’t the the link handy, but should be easy to find.

  2. Which Frankfurt Lounge can I access if I fly United first class ORD to FRA and connect to BRU same day in Lufthansa Business Class. Thanks in advance

  3. @ gnoorts — Well technically the first class lounge for United passengers would be the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. That being said, technically you’re only allowed first class lounge access at your departing airport, so you’d be able to use the Lufthansa Business Lounge in Frankfurt (though there’s a chance they’ll let you into the Senator Lounge, not that there’s much of a difference).

  4. @gnoorts? are you star alliance gold? if yes use the lufthansa senator lounge in the z areas, if not you can use the lufthansa business lounge also in the z area.

  5. Interesting, so if you arrive on a Schengen flight and stay at the A pier FCL, you’ll be driven to a B/Z gate?

  6. When did LH start offering car transfers to the plane from the A gates? I guess my question is, really, “When did LH move the first class lounge in the A gates from the ‘elbow’ of the pier to the main terminal?” (In the olden days, there was no car service to the plane from the old A pier first class lounge)I didn’t really pay attention since I don’t fly out of the A gates very much (not since 2009 or so).

    Smart move, I just didn’t realize they’d done it.

  7. So if I’m arriving in MUC on a LH first class ticket but then transferring to a DB train, I won’t be allowed into the first class lounge and thus won’t be able to use the dedicated passport control station?

  8. @ Yohan — The passport control is for departures only. The only place to go from passport control is into a car on the tarmac, so there’s no way to use it if you’re arriving.

  9. Here’s a Q&A you missed:

    Q: I want to buy some duty-free items, which I would normally do on my way from check-in to the lounge. Does this mean I can’t buy duty-free if I check in at the FCT?

    A: No. There’s a dedicated duty-free shop within the FCT. Of course, the selection is more limited than in the main terminal, but various favorite German items can be found (e.g., marzipan!).

  10. What if: What if I’m flying Lufthansa First Class to Munich, and am connecting to Lufthansa Coach Class as there was no business class space on the award?

  11. @Delta Points – no problem, you will get first class lounge access in Munich based on your arriving first class boarding pass. And if your flight departing Munich is from a non-gate position you will be driven to the plane (even though you will be flying coach). You do not explain how Frankfurt fits into your itinerary.

  12. One area of confusion stems from the (correct) advice above,

    “Clear immigration, and follow the signs to the street level. Turn left after exiting the terminal, and walk towards the taxi waiting area.”

    To be clear the taxi waiting area does NOT mean follow the signs to the taxi stand, where you would catch a cab leaving the airport.

    It means go down to the ground (bottom) level of the terminal. Turn left and go to the very end of the terminal. Go outside and proceed in the same direction you had been walking on the inside of the terminal. You will pass by where the taxis WAIT before leaving for the taxi stand.

    I’ve had people tell me they mistakenly followed the signs to “taxi” which is of course in the opposite direction from the FCT.

  13. If arriving on a first class UA ticket and departing on TG first class which lounge would be the best to visit?

  14. Superb information!.. Sadly I think I didn’t took advantage of my trip 🙁 Can you help to clarify what my options were? I arrived on LH F from DXB (loved the 747 upper deck with the seat/bed combo!), don’t remember the pier I arrived, but I do remember I was continuing on LH C an departed from Z , were there’s only one “twin” Biz/Senator lounge (sharing the same entrance). I made a long walk trying to reach A and I saw a passport control to enter A so I assumed I cannot pass that point and then go back (sadly I didn’t ask). Could I have used both the FCT or FCL with my travel itinerary? Would I be driven to my gate at Z if I were more informed?

  15. Regarding Porsche 911 rental, if your journey starts ex-FRA, are you able to check in extra early so you can have plenty of time to drive the 911 and access the FCT?
    What is the earliest time you can check-in when flying LH F?

  16. @ BBK — Yep, you could have used the FCT or FCL based on your arriving flight. If your flight had left from a different terminal you would have been driven from your plane.

  17. @ Kangol — You should be able to check in any time as long as it’s the same calendar day. In practice my guess is that you could do the Porsche rental same day if originating in Frankfurt, though I could be wrong.

  18. @lucky OMG what I’ve just missed! :'( tough lesson for not asking promptly. Was my 1st time in LH F and I was dreaming of enjoying all that serviices… And of course having my first rubber duck.. At least they gave rimowa kits so I have something more than just the memories… Sorry for the repeated question, but I can move freely from terminals at FRA? Passing the passport control from pier Z to A?

  19. For what it’s worth, last time I was in the First Class Lounge (not terminal) they drove me to a BMI flight. The driver said it was the first time he had ever done that.

    Even though it was BMI, they wouldn’t let the bus full of people board until after I boarded, which was neat in a totally snobby way!

  20. There are two things I have to correct you about

    1.What if Frankfurt is my final destination?

    There aren’t any arrival services at the Lufthansa First Class Terminal, sadly, as it’s strictly reserved for departing passengers. You can use the Lufthansa Welcome Lounge, however, which is located behind baggage claim in the B arrivals area.

    Wrong. No, it is not strictly reserved for departing passengers, if you are arriving LH F you can certainly use the FCL just not FCT, and which FCL is way superb compare to the Wellcome Lounge. Even if you have checked bags, there is a way to handle that as well.

    So what’s the difference between them and the First Class Terminal? Very little, to be honest.

    If you intend to take a nap, the difference is big between FCL and FCT. For FCT, the day rooms only has a bench for you to sleep and a cushion to use as pillow, but for FCL, there are real beds and real pillows. The FRA FCL day rooms are very similiar to the day rooms in MUC FCL. FCT is totally subpar for their day rooms compare to FCL in FRA or MUC.

    @ BBK – Yes, you can certainly go from Z to A, I just did that last month while arriving LH F in order to use the FCL in A.

  21. I am flying in on an award united reservation first class via Thai airways, then I fly out the next morning on Lufthansa to ORD. Unfortunately, the LH flight is only in business even though the award reservation was for first because the first class never opened up and the flight is just a few days away. Am I out of luck with everything related to Frankfurt LH 1st class lounges and terminal?

  22. If you are arriving at Terminal A on LH first, and have a departing flight on another airline (non Star Alliance) from Terminal B, will they drive you to your flight, or do you have walk to your flight?

  23. @ BBK — In my experience as long as you have a ticket they’ll let you move between passport control and the different piers freely. Now you have something to look forward to on the next trip! 🙂

  24. @ m — In practice I’ve been able to in the past, though I believe technically you’re supposed to be connecting to use it.

  25. @ TimmyD — Yep, you can only use the First Class Terminal/Lounge if you’re ticketed in first class on Lufthansa. Sorry!

  26. I am confused as to whether or not I can use the Munich First Class Lounge if Munich is my final destination. I am flying first class from Toronto to Munich.
    The LH website [] says “…if you are travelling using a First or Business Class ticket we will naturally welcome you, as usual, in the respective lounges before departure.
    After your flight enjoy a stay in our lounges. If you arrive in Frankfurt, Munich … with a First or Business Class ticket with a LH operated long-haul night flight you can freshen up or prepare for the business day ahead in one of our lounges.”

  27. If I am going FRA-MUC-YYZ where the first flight is business and the MUC-YYZ segment is in First, will I still have access to FCT? Can you check bags at FCT or do you have to go to main terminal first. Thanks!

  28. How is the food, ordering from the menu, in the FCT? Air France better than restaurant quality, Concord Lounge mediocre, or somewhere in between? And is it as over complicated, as it is in FC in the air?

  29. My first time I did the walk from a low A gate to a warm “Guten Morgen” at the FCT in 19 minutes. Second time was 17 minutes from a mid B gate, slowed only 90 seconds by this brutal passport interrogation: “What is your destination in Germany?” “I’m going to the FCT and leaving in 2 hours”. {stamp}

    Do NOT miss the bar! A fascinating selection of aged Scotch, Bourbon, Rum, and more. I enjoyed tastes of 5 or 6 amazing old rums with some nice warm apple strudel with cream. I believe someone has posted photos of the 20+ page liquor, wine, and cocktail list on FT.

    My departure transfers were closer to 10 minutes than 30. Downstairs, Benz to plane, upstairs to personal greeting (last passengers to board), champagne in hand. 🙂

  30. @Robert Hanson – some items are excellent. Much better than the Concorde Room. Generally simple. Very good wienerschnitzel.

  31. @Charlie and Gary:

    Thanks for your comments.

    I was thinking this might be overhyped, but now you’ve got me excited about finding a way to get us in there. Applying for the Miles and More card turns out to have been an even better idea than it seemed at the time.

  32. @ Robert Hanson — I agree with Gary. It’s not quite as good as the food in the Air France first class lounge (which is *top* restaurant quality), but it’s a close second, I think. The German specialties are especially good.

  33. And the rain shower is crazy; like 40 gallons per minute dumping on your head. I actually had to turn down the pressure way down to avoid drowning.

  34. For the Prosche, is the Ink Bold acceptable alternate to gold card? Its a masercard thats “World Elite” whatever that means.

  35. Hey Lucky – had a quick question. I’m flying OSL-FRA-ORD-SFO with OSL-FRA the night before and the FRA-ORD in LH F on a UA award. I saw that FRA-SFO is F2 (fwiw, FRA-ORD is F1 now). If LH doesn’t release award availability but there are seats available, would the LH ground staff at the FCT be able/willing to put me on the FRA-SFO direct flight or can they not mess with it since it was issued by UA?

  36. @ Andrew — Nope, they typically won’t do that. United has to reissue the ticket since it’s on their ticket stock, and unless there’s award space that won’t happen.

  37. @ Lucky, Their cc regulations states: For customers from abroad:
    two credit cards accepted by Avis from two different credit card institutes, of which at least one has to be golden, or one AMEX / MasterCard Gold / Platinum / Black. Im guessing they require proper cc and u buy their insurance.

  38. I’m flying YYZ-MUC in LH First, than MUC-FRA in LH C connecting with TG F FRA-BKK. Not to reiterate what you said above, but if I understand correctly I have first class lounge access at both MUC and FRA?

  39. What if I am flying lufthansa first class into FRA, then book a separate economy ticket on swiss – can I access the FCT?

  40. @ D — That should be fine. It definitely helps if it’s in the same record since the connecting boarding pass will have an “FCI” indicator (first class international). But even that should work.

  41. Hello Lucky – thanks for your great job! We are arriving from LAX in F and will fly Business the same day with LH. We will have access to the F Terminal but will they drive us to the plain?
    THANK YOU!!!!

  42. @Lucky: I’m doing CPH-FRA-YVR. When I land in FRA on SK F, do I clear German immigration, and then walk over to the First Class terminal, or do I transfer internally? If latter, how much longer will it take to walk over from the outside so I can go snap a photo?

  43. I fly LH from ATH to FRA on business class (as first class is not an option on this flight).
    Then I connect to a LH flight from FRA to JFK on a first class ticket.
    (Both flights are on same ticket, and I have 120 minutes time between them.)
    Am I due to make use of the FCT, since the second leg of the trip is first class?
    What do I do in such case? Ignore the connecting flights signing and get out of the airport to reach the FCT?
    Also, what about luggage?
    Do I check them in ATH and get them directly at JFK as normal, or should I collect them from FRA and hem them checked/forwarded to JFK from the FCT?
    Thank you!

  44. @ Yiannis — Yes, you could use the FCT and you’d clear immigration to do so. Your bags will automatically be checked through to JFK.

    That being said, with only a two hour connection I’d probably just use the FCL.

  45. Thank you @lucky, that was really quick! 🙂
    Well, what I care about, is to skip the huge lines (for the typical formalities) at the main building, rather than make use of the FCL benefits.
    Thus, I think FCT still remains a more appealing option for me.
    Thanks again.

  46. Thanks Ben.

    Do you know if I can exit the FCL in terminal B once inside? As in walk to the FCT or catch a train into the city…

  47. Great post but still have question : If I arrive in FRA on LH 1st and depart same day on TG 1st…do I have access?

  48. @ Ryan — You can still use the Lufthansa First Class Lounge, though not the First Class Terminal, since Lufthansa can only drive you to a Lufthansa, Swiss, or Austrian flight.

  49. Thanks for the information! So if I have a business class ticket FRA-MUC and then first class MUC-YUL – I can use the FCT and get driven to the plane? It seems like the answer is yes..but really need to be sure! 🙂

  50. I am flying BHX to HKG – and have a choice between flying via Munich or Frankfurt – which is the best option for first class do you think?
    I assume when I land from BHX, its signposted to the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt?

  51. @ Christoph — Can’t go wrong with either, though if you have a longer connection I’d give the slight edge to Frankfurt. There isn’t any signage for the FCT, so you’ll want to follow the instructions above.

  52. Excited for my inaugural visit to the FCT in FRA and FCL in MUC in July. FRA-MUC-YYZ. Thanks, Lucky!

  53. Hey Lucky,

    What is their guest access policy? I believe you are allowed 1 guest if they are on same flight, right? But does that mean every single flight has to be the same? Or just the one departing FRA? Here’s my example:

    My gf and I are booked on ewr-fra-cdg-bkk, (lh J and tg F) if i switch just her flight to say bos-fra-Cdg-bkk (lh F and tg F) would I be able to access the FCT with her ?


  54. @ Acs — As long as she’s on the same connecting flight out of Frankfurt you should be able to take her as a guest, as far as I know.

  55. Hi Lucky,
    I’m trying to maximize the “loungeHopping” here and I wonder if When arriving in LH F @ FRA and continuing on LX/LH to ZRH and from there in LX/LH C class on the same day (Like JFK-FRA-ZRH-MUC on the same day) would I also get into Swiss F lounge? I’m thinking of flying around in C (LH/LX) and trying to visit as many F lounges as possible after a visit in FCT.
    Grateful for any hints.

  56. @ Eric — Yep, you sure would get access as long as you keep connecting same day on Swiss/Lufthansa.

  57. @ Eric Im traveling LH first class SFO-FRA then business class to Berlin..I plan on using the FLC in the airport on that leg..Now returning since its Berlin-FRA..Can I just head to arrivals without the security checks and just exit and proceded to the FCT for the SFO first class leg?

  58. @ glen — Yes, just exit immigration and leave the terminal and go to the FCT. You’ll clear security again there.

  59. @ eric..thanks for the info..Im taking this trip on LH and in first after reading all your trip reports!..Ive never passed thru FRA ..So even flights between German cities on my return leg would require me to pass immigration? or is that the way its set up for non German/EU passports..I would think its just like flying in the US once you did the original entry point

  60. Hi, congratulations for the informations!! A question:
    I’ll get in frankfurt in Lufthansa first and my next flight is a business flight in Lufthansa, but is not a conexion, I bought separated. Could I get to the first terminal?
    thanks so much.
    Miguel Pierre

  61. @ Miguel — It might require some explaining, but I think it should still be possible. You can definitely get into the FCL.

  62. Lucky, sorry border you again. If my conexion is economic Lufthansa, I will not be able to get in the first class terminal, isn’t ? thanks

  63. @ Miguel — As long as you’re connecting same day from Lufthansa first class and onto another Lufthansa flight you can use the FCT, even if you’re connecting to economy.

  64. Nice posting and discussion thread — a few missing things from my experience:

    You left off the Cigar Room in the FCT along with the totally private security (in and out) and passport control. It’s a 1:1 deal — no public whatsoever.

    Also — there is a thing in FRA called “First Class Lounge” (small white square logo) –IT IS NOT THE “HON CIRCLE” LOUNGE (black square logo). LH uses their “first class lounge” as bait to capture unsuspecting F customers into a lower cost space. I think Star F can use that too in place of the Senator’s Lounge. This whole thread is about the HON CIRCLE lounges — and they are totally different from the LH First Class lounges… In the terminals follow the signs for HON CIRCLE lounges and outside the airport use the First Class TERMINAL. I have to wonder if LH made this especially confusing on purpose. Does anyone know the LH secret handshake or code word?? 🙂

    I would add the food is a bit better at the FCT than HON CIRCLE lounges, the amount of space in the FCT is amazing, it does not feel like an airport lounge. With the FCT experience you NEVER SEE THE PUBLIC — anywhere at all. Zippo, Nil.

    You also don’t have to small cigarette smell from the extremely poor venting that FRA-Port provides for the smoking boxes (cages) they provide in the terminal. (this is what happens when good German engineering meets 3rd world competence in attention to detail.

    You can also drop any rental car at the FCT, just drive up and hop out, leave the rest to the army of beautiful personal assistants and their manpower, they deal with it. Free WiFi too but it was only 30 minutes and then you had to reconnect (rather silly). I took kids to the FCT and they had a blast, bath was fantastic.

    Those are the little bits that will help readers make up their minds about things like layovers etc…

  65. Great info. I am still confused as to why they make F pax walk to the FCT from the main terminal. I assume if one is departing in FRA with F ticket, then one can go directly to the terminal by taxi or… Or am I missing something here.

  66. Nope. You got it. The FCT seems to be pointed at German customers living in the FRA region or doing business in or around FRA. Actually you can show up on just about anything, pushing a shopping cart if you want. If the ticket is good, you’re in!!

  67. As far as I know you need a departing 1st flight (LH or LX) to get access to the FCT. Arriving 1st flights ‘only’ give you access to the FCL or the Welcome Lounge.

  68. Hello, thanks for the informations.

    I now have a question. If i’am flying from ZRH with Swiss than LH First. Does it makes sense walking to the Terminal??
    I ll have around two hours time between the two flights.

  69. @ Johny — With just two hours I’d visit the First Class Lounge rather than the First Class Terminal.

  70. Hello,

    I was just looking at Lufthansa website, and it does clearly state that arriving passengers are not allowed into FCT ( – particularly footnote (1)). I see your original post was in January, and I am wondering if their policy has changed since. Or can I simply ignore this? I would appreciate your view….Thanks!

  71. Many thanks for your clarification…I will be connecting with LH Business Class, so I look forward to visiting FCT!

  72. Hi… I am flying first class in LH from Seoul to Frankfurt and then connecting to London Heathrow with Lufthansa. Am I allowed to bring a travel companion (economy and same flight to London) to the FCT during stopover?

  73. Hi,
    I am arriving to FRA in LH First on an award ticket (PVG-FRA, 5.25 am arrival) and return that same day to China in LH Business (FRA-Shenyang-PVG, 10.15p departure). Can I still use the FCT in the evening when I about to fly out again?
    Thanks for your help!

  74. I’ll be flying LH Business Class from Chicago to Frankfurt and flying to Munich and to Bangkok Business Class with Thai Air. Will I have access to the First Class Terminal or is that only for First Class passengers and NOT Business class passengers?

    I was talking to a Lufthansa agent and she said I would have access to the FCT. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance,

  75. Regarding the ability to drop off rental cars at FCT, will a receipt from the agency be given to us after drop off at rental agency by FCT personnel?

  76. Hello Lucky,

    I will be taking LH Flight to YYZ next week in F departs at 2pm. I will be staying at the Sheraton connecting to Terminal 1. Being my first time there I been reading your post and still confused about how I get my VAT refund (I plan to buy some bags that I will use as carry on) and I don’t want to pay 75 Euro to have it done in FCT so I will do everything at T1 if I can. Can you give me an idea how I can utilize my experience with LH since this may be my only chance flying LH F? Thanks so much!!

  77. @ Ken — Enjoy the trip! You’re best off just going into the terminal, then, and maybe visiting the FCL there. Once done you can leave the terminal and head to the FCT if you’d like. Just leave plenty of time, but should all be possible.

  78. Thanks Lucky! Do I need to tell FCL people that I want to leave the Terminal and goto FCT? Do I need to re-enter EU? How should I tell them?

  79. @ Ken — No need to tell the people at the FCL. You may have to clear passport control twice, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Just tell passport control you’re going to the FCT if they ask.

  80. Dear Lucky,

    This sounds like a stupid question, but for connecting passengers in FRA, do the departure and arrival dates of the previous F segment have to be the same? So for example, if I take a night flight from Asia on 15th (e.g. SIN and HKG), I would arrive FRA on the morning of 16th. If I am connecting elsewhere with Lufthansa on 16th, then presumably I would still have access to FCT/FCL? Kinda confused about phrase “departing/arriving on the same day” on their website.

  81. @ Tom — Absolutely, it’s based on the arrival or departure date. So you’d be fine in the above scenario.

  82. Hi Lucky,

    If I arrive in Munich one morning from an LH F flight leaving the day prior, then fly MUC – FRA business class, then NH F out of FRA – would I have access to the FCL in FRA due to the flight arriving at MUC earlier that day? My fiancé loves Etro!


  83. @ Rebecca — Yep, you’d have FCL access, though not FCT access. As long as you’re arriving same day in Lufthansa first class.

  84. @ Slawek — In most cases I don’t believe they offer them anymore, but when they do, they should be, as far as I know.

  85. Hi Lucky

    I’m arriving in F from LAX (M&M award) then connecting to a paid LH Y to OSL.

    But on the LH website, it says you are not eligible for the FCT based on arriving in F, only the FCL (below).

    (1) Access to the First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport is only possible with a confirmed same-day departing First Class flight on Lufthansa or SWISS. HON Circle Members may access the First Class Terminal with a same-day departing flight on Lufthansa, SWISS or Austrian Airlines. Access to the First Class Terminal is not permitted for arriving passenger

  86. @ chi — You absolutely can use it if connecting. They’re just saying that you can’t use it purely on arrival. In other words, you can’t use it as an arrivals lounge without a connection.

  87. Thanks @Lucky. What if I’m arriving on thie M&M award LH F from LAX with a connecting LH J to CDG (which I don’t intend to take), but then I have a paid Y or J on LX to ZRH, but on a separate ticket?

    The reason for this odd predicament is that I no longer want to go to LHR but M&M will not let me change my ticket; they will only let me cancel and rebook from scratch. However once I release that F award for a July flight, I doubt I’ll be able to snag it again!

  88. Hey Lucky-
    Love the site!
    I’ve had trouble getting into the zurich first lounge when the first class seat was done through a United code share flight #. They said all the $ goes to United and showed me the senator lounge.

    I’m adjusting a return from tel aviv to Newark on a United ticket that lets me depart tel aviv via Lufthansa to Frankfurt on biz class J after then a 4 hour layover I’ll be leaving Lufthnasa to Newark LH402 first class A. I don’t see any code shares but I also dont want to be told I don’t have access.

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance

  89. @ MattmCohen — If you’re flying Lufthansa first class out of Frankfurt you’ll absolutely have access. Which Swiss route were you on where you were denied access?

  90. My question here is. I’m flying economy from LOS to LHR stopover at Frankfurt for 4 hours. Can I pay to use the senetor lounge or its striclty for business class fliers. Cause I know some airports allow fliers to pay to use their facilities

  91. Is the policy that connecting passengers arriving from LH F flights are allowed into the FCT enumerated anywhere on LH’s website? We’ll be arriving in LH F, connecting to LH J a few hours later. I appreciate that you’ve stated clearly that you believe such passengers should be granted access to the FCT rather than making do in the FCL. 😉

    But, despite some evidence to the contrary, you’re not an official LH spokesperson! Is this policy in writing anywhere, or is it simply up to the whims of the agents? The website makes no mention of connecting passengers, simply stating that arriving LH F passengers are not permitted. 🙁

  92. Here is my question – I have gotten different answers so I would appreciate your help. I am flying United First Class from EWR to AMS and then from FRA to EWR First Class. I booked the flights through United. For the FRA to EWR leg it is an LUF aircraft – I have a UA code share flight number but I also have a LUF Reservation Code. Can I use the FRA First Class Terminal and Lounge?


  93. @ Dinan Five — As long as it’s a Lufthansa operated first class flight (as it seems to be) yes, you’d get FCT access.

  94. Thanks. When I called LUF in FRA they said it needed to be a LUF ticket/boarding pass and not a code share. LUF in US told me what you said. I’m hoping you are right!

    Thanks again.

  95. Hey Ben – I’ve read through most of the comments and I’ve done some searching as well, but was hoping for some clarification to make sure I understand the rules. And also had a question on rechecking baggage in FRA.

    Our group is traveling on two different itineraries, both booked through United on Awards, however the first class segments are on LH flight numbers, and subsequent award on Swiss is Business:

    First itinerary
    UA6349 SNA – SFO (Thurs) – Class XN – Economy
    LH455 SFO-FRA (Dept Thurs, Arrive Friday) – Class O – First
    LX1073 FRA-ZRH (Dept Friday, Arrive Friday) – Class I – Business

    Second itinerary
    LH457 LAX-FRA (Dept Thurs, Arrive Friday) – Class O – First
    LX1073 FRA-ZRH (Dept Friday, Arrive Friday) – Class I – Business

    1st Question – Can we use the FCT in Frankfurk based on the two itineraries above? I believe this is a yes.
    2nd Question – assuming we can use the FCT, what is the best place to re-check bags after clearing immigration/customs when arriving in FRA?

  96. @ Nick Becks — You absolutely can use the FCT, and there’s no need to re-check your bags, as they’ll automatically be checked through to your destination.

  97. @lucky – thanks for the response… for some reason I thought that when making connections in Frankfurt to other EU countries you cleared customs and immigration and had to collect/recheck your bags?

  98. @ Nick Becks — You do enter the Schengen zone and have a passport check, but your bags are checked through to your destination.

  99. Hi, here is my itinerary. FCO-FRA in business class – I have an overnight connection in FRA – and leaving FRA on LH F the next morning. Do I get access to the FCL at night when I arrive in FRA since my journey started already?

  100. Lucky,

    Question. I have the following itinerary:
    YYZ -MUC – LH F
    MUC – FRA – LH J
    FRA – INN – LH J

    The two flights for the final leg are either:
    16h40 – 17h45
    21h20 – 22h25

    I am in decided between which flight to take. The first flight will give me 3h30 in FCT the second will give me 8h30. Any recommendations?



  101. @Eric W. I’m with you on the “in writing” piece. If I’m making plans specifically to use the FCT it’d be nice to know that LH has it in writing on their site. The language is a bit confusing as I read it the same way you do. I’m sure that Ben takes flights into FRA on F enough though that he would notice if their policy is hit/miss or changes and update us all. Regardless, I’m still going to aim for an ex-FRA flight leaving later in the evening just so there is no question if we’re going through the hassles to book LH F.

  102. I am flying from Montreal to Frankfurt in business class and transfer to Bangkok Thai Airways First Class. Which lounge I can use for my layover in Frankfurt? Can I use First class lounge?
    On my return I am flying in First Class Lufthansa from Hong Kong to Frankfurt – Business to Munich- First to Montreal. Can I use First Class Terminal in Frankfurt? Is there First class Lufthansa lounge in Hong Kong or I can use First class lounge of another airline?

    Thank you!

  103. Lucky – if i fly salzburg to frankfurt to munich to boston, and only muc to bos in F, can i access FCT?

  104. Hey Ben – asked about this itinerary before and had a followup question. I think one of the keys to getting into the FCT is having an actual Lufthansa boarding pass (not a UA printed boarding pass for the Lufthansa flight). Given that this itinerary is leaving out of SNA where there are not any Lufthansa flights, what would your recommendation be on getting a Lufthansa boarding pass?

    UA6349 SNA – SFO (Thurs) – Class XN – Economy
    LH455 SFO-FRA (Dept Thurs, Arrive Friday) – Class O – First
    LX1073 FRA-ZRH (Dept Friday, Arrive Friday) – Class I – Business

  105. @ Nick Becks — Who prints the boarding pass shouldn’t really matter, as long as you’re booked on a Lufthansa marketed flight in first class (which you are). Worst case scenario you can always have the boarding pass reprinted at the FCT. Enjoy the trip!

  106. What are the rules if originating in Frankfurt, flying Swiss to ZRH and continuing from there in Swiss First Class?

  107. Hi Ben

    If I have an itinerary as follows:


    Will I be able to use the FCT in FRA on my layover there?

    Thank you

  108. Hi Lucky, I know this is an old post, but have an upcoming flight that’s a related extension to this topic.

    I’m flying Los Angeles > Frankfurt in Lufthansa First Class, then Frankfurt > Zurich in Lufthansa Business Class, then Zurich > London on Swiss in Business Class.

    Now, I know I have access to the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, but my follow-up extension question is do I also have access to SWISS First Class Lounge in Zurich with this type of connection if it’s all on the same day?

    Thanks in advance for your wisdom/response!

  109. Dear Ben.
    I am a bit confusing by current access rules stated on LH website.
    Bold text there – same day flight in LH First with connection flight in any class = access granted.
    But small text adds – after arrival at LH First access granted only if departure flight is part of same booking with First.
    I had catched award LH First HKG-MUC with early arrival, planning to buy separate departure ticket and enjoy FCL-MUC whole day. Non-StarAlliance departure ticket would be better for me, but I could buy LH ticket if it matters. But should that combination works or not? Somewhere on LH site also stated access to arrival lounge after flights as my HKG-MUC but there are no arrival lounge in MUC as far as I know. Beg you to share some if your expertise 🙂

  110. I’m flying back to South America MUC-FRA-GRU in first class
    I was wondering if I could access both the FCL in Munich and the FCT in Frankfurt. My only doubt is because MUC-FRA is in business class but I bought the whole journey in first.
    Do you know how it works?

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