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While I spent the first two nights at the Hyatt Herald Square, I had one more night in the city for which Ford was joining me. For a long time I’ve been a Starwood loyalist, though given Marriott’s takeover of Starwood, I’ve been making an effort to stay at more Marriott brands, so I can get a better sense of what to expect in the future.

One of Marriott’s high end brands that I haven’t stayed at is EDITION. As of now they have just a few locations (in London, New York, Miami Beach, Abu Dhabi, and Sanya), though the hotels look gorgeous, so I was keen to check one out.

This worked quite well for the tail end of my time in NYC, given that the EDITION was within walking distance of the Hyatt.

The EDITION can be booked for 60,000 Marriott Rewards points per night, or 20,000 Starpoints per night, given that Starpoints convert into Marriott Rewards points at a 1:3 ratio. That’s an excellent value on points, given that Starwood’s top properties in the city cost significantly more points.

However, we decided to book a paid stay through Virtuoso, given that we were staying for just one night. The paid rate was ~$400 and included a $100 property credit plus breakfast, so it seemed like the better deal.

For booking the EDITION through Virtuoso you receive:

  • Upgrade at time of booking, subject to availability
  • Complimentary continental breakfast for two daily for duration of the stay
  • $100 USD equivalent Resort or Hotel credit to be utilized during stay (not combinable, not valid on room rate, no cash value if not redeemed in full, applicable in Lobby lounge, room service, mini bar, parking , and spa)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Early check-in/Late check-out (subject to availability)

We checked into the EDITION at around 4PM. The entrance is somewhat hidden, as it’s off of 24th Street rather than off Madison Avenue (which is where I assumed it would be based on the map).

New York City EDITION exterior

The public areas of the hotel were gorgeous. Inside the entrance and to the left was the reception and concierge desk, while to the right was the lobby bar, which I’ll talk more about in a bit.

New York City EDITION reception

New York City EDITION lobby

The check-in process was quick, but could best be described as cold. The associate didn’t say a word until after he pulled up the reservation, so I said “hi, checking in please,” handed him my ID and credit card, and then there was maybe 30 seconds of silence before he said anything. That’s not what you expect at a luxury hotel.

The first thing he said is “we’ve gone ahead and given you a nice upgrade to a deluxe king room at no extra charge.” Maybe this is just semantics, but that sort of rubs me the wrong way. I’m a top tier elite member and booked though a program that entitles me to an upgrade.

I expect to be told I received an “upgrade at no extra charge” if I’m staying at a hotel where I have no status and I just made a random booking, and they just happened to upgrade me.

This is something I appreciate about Hyatt and Starwood — they typically go out of their way to acknowledge your elite tier, explain the upgrade you’re entitled to, and then explain what you’ve been upgraded to.

The guy didn’t in any way acknowledge my status, so I’m not sure if my Marriott Rewards Platinum number was on there correctly or not, because an upgrade to a “deluxe” room didn’t seem like much. So while it might seem minor, I feel like a better way to phrase it would be “thanks so much for being a Platinum member, we’ve gone ahead and upgraded you to one of our deluxe rooms.”

He also explained that for booking through Virtuoso we received a free continental breakfast and a $100 hotel credit, but that it couldn’t be used in the hotel’s Clocktower restaurant. So you could basically use it for room service or the lobby lounge, which is pretty limiting. I get that restaurants within hotels are typically owned separately, but a majority of hotels can work out a deal with them so that these credits can be used there.

New York City EDITION reception

Soon enough we had a key to our 24th floor room. The hotel has an elevator system where you enter the floor you’re going to, and then it tells you which elevator to use, so you don’t enter the floor number after getting in the elevator.

New York City EDITION elevator controls

Once on the 24th floor we exited the elevator and turned right, and our room was at the end of the hallway.

New York City EDITION hallway

New York City EDITION room exterior

New York City EDITION floorplan

The room was a good size for NYC. Inside the entrance was a hall leading to the bedroom, and to the right was the door to the bathroom.

New York City EDITION deluxe king room entryway

The room itself was gorgeously designed, I thought.

New York City EDITION deluxe king room

New York City EDITION deluxe king room

There was a comfortable king size bed with an especially plush mattress and big pillows.

New York City EDITION deluxe king room

While the room didn’t have a desk, it did have a very comfortable couch and table, from which I could easily imagine working all day.

New York City EDITION deluxe king room sitting area

New York City EDITION deluxe king room sitting area

Next to the couch was a very well stocked minibar, which even had Krug champagne.

New York City EDITION deluxe king room minibar

New York City EDITION deluxe king room minibar

The bedroom had gorgeous views, including of the Empire State Building in the distance.

New York City EDITION deluxe king room view

The bathroom was back near the entrance, and was large and minimalist. Very minimalist.

There was a single sink, behind that was the walk-in shower, and next to the shower was the toilet. In general I prefer a bathroom with a bit more privacy, but I also appreciated the minimalist design.

New York City EDITION deluxe king room bathroom

New York City EDITION deluxe king room toilet

The shower had both a rainforest showerhead and a handheld one.

New York City EDITION deluxe king room shower

Toiletries were provided by Le Labo, and were excellent.

New York City EDITION Le Labo toiletries

The bathroom also had great views.

New York City EDITION deluxe king room view

Shortly after getting to our room we were brought a hot pretzel with mustard, which seems to be a standard welcome amenity here. That’s a cute, unique touch, in my opinion.

New York City EDITION welcome pretzel

New York City EDITION welcome pretzel

I had quite a bit of work to do and we had the $100 food & beverage credit to spend, so we decided to order dinner to the room. I had a chicken caesar salad, while Ford had a chicken sandwich. Along with two Diet Cokes, that totaled $100. Even by NYC standards I found that to be ridiculous, and it really puts into perspective that at some hotels a $100 credit is worth maybe ~$30.

New York City EDITION room service

When I checked in the associate didn’t explain what exactly the continental breakfast entailed. So I looked at the menu, and that didn’t list a continental breakfast either. For what it’s worth, the breakfast menu read as follows:

I had asked at reception the previous afternoon and had called down to guest services in the morning to inquire what the breakfast was for Virtuoso, and no one could tell me. Finally I dialed up in-room dining, and the person explained that the continental breakfast included coffee, juice, and one pastry or muffin per person. So here’s what our breakfast looked like (which we had to sign for — it would have cost ~$66).

New York City EDITION Virtuoso breakfast

One thing that drives me nuts about Marriott Rewards is how inconsistent it is. Elite members don’t get free breakfast at all brands (including Ritz-Carlton and EDITION), so I paid extra to get a Virtuoso rate so I could have breakfast. The incremental benefit of that was a glass of juice (I didn’t want a pastry for breakfast, and there was complimentary coffee in the lobby).

New York City EDITION complimentary coffee

The hotel was within their rights here as this is technically a “continental breakfast,” though it has been years since I’ve seen a hotel take such a strict interpretation on such a benefit. So I’ll vote with my wallet and not stay here again, on principle.

In terms of the hotel’s other features, the hotel has a gym on the 39th floor. The equipment itself is good, though there are no windows at the gym, so it’s sort of depressing to be up there.

New York City EDITION gym

New York City EDITION gym

New York City EDITION gym

New York City EDITION gym

One thing I loved about the EDITION was the lobby lounge. The lobby lounge really felt like a stylish living room, and I found it to be so well executed.

New York City EDITION lobby

New York City EDITION lobby lounge

New York City EDITION lobby lounge

New York City EDITION lobby lounge

New York City EDITION lobby lounge

New York City EDITION bar

EDITION New York City bottom line

I’m conflicted about this hotel. On the plus side, I thought the rooms and lobby lounge were gorgeous. I also loved the views from the room, as well as the Le Labo amenities in the bathroom.

Other than that I wasn’t impressed. I found the staff at the hotel to not be especially friendly, and the hotel has a very stingy breakfast benefit, which would cause me not to return on principle.

My frustration beyond that is probably more with Marriott Rewards than this specific hotel. It’s annoying how Marriott has different elite benefits for different hotels, which is a problem that Hyatt and Starwood don’t have in the same way.

Oh well, I guess I better get used to it…

  1. I have stayed at the Edition Miami, and had a great experience with the staff. I was staying with my wife on our anniversary, and as non-elites we were given a free upgrade to an ocean-view room, as well as a bottle of champagne and a chocolate cake. The staff knew us by name by day 2, which I thought was a great touch.

    Other than that, the SMELL that they have going on in the hotel! I can’t even describe it, but it is so… pleasant! So much so that we almost bought the $80 candle. Instead, we just tipped the maid $20 and she left us a bag stocked with tons of extra bath products. I still bring them along any time I travel now.

  2. Again you pass up a 2cpp redemption. This is insanity!

    Remember that time in Kuwait you paid $300 for a Sheraton instead of 5,000 SPG for a JW Marriott?

    How good does it have to be for you to pull trigger?

  3. The Starwood’s I would equate this to are also 20K SPG points. I think only the Chatwaal and St. Regis is higher.

    Is saying this is a great value because the St Regis is more points a fair comparison. Based on your review, it’s a meh value compared to the Westin Geand Central for example.

  4. My takeaway: the only things that the Edition has going for it are nice views and sugar free red bulls in the minibar.

    I think ‘antiseptic’ is the best word to use in describing the decor; that bathroom looked not unlike the one I recently experienced at St Vincent’s Hospital in Little Rock. Though, I’m sure the towels were far fluffier at the Edition.

    Ben, I have said this before: you are too damn nice. Icy snottiness from Front Desk staff!?! Oh, no. I would have told the precious millennial that due to his attitude I am heading to the nearby and far more interesting NoMad…oh, and don’t bother charging me for one night as I will get it reversed (as I have done before).

  5. I think your beef should actually be with the Virtuoso benefits, I don’t think I would pay anything extra for a Virtuoso rate. Other than the upgrade, which apparently you can determine at booking, and see if it is worth the increase, I’m sure the Breakfast and $100 credit could be better found and for far cheaper within a block of Hotel in regular restaurants or even Starbucks for that matter. Virtuoso rates are sort of mass negotiated critereas and each hotel fulfills them as they see fit. I don’t know how much more the Virtuoso rate was than the regular Marriott rewards rate but at non-resort properties I usually book the cheapest rate available in the catagory I need and fend for myself for Food and Beverage.

  6. I don’t think you’re entitled to any upgrade at EDITION as a Marriott Platinum, right? Just like how you aren’t entitled to any upgrade at Ritz-Carltons? So a one-category upgrade sounds like the Virtuoso benefit and that’s it.

    The lack of any elite benefits at the top hotels is one of the worst things about Marriott (Hilton does the same, with almost no benefits at Waldorf-Astorias), and that approach doesn’t end up coming to SPG properties. (And for that matter it would be nice if it were stopped at the Marriott brands, too, but that seems unlikely.)

  7. I agree with STVR. Since you have become more popular and obviously making good money (you deserve it), you tend to pay cash much more now. Would love an updated post as to when you decide to use points/miles.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Your annoyance with the breakfast offering is that you’re overly image conscious and constantly complaining about ‘carbs’ and things that are ‘unhealthy?’ I’m not suggesting this is an overly generous breakfast, but you’re kinda whining here. Did you even ask the hotel if they had an option for those people who were disinclined to eat breads or are gluten intolerant? I’d be shocked if a high end hotel in NYC didn’t accommodate a guest with those wishes.

  9. Even using their own ridiculously overpriced room service menu one juice, one coffee and one pastry is $21.
    How do they come up with the $33? Very creative billing back to Virtuoso I’m assuming.

    Nice hotel to look at, but anyone spending their own money wouk d get better use out if it lighting a campfire to keep themselves warm.

  10. I’ve stayed at the Edition a couple of times in NY, I completely agree with the check-in process, “cold” was an excellent description. I want to love this brand/property but everything ends up being just….eh

  11. @Lucky – not trolling here, legitimately interested. Where/when do you see the value in redeeming points for hotel stays currently? Like some of the other commenters, I actually can’t remember the last hotel review you did that was paid for with points. Are the values really that poor right now? If so, is that an indication of industry pricing (something akin to airlines dropping the price of FC fares to entice people to pay something in cash) or just your personal preference on how and when to spend these currencies? As a general rule do you find it is better to save miles/points for airline redemptions and spend cash for hotels? If so, does it even make sense to collect non-transferable brand-specific points and miles from hotel chains – I usually have an option to credit hotel stays directly to airline partners instead. Thanks.

  12. I wouldn’t describe all of the public areas as “gorgeous” (over-used word) as you describe. That first pic looks pretty cold and stale to me and not very inviting. I guess the word “gorgeous” is subjective.

    So I get the Virtuoso benefit of the food credit, blah, blah – but so Ford joins you for 1 night in NYC and with all the exciting and WONDERFUL restaurants in the city, you stay in and order room service for a tired ol chicken caesar salad and a Chic-fil-A chicken sandwich????? Wow………………………….exciting………………………….

  13. Booking Virtuous for a free breakfast and $100 room credit makes sense to me, given Edition offers no Platinum breakfast benefit.

    The comment about no Plat upgrades at Edition properties is false. Same upgrade policy applies as at other Marriott brands. What Plats don’t get is breakfast.

  14. @Donald

    I would assume they billed it like this:

    2 pastries $12
    2 juices $18
    Large pot of coffee $18
    Subtotal: $48
    $2 “service charge”
    18% gratuity
    8.875% NYC sales tax
    Total: $63

  15. I agree with Lucky in the breakfast. Has to do with health, not image for me. No juice or pastries at breakfast for
    many many people now, which reduces it to coffee.

    I do agree with the other posters re the worth (or worthlessness) of the $100 food credit and breakfast. Sounds like it only made sense because you were working. If you could have spared 15-20 minutes, you could have gotten takeout from Eatsly or many other places. Heck, you could do better with any of the food delivery apps.

    I doubt you would be so fond of those Virtuoso rates if they weren’t tax deductible.

  16. I partly agree with CJ, I get that you might want to diet, but to go and order a salad and a chicken sandwich for the purpose of a review is a bit strange?
    Besides, interesting food doesn’t need to be unhealthy, how about wood grilled turbot or some interesting sashimi? If the hotel didn’t have anything more interesting that was also healthy, I think that ought to be part of the review.
    Whilst I agree that these dishes aren’t review worthy, I do get that its a review of the hotel, so no matter how “WONDERFUL” (as CJ said) the restaurants outside are isn’t relevant to this review.
    Personally I think its important to mention the options available not just what you had. For example if I was reviewing EK F class I would mention that they normally serve Caviar, (which a lot of people like and/or aspire to try) even if you personally did not like Caviar, similarly if the hotel did an amazing Veal Schnitzel or other not so healthy dish, whether of not you like it, I feel its an important part of the review. Likewise, if all the EDITION NYC offers are salads and chicken sandwiches then it would be good to mention.
    As for the Hotel, basically I would call it a good building but not run well at all by the looks of it.

  17. @K4 – not only are the room service meals not “review worthy,” in general I don’t really see where room service meals add anything to the review. If staying here in NYC, or almost anywhere else, I see so little benefit to staying cloistered in my room for overpriced room service that is “included” in the higher room price. Most of us, even if “working” in the hotel room, would take a brief break to get out and try something local. And if one is worried about health, eating the majority of meals in hotels, lounges and on airplanes, is not the way to go about it.

  18. DCA,

    Although it is always best to try something local, I have had some nice room service meals, although not fine dining, some of them were defiantly noteworthy:

    Langham Kowloon HK- an amazing Monte Cristo sandwich, I ordered it 3 times in 7 days!

    W Barcelona – W Breakfast sandwich, again amazing, sadly only had it once. Runny fried egg, amazing spanish cured meats. Just loved it.

    Excelsior Hotel Gallia, Milan – A very good Cottoletta alla Milanease, a very nice white wine and an excellent dessert which I don’t remember the name but was a cake type split and filled with cream and served with some berries.

    Grand Hyatt Dubai – Excellent grilled prawns.

    Conrad Koh Samui – Every dish from prawns to lobster to thai beef stir fries were excellent and even the pizza was very good for Asia.

    So a room service review isn’t always worthless. Sometimes you get tired of the ‘local’ cuisine and a sandwich just hits the spot.

    I have, however, had terrible room service at St. Regis Bangkok, St. Regis Dubai, (what’s with St. Regis? even Abu Dhabi, AD Saadiyaat, and Singapore St. Regis had pretty mediocre room service), W Taipei, Maria Christina San Sebastian (Luxury Collection), Park Tower (Knightsbridge London), Churchill Hyatt London, RC Singapore, Capella Singapore (Singapore also seems to be a lame place to eat room service), I could go on… So overall it depends on where… HK, UAE (prawns), Italy (higher end hotels), do tend to have good room service. The W Barcelona had great food in the restaurants as well as room service, so I can’t go so far to make a comment about Spain, because whilst I’ve stayed at other hotels in San Sebastian, Madrid, Marbella, and Barcelona I can’t say I remember the room service in the other places.

  19. I actually had a great stay here 2 years ago for my wife and I’s honeymoon. Was a Marriott Gold and booked through AMEX FHR….booked a deluxe room and was upgraded to a suite for our 2 nights there before heading off to the Maldives….our flight in Emirates First was delayed from 4pm to MIDNIGHT and they let us stay in the room until 830ish at no extra cost.

  20. I found the NY Edition to be meh. We paid a small fortune to get coffee in the room. It was great on points but would never pay the rates out of pocket.

  21. 1) as a Lifetime Platinum with SPG I find that that I do get recognized for Platinum status even at Marriott properties which I too have started to use more of since the merger. I think the person checking you in just may not have been in the right mood!
    2) The elevator system you describe is EXACTLY what I just encountered all week at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver BC and I am not impressed with it! Frankly I think it is a security hazard as anyone can get on the elevator and start prowling the hallways! The system itself may have great efficiency but needs to be married to a security system that ensures that only valid guests are using the elevator!

  22. @ Ben — Next time, book a Club Room at the Barclay. The FCQ wouldn’t stay anywhere else!

  23. @ Ben — FYI, I just looked at Virtuoso, and the Barclay includes Club access as a benefit! The Club is brand new and very nice (at least by US standards). Other than the free minibar, I would expect your experience to be identical to an RA if you book the Virtuoso rate. You really don’t need free minibar anyway, as the Club has beverages (no bottled water or sodas, but nice coffee machines) all day.

  24. This hotel is extremely overpriced! $100 for a salad, chicken sandwich and 2 drinks sounds like robbery that costs more than a similar meal at some Ritz Carltons I’ve stayed at. $33 for a lousy croissant, orange juice and coffee that is probably no better than McDonald’s is just ridiculous. I understand that this is New York, but these prices are way too high. With no free breakfast as a Marriott Platinum member and these ridiculously high prices I would never consider staying here when in New York or at any Edition hotel.

  25. Loved your upside down ‘mug shot’ in the bathroom photo! Lets’s see more of you in the future!

  26. Lucky,

    Edition hotels are all about the restaurant. Berners Tavern in London, Clocktower in New York, etc. For someone looking to maximize elite or credit card benefits, it’s simply not a good choice. That said, Edition hotels are among the best reviewed and most liked in their cities due to the bars, restaurant and stylish rooms. I absolutely love this hotel and the one in London. I look forward to visiting Miami.

    If you want max elite recognition within the Marriott system, I would focus on Marriott, JW Marriott and Renaissance.

  27. Looks nice, perhaps a bit sterile design-wise. Good location, though.

    I have to disagree with the posters who are saying that room service reviews don’t add anything to the review. I think they’re pretty useful, especially when you’re supposedly getting added value from food credit coming from status or a certain booking method, but can’t (or just don’t) choose to eat in a restaurant. Even in NYC, what you got doesn’t come anywhere near justifying the price.

    And is there any way we can stamp out the ridiculous use of ALL CAPS in travel company names? “EDITION”, “LEVEL”…this is getting really annoying really fast. Let’s hope this trend goes away fast.

  28. One would think the definition of luxury hotel includes welcoming guests special requests within reason. The room service person taking the phone order could have noticed it was your first time in the property by the question about what is included in the continental breakfast and proactively ask for personal preferences or dietary restrictions.

  29. I’m really glad you reviewed this, as I’d been wondering about Editions in general. Never made it to eat/drink in London, and maybe I should.

    It continues to irk me a little that your love for Virtuoso is likely in part a way to continue to promote your fiancee. Lots of people don’t have a spouse and/or parent to help launch their careers …

  30. @ Bgriff – no hilton is not the same as Marriott, Marriott has multiple brands that give no benefits to elites, the only brand that is hit or miss for hilton is W=A, but certainly not almost no benefits, i had certainly gotten upgrades and starbucks vouchers at W=A NYC even as a gold

  31. Great review of one of my favorite cities to visit. I found myself chuckling out loud about your experience with being a premium member with Marriott at this hotel and getting so little recognition, thanks, sincerity or any kind of real perk with meals or beverages. Welcome to Club…I am a Lifetime Platinum AND an a Charter Ambassador with Marriott and I can tell you without reservation that your experience is more the norm rather than the exception. I am being generous in stating that out of the 250+ room nights I book throughout the year, being recognized or appreciated as one of Marriott’s top customers happens in less than 15% of my visits. Often my experience is the exact same as someone who purchased their room on Orbitz or some other aggregator. Obviously the hotels that I stay at on a weekly basis provide me a better experience, but those are far and few between.

  32. Great review of a property that based on your photos is clearly not worth the money or their soulless attitude. In fact this property underscores the complete douchification of my family’s neighborhood into a random generic Londonesque high-end ball of nothing, but that’s another story. Suffice it to say: Gosh a pretzel with mustard; how classy for 1970’s Woody Allen NYC. Except it’s 2017.

  33. Based on the photos, the word I would use for this property is “clinical”. It reminds me of an upscale hospital more than a luxury boutique hotel and it sounds like the staff are reflective in that comparison as well.

  34. Wow, I have stayed at this place three times in the last few months and have fallen in love with it. Recently, when I was there, I got an email upon landing at the airport from a front desk rep curious as to my arrival time. I had already seen “loft suite” in my Marriott app (I see upgrades on the Marriott app more than the crappy SPG app) so I knew it was probably to check on room assignments and to confirm I was going to be there. Anyway, I met said rep when I checked in and as usual, they were friendly and cheery. They even offered up a cocktail in the lounge. For no reason. I was upgraded of course, and had a great view. When I got to my room, there was a special note and some stuff they figured out that I liked. That’s a Ritz thing…they like to get to know you. Almost creepy since it was stuff I had sitting in the room on my last stay.

    This hotel has some amazing views of Madison Square Park, the Flat Iron Building, and the Empire State Building. The location in midtown is awesome and there are dozens of amazing restaurants close by.

    If you didn’t know already, this hotel is known for being a favorite of celebrities. I saw Kevin Spacey sitting with a small group in the hotel lobby. He is there very often according to the bartender.

    To the response about the elevator system. It’s perfectly safe. Maybe you missed the part where it was said you need to swipe a key to activate the elevator. The system does throw people off the first time they get in there and look for buttons.

    I’m a lifetime platinum, charter ambasador, and these folks always recognize that and thank me for it. I get that at every check in. If it’s not 100% of the time, I haven’t noticed. That’s why I love Marriott. In fact, I visit such a variety of properties that when I see people gripe about not being recognized, I wonder how much is just the bad luck of getting a bad rep at the desk and how much of that is approach and first impression of the guest.

    This hotel does have a few drawbacks though. There is no in room coffee, the room service prices are high, like most of New York, but the space in the rooms is way above average for the city. I’ve paid more at the nearby Fairfield Inn and gotten a room that wouldn’t fit me and my rollaboard bag in it at the same time.

  35. I keep reading about how disappointing Continental breakfasts are but…that is precisely what it has always been, namely some bread/pastries, (if you’re lucky some cheese or cold cuts) tea or coffee, and juice. To expect anything other than that is frankly ludicrous. It’s not as if the luxury hotels provide anything different, other than the bread and pastries potentially being organic or fancier. Just stop moaning about Continental breakfasts already.

  36. @ORDnHKG – you’re talking like ~10 properties (Edition / Bulgari…not sure of any others) out of 5,000 properties…it’s disingenuous to say “there are multiple brands that give no benefits”.

  37. I have stayed at the NY Edition about a dozen times since it opened. It’s become a favorite of ours due to the terrific style and the location. The Clocktower restaurant is Amazing. If you want a quick room service-style meal, just go out to Shake Shack in Madison Square Park across the street and get a great meal.
    I have been upgraded several times (Platinum here). Staff definitely is a bit cold, but I’ve always seen that with the Ian Schraeger hotels. It’s all about the style and the cool bar.

  38. Sorry, but I do not think it looked that gorgeous to me.

    As for value, it is totally meh, both in terms of room, and breakfast and credit worth (of 100 USD).

    If this is what EDITION is about, I would do my best to avoid this brand all together.

    And yes, I am equally frustrated by what is Plat in MR all about. Some you get more recognition, some you do not get as much. But it seems clear, in EDITION, it is crap. Even Virtuoso did not help much.

    How did it get selected for Virtuoso in the first place, with such crap benefits? Perhaps you should feedback to Virtuoso as well.

  39. This brand is ridiculous. They must think people have stupid written on their foreheads to pay THAT much money for such small portions of food.


  40. Great review, as always.

    P.S. I think you mean “rainfall” showerhead, instead of “rainforest.” 🙂

  41. I agree hotel is overpriced but I think Starwood is crap. I never get a full breakfast in the US with Starwood….never ….never ever. I can trade my points for what is usually a crap Continental Breakfast. For the most part I find Marriott more rewarding.

  42. Ben this is a fantastic property , maybe you should have stayed at the Hyatt Herald Square for the whole stay , it seems you rate that highly in comparison .
    As a Platinum MR’s member I have always been upgraded at this property ,no questions asked, unlike the non recognition as a Hyatt Globalist in an increasing number of Hyatt properties .You may be recognized by Hyatt but I can assure you of late most of us are simply being ignored. I have never experienced an issue with Marriott or SPG in terms of elite recognition. In fact I now only stay at a Hyatt property when there is absolutely on alternative.
    The Edition New York is a great hotel with beautiful rooms , great sleep quality ,nice views and perfect bathrooms .

  43. In NYC there are so many dining options. I get the $100 credit, but honestly, I think I would rather be out and about in NYC enjoying the sights and sounds as opposed to being “holed up” in my hotel room to take advantage of the food/bev credit for just one night.

    I would be different if you were staying a few nights and could use it over those nights for a cocktail in the bar and the upgrade. Those things I get and understand. I also understand using the food/bar credit for one night stays in some destinations that you are not familiar or are off the beaten path. However, NYC, like LA, Chicago, Miami and Dallas should be savored in their restaurants.

  44. I stayed here last December and had the same impression as you; The front desk was polite but that was about it. My room looked exactly like yours and I am almost positive that is their standard room and not and upgrade.

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