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I had about 24 hours in Montreal, as I was arriving from Tunis on Tunisair in the evening, and leaving the following evening to Munich on Lufthansa. Given that I was tired as heck and was just planning on working, I decided to stay at the Sheraton Montreal Airport. The paid rate for my one night stay was ~120USD.

The Sheraton has a free shuttle that picks up every 30 minutes. On the outside roadway the shuttles pick up under sign #9.

Sheraton Montreal Airport shuttle pick-up

The shuttle arrived within five minutes of when I got there. It’s shared with the Aloft, though stops at the Sheraton first. The ride from the airport to the hotel took just a few minutes. I was surprised that the hotel was only a few stories, given that airport hotels are often built more vertically than this.

Sheraton Montreal Airport exterior

The lobby was modern, and reception was located to the left. There was about a 10 minute queue to check-in, though once it was my turn the process was quick. I always enjoy traveling through Montreal, as it feels like being on a different continent. Typically when I land in North America I always think to myself English will be the primary language, but that very much isn’t the case in Montreal, and I sort of love it.

Sheraton Montreal Airport lobby

Sheraton Montreal Airport lobby

The elevators were located on the opposite side of the lobby of reception, and my room was on the second floor. I took the elevator up a level, and then had to walk past all the conference rooms in order to get to the area where my room was located. Almost every time I walked through there they had either a breakfast, lunch, or dinner spread for one of the conference rooms, so if your room is in this direction and you’re hungry… 😉

Sheraton Montreal Airport hallway

After walking through the conference hall I turned right, where my room, #249, was then located on the right.

Sheraton Montreal Airport hallway

Sheraton Montreal Airport room exterior

As you can see, the hotel is in a donut shape, and is surprisingly big.

Sheraton Montreal Airport floorplan

I had been upgraded to a suite, which is pretty rare at airport Sheratons, in my experience. Inside the entrance was the unusually shaped living room, which featured a couch, chair, and dresser with a TV on top of it.

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite living room

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite living room

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite living room

In the corner of the room was a desk with a comfortable office chair.

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite desk

My room had a view of the airport in the distance, though since I was only on the second floor, views were somewhat limited.

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite view

There was a welcome amenity waiting for me next to the coffee machine, including sparkling water, popcorn, and fresh fruit.

Sheraton Montreal Airport welcome amenity

The room had two full bathroom. Clearly this suite was originally designed to be two separate rooms, but was later converted into a suite. This bathroom featured a sink, toilet, and a walk-in shower.

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite second bathroom

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite second bathroom

Back in the living room, a door led into the bedroom. The bedroom had the typical Sheraton signature bed, which I find to be really comfortable.

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite bedroom

There was another TV, another desk, and also a chair in the corner by the window.

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite bedroom

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite bedroom

This bathroom featured a sink, toilet, and a shower/tub combo.

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite bathroom

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite bathroom

Sheraton Montreal Airport suite bathroom

Overall it was a perfectly serviceable room that was pretty typical of an airport Sheraton. I’m of course appreciative of the extra space thanks to the upgrade I received. The wifi in the room was fast and free.

As an SPG Platinum member I had access to the club lounge. The club lounge was located on the ground floor, just down the hall from reception.

Sheraton Montreal Airport hallway to club lounge

Eligible guests could access the lounge using their key card, and then there was no registration in the lounge itself.

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge exterior

Here are the hours for the Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge:

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge hours

The club lounge was a pretty nice space, especially for an airport Sheraton. It featured a variety of seating options, including couches, dining tables, communal tables, etc.

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge

There were also two PCs with a printer.

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge

I only had the chance to check out the lounge for breakfast, and found the selection to be decent.

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge

There was Starbucks coffee in canisters, an espresso machine, fresh fruit, hardboiled eggs, oatmeal, cereal, pastries, bagels, toast, and two hot dishes.

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge breakfast

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge breakfast

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge breakfast

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge breakfast

Sheraton Montreal Airport club lounge breakfast

I’d say that’s slightly above average for North American Sheraton properties.

In terms of the hotel’s other facilities, there was a good size gym, though it was pretty full when I visited. So I just got a picture of the treadmills, which as an avgeek have the best views of any treadmills I’ve ever seen, as they face the Montreal Airport runway.

Sheraton Montreal Airport gym

The hotel also had an indoor pool, plus an outdoor deck that I imagine is pretty seasonal.

Sheraton Montreal Airport pool

Sheraton Montreal Airport pool deck

Sheraton Montreal Airport bottom line

Airport Sheratons are pretty consistent for the most part, and this one was no exception. The rooms were clean and well maintained (though not especially modern), the wifi was fast, the club lounge was nice, and I found the staff friendly. If overnighting near Montreal Airport, this is a great option, in my opinion.

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Regarding Comments: The comments on this page have not been provided, reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any advertiser, and it is not an advertiser's responsibility to ensure posts and/or questions are answered.


  1. @Luke H – I’m there weekly, no they don’t. Beer & wine are free in the lounge, but if you go to the restaurant or bar they are charged.

  2. I’m a little confused. The floorplan shows a donut-shaped building with continuously curved hallways and four digit room numbers but the hallway pictures show straight hallways and your room number is three digits. Am I looking at it wrong or did the pictures get mixed from a different hotel?

  3. @ Grant — That’s a great question. The map is definitely of the right hotel, but I think I was just in a weird wing that wasn’t part of the main building, which is probably why I had to walk through the conference hall. Good observation, though.

  4. That place was a Hilton for YEARS, then was a Wyndham for about 2 years before re-flagging to Sheraton maybe 5 years ago? I was surprised how quickly it cycled through the Wyndham flag. It still feels to me like it’s a nice Sheraton in the public spaces with a low-end Hilton hiding in the rooms. It is actually quite lovely in the Winter, when the courtyard inside the “donut” is full of snow and they put up some lights etc. The new in-airport Marriott is far and away the best option at YUL.

  5. Let me know if you ‘re interested in a visit of ICAO headquarters next time you’re in Montreal!

  6. @Grant From my days at the property when it was a Hilton, I believe Ben’s room (and hallway pictures were not in the circular part of the hotel, but rather in the nominally rectangular part of the hotel shown in the second picture of the post (“Sheraton Montreal Airport exterior”, with the angled windows).

    Rooms on the circle are 4 digits; rooms in the “rectangular” structure shown in the “exterior” photo are 3 digits. The structure is located off the top of the diagram of the circular part of the hotel.

    At least, that’s my recollection from 20+ years ago.

  7. Next time you should try the Marriott attached to the terminal. It is by far the best airport hotel at YUL and one of the better airport hotels in North America. The views from the room and even in the fitness room of the taxiways and international gates are amazing.

  8. For YUL the Marriott is #1, then the Aloft…

    Last time I stayed at this hotel it was a Hilton…

  9. I stayed in this hotel last October. In my room they had not stocked the tea/coffee supplies, the glasses were a little dirty and most unusually, there was a half full large carton of Tropicana in the fridge, presumably from a previous guest. The rest of the room including bed seemed clean and it wasn’t a big deal but looking at other tripadvisor reviews there does/did seem to be a cleanliness issue at this hotel. I sent an email after to the GM, in particular to mention the personal item from a previous guest in the fridge and he had a “couldn’t care less” attitude or else he just didn’t believe me. It always surprises me how bad the management can be at some of these chain hotels(although thankfully most of the time the management is good).

  10. I’ve stayed here a couple times and usually get upgraded to the same suite but on the third floor – same view. Completely agree with you review and the breakfasts are much better than the average US based Sheratons. The staff in the club lounge are also great !
    There are two buildings – the donut shaped building and the 4 story rectangular one.
    In the middle of the donut building is the newly renovated health club/pool etc. There are also locker rooms that contain a steam room.
    The shower (most important to me) was great – good pressure etc.
    The furniture in the rooms however need a refreshing.

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