Hyatt Herald Square New York Review

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The next two installments cover my time between two trips. I returned to New York on Saturday, while Ford and I were headed to the Azores and Italy on Tuesday (he would meet me in New York on Monday). So I decided to hang around New York for a few days.

New York is usually a really expensive hotel market, though it was fairly inexpensive for the weekend I was there. Long story short I decided to book the Hyatt Herald Square, which had the lowest paid rate I’ve ever booked at a NYC hotel — the AAA rate was just $117.

I decided to book this for the first two nights, and then for the last night Ford would be joining me, so I figured we’d try something new. I’ve reviewed the Hyatt Herald Square before, so will keep this relatively brief. However, I figured an update would be worthwhile, given that it has been nearly three years since I’ve reviewed the property.

The hotel is located on 31st between 5th and Broadway. While I like being outside the heart of midtown, the immediate area around the Hyatt Herald Square isn’t that great. However, the hotel does have a nice outdoor patio with comfortable couches.

Hyatt Herald Square outside patio

The entire lobby sort of has living room vibes, with a coffee machine and kitchen counter on the left, where I ordered a couple of coffee drinks during my stay.

Hyatt Herald Square lobby

Immediately inside the entrance were the elevators, and then down the hallway was the intimate check-in area.

Hyatt Herald Square lobby

Hyatt Herald Square lobby

I found the staff at the hotel to be exceptionally friendly and well intentioned across the board. This is a small hotel, and the staff sort of let off a “small business” vibe, if that makes any sense.

The associate offered me late check-out and explained the breakfast benefit for the hotel. One thing to note about this hotel is that there are no suites, and the rooms are really small, at just under 200 square feet. That’s why this hotel is often priced more attractively than other Hyatt options in the city.

I took the elevator up to the 17th floor, where my room, #1705, was located.

Hyatt Herald Square room exterior

As you can see, each floor has just six rooms.

Hyatt Herald Square floorplan

The room featured an entryway with a sliding door to the left that led into the bathroom.

Hyatt Herald Square room entryway

Straight ahead was the rest of the room, which was small but functional.

Hyatt Herald Square king room

The room had a comfortable king size bed with five pillows.

Hyatt Herald Square king room

By the window was a couch as well as an adjustable side table.

Hyatt Herald Square king room couch

Then across from that was a console with a TV, as well as a small makeshift desk or vanity, depending on how you look at it.

Hyatt Herald Square king room TV

In the far corner of the room was an exposed closet.

Hyatt Herald Square king room

Then next to the bed near the window was a small side table, which also had a compartment with a coffee machine and mini-fridge.

Hyatt Herald Square king room side table

The fridge was empty, so you could put whatever you want in it, rather than having to pay $8 for a Diet Coke.

Hyatt Herald Square king room mini-fridge

While there was a coffee machine, it didn’t really seem like they encouraged you to use it, based on how it was awkwardly placed and wasn’t plugged in. Fortunately that’s not really an issue in NYC, since you can get great coffee 24/7 on just about any block.

Hyatt Herald Square king room coffee machine

Hyatt Herald Square king room coffee machine

The room didn’t have noteworthy views, though they were fine — the only thing I’d note is that the window was filthy.

Hyatt Herald Square king room view

The room didn’t have a traditional desk — not because the hotel thinks millennials don’t need desks (at least I don’t think that’s the reason), but rather because of how compact it is. So this is a room where you’re either stuck working from bed, the couch, the vanity, or from the lobby, which is at least a nice space.

The bathroom was small but functional, much like the rest of the room. It had a sink, toilet, and shower. I do wish the shower controls were easier to use without having to get in the shower first, but otherwise I found the bathroom to be functionally designed.

Hyatt Herald Square king room shower & toilet

Hyatt Herald Square king room bathroom

Toiletries were from KenetMD, which I consider to be fine.

Hyatt Herald Square king room toiletries

So no, you won’t get a huge suite upgrade at this hotel, but I find the rooms to be functionally designed, and if I’m traveling alone, I find them to be cozy. After getting almost no sleep at the Renaissance Naples the night before (partly due to the AC not working), I hibernated for about 15 hours at the Hyatt Herald Square, thanks to the blackout curtains and excellent AC. I know it’s weird, but I always sleep better in smaller rooms.

Both mornings I had breakfast in the hotel’s little restaurant, called The Den, which has just about half a dozen tables.

Hyatt Herald Square breakfast restaurant

Hyatt Herald Square breakfast restaurant

The menu read as follows:

As a Globalist member I could have one thing from the healthy start menu and one thing from the signature dishes menu, plus a drink of my choice.

Both mornings I had the same thing. I had the organic greek yogurt with fresh berries to start (though the second morning I ordered it without the syrup, since it was a bit much for me).

Hyatt Herald Square Globalist breakfast

Then I had scrambled eggs with avocado. Yum!

Hyatt Herald Square Globalist breakfast

Hyatt Herald Square bottom line

I think the Hyatt Herald Square is fantastic for what it is. The rooms are small and cozy, the staff are friendly, and the Globalist breakfast is filling and tasty. If traveling alone and the price is right, I think this is a great option in NYC.

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  1. Bathroom designs like this always make me paranoid I’ll knock something off the shelves into the toilet.

  2. This hotel is a Cat 5, right? I don’t think NYC has ANY lower than that. $117(even plus huge NYC taxes) is a much better deal than 25K WOH points.
    Interesting property. Thx.

  3. Lucky, you gotta up your NYC bargains game! Hilton commonly has affiliation rates (MVP, AAA, AARP, etc.) at $100 or less in the winter. At decent hotels. I think my “record” for this winter was a $92 AAA rate at the Hilton Times Square for a nice 300+ sq. ft. king room. on a friday night.

  4. I stay here often and it’s fine… but breakfast quality is down a lot in the last 6 months. And they no longer comp the gratuity for globalists on breakfast which seems chintzy.

  5. This hotel does have 2 suites but they never upgrade anyone (even Globalists with upgrade certificates) into them. You should have checked out the rooftop deck–has a stunning view of nearby ESB.

  6. For $117, I suppose it’s fine but honestly it looks very industrial and institutional. If it wasn’t for the large TV and the en-suite bathroom I would have guessed it was a college dormitory. It has that same look-and-feel. Very basic-economy looking.

  7. At least the door doesn’t hit the bed when you open it – I was convinced that the roos were going to be that small. Nice to see that they’re actually functional and not totally claustrophobic, albeit still small.

  8. Book a Manhattan View room for window views of the Empire State Building. Usually $30-$50 more than the standard room. At $117 for a standard room the upgrade is a good value.

  9. I really like this hotel in terms of its value proposition. Also, I disagree about the location being not great–it’s one block from Koreatown, close (but not too close) to Penn Station, and not near Times Square.

  10. I have stayed at this hotel for weeks at a time due to its proximity to my office. Yes, they have two suites and yes as a Globalist I often got upgraded – If you get to know the Front desk manager and call them before arrival. I will also say since the rooms are tiny and close together ALL noises are heard.

  11. I am perplexed by your review . There is nothing redeeming about this property . The views are appalling ,the noise attrition unacceptable ,no recognition of Globalist’s, breakfast inedible and service flippant .I stayed for one night and checked out the next morning and moved to the Renaissance Mid town and the difference in sleep quality and service was considerable.

  12. We stayed here Friday night, July 14th. Excellent Stay. We were in room 1408 and there was no noise whatsoever, back side of the hotel. There wasn’t much of a view, but it’s New York and I’m ok with that. The rooftop bar was AMAZING! That alone is worth the stay at this property. Do NOT miss this if you stay at this hotel.

    We had a lovely stay – it was only one night due to normal AA travel issues and storms in the city, but it was a great option and good location. I would stay again and the staff was friendly. Right after check in the neighbors next door were very banging something against the wall. We went downstairs and asked to be moved and the staff accommodated us immediately without issue and moved our bags for us without delay so we could continue our sight-seeing activities. We had a great experience.

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