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I had heard great things about the InterContinental Boston, so was excited to experience it upon our return. I managed to snag a AAA rate of about $220, which was quite good compared to what comparable hotels were charging ($300+).

The InterContinental is just across the harbor from the airport, so is only about a 10-15 minute cab ride.

Hotel exterior (the InterContinental is in the middle)

Hotel entrance

As we entered the hotel I was immediately struck by how massive the lobby was. Reception was immediately upon entering to the right, and I was helped after a wait of only a few minutes. The associate was friendly, thanked me for being a Royal Ambassador, and advised me I had been upgraded to an executive suite. I asked about the possibility of access to the club lounge, and she said it would be $50 for the one night stay. That seemed a bit on the high side for a US lounge, but in the interest of reviewing the lounge I decided to “upgrade.”



I was assigned room 750, which was at the far end of the hallway. I don’t think I made it to the elevator a single time without getting lost, since there were so many turns that it was confusing. Or maybe I’m just that dumb…


The suite itself was beautiful, with a large living room featuring a couch and chair facing a flat screen TV, as well as a large desk with several outlets.

Living room

Living room


The welcome amenity was a plate of fruit and a bottle of Fiji water.

Welcome amenity

As a Royal Ambassador all the beverages in the minibar were free, and I was happy to see it was stocked with my two favorite drinks — Diet Coke and Fiji water. šŸ˜‰


Past the living room was the door to the bedroom, which overlooked the harbor. The bed was quite comfortable, and there was also a daybed by the window.


The bedroom was adjacent to the bathroom, with “panel” doors that opened to let some light into the bathroom.


View from bedroom

The bathroom was spacious with a separate tub and shower, and was stocked with Gilchrist & Soames toiletries.






The most underwhelming aspect of the hotel for me was the club lounge. The door to the lounge is open and there’s no one to verify “credentials,” so there were several large groups in there. A single attendant staffed the lounge, and she couldn’t keep up with the pace of restocking the food and clearing plates.

Lounge entrance

The physical space itself was quite nice with comfortable seating and plenty of room to spread out.

Club lounge

Club lounge

Now, it goes without saying that the spread was better than most Sheratons, Marriotts, etc., in the US, though I find that to consistently be the case at InterContinental hotels stateside. That being said, I didn’t think the spread was as good as other InterContinentals, like the one in San Francisco, which is one of my favorites.

In the evening they had what essentially amounted to “pigs in a blanket” and cut up slices of Dominos pizza.

Evening spread

They also had fresh fruit but not veggies, which seemed odd for an evening spread.

Evening spread

Evening drink selection

The breakfast spread was fairly good, with fresh fruit, cereal, all kinds of pastries and bread, salmon, and an egg dish.

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread

One of the highlights of the hotel had to be the gym, which was large and had very nice equipment overlooking the city.


There’s also an indoor lap pool, though I didn’t use it.


On the whole I was pleased with the InterContinental. Nothing really disappointed me, and at the same time nothing blew me away, though I guess when you do 100 hotel stays per year that’s bound to happen with most of them.

The one thing I learned is that I wouldn’t pay for club access in the future, as I don’t think it’s worth the price. But other than that I’d recommend this hotel.

  1. Can I have a travel request / suggestion?

    Virgin Airlines to Europe in Upper Class, and a review of the Intercontinental Warsaw – I’ve found both to be consistently excellent šŸ™‚

  2. @ DavidG — Definitely want to check out the InterContinental Warsaw (and the city!) as I’ve heard great things about both.

    I have, however, done Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, and you can find my reviews of the product here:

  3. Seriously, Fiji Water?

    Get something that’s locally bottled instead of flown half-way across the world.

  4. It seems being a RA is a good deal for heavy travelers. For travel mostly outside the USA would you choose IC or Jumeirah? I know IC has better coverage, but it seems that Jumeirah are above and beyond most all else. Thoughts?

  5. @Samuel long distance transport is highly efficient and often burns much less fuel per item than local transport.

    @lucky sounds like you had a much smoother stay than I did, though I found the club lounge door always closed last month and during feeding times the staff were insistent that folks sign into the book (what they did with that I have no idea). I never did get a welcome amenity.

  6. IC Warsaw is pretty nice, and most importantly cheap on the 241 rate. Wouldn’t spend more then a weekend layover there unless you want to go clubbing for example. Sightseeing doesn’t take that much. Better do to hire a car and do some road trips, but there aren’t many chain hotels in the country side to earn/burn points.

  7. Coins,

    When we were teenagers, our parents took us to the Catskills, where we stayed in a room without bath and toilet. In those days,the cheapest rooms were ‘bath on floor.’

    On my first trip to Disney World in 1973 (when it opened), my friend and I drove down to Florida. We stayed at a Holiday Inn or HoJo for the grand price of $6. a night. If your readers are wondering how Hotel 6 got their name…

    When I got older, the hotel of choice was Sheraton, Hilton, and Marriott. In the late 80’s. early 90’s, Sheraton Club International (now SPG), gave elite members suites as an upgrade if available. No restrictions. I have to tell you that my kids loved the suites, and were upset when I didn’t get an upgrade. Spoiled brats? Nah. But what did they have to look forward to in their adult life. You can’t top a suite.

    Where am I going with this? Coins, when you’re 25, 30, 50, what will you have to look forward to? You’ve been spoiled by the suite life. There’s no where to go. As for this soon to be 60 year old, I still appreciate my upgrade to a suite. Safe travels.

  8. @ Derek — I’d say Jumeirah is in a completely different league than InterContinental, so they’re tough to compare. Then again, to the best of my knowledge they don’t have a great loyalty program. If you’re willing to spend money on luxury hotels, maybe make booking decisions based on Virtuoso or American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts, as that’s the closest thing you’ll get to “elite status’ at many high end properties.

    @ Jon — I did a lot more on the outbound than on the return since I had a full 24 hours there (while in this case I only had a an afternoon and an early flight the next day). On the way out I saw Chinatown, the park, and walked around a lot of the major streets around the W (not sure what exactly they’re called).

    @ dhammer53 — I appreciate the reminder, you’re absolutely right!

  9. IC-Boston is one of my favorite Boston Properties. As an Ambassador, I’ve even convinced them to upgrade me to suites (sometimes Junior, sometimes larger). I really like SushiTeq, there sushi-tequila restaurant; not amazing, but a fun small place.

  10. Lucky, I thought RA got free club lounge access. Is this a recent change or does each property set their own rules?

  11. @ Josh G — Nope, it varies by property, and it’s not a “published” benefit. Many properties do, some don’t.

  12. Thanks from all your loyal readers for paying for lounge access! Not only did we get the review, but your $50 saved us all from paying that amount.

  13. @ wwk5d — I definitely want to try the seats, though based on what I’ve heard it’s a downgrade and not an upgrade. We’ll see!

  14. As a royal ambassador,i always book a club room as i hate this inconsistency whether am i gonna get access to lounge or not?am i gonna have a suite or not?as it is i am sure getting my suite and lounge access.

  15. Great Review! Are they still giving out Royal Ambassador by recommendations? Do members have invites or is it just done by IC?

  16. @ Aeroman380 — Royal Ambassador members that “legitimately” earn their status get a referral certificate.

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