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JetBlue has just unveiled its much anticipated new Mint business class product, which will debut on the Airbus A321LR when the airline launches transatlantic flights (the airline has also revealed a new economy experience, which you can read about here). Not just that, but the airline is actually introducing two separate new Mint experiences here!

The new JetBlue Mint Suite

In 2014 JetBlue innovated narrow body business class with the introduction of Mint, featuring flat beds at all seats and doors at some seats. Now JetBlue is innovating narrow body business class again, with the introduction of the JetBlue Mint Suite, featuring direct aisle access and doors at every seat.

JetBlue’s A321LRs used for transatlantic flights will feature a total of 24 herringbone business class suites. JetBlue has selected Thompson Aero’s VantageSolo seat, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise. JetBlue’s current Mint product is also from Thompson Aero, so this is a natural evolution, and I think it’s the product that many of us were expecting.

The new JetBlue Mint Suite will feature the following amenities:

  • A 17″ Thales AVANT seatback screen, in addition to fast & free Wi-Fi
  • Wireless charging capabilities
  • An integrated phone ledge for multitasking
  • Easy-to-reach in-seat power
  • Laptop, shoe, and handbag stowage
  • A Tuft & Needle proprietary foam and breathable cover “to create a cool and comfortable sleep experience unlike anything in the sky”

It’s also noted that the product has some new residential-inspired design touches throughout the cabin, including:

  • Residential textures, such as flannel-covered privacy dividers, concrete lampshades, woodgrain table patterns, and vegan leather-covered seats and headrests
  • Custom-created suite gradient panels, and patterned door shrouds with the signature Mint leaf
  • Mood lighting and a blue floor arc that helps direct the customer boarding flow

The new JetBlue Mint Suite

The new JetBlue Mint Suite

The new JetBlue Mint Suite

The new JetBlue Mint Studio

JetBlue isn’t just introducing the new Mint Suite, but is also introducing the Mint Studio. Essentially the first row of the plane in this configuration has some extra space, so the airline will market this as a separate product.

Each plane will have two Mint Studios in the first row, providing some additional features, including:

  • A 22″ Thales AVANT seatback screen
  • An extra side table for added productivity
  • A guest seat that can accommodate an additional Mint customer during the flight at cruising altitude

JetBlue claims that the Mint Studio will:

  • Feature the most space in a premium experience from any US airline
  • The largest lie-flat bed of any US carrier

We know that JetBlue will charge a premium for the Mint Studio compared to the Mint Suite, though we don’t yet know how much of a premium the airline will charge.

The new JetBlue Mint Studio

The new JetBlue Mint Studio

The new JetBlue Mint Studio

When will the new JetBlue Mint Suite & Studio be available?

There are a couple of interesting updates here:

  • The new JetBlue Mint experience will debut on A321LRs, on flights to London as of this summer; this is a worthwhile update because previously it was looking like JetBlue may only start transatlantic flights in late 2021
  • The new JetBlue Mint will also progressively be available on domestic flights with a special 16 seat layout, as some future delivery A321neos will feature the new Mint Suite and Mint Studio; this is a worthwhile update because we didn’t previously know if this product would only be available on transatlantic flights or not

My take on JetBlue’s new Mint experience

Generally speaking I’m ridiculously excited about JetBlue launching transatlantic flights. The airline disrupted the premium transcon market back in 2014, and I trust it will do the same thing on transatlantic flights, with reasonably priced premium fares and an industry-leading experience.

What do I make of the new JetBlue Mint Suite and Mint Studio as such? I’ve written about the VantageSolo seat in the past, and my feelings haven’t changed. I’m torn:

  • For a narrow body this looks like a great product, having direct aisle access and doors
  • At the same time, objectively a herringbone seat where you’re facing the aisle and away from the window is a step backwards when it comes to the evolution of premium cabin products
  • I do think JetBlue is doing a phenomenal job with the finishes and attention to detail of the product
  • It’s innovative of JetBlue to introduce the Mint Studio, and to create a special experience around that
  • The new cabin (in the below video) looks ridiculously sleek, with so many premium seats on a narrow body plane

So yeah, even though I generally don’t love herringbone seats, I’m really excited about the new JetBlue Mint, the airline will do great things on transatlantic flights, and the product looks in line with what I was expecting.

Bottom line

JetBlue is introducing a new Mint experience as of this year. The new Mint product will initially debut on London flights in the summer of 2021 with a 24 seat layout, and then will debut between New York and Los Angeles as of later in 2021.

Not only is there a new JetBlue Mint Suite, but JetBlue is also introducing the Mint Studio, which will offer extra space and amenities.

What do you make of the new JetBlue Mint Suite and Mint Studio?

  1. It looks really sleek indeed. I was invited just 2 years ago to their hangar at JFK to participate in a workshop about the new Mint seat, and this is really close to the prototype they had back then, including the Mint Studio. They had us giving all sorts of feedback like where should the power outlets be, etc.

    From what I remember, the little couch in the studio was very very cramped to sit on with the “work desk”, since it’s a narrow body and the plane curve almost prevented me to sit upright comfortably – and I’m not a huge guy, so we will see how it feels in the finished version.

    Super excited to try it out, and see what they’ll come up with in terms of catering and pricing!

  2. These do look fantastic. I’m curious though; Ben, since it’s narrow-body, for trans-atlantic, would you generally prefer this or a wide body, such as BA’s new J class (or any other)?

  3. Looks very sleek and a differentiator for sure. I doubt B6 will enter the JFK-LHR market (or get any access to LHR full stop). This new MINT cabin shows a lot of input from customers and cabin crew but B6 is one of the most unreliable of the major US airlines when it comes to punctuality and so they’ll need to address operations or snazzy cabins become meaningless.

  4. Concrete lampshades? Sounds like an incredibly heavy object to carry across the Atlantic every day..
    Lovely product though. Curious how prices will be compared to BA/VS/AA etc.

  5. Meanwhile at Lufthansa: “as a 5-star airline we still can’t manage to roll out our already outdated new business class product”

  6. TPG is claiming these meet ADA which is plainly false. Otherwise airplanes would look like the lower-level of an Amtrak car in terms of layout. I’m curious did the press packet from Jet Blue make any accessibility claims?

  7. They both look fresh but I still have doubt on the comfort re: shoulder space. From the photos, especially the ‘Suite’, the seat seems a bit narrow. The ottoman in both designs looks small compared with Citrus and Super Diamond seats on a wide body.

  8. I like the existing Mint a lot, but this looks even better still. My one gripe about the existing product is that unless you get one of the thrones, you have a seatmate, no privacy, and somebody has to climb out. Not the biggest deal in the world on a nighttime 5 hour cross country, but I would like this much better, especially on a longer flight. These guys will destroy everybody on this route . . . why would anybody fly BA if they can fly on this, and probably for a much more competitive fare?

  9. @Daniel – the seat has to be ADA compliant as part of the certification process. I am guessing the aisle wall panel is removable to accomodate wheelchair users, similar to the Delta One cabin.

  10. The Mint Studio looks to be just about the best seat on the market for travel with lap infants, beating even first class products in that sense. At least for once having an empty seat on a transatlantic flight won’t be a virtual guarantee as it was in the past year.

  11. Doesnt seem like a fun product if youre traveling with a partner. “see you in 6 hours!”

    Daniel, ADA does not apply to airlines (or like you said, theyd look a lot more like trains with wide aisles), so unsure what TPG is saying.

  12. @ Peter — I absolutely love JetBlue’s premium cabin experience. Even though the seat might not be the most incredible thing ever, I’d probably choose this over just about any other transatlantic experience, given JetBlue’s soft product. That doesn’t even account for the fact that this will likely be the most reasonably priced option across the Atlantic.

  13. A there any wonder that JetBlue keeps earning my loyalty? They keep putting the passenger experience at the top of their priorities. I will miss the 2×2 seats in mint; I love sitting with my wife when we fly. Other than that, though, I’m thrilled. Now, if they would just add mint to some of their MCO routes, I’d be in heaven.

  14. Looks similar to Air New Zealand business seat, with a door. I prefer reverse herringbone seats which face the window. However, I would consider these seats if the price is right.

  15. I’ve never flown jetBlue but decided to get the 100k SUB on the credit card last night for me and P2. I’m SO pumped I pulled the trigger. This product looks amazing! Can’t wait to fly it.

  16. Very cool design. How Virgin Atlantic should have evolved.
    Also, if Jet blue can fill the gap left by Norwegian across the Atlantic then that was no big loss. I can’t wait to see the pricing.

  17. @Austin787
    To me these look nothing like the ANZ seats (or the Virgin Atlantic seats they were based on), except insofar as they are angled into the aisle.

    Pretty much everything about these looks to be an improvement on ANZ’s seriously outdated product (and I love flying ANZ for other reasons).

    I’ll certainly give these a go, when (if) flying ever resumes.

    As to the airport — sad though it is, I’d be amazed if we don’t see some more airline bankruptcies during 2021. My guess is LHR will have some slot availability later in the year.

  18. Leave it to JetBlue to revolutionize business class yet AGAIN.

    IM IN LOVE!!! cant wait to try it. (specially the mint STUDIO, im 6’2 and broad shouldered, the extra space is VERY welcome 🙂

    best US airline hands down AND ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!! 🙂

    ps: if JetBlue added at least ONE premium lounge out of JFK that’d would make it perfectly perfect.

  19. Herringbone seats where your head is away from the aisle is ideal for sleeping, so I like that. Normally there is an issue with privacy, but the door helps with that so you’re not staring at the person across the aisle the whole flight.

    I probably won’t ever fly them though, since a domestic flight from the West Coast to Boston to then fly to London doesn’t make sense when I can just take a non-stop and have 10 hours to sleep instead of 5.

  20. @james s.

    Man, people will complain about anything. You’re upset that a narrowbody lie flat product doesnt allow you to sit close with your significant other? LOL.

  21. My guess is the Studio will be free at first. When Mint was introduced they claimed the solo suites would be no additional cost for the time being and then a supplement, never happened.

  22. Absolutely stunning, can’t wait to see this product in person. Also can’t wait to see the new catering. Hope this extends beyond London to other markets in the future.

  23. B6 knocks it out of the park from initial appearances. Looks like a great product and looking forward to their soft product refresh.

  24. The seats look stunning. Now if only Jetblue would venture into opening up a few lounges. Maybe start with their 4 major gateways like JFK, BOS, LAX, and SEA, and then go from there. It would really add to the premium experience.

  25. Be interesting to see their eventual pricing on a route like LON-NYC-SFO

    I prefer to do hops than a single long flight.

    Sometimes BA/AA offer good pricing LHR-JFK-SFO-JFK-LHR in the range ot £1,400 – £ 1,600 in sales. If Jet Blue get in that range I could switch

  26. I’ve never liked herringbone. Even with stellar soft product, based on my flights in J on VS and NZ, lack of privacy and restricted window view is not my favorite. I like the higher divider compared to VS and NZ, but I don’t think the door will be high enough to add privacy. And the studio looks gimmicky and not practical for a 2nd person to visit, though it does make for great marketing photos.

  27. Question on JetBlue policies: with a premium product, do they limit access to the premium cabin after take off to only premium customers?

    On long-haul (6 hours) overnight flights, keeping the cabin quiet is a huge part of the value. With other airlines switching to a “use the lavatory wherever the heck you want,” the premium experience is now a “rush hour every hour” experience.

  28. Living in flyover country as I do, a connection is required to get to Europe. Question for the West Coasters: would you prefer to just take a non stop, which only adds about two hours flight time to the UK/EU, vs. via any east coast gateway? I have done LAX-LHR in under ten hours. Seemed so much easier to sleep through that one flight than with a transit stop.

  29. I love my window seats, so this herringbone design is a no go for me. The product and cabin look very nice otherwise. I’m curious if passengers will be allowed to move TV screen to watch IFE before and during takeoff/landing.

  30. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that they’re the first to introduce wireless charging onboard any cabin, no? If that’s the case, hopefully more carriers follow suit as there is talk of Apple moving to a port-less iPhone. However, I’m not sure how wireless charging would work in premium economy and below.

  31. Looks like a great product but I’m with Ben on the aisle facing seats – it’s just wrong. Im afraid there won’t be any site of these in the Northern hemisphere summer this year – but dream on

  32. @Robert J Fahr: To answer your question, no way would I ever *prefer* a one-stop from LAX to Europe over a nonstop. It adds unnecessary time and complexity to the journey. Having said that, this might be worth considering if the price is right, but they’d have to be selling for a substantial discount over the nonstop options. This does have nice finishes, but time is significantly more valuable. (Also, the lack of a lounge is a bit of a drawback.)

  33. their description of the new seat is some of the best/worst (based on your preference) marketing spin i’ve seen in some time.

    “Residential textures” “Custom-created suite gradient panels” “blue floor arc that helps direct the customer boarding flow”

  34. @TN

    Choose a seat towards the rear of the cabin to increase your chances of a quiet inflight. A studio in row 1 is the last place you’ll want to be if you want some peace and quiet.

  35. After being smashed around all night in an Open Skies 757, I prefer widebodies across the north atlantic, especially in winter. I’ll consider Jetblue westbound, but for the best chance of a good sleep, bigger is better.

  36. @Leigh

    Couldn’t agree more. Why does everyone become so pumped up about herringbone configs? You’re either craning your neck to see out of the window (inward facing) or leaning forward to take a look (window facing).

    And I seriously can’t see that it saves any space at all. Give me straightforward staggered seating, direct aisle access, side table, and I would suggest optimum space utilisation, EK style. It’s also much easier for the crew to deliver inflight service.

  37. Meh. Does not look private at all; facing aisle means eye contact with those walking by and that wall/door looks pretty low. Hate those monitors you have to flip out to watch. Narrow like VS. Gonna get a kink in my neck trying to look out window. Does the soft product make up for this meh hard product? I don’t think so.

  38. @Robert

    When I visit San Francisco I prefer to do it as LHR-NYC-SFO and return (I’ve done via ORD on the way back as well but that’s personally less preferable)

    I have done it direct but it just leaves me absolutely wrecked. For some reason the hop fits in more with my sleeping patterns and leaves me feeling better.

    It’s very much down to personal preferences and there is no hard and fast answer,

  39. The colour scheme looks nice enough in the press photos, but I do question how comfortable these would actually be. They look like typical herringbone with doors. The herringbone that I remember with Air Canada, Air New Zealand and Virgin Atlantic were always quite narrow. Personally, I prefer a seat that is a bit wider. Also, the wall/door doesn’t look very high compared to the top of the seat, so I don’t think you actually have much privacy. And then, when you consider that they aren’t in any alliance, I question what they will do when the flights get cancelled. Just make you wait a day until their next one? Or make you fly into one of their other North American destinations and then connect in economy? And if you are not flying to/from one of the few cities in US that they operate this product, you have to connect in economy. Not that this is the end of the world, but I would certainly expect to be paying less for that.

  40. How does this spacing compare to the First Class seats on the American A321Ts? Does this save significantly more space? I know this is 16 seats versus 10, but just wondering.

  41. Why, why, why, why, why would B6 choose herringbone seats I like staring out the window and being antisocial

  42. Where are the NUMBERS and INCHES ????
    I scrolled thru all the postings, and unless I missed something NO ONE mentioned or asked about the flat beds. …. Is everyone just 6 foot tall ??
    For me (6’7”) this is BY FAR the most important feature in Min Class !!
    So far, Jet Blue’s own description was “up to 6’8”” … now that obviously is fantastic. But the “up to” part is worrisome, and they never were completely transparent when I called them about it.
    Any insights on the new suites and studios ??

  43. Is there a quick way to tell if the flight will feature the new Mint Studio (vs the 1st generation Mint seats)?

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