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After flying from Vancouver to Frankfurt in Lufthansa first class, we had an overnight before continuing to Catania on airberlin the following morning.

In terms of convenience you really can’t beat the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport, which is connected to the terminal. Given that our flight was leaving from Frankfurt before 6AM the following morning, it seemed best to spend the night close to the airport and then just take the train into the city for the afternoon, as opposed to dealing with transport in the wee hours of the morning.

I reviewed the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport about two years ago and while I’ve had several stays there since then, I didn’t actually review them. So I figured I’d write another review of the property, since it has been a while.

Upon arrival from Vancouver we exited the terminal and took the walkway to the Sheraton, which is located one level up from the check-in desks.

Frankfurt Airport terminal

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport exterior

Walkway to Sheraton Frankfurt Airport

I know I’ll get flamed for this, but I love Frankfurt Airport. The airport itself sucks, but I just love the variety of traffic, and as a Lufthansa fanboy I could just gaze at the traffic on the tarmac all day long. One actually awesome thing about Frankfurt Airport that a lot of people don’t realize is just how much shopping there is across the walkway from the terminal. There’s a supermarket, Starbucks, and all kinds of decent dining options. If I’m visiting my parents (in Florida) I always love to load up on German food at the supermarket across from the terminal before my flight back to the US.

Anyway, the walk to the Sheraton took us about five minutes.

Walkway to Sheraton Frankfurt Airport

Sheraton Frankfurt entrance

I do find the inside of the Sheraton to be a bit odd, since the lobby feels very scattered.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport lobby

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport lobby

There was only one person ahead of us in the check-in queue, and we were both checked in within a few minutes. We’re both Platinum members and got upgraded to club rooms. The friendly agent explained all the Platinum benefits, including:

  • Complimentary club lounge access
  • Complimentary internet
  • A welcome gift (we both chose the 500 Starpoints)
  • 4PM late check-out (which we didn’t need)

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport lobby

For what it’s worth my rate was 109EUR including tax for the night. This is a Category 4 SPG property, meaning a free night redemption would have cost 10,000 Starpoints, while a Cash & Points redemption would have cost 5,000 Starpoints plus $75. So in this case paying cash was the best value by far, in my opinion, given how valuable Starpoints are.


I was assigned a club room on the eighth floor of the Towers section of the hotel.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport lobby

I’m not sure of the status of renovations in the other wing of the hotel, but the Towers section is renovated and feels fresh.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport hallway

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport floorplan

The room was what you’d expect for a renovated Sheraton property, with a king size bed, desk, and chair with ottoman by the window.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport room

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport room

I find the beds at this hotel to be extremely comfortable, though maybe that’s just a function of always staying here after a longhaul flight. Beds on the ground do seem much more comfortable when you get off an airplane, no matter how good the bedding on the plane is.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport room

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport chair

The desk was functional with several easily accessible outlets and good lighting.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport desk

The bathrooms at the Sheraton are very German, with one of those shower/tub combos with a glass shield.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport bathroom

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport shower

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport toilet

The toiletries were the Sheraton brand standard ones.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport toiletries

Outside the bathroom back near the entrance were the minibar and coffee machine.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport minibar

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport minibar

While the rooms are functional, the highlight of this hotel is the club lounge. It’s interesting in that it’s almost a totally separate “compound.” It’s located on the ninth floor, and as soon as you step out of the elevator you have to insert your key to even gain access to the floor.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club entrance

The club lounge is located to the right, and is both spacious and bright.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club

There’s plenty of seating, and even an outdoor patio, which was especially nice given that it was about 65 and sunny.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club patio

The lounge also has a small business center, not that there’s much of a need for them anymore in 2014.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club business center

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club view

This hotel probably has the second most impressive club lounge for a Sheraton anywhere, after the Sheraton Salzburg. They serve snacks and cocktails in the evenings from 6PM till 10:30PM (love how late that goes), with hot food on offer till 9PM (though in my experience they often leave it out after that as well).

Here’s the evening menu:

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club evening spread

The spread really is impressive, between the hot options, goulash soup, salad, sandwiches, snacks, desserts, etc.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club evening spread

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club evening spread

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club evening spread

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club evening spread

There’s also a self serve bar.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club evening spread

One other cool feature of the hotel is that it has a club level gym. It’s very basic, but still a pretty cool feature if you just wanna hop on the treadmill for a bit.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club gym

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club gym

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport club gym

The hotel’s main gym is 24 hours, though is a surprising distance from the rooms. It’s one floor down from the lobby, and a long walk down a really smoky hallway.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport gym hallway

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport gym entrance

The gym itself was quite nice, though, so I worked out there instead of in the club gym.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport gym

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport gym

We had to leave the hotel shortly after 4AM, so the club lounge obviously wasn’t open yet. That being said, they had a coffee and croissant setup in the lobby, which was a nice touch.

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport coffee in the lobby

Bottom line

As an SPG Platinum member I love the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport. It’s convenient, the renovated rooms are nice, and the club lounge is one of the best out there for a Sheraton. I’ve also stayed at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport, which is newer and also connected to the terminal, though a longer walk. While it’s more modern on the whole, the club lounge can’t compare, in my opinion.

When it comes to deciding whether to stay in the city or near the airport for a Frankfurt overnight, my general philosophy is that if my flight leaves early in the morning I’ll just stay near the airport, while if it leaves mid-morning or later I’ll stay in the city.

If you’re interested in staying in the city, I’ve reviewed the following hotels there:

Anyway, love the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport, and I’ll certainly be back!

  1. Great review. Kind of random, but I’ve noticed that SPG’s prices for AAA discounts don’t seem to be that good. Many times, I get a better standard/advance saver rate when I look. Unlike, say, Marriott, which typically yields a better discount.

  2. “I always love to load up on German food at the supermarket across from the terminal before my flight back to the US.”

    That sounds great! Any problems on the border, since bringing food is generally not allowed? What kind of food could you bring?

  3. Like you, I like to stay in the city if I have the time. Being a Hyatt fanboy, I really like to stay at the Hyatt Regency Mainz, which is about 23 minutes away by S-Bahn (S8, alight at Mainz Römisches Theater, then walk a few hundred meters). The hotel is right on the Rhein at the confluence with the Main.

  4. Hi lucky,

    I really do enjoy your blog not just because of the good content but the continuity of the structure too

    However recently as you’ve started living in hotels im really starting to get confused as to what’s a standalone review of something or what not, I might just be me but I believe you need a sub category for the hotels you’re ‘living’ in and the ones that are part of a full trip review – just my two cents as I really do look forward to reading a trip review from looking at a schedule in an intro but right now im pretty lost as to what’s going on


  5. @ Lana — I only take packaged snacks, like chocolate and sweets, for example. So no problems at all at the border.

  6. @ nik — Great point, thanks. Have still been trying to get in my trip reporting “groove” since moving into hotels, since everything just kind of seems to run together. Appreciate the feedback and will try to create “series” again. Thanks for reading!

  7. FRA Sheraton has pretty much the best lounge in Europe. Drinks including alcohol are complimentary pretty much 7 x 24. The evening snacks are enough for dinner, with soup, salad and protein items always included. Breakfast is pretty awesome too with a chef you will cook omelets or any other egg dishes, bacon, sausages, lox, great yoghurt, fruit etc.

    The rooms are better since updating but still pretty drab with low ceilings and a pretty basic bathroom.

    Platinums can avoid any lines at the lobby by checking in at the 9th floor lounge.

  8. Not surprising that this is an impressive property. The New GM as of the beginning of this year is Ralf Stresing, who came back to Germany to run the property after opening and running Le Meridien Bangkok for the past 5 years. Mr. Stresing is a class act, and ran an amazing property in Bangkok. I stayed there 5 times and they were my 5 best SPG stays as a Platinum member. I would expect that he will continue to class up the Sheraton FRA

  9. @Lucky, @nik

    Maybe you could do a monthly recap of the hotels/living situation for the non-trip hotels if that makes sense?

  10. @Neal Z – Do you happen to know where Sascha Konter is now? I really liked him when get was the GM of the property.

  11. I stayed here recently. Nice hotel, but the late-night room service pizza was horrendous. Worse than most cheap microwave pizzas. Apparently they outsource the overnight food to an outside vendor, so it might well have been a cheap microwave pizza.

  12. “As an SPG Platinum member I love the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport.”

    Most people don’t have SPG Platinum status.

    Which hotel would you pick assuming you had at most the following:
    1. SPG Gold & Hilton Diamond
    2. SPG none & Hilton Gold
    3. no status at all

  13. I second the recommendation for Mainz, it feels more cute German village-like to me than Frankfurt (a.k.a. “Main-hattan”). I have stayed at the two Hilton properties on overnight layovers in the past because the corporate rates can be quite good when FRA hotel rates are sky high due to a trade fair. The Hilton next to the Rhine has some rooms with nice views of the river and the “city” property is closer to the train station (about a 15 min walk or short tram ride) – the top floor rooms have nice outside balconies. They normally give a room upgrade, small bottle of wine, and chocolate for
    Gold elites. For a typical 10 or 11am flight to the US, it’s no problem budgeting the extra time for the S-bahn ride to the airport.

  14. @ FlyingExplorer — If I had Hilton Gold or above and wanted to stay near the airport I would stay at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport for the lounge access. With no status I would probably say the Hilton is also a bit nicer since it’s newer.

  15. LH put me here due to missing the last flight connection. The room I got probably was the worst one in the hotel. Very antiquated. Felt more like a motel then a proper Sheraton. But can’t complain, it was free after all. Thank goodness was booked in C award. The free 30 EUR voucher for food / drink didn’t hurt either.

  16. I stayed at the Sheraton Frankfurt hotel for almost a year (~150 nights) on and off for a project. It was the closest to the office and my project was at one of your favorite airlines.
    Anyways I noticed you didn’t check in at the lounge. Usually they would upgrade you to suite at the lounge and not at the main check in counter. Everyone knew me after 40 nights so they would just show me the rooms available and I could pick whatever I want.
    That said I was told that the grocery store inside the SQUARE (think that what its called) is one of the few open late.
    I could go on and on about the hotel. My wife loves the hotel just because of its club lounge.
    Anyways thought I would share.

  17. Toward the end of your review, you say “in my opinion.” It’s your blog…whose opinion would it be if not yours?

  18. That club lounge definitely beats my local Sheraton 😛

    Also, when you leave that early, wouldn’t you still be able to get into the lounge and grab some snacks/drinks? Lounges I’ve been to don’t really “close” as you can get in 24×7 with a keycard.

  19. Thanks for review. I may stay there in a few weeks as have an early morning flight from FRA to BOO via Olso. Does not look terribly exciting but very hand location. I am not being offered as good a price 150E.

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