The Easy Way To Earn Hyatt Globalist Status?

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A couple of weeks ago the details of World of Hyatt were announced, which will be Hyatt’s new loyalty program as of March 1, 2017. There are things I love and hate about World of Hyatt, though at least in our community most people view the new program as a negative.


As far as top tier status goes, presently you need 25 stays or 50 nights to earn Diamond status, while with World of Hyatt you’ll need 60 nights to earn Globalist status, which is the new top tier status. However, if you’re requalifying for status then you’ll “only” need 55 nights.

There’s no option to qualify for status anymore based on stays, though you do now have the option of qualifying for Globalist based on $20,000 of spend per year.

How the transition from Diamond to Globalist will work

If you qualify or requalify for Diamond status this year, you’ll automatically be given Globalist status through the end of 2017. Then if you want to requalify for 2018, you’ll need to spend $20,000 on stays or stay at least 55 nights.


The fast way to earn Globalist status through 2018

I’ve received several questions about this, and I’m not sure it’s even worthwhile. But I feel like I should at least mention it, for those who are so inclined.

World of Hyatt only kicks in as of March 1, 2017. This means that if you qualify or requalify for Diamond status between January 1 and February 28, 2017, you’ll automatically receive Globalist status through the end of 2018.

Presumably the way people would want to do this is by making 25 stays during that period. With Hyatt, a stay is defined as a check-in and check-out at one hotel, so back-to-back stays at the same hotel wouldn’t qualify.

In other words, you’d have to check into a different Hyatt almost every other night.

Is it worth it?

To many of us that sounds crazy, though something tells me there are people in our community who will do that as a way of qualifying for status.

Personally I’d have to question to what degree that’s worth it, especially if the intent is that you won’t have much need for the status throughout the rest of 2017. If you’d otherwise be close to staying 55 nights, I’d much rather just extend a stay a few times throughout the year (perhaps using the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit) as a means of requalifying, rather than rushing and making 25 stays in two months.

But it’s certainly an option for the crazy among us!

Anyone planning on qualifying for Globalist through 2018 by making 25 stays in the first two months of next year?


  1. Ben – I am seriously considering doing it (I have already qualified for Top Tier status through Feb. 2018) – would love your opinion. I see no possible scenario in which i stay 60 qualified nights during 2017 (55 nights technically since I am already top tier, I know) BUT I have an easy way to get the $40K on the Hyatt Card in Jan. 2017 (estimated taxes) plus I have two different Category 1 Hyatt’s within 5-15 mins. of home (Dallas). I was thinking of doing the 5 stays on the Card and then doing 20 Point+Cash stays to get to 25. My very rough calculation says I probably need to recoup about $1200 in value in 2018 to make this break even. Would love your color on this. We have 2 little ones so the Upgrades to a Suite are really nice.

  2. If I can find hotels in the range of $60~$70 per night, then I’ll do it, but unfortunately there are no Hyatt properties this cheap.

  3. Read the T&C carefully. It notes that on March 1, the Globalist status will extended to the date of the expiry of Diamond status (so Feb 29, 2019 if you do this). HOWEVER, it also says that the most suite upgrades that will be given on that day is 4, and that the 2018 certificates will be issued when the Globalist qualifications are met (i.e never in this situation).

    So while this may extend your status until Feb 2019, it won’t get you any suite upgrade certificates in for the 2018-2019 period.

  4. I’m considering this. I have some Hyatt hotel close to me at around $75-$80 a night so it might be worth it…..

  5. 1. Offer to host a Hyatt room on Airbnb at a significant discount.
    2. If someone books it, make the reservation on Hyatt, check in and provide the key card to your guest..
    3. Repeat 24 times.

  6. Mommy Points coined the term, “The Last Great Mattress Run”.

    I’ve gone back and forth – ‘yes,’ I should do it, ‘maybe’ I shouldn’t; ’25 stays’ before March 1 or ’55 nights’ after March 1. Nevertheless, 25 stays in January and February would be heroic, but unrealistic for me. Kudos to those who can do it, though.

    I almost forgot about the 4th night free benefit on Citi Prestige until I read this post.

  7. Can someone clarify this for me?

    When existing 2017-era Diamonds are transitioned to Globalist status after March 2017, will we have to requalify for Globalist status in 2017 with 55 nights or 60 nights?


  8. I’ve worked it out I can do 25 stays in Jan/Feb for $1,475. Earning 3x on Prestige and the base points I figure the out of pocket would be around $1,150. Only a 10 minute drive so not mich else besides some gas and time.

    Do you know if you get DSUs in 2018 too, assuming I dint reach 55 nights next year?

    Leaning towards doing it since I will be traveling quite a bit in those 2 years.

  9. I may do this. My typical stay is seven nights. I value the suite, onsite facilities and the breakfast pretty highly.

    @ Tom I have seen some pretty good rates at Hyatt Place’s. My fave is Boulder, CO. Short drive to skiing!

  10. The cheapest place to do this is Las Vegas, bouncing between Excalibur, Luxor and/or Monte Carlo. It’s $60 to $70 a night Sunday through Thursday nights in January and February, outside conventions. But I don’t want to live in Vegas for a month.

  11. Does Hyatt card spend of $40,000 give you the “Globalist”? I was under impression that only spend at Hyatt properties count, not any other spend. If so – it would be extremely difficult to get status based on Hyatt card spend.

  12. @Tom: John beat me to it, but I’ve booked many Hyatt Place stays for $60-$80/night.

    I think I have to agree with Ben on this one — the 25 stay deal isn’t that great of a deal. I did a few mattress runs this year, but this Hyatt deal doesn’t interest me.

  13. I have seen this confirmed on Flyertalk, but would appreciate a confirmation here as well (double confirmation if you like):

    1) I spend $20K on the Hyatt Credit card to earn 5 nights during January.
    2) I am currently diamond through 2/28/18.

    So, I should only need an additional 50 nights during 2017 to obtain Globalist status through 2/28/19.

    Is this your understanding as well? I would like to get a “headstart” on the 55 night requirement with the credit card while it still offers that benefit through 3/1/17.


    Preston Vorlicek

  14. My wife will finish her diamond qualifying requirements this year and use up her points, upgrades, etc., next year. Thereafter she’ll be a hotel free agent.

  15. If you’re going to requalify in 60 days, I am sure you could find a way to do the other 30 nights in 10 months.

    I would really like to know how the other Diamond members are using their suite certificates. I rarely find a hotel that has availability to use the suite, as the suite has to be one of the limited base model suites. Maybe you could do a post and explain how to successfully use the suite certificates.

    Sure I have had some nice suite upgrades, where the hotel put me in a suite above the base model but half of those times, I had not even requested using a suite certificate. For the most part, I don’t even bother using the certificate, only on special family vacations.

  16. Can you clarify where in Hyatt web has it clearly stated that if Dimond transition into Globalist on March 2017 can rewnew in 2018 with 55 nights in 2017?

  17. TO Greg – I used one suite for a week in the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne Australia (This hotel often has suites available, and very good ones they are too) I’ve used one for Andaz 5th Av (limited availability but an amazing suite to upgrade to, and the lovely check in gal extended me in the suite couple of extra days I’d booked a base room on points in)

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