Logging Into My Hyatt Globalist Account For The First Time…

RIP Hyatt Gold Passport, and welcome World of Hyatt. Overnight Hyatt has changed a lot of aspects of their loyalty program, which we first found out about a few months ago.


I tried to log into my World of Hyatt account first thing this morning, though they were having “technical difficulties” (I assume related to the transition). Now I’ve finally been able to log into my World of Hyatt account, where I can see my Globalist status reflected.


The most exciting part of checking my account was the “My Awards” section:

  • All Globalist members are getting a free night valid at any Hyatt hotel in the world, which has to be redeemed by February 27, 2018
  • All Globalist members should see four confirmed suite night awards in their account, each of which can be used to confirm a suite at the time of booking for a stay of up to seven nights by February 27, 2018; the great thing is that these are now valid on free night redemptions, while they weren’t previously


As a longtime Hyatt loyalist and Diamond member, I’m still somewhat conflicted about the new program.

On the plus side, Globalist members:

  • Get unlimited suite upgrades subject to availability at check-in
  • Can now redeem suite night awards on free night redemptions
  • Get free parking on free night award stays at all properties
  • Don’t have to pay resort fees
  • Receive a Category 1-4 free night when qualifying for Explorist status, and a Category 1-7 free night when qualifying for Globalist status (though they have to be redeemed within 120 days of when they’re issued)
  • Receive incremental rewards for over qualifying — when passing 70, 80, 90, and 100 nights in a year, Globalist members will have the choice between 10,000 bonus points or a further confirmed suite upgrade; for 100+ night Globalist members, that’s an extra 40,000 points or four confirmed suite upgrades per year

Grand-Hyatt-Hong-Kong-Grand-Suite - 13
Globalist members receive unlimited suite upgrades, subject to availability

But it’s not all great news:

  • Globalist status requires 60 nights or 100,000 base points (or 55 nights to requalify, which doesn’t include this year), rather than the 25 stays or 50 nights required for Diamond
  • Globalist members don’t receive the 500-1,000 point welcome amenity that Diamond members used to receive, which can add up if you were a Diamond member who made a lot of stays
  • Globalist members no longer receive breakfast for up to four adults, but rather receive breakfast for two adults and two children, though each individual hotel can decide what age constitutes a child

Park-Hyatt-Vienna - 39
Globalist members don’t receive a welcome amenity

Bottom line

With World of Hyatt now “live,” I’m happy to see the four confirmed suite upgrades and free night for any property in the world in my account. I think the biggest question now is how individual hotels handle the unlimited complimentary suite upgrades. Will they actually offer them proactively, will it be a fight, or what?

Interesting times ahead…


  1. Likewise logged in and saw my updated rewards. Already booked one suite uprade and intentionally left another as a regular room later this month to see if upgrade is in fact given (not holding out too much hope).

  2. Just checked in to PH Tokyo using my 2 hyatt credit cards nights as a Globalist and I was given a Park Suite King upgrade. Really really nice 🙂 I hope this is the norm this year and not the exception

  3. Hey –
    Did the T&C Change for SUITE awards? “For purposes of this award, a suite provides for one-bedroom accommodations.”

    Does this mean that say the PH NYC will have to offer a true one bedroom suite, not a jr suite?!?

  4. I just called to book a 4 night stay at PH Sydney with a suite upgrade, and was told there was availability. Then I said I wanted to use points, and was told that the PH Sydney does _not_ allow suite upgrades on points-only stays. Apparently hotels can opt-out of the “suite upgrades on points only stays”. WTF?

  5. Ahh, from the fine print: “Suite Upgrade Awards are not valid at any of the following hotels or resorts: Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa, Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa, Park Hyatt Sydney, Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, Hyatt Regency Kyoto, Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort, Hyatt Regency Tulsa, Hyatt Regency Wichita, Hyatt Paris Madeleine, Hyatt Herald Square New York, Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, Hyatt Centric Santa Barbara, Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami, Hyatt Place hotels or M life Resorts.”

  6. I took a screenshot of my loyalty card last night for sentimental purposes. Then I logged in this morning and called the old Diamond 800 number and was redirected to the new Globalist 888 number and used a GSU (instead of DSU) for my Park Hyatt Vienna stay in July. Phew. The reps said the same thing…it’s crazy for them today.

  7. It’s unquestionable that WOH! has sweetened the deal for their very top elites, the Globalists. However, that’s been achieved at the expense of most former HGP loyalists. Exclusivity, therefore, now characterizes Hyatt’s loyalty program. I think that’s not a good thing, but then again, I have different — I’d say more fact-based and objective, as opposed to made up — standards by which I judge programs…

    I wonder whether Hilton Honors did not purposely delay the launch of the new and exciting features of their program to coincide with the launch of WOH! for head to head comparison by opinion makers 😉

  8. So, now that I have dropped from the heights of Diamond to a mere Explorist, I have these 4 Club upgrades that come with breakfast. I’m not really sure how easy it will be to use these. Anyone know if these can be used to get breakfast at places that otherwise have no lounge or club level rooms?

  9. I was very pleased to log in this morning and find the free night award, and then realize that it is good for any property. Win!

  10. I tried using my 4 suite globalist upgrades this morning to apply toward a variety of reservations and was able to use two of them only. Not much has changed on that front.

  11. Spoke to 2 different agents and none of them were aware of the change allowing the use of GSU for points only stays. Not very good training for agents I guess…..

  12. As someone who only has Discoverist status by way of my United Club Visa, my Hyatt status is now completely irrelevant. I used to stay 5-10 nights a year with Hyatt. Now it will be 0 unless it’s the best option as a hotel in my destination (e.g., Lake Tahoe).

    I also have SPG Gold and Hilton Gold by way of credit cards, and Marriott Gold by way of my 1K status. Only the Marriott Gold influences me to book that direction. As a result, while I’ve increased my stays with Marriott where there’s a lounge available, mostly I’ve just enjoyed staying at independent or other chains, like Sofitel in Paris.

    Nice job, Hyatt. It’s obvious that you don’t care about 5-10 night a year customers, but add up enough of us and I suspect it becomes a big number.

  13. I have been waiting for the program to switch – I booked a free night at PH Sydney, using my one free night, and used a GSU for four nights at Hyatt Regency Sydney. Score.

    Sadly, I won’t be able to maintain Globalist into next year, so I’m going to make the most of it this year!

  14. I just called to convert my expiring cat1-4 free night certificate into points and was told that conversion is no longer an option under the new program. Pretty big change to make without notice, and pretty harsh given how many people likely have certificates expiring in the next couple of weeks. Not impressed.

  15. “I’d say more fact-based and objective, as opposed to made up — standards by which I judge programs… ”
    We’re all very convinced. I can think of someone else who is commanding little respect by saying false things over and over and saying that his opposition is just making up fake things—- and he never lets up despite being wrong. I’d be willing to grant that you have the same level of credibility.

    For my part, it’s been a rough morning trying to get these DSUs applied, and availability has dwindled over the hours. I was pleasantly surprised though that the DSU also applied to the free Cat 1-7 night. I knew it’d work on the points nights, but wasn’t sure about the extra free night.

  16. One other positive change I see is that DSUs/GSUs/Tier Suite Upgrades will now be awarded upon qualification/requalification for Globalist status. This should help alleviate the March 1st “suite upgrade rush” that seems to have gotten progressively worse in recent years (exemplified by @Joe’s comment of suite upgrade “availability has dwindled over the hours”). Between that change and requiring all members to newly-qualify for Globalist status this year (i.e. no one can qualify for Globalist with 55 nights this year), hopefully it will become easier to get an upgrade (either confirmed or space-available) in 2018 and beyond.

    Personally, I pre-planned 3 of my 4 DSUs and was able to get them all applied this morning. Although they all required the customer service rep to call the properties, in the end they were all able to be applied. They may not have been the most aspirational properties (PH Aviara, Hyatt Olive 8, Manchester GH) but they lined up perfectly with my travel this year; and especially nice to combine them with all-points stays now.

  17. I am now a Discoverist post-transition. I have Mlife Platinum which I know matches to Explorist, so how do you match it in the new system?

  18. I just attempted to redeem one of my DSUs to a reward stay at the Hyatt Carmel Highlands (25k Points/Night) ,
    The representative declined the request, stating there was no availability for a DSU for a points-reward stay, only for a Points & Cash-stay.

    Are there different inventories for Reward-stays vs Cash& Points DSUs?

  19. @MBP, @Ken — Go to https://www.mlife.com/en/overview/preferred-partners.html and follow the instructions on the site to complete a status match.

    @Christian — There’s no separate inventory of upgrade suites vs. paid suites, although unfortunately some reps (and some hotels) incorrectly state to the contrary. See the WoH terms and conditions here: https://help.hyatt.com/en/hyatt-terms/world-of-hyatt-terms.html (suite upgrade terms are found by clicking “Tiers of Elite Status” –> “Globalist Status” –> section “H”). Long story short, the individual hotel decides which suite is their “complimentary upgrade suite”, but as long as that suite is available for your entire stay, and as long as you’re paying an eligible rate (“all-points” IS now an eligible rate under the new WoH program), then you are absolutely entitled to that suite. If you’re being told otherwise, you may wish to politely ask the rep to check with their supervisor, or simply hang up and call back.

  20. That’s what I used to match my mLife to my Hyatt Platinum status. I don’t think it works in the reverse.

  21. @Ken, sorry I read your comment backwards. If you already have MLife elite status and wish to status match in WoH, then just call Hyatt at 800-323-7249.

  22. Thanks Josh. I actually just got around to calling Hyatt. I’m still mLife Gold and she said it’ll match to Explorist in a week once they confirm mLife status. Crossing my fingers this works, we’d love to finally stay at some nice Hyatts with the 4 suite upgrades.

  23. @Ken – Just got an email that I’ve been upgraded to Explorist. 4 free lounge upgrades here I come!

    Do Explorists ever get upgraded to club level rooms without using an upgrade voucher?

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