Expert Flyer Now Shows British Airways Award Space!

ExpertFlyer is a paid subscription service ($99/year) that I find worthwhile. It’s a great place to look at fare class availability, fare rules, award space on some carriers, maximum permitted mileage between city pairs, minimum connection times, etc.

The single most valuable benefit for me, however, is the ability to set availability alerts for a flight. That means if space opens up (be it revenue or award space) on a flight you’re eying you’ll be notified by ExperFlyer by email and text. As a member you can set up to 30 alerts at no additional cost.

However, you can only set alerts for airlines they “support,” though as of this past weekend it looks like they’ve added British Airways. That means it’s now possible to use ExpertFlyer to search first (Z class), business (U class), and premium economy (P class) award space on British Airways. This is a fantastic option if you’re hoping to book a flight with your BA miles, or if you’re hoping to upgrade using Avios.

You should see the option in the drop down menu when you click on “Awards & Upgrades.”


You can use ExpertFlyer to search British Airways space, and they let you search for a week at a time. However, I still find American’s website best for searching British Airways award space, given that they let you search a month at a time.

When you’re on the results page for a flight, clicking the exclamation point at the top right will give you the option to set an alert.


You can name the alert whatever you’d like, and also select the fare class and number of seats you’d like to search for.


Once you set the alert you’ll receive a confirmation that you’ll be notified when space opens up.


And sure enough, you do get an email when the space opens up.


In the past British Airways would release a ton of first class award space, though they’ve gotten pretty stingy over the past year or so. Being able to set availability alerts for British Airways award space is a really valuable new benefit, in my opinion.

(Tip of the hat to Andrew)

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  1. Nice! Happy to see this. Perhaps it’s the reason they were having problems with UA method searches today for *A award travel?

  2. Is IAH still a good F gateway for our next companion award? Worked great for us last time, by the way really enjoyed the Sheraton in EDI and the W in London, check em out.

  3. @ Carl — Generally speaking still one of the better North American gateways. Space isn’t amazing out of there, but certainly better than American hubs, for example. Thanks for the hotel suggestions as well!

  4. @Lucky I didn’t mean to search for JL awards directly, but for BA codeshares of flights on JL metal. If BA has award availability, then AA is likely to also. Would that work?

  5. Wolfgang– your right —

    whatever delta does ,looks like united follows –is it a race to the bottom –though united is still better–for how long????

  6. @ SFOPhD — Sorry, a bit confused by what you mean by codeshares in the context of award tickets (there are no “codeshares” with award tickets). Generally speaking all airlines in an alliance have access to the same award space.

    I think you’re talking about awards on Japan Airlines “metal,” in which case American and British Airways should have access to the same space.

  7. @ Wolfgang — They do show first, business, and coach award space for United. They were just required to remove some information about United, so they took them off the list completely it seems.

  8. The tip on using American Airlines website to look up BA reward flight availability has by far turned out to be the find of a lifetime. For 16 years as a BA Exec Club member and ex-pat Aussie, I have often looked for air mile flights home to Aus. But availability has always been so limited, and so difficult to find, that I have never found it.

    Now, using this tip, I have found return first Class flights from London to brisbane on a mixture of Cathay Pacific and QANTAS partner airlines, with just 2-weeks notice on the outbound leg. So now in 2-weeks I shall be heading home first class for a few weeks.

    All thanks to this simple tip that made it so easy to find the reward flights via instead of

    Thanks so much!!!!!!

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